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Updated: The 2016 Squad

17 September 2015 - 11:42 AM

Hard info is difficult to find, but here's a summary of rumours & facts so far.......

Rovers have used 41 players this season. Five DR players and eight other players (Lockwood, Irwin, Mendeika, Verlinden, Maitua, Marginet, Chappell, Carvell) have already left. Which of these 28 players will be here next year??


14 Gone/going?


Will Sharp: to Halifax confirmed.

Thomas Minns: to Hull KR confirmed.

Mason Tonks: to Doncaster confirmed.

Paul  Sykes: to Dewsbury

Jy Hitchcox: to elsewhere??

Jordan Baldwinson: back to Leeds

Andy  Ellis: Retiring

Paul  Cooke: Retiring

Paul  Wood: to Swinton

Luke Teasdale: Leaving?

Alex Foster: Contract finishes

Ben Blackmore. To Sheffield?

Matt  James. To Sheffield?

Gareth Moore: To Halifax?


6 Staying?


Jamie Cording:

Tim Spears

Steve Snitch

Andy Bostock (Dewsbury??)

Ian Hardman: ??

Jack Bussey: Out of contract?


8 Juniors


Jack Ormondroyd

Will Milner

Luke Cooper

Brad England

Kyran Johnson

Sam Day

Jack Coventry

Brad Tagg

100 Greatest Springboks.

07 September 2015 - 01:14 PM

So I was on holiday in Cape Town last week and browsing in a bookshop I came across this book. I had a flick through and sure enough there were 96 names of rugby onion players I'd never heard of. There were also a few points of interest for leaguies, so I thought I'd share them with you.


One was fulsome praise for a graceful wingman called Tom van Vollenhoven, acknowledging his career achieved much more in St. Helens than in Transvaal but proudly reporting he was a founder member of the RFL Hall of Fame.


Also included were Ray Mordt and Rob Louw two mediocre Wigan A teamers from the 80s who obviously did well in RSA before coming to the UK. Wigan are not even mentioned in Louw's biography, such was his impact at Central Park.


The fourth RL player in the "Top 100" surprised me.


Can you guess who it was?

Joe Crabtree / Website match reporter

04 September 2015 - 10:24 AM

As you and all users of the Featherstone Rovers website know, young Joe Crabtree has been doing the match reports on the website for a couple of years now, as well as summarising on the Rovers match DVDs alongside Ben. He took over from Steve Slater who himself was taken on by League Express to do their match reports. Joe also made contributions to the yearbook. Well, this young fella has used that experience to win himself a place to study journalism at Salford University. That's great news. I love these stories of hard working local youngsters who do well for themselves. Congratulations Joe and all the best for the future.


Joe's departure will create an opportunity for a budding new journalist to step up and start writing the match reports for the Rovers website. It's not an easy job and takes skill and dedication, but it's a wonderful opportunity to get into this line of work as both Joe and Steve have proved. If you fancy the gig, have a think about it, and then get in touch with the club who would be happy to hear from you and join the army of club volunteers.

The 2016 Squad

30 July 2015 - 10:50 AM

Rovers have used 39 players this season. Five DR players and six other players (including Reni and Rhino) have already left. Which of these 28 players will be here next year??


Paul  Sykes: One more year?

Jy Hitchcox: Bigger clubs interested?

Jordan Baldwinson: Contract finishes. Bigger clubs interested?

Will Sharp: Out of contract?

Alex Foster: Contract finishes

Jamie Cording:

Andy  Ellis

Ben Blackmore. Out of contract?

Tim  Spears

Matt  James. Out of contract?

Ian  Hardman: Leaving?

Remy Marginet: back to France?

Paul  Wood: One more year?

Gareth Moore: Out of contract

Jack Bussey: Out of contract?

Thomas Minns: Signed for Hull KR

Jack Ormondroyd

Will Milner

Luke Teasdale

Luke Cooper

Brad England

Paul  Cooke: Signed till end of season?

Steve Snitch: Loan finishes

Andy  Bostock

Nathan Chappell: Injured?

Mason Tonks: Contract finishes

Kyran Johnson

Sam Day

Featherstone Rovers new head coach confirmed

10 July 2015 - 11:40 AM