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A Flickr gallery for your collection.

24 April 2015 - 11:35 AM

Over on the football progs collectors forum there is a lot of collectors who have scanned their collection and arranged them for viewing in a flickr account (or similar other hosting websites). It looks very time consuming, but some of the results are excellent.


Has any RL collector done this? Thinking about it?

Featherstone Rovers Programme Wants.

19 April 2015 - 06:24 PM

Here's my wants list. Anything you can help me with, obvioulsy I'd be happy to hear from you.....


Featherstone    v    Bradford     23 April 1978  League

Featherstone    v    Bramley       26 December 1955    League

Featherstone    v    Huddersfield     16 December 1961 League

Featherstone    v    Hull KR     14 April 1956  League

Featherstone    v    Keighley   2 September 2012   League

Featherstone    v    Oldham     25 February 1956   League

Featherstone    v    Warrington  26 November 1960  League

Featherstone    v    Warrington  5 September 1956   League

Bramley            v     Featherstone    30 March 1966   League

Castleford         v     Featherstone    1 May 1961   League

Castleford         v     Featherstone    27 December 1955   League

Hull KR             v      Featherstone    2 September 1959     League

Hull KR             v      Featherstone    19 Aug 1957    League

Hull KR             v      Featherstone    24 November 1956   League

Keighley            v      Featherstone    7 September 2014    League

Oldham (at QPR)  v   Featherstone    2 November 1955     ITV Trophy

Rochdale             v    Featherstone    6 July 2014    League

Sheffield              v    Featherstone    28 August 2011  League

Swinton               v     Featherstone    13 July 2014   League

Whitehaven       v       Featherstone    3 March 2013  League

Widnes              v       Featherstone    30 April 2010    League

Storing Your Programme collection

10 April 2015 - 10:38 AM

I was thinking about this, because my 2,500 programmes are mostly in ikea cardboard boxes in the spare room. They are not easy for access and take up a fair bit of space. I'd like to do something different but Im not sure what.


Ive seen photos of very impressive collections on this football site...




with bookcases full of binders and special plastic wallets for storage.


How do you store you collection?


What would you like to do?

How did you start collecting?

30 March 2015 - 02:22 PM

When I first started going to matches in the 1970s I always bought and read and kept the programme from the match. Then my cousin gave me a big bag of about 100 old programmes from Fev matches and i was off. Waiting every six weeks or so for the Yorkshire Programmes catalogue to arrive to see what I could tcik off my wants list. First I collected only home matches, then home and away. Then I went back to 1973/4 (two divisions) then back to 1960 then 1955. Before then, it starts to get very pricey. I still need another 20-odd back to 1955.


How about you?

Club Statistics: What to record and how to record

26 March 2015 - 10:29 AM

As mentioned on another thread, many people keep stats about their club. At Featherstone, Chris Heinitz (with help from MLP) spent a lot of time putting together this DVD, to be annually updated.




Many other clubs have impressive websites put together, including:






Others have put together outstanding books, notably Oldham and Swinton among others.


Then there's that very ambitious RL project idea.




What have you/your club done?


What would you like to see done?