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In Topic: what's the big secret

Yesterday, 02:12 PM

York City Knights did too from gates of 300-400 in the latter days of Wasps to and average of 1900 within 3 years, pity that we fell into the wrong hands.

In Topic: Mid Season Assessment

Yesterday, 08:49 AM

I. like Mick Hornet, are expecting bigger and better things this season, but I understand where he is coming from. In our promotion season our enforced road trip away resulted in 90% losses and we had to battle our way to the Grand Final. This term we have won two out of three with one more to play before we return home. A much better performance than when we were promoted last time. So all in all we are looking in much better shape. Of course only time will tell.


Question is, if York did get to the Grand Final and get promoted, where would they play?

There is a perfectly good 8000 capacity stadium available to York City Knights to play at this season and next season, with a brand new £40 million development consisting of a 8000 all seater stadium, swimming pools, sport hall, gym etc scheduled to open in July 2016. Unfortunately the Knights owner would rather be a big fish in a small pond and play at an amateur clubs ground rather than show any ambition.

In Topic: what's the big secret

29 June 2015 - 11:15 AM

So the RFL would refuse membership to a club playing at a £40 million leisure complex with a stadium capacity of 8000 seated with access to training facilities and ambition but allow a club with no ambition to continue playing at an amateur club with seating on fold up dining chairs for about 40 people.


29 June 2015 - 08:09 AM

All about opinions, but can't agree in any way shape or form that Swinton are a poor side - seen both games against them now & they look a very good side to me

Massive well done to Fordy & the lads - few of us all said Jack Aldous should have got MOM, but loads of outstanding efforts, Jordan Howden is class in everything he does & apparently loves playing down here

Thanks again to Heworth for looking after us so well, got a bit better view this week by standing on the bank

Spoke to JG after the game, he seemed fairly positive to me, and the other directors are still working hard to get stuff sorted

I see you edited out your comment about not many staying away, Colin. As I have said Heworth excellent venue, for watching amateur rugby league, but York City Knights are supposed to be a professional club, although so far this year the off the field activities have been far from professional and while the club is owned and influenced by the current regime I cannot see that the situation will change.

All credit to the players and coaching staff they deserve better.

In Topic: YCK Reserves Released

27 June 2015 - 12:38 PM

Sorry to admit that last year Mr G fed me questions to ask of James Alexander as he wouldn't do it himself , I was taken in at the time but thankfully I have seen the light , the man is an embarrassment to Rugby League & to OUR club more than anything , he is doing all this for his own infamy & families monetary gain , I paid for my season ticket last year & love watching this great young squad Fordy has put together but it leaves a sour taste knowing that any monies spent on anything related to the match day are going in his grubby pocket !!! If he has any integrity which I doubt ! He will sell up & disapear & allow this great club of OURS to go forward & thrive before he completely destroys it !!!! I find it difficult that some people are still taken in by the man , that fact he hasn't responded to any requests to go on the radio be it BBC RADIO YORK or MINSTER FM says it all for me

I too was taken in by him, and was fed questions to ask council officials, when the petition was given to the council in January and he was not there and his daughter (also a director) declined to be photographed. I started to ask questions of my own which led to the public meeting at New Earswick in February. From the moment that meeting was announced my family has been lambasted by that man.