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In Topic: Happy 70th Birthday Town....and big news announced....

Today, 08:56 AM

Always felt sorry for Bryce, like has been said it never really worked out for him and he suffered an injury which finished his Town stint. If I remember right his parents flew over and were watching the game when he got injured.

C'mon Wonky that is very very harsh on a lad that never got a proper chance to show if he could cut it or not on the other side of the world. Would you really class him in the same group as those we have had that thought they didn't have to try on the field to pick up their wages? Those who used the club as a holiday are the ones I'd put in the worst imports class regardless of talent.

In Topic: Fifita

Today, 06:52 AM

Awesome! Welcome to Town Latu.

Worst kept secret ever but our director explains why.
should keep Townie321 happy for 4 or 5 hours.

In Topic: Happy 70th Birthday Town....and big news announced....

Yesterday, 01:38 PM

callums a far better half than Lupton is. My opinion is Matty has to be number 9, the other 2 are good but not on mattys level YET. off the back end of last year I would have to say callum would be my 3rd choice at hooker. But he's the one player we have who can create something from nothing so has to be onthe pitch somewhere. From the rumours though it looks as though it will be 2 new half backs for next season.

My opinion is Callum and Matty should be sharing the 9 shirt. Matty is your classic no 9 and Callum is a livewire that is so unpredictable that will always have a defence on its back foot. Only if we are short or need a spark late in a game would I switch Callum into the halves. But he has played both international and club level there so what do I know.....

In Topic: Happy 70th Birthday Town....and big news announced....

Yesterday, 08:32 AM

As has been said I think we need to give callum a good run at half.

Really? Personally I think his natural position is at hooker, and just because we have other hookers shouldn't mean you play him in the halves to accommodate others.
I think he will do a great job wherever he is played but I would have the three of them fighting for two places in the 17 when all are fit.
I would have Buffer, Lupton and new lad fighting for the starting halves. Plenty of options is a good thing as we will need them during the season.

In Topic: Happy 70th Birthday Town....and big news announced....

13 December 2014 - 10:31 PM

Who's to say he won't be the top prop around . Give the poor guy a chance !!

I have every confidence anyone we bring over will have been well vetted David, and will be top notch. I was having a laal back handed dig at the PNG players haven have brought over either on the back of a youtube video or because his mate said he was good, yet H4E has the confidence to decide our alleged signing isn't all has been suggested.