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21 November 2014 - 04:28 PM

if you read it correctly you will see no one is saying he his rubbish,some compare the calibre of signing to lepori or hepi for us.The point most make is they expected your last 4 signing to be well established players with proven records at a SL/championship level...which he doesn't have

Maybe our last 4 signings will be of that calibre you expect!
Then again I'd never heard of Jimmy Pickering, Johnny Limmer, Aaron Lester, Sam Obst etc etc before they landed in the County which kind of makes that argument pointless.

In Topic: Signings news

12 November 2014 - 08:38 AM

fan of the year is voted for by club fans, maybe if you were as good as stephen daniel you might get a go for your club i will continue to work behind the scenes at mine. the phrase being fan of the year try it marra.

But I'm not as good as Stephen, he deserves to be put forward. We have lots of fans at Workington who do loads of work behind the scenes and I'm sure next year a different one will have their hard work recognised. It won't be me as I don't have the spare time to put in. But I do what little I can to help the club. I would never belittle the work any fan including yourself put into the club they love.
The difference is he doesn't go on forums including this one when Charlo was in charge boasting about any inside information he may have or pretends he has to groom his own ego. ( the nodding heads posts you do when somebody beats you to the punch on deluded.com are genius!) Although I stand to be corrected I think if he was nominated again next year I think he would stand aside and let another deserving Town fan have the crown for a year.
Fridge door syndrome is the term psychologists use for people that like to see their drawings put on the fridge door so they can receive the pat on their back for the work. Others draw a fantastic drawing and the self satisfaction of their hard work is enough for them to be content without the need to receive any plaudits for their work.

Keep up the good work you do for your club and keep posting on the forums as you are very entertaining and a well deserved double fan of the year, please go for the hat trick and you will get the holy grail of the trip to Oz in 2015 as you deserve it.

In Topic: Signings news

11 November 2014 - 11:08 PM

Dave Allen, without doubt is a top signing, as I think JPB will be and if it's true we all know how good Acton is. Credit to Haven as they had to sign some quality players after the exodus after last season and are doing that. They have also signed some less than inspiring players so for all clubs it will be a wait and see when the season starts who lines up for who. I think Haven will have to play more Saints players this season, and we will continue to make use of our Wigan link up.

It will be another good season ahead and a few tasty derbies in prospect!

In Topic: Signings news

11 November 2014 - 05:54 PM

cant say i know haven96 i think its haven94 the man in the know

Don't let your ego run away with you pal, I changed the year on purpose. You like your ego stroked by constantly posting your insider knowledge and by not letting others have a go at fan of the year. If you didn't pick up on it I was taking the Michael out this fact so changed your name slightly. Is that easier to understand now?

In Topic: Signings news

11 November 2014 - 05:44 PM

Stadium money and sponsorship
NEC money's comes from Nuclear work which is paid for by the NDA

NMP money's come from Nuclear work which is paid for by the NDA

also don't forget the NMP sponsorship you get

So as usual your FACT is in your head, you can't back up your claim. Are you never embarrassed when you re read your posts?