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In Topic: competition for places

Today, 06:19 PM

No chance carter is a 6 .. Being able to spin a ball about and play 6 under pressure is a totally different ball game ! The half needs to be a specialist whatever avenue we go down...

Ha ha I'm feeling very worried as I agree with you! I'm sure he had a go under Charlo & Oggy and while Brett is a top player and very versatile I think this season we need a specialist half. Which it looks like is in the bag but just may be a couple of months off arriving.
Brett has had one so so game, it's hardly time to drop him. It was his first game outside his new centre and first game of the season, once they know each other's game I think it will be an awesome combination.

In Topic: Training 2night

Today, 03:08 PM

My memory is terrible and I was usually half cut back in the good old days. Not sure why these are the bits I remember/ dreamt but is this the match when Pickering bossed Skerrett and absolutely nailed him in one tackle who was claimed to be one of the best props around and Martin Wallace caught I think Offiah running down the wing in front of the grandstand?

In Topic: Batley v Town

Today, 09:50 AM

Hope the touch judges are on their game as Southernwood throws more quarterback passes than Seymour!

In Topic: Town 26 haven 0

25 January 2015 - 08:42 PM

The conditions today meant it was never gonna be a classic but our lads did exactly what was asked of them. I thought the ref didnt help with the speed of the at the ball slowed right down stopped us getting them on the back foot, but in the second half we seemed to have a plan B to deal with it.
Apart from Brett Carter making a few handling errors all the lads played really well for a first game. Even then I'm not saying Brett had a bad game at all but by his high standards it wasn't his best.
Sam, Stevie, and Tee showed their class and all can be regular first teamers.
No negatives from me today and great to make it 1-0 for 2015.
Our two new lads are certainly big units and I can't wait to see them in action. Hopefully they can acclimatise quickly as the both looked frozen in the stand!

As for Haven well it is not looking too good for them at present. I'm gutted for them truly gutted.....

In Topic: Prices v haven

25 January 2015 - 09:23 AM

It's not a wind up... Why do you persist with this... Just coz I don't go n watch training means I can't have an opinion.... I'm not asking for a change I'm just commenting that for a friendly fixture .. And a game next week versus maybe not a full wigan side I think £15 is expensive... And could put a few off.

Re the recruitment... Yes we have signed 1 good player.. 2 that are potentially excellent ... But we needed to... Still think we need a couple more but seems as the halfback has gone quiet ...

I have never been to training either. It is your constantly negative comments that make everyone believe you are a jameater on a wind up. If you are a Town fan surely you can see the massive improvement in all aspects at the club over the last decade, yet you never give credit and always moan about something.
If anyone wants to go and watch Wigan then it will be the cheapest ticket they can buy to see them.