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    Well yes, it is hard to imagine the figures would be greater once the away fans were subtracted.
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    Sorry for the delay,I popped down to see the boys at training last night.It was good to see the boys again in action on the field,I took notice especially of seeing Leon(price)working his magic with the lads.I was impressed with his forthright approach when then they were doing their training,mainly his attitude when anyone of them started to flag abit.I noticed he was very amiable when the lads are doing has he had told them but,if anyone was trying to hide,he certainly let them know.Anyway,a good turnout for the coach especially from the travellers, it was good to see tansey out there, and to be honest he didn't miss a beat,he certainly looked a bit trimmer than a few weeks ago,so maybe we might see tansey back to somewhat a bit better on the park.I also noticed that Leatherbarrow was in attendance and, our hopefully starman fui fui moi moi also doing his bit.i was really pleased to see big Tom back in training,and he looked has though he had never been away,welcome back Tom,finally, overall i was really pleased with the attitude of the boys last night and,with a full squad including our ex toronto hooker nearly ready for to come back,we will have a very good squad to show their prowess and give us supporters something to be happy to watch on Derwent park with a big pack in full flow..
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    If the Challenge Cup goes it's a serious nail in the coffin of RL in my opinion. It's the only competition that has free to air exposure and it produces great matches. If the fans aren't going, the RFL and the clubs need to do something to change that.
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    I think 4000k would be an amazing achievement in any sport!
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    Forgive me for posting something positive about last night, but.....
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    Another classic from the South Leeds book of fables & myths.
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    Let's get this into context. They are not a Super League club and have been averaging about 3-3500 for most home matches. It's not like they played a team that would bring a huge contingent. The trend across the board is that CC matches are always LOWER than regular matches, because it's not included in the season ticket. Leigh have bucked that trend with this attendance, so please, tell me how that is not a positive.
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    You seem to forget that these are OUR competitions and you are guests that participate within them, if they are essentially as you say "fun trips" for the M62 supporters what of it, have those who follow their teams week in week out not deserving of the diversity from the norm if they should wish to attend. Perhaps, as some would like to think that the Rugby League world is now centered in the upper reaches of North America and after less than 18 months of partcipation the game should change to accomodate and appease those new teams even yet to be formulated, it will not happen. TWP are doing well and good luck to them for it, but, that is how it should remain for a good period of time whilst the experiment is monitered and learned from, only fool hardy buisness people are tempted to produce more of the same product until the original has been thourougly evaluated.
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    Biggest for me is l. briscoe being called Burgess 5 times. We're the others frightened of highlighting error
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    There was a few frustrating moments from the officials last night, for both sides i thought, he seemed to penalise everything for 10 minutes then let everything go for 10 minutes. I was quite relieved to not be behind by at least 3 scores at half time, but we ground "shakey" down in the 2nd half, once the likes of Fifita, pauli etc ran out of steam and realised they couldn't bully Brough, Mamo etc they spat their dummies out, in the end i was disappointed we didn't win by more than 10 points, it could have riled Wakey for next week but we will see. The most ironic thing about last night was Wakefield fans singing about our support not being particularly good, this from a club who last year averaged 700 less than us , despite having a far better season, a club whose biggest gate was 1,500 less than our biggest gate and whose lowest crowd was 800 lower than our lowest crowd, and this season they average 1,000 less than we are, despite them supposedly being a "top 4" team in the making. All 150 of us couldn't stop laughing at that
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    Won’t have much of an impact for Catalans if playing for Toulouse.
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    I doubt it. But it just goes to show how the core support for those two clubs has reached unsustainable low levels. Hard as it might be, although RL will always have a presence in both Widnes and Huddersfield there seems little reason to be enthusiastic about them being in Super League any more.
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    I'm sure Mr H will have sorted out the running of the good ship Roughyeds while he takes time off. Don't know who is stepping into the hotseat and frankly I ain't that bothered, Mr H's health is more important than worrying about who is taking charge, it will all be sorted and I'm sure who ever is dealing with the day to day stuff will do a fine job.
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    Two clubs who will be among the losers as we expand beyond the M62.
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    There is no argument they attract fans, reporting, match attendees and TV all confirm that. There's many examples of union and other sports 'professionalising' and failing to attract crowds, there's much more to it than that. TWP are in a much stronger position than these new and potential clubs. If all argyle wanted was his club in super league he could have bought one. Wonder why they gave Ngawati a contract and are so supporting local rugby if they have 'no care' for Canadians?!
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    That was excellent. Note perfect. Sympathetic without being mawkish.
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    But but but. We have to make allowances for these heartland clubs. The sooner Toronto and Toulouse are in Super League the better.
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    Fantastic evening, privelage. Well done to all involved and nice to see the first team well represented. The commerative replica shirts are available in the club shop from 10:30-2:30. Full range of sizes from small to 4xl. Priced at £49.
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    He got found out in his 2nd season with Wigan as well. No doubt the Kiwis will start off like a house on fire with him, but when they become predictable he will be under pressure to let them play their natural style.
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    Yes. They played last week. They drew 1 400 spectators in their debut game.
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    With you 100% on that comment snapski and I am one of those who stand in the middle of it on the popular end at the LSV, I spend a lot of time interpreting the referees decision for those who only see their own teams colours, but please give me an example of any club who's supporters are not of the same ilk and collectivley boo nearly every decision that goes against them?
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    We will concede 8/10 points then win by a reasonable margin of 10/15 points
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    Thoroughly enjoyed that game. Currently savouring every game that we can keep hold of Mata'utia, the guy is box office. I'm sure the match review panel will be relieved at a nice clean match after last night's affair!
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    the question has to be why are clubs using DR when playing sure win expansion club competition ? surely game time and winning pay should be rewarded to signed players or even signed fringe players ?
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    I went to that with my mate, we were fourteen at the time. The train fare from Pontefract to Kings Cross and Wembley return was 29 shillings with four shillings to get in.

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