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    Good News it seems (for Sky Subscribers)
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    Why are RL fans so quick to be miserable about things, what an opportunity this is and nit picking about an interview which seems wholy positive shows the mentality of some RL fans. It’s looking that we will get 20k plus the n America for a mid season test, maybe we should have held it in Huddersfield in front of 15 thousand or so. sometimes it feels like some RL fans want this to fail.
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    Ha ha, you need to step away from the keyboard, you're just embarrassing yourself.
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    It will probably all kick off about 10 minutes into the game.
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    OK I have finished work for the day and was bored. BUT, Please, please, PLEASE .... can someone tell me if Canadian TV have a Border Control show that films at Toronto airport? Imagine the scenario .... Airport Staff 'I am sorry but none of your team can enter Canada' Club Official 'Tha' what' AS 'None of you can enter our country because you have not got the correct documentation' CO 'Whats thy on abart. Wi play in'Tinglish Super League. An' Tonto or whate'er they're called plays in'Tinglish Super League anorl. So why wud we need documents .... wi are Tinglish, wi rule world, wi invented documents so wi dunt need em' Player 'You tell em boss. Wi dint need any docu thingys when wi played Cas and they've a ski slope tha nors bigger than owt you hev oer ere' A fed up AS 'Fair enough. Why don't all thirty of you go into that room over there and join your compatriots from Dewsbury who have been sat in there for the last week'.
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    Brilliant idea. Great work whoever pulled the flyer together. They just keep getting better and better. Who’d have thought it 14 years or so ago when the knights logo was revealed that it would be so adaptable. We had navy and sky, we had pink for the ladies, we had rainbow for Pride, we have amber and black and 150 years too and now camouflage! It was that difficult to spot I almost missed it. ???
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    I'll be going along to the games as I've 5 players in the train on squad of 26! But 0 players in the under 19s except for Thomas lacans but he's part of the Academy for the moment !
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    Had a slight groin strain I believe. One of those annoying ones where if you rush it you end up out for more weeks. He was training on Tuesday though so hopefully he's not far off. JBF still a few weeks off I think.
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    your right, Leeds were poor 2nd half and Catalan deserved the win. They were far too big and strong, making lots of yards on every play and I don't think Leeds touched the ball in the first 20mins of 2nd half. Never-the-less you can't ignore the last 15 mins play acting. I have never seen anything so cynical. We rightly criticise soccer but this went even beyond that.... I have seen some really good games last few weeks with teams with the type of positive attitude and approach to games to think we have such a good game... Catalan in those last 10-15 min made the product on the field something you would never want to pay money to see again. I repeat though that was not the reason Leeds lost the game although it did stop any momentum they had as it seemed very 2nd tackle they had a injury when Leeds had the ball. At times the player just sat in the PTB, the medic was on rushing from touch line before the ref reacted- it wasn't as if the player was pole-axed or went down dangerously, the water boys came steaming on given out water... whilst the ref tried to then encourage them off the pitch. In the end the Catalan players never even tried to feign serious injury they just stayed down looking around. Game stopped, ref looking lost and player up and running back into a set defensive line awaiting sometimes just for the water carriers to move out the way. It was farcical... and one had to laugh at the greatest game tag line....
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    I'll answer this as you asked me but its pretty much the same answer that I have already given in my other posts on the subject and that other people have said already. Yes ALL Super League clubs should have applied for these for each player at the beginning of the season. As has been stated the visas/travel docs are not single trip so they will last for long enough ie next year or the year after and most/all Super League clubs should have seen Toronto coming in the next few years and after last year surely its better to be safe than sorry. For the new players coming in as has been pointed out this should be part of the Due Diligence for signing a player at that stage of the season. Equally when all is said and done on this if they are denied the player for the game then their Due Diligence has not been good enough OR they have decided that for that one match they wont be missed. Players can miss matches injured and even for the birth of kids, which again I would guess would be part of the due diligence process (have they got a kid on the way, are they carrying an injury/injury prone).. I dont buy this "woe is me" tale from anyone. If they players arent being forthcoming in their naughtiness for whatever reason then it is their fault, not the club's nor the rfl's. If the clubs havent given themselves long enough to get it sorted then frankly they are idiots. Get it sorted out.. the amount of people that travel to all sorts of places (I used to) for work and never have an issue and at sometimes much shorter notice than the clubs are getting even in the super 8s (people I worked with could get summoned to all sorts of countries for work and had to go within a couple of days and still managed it) I just cannot understand why it is so difficult for the RL clubs to be organised. It seems to me that every other walk of life can manage this I am properly shocked that this is happening but not at the system I am shocked at the clubs being so bad. If its because the players withhold the information then discipline the players and say that its because players withheld information as it is 100% their fault and they should take the blame. If they dont say that then you have to assume the fault lies at the club. I would very rarely say the fault lies with the immigration authorities in Canada because they process so many of these and even just looking at RL there have been few incidents really, players or speccies, in the 2 years Toronto have been running it points more at the club not being organised or more likely the players not getting info across.
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    Repeat a myth enough times it may become true eh? They sell the TV rights and get all attendance proceeds from a sell out match. The players get paid little. If the NRL can't turn a profit from these matches then they are incompetent. If its such a burden though how about the NRL let Tonga arrange their own match, which they wanted to, instead of just announcing a match involving Tonga without even asking them?
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    I was there and I experienced it live, it's something I'll never forget. In 34 years of watching RL it was the most memorable atmosphere I have ever experienced. Put 24500 fanatical Tongans and 500 English together and you'd expect some sort of intimidation, yet there was nothing, they were the most friendly people you could wish to meet and were there to watch RL and support their country. 100% passion before and during the game, handshakes and best wishes for the final after it, both on and off the pitch. Oh, and Tongans and are bloody huge. International RL is the future, the game needs to understand that, every other sport does.
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    You've kind of missed the point, i would not use the word moaners to describe someone who is contributing their point of view to an intelligent discussion about rugby league, I am using it to refer to the incredibly trivial things that some rugby league fans really focus on and get perhaps too worked up about, such as the design of the new England shirt. There are some on here that have said they don't like it and that is totally fine, no problem there, but when you have people on social media getting really annoyed and irritated that's moaning. There are some people who could watch the greatest game of rugby league ever and they will find the tiniest thing in the world to focus on instead of actually talking about the game, oh I hate the video ref graphic on the screen (I heard that one the other day), oh I don't like how so and so has grown a beard or whatever. There is a difference between a good opinion and argument and just whinging, to use my fellow posters word.
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    Forget DR!....this is the way it should be done...give me their numbers and I will cheer them when they come on....what an opportunity for these guys! WELL DONE BARROW FOR SUPPORTING YOUR OWN!
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    I have a lot of time for Gary Hetherington - he knows the game inside out both as a player and an administrator. He also exhibits a genuine love of the sport and all that it stands for. Most recently he has taken a seemingly principled stance against those that he believes don't share these same values. In my opinion, this manoeuvre has undermined his status as a defender of the sport somewhat.
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    Cas aren't Wigan or Leeds. 10k is fine for Cas. They will soon start making enough money from hospitality, and spend much less fixing the cracks in the terracing, to build an extension as and when they need it.
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    We can't enter Tunisia - our Scouting Party has visa issues.
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    Martyn will be on to explain that we can't see the full strategic plan and this is once again Trump outsmarting us all.
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    Very surprised to see the odds for the game. Skybet have England -2 at 10/11 which looks very appetising given NZ haven’t got Shaun Johnson or Roger Tuivasa-Sheck to call on. Time to get involved I think.
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    Give it a rest pal. Every week you do this.
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    Denver Broncos cheerleaders pushing tickets (including Ticket links) on their FB, IG and Twitter channels Promoters are trying a few things to help push tickets, hopefully it works.
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    I agree. I don't think Leeds give a toss about Fev, anymore than Saints think about Sheffield. I won't, however, pretend that we wouldn't do the same as Fev if we were in their shoes. From Leed's point of view, it makes sense to keep their players match fit with the best part time side in the Championship, but they won't have the slightest qualms about pulling the plug when it suits. In the mean time it's allowing Fev to live with the full timers, but possibly at the cost of team spirit to the squad. I'll bet it doesn't sit easily with the dyed in the wool Fev faithful. On the matter of Sheffield, they would sell their collective Grannies into prostitution if it was going to keep them in business.
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    That picture of the cheerleaders, I do thank the individual that brought those women into my life! ?
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    Your right, he harmed no one else.... Other than the castleford players preparing for a super league grand final.... And the castleford coaches preparing for a super league grand final..... And the castleford fans preparing for a super league grand final...... And the castleford sponsors preparing for a super league grand final... So no harm done. As for the Wigan angle, the majority of people bringing them up are Wigan fans, I don't understand why anyone thinks cas are suing Hardaker to get cash from Wigan, its nothing to do with them. If he has signed for barrow castleford would be doing the exact same thing.
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    I thought he couldnt do anything about this and it was other people's fault?
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    It is sad but some do, but keep your Spirits up, we will move forward without them....they will eventually follow or have to make their own Path....don't let them get you down; the Sun will rise tomorrow! Be Brave!
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    Im unsure about moon but he’s been out injured too though meaning an unsettled half back pairing all year, Myler has been excellent and has suprised me a bit. agreed on the stadium thing, how anyone can criticise hetherington about how he runs the club is baffling to me, we constantly turn a profit, has overseen the most successful period of the clubs history (after taking it over in one of its lowist points) and continues to develop the club as a business. The stadium is going to be outstanding when it’s finished. Its been aluded to before but look at leeds sponsorhip, weve had 2 main club sponsors since he joined (can any other club match that?) and the corporate takings continue to grow, blame McDermott for the current slump if that suits or the players but those blaming Hetherington are way off the mark.
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    So am I, as I keep telling the missus. Just you wait and see.
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    I'll probably get booted off the forum *and* go to hell for this but.... Why does Jimmy Saville come to mind when looking at that?
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    Well done to the BOD . just hope it pays off , Hemel Stags is a hard game to sell . but with putting drink down to £2 a pint, and the England game on before Towns kick off. I hope the Bar is full . if its a success, it might be worth looking at again when we entertain Whitehaven .If possible 1pm kick off watch town match, then after, The World Cup Final at 4pm . Even better if England get there .
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    TBH I didn't think he was that good for us, certainly not as good as Jimmy Keinhorst . What a farce this DR is now becoming . Maybe if them over the River end up in the Super 8,s and end up playing Fev , Briscoe could play 40 mins for each team .....
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    Argentina lose , which is a shame , and end up doing it in usual Argie Rattin style . Cheated us out of two world cups and tried to nick the falklands so hopefully they get dumped
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    Another thing I've never quite understood about football is how they've never introduced a stop the clock function. I've never even heard it discussed. Time wasting occurs in all sports and slowing it down is a legitimate tactic but there are times when it is goes too far. Many games where one side are happy with the result can become a very frustrating affair. The first half of Iran-Spain was perhaps the best example. All it would've took was for them to stop the clock and the Iranian's would've been up. Another example was in England-Tunisia when the player refused to stand 10m back. It was embarrassing how long it took and how many times to get him to move. Stop the clock and his incentive has gone.
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    For the local amateurs who are coming (I support this move) Barrow 1000, DR 0. Well done Barrow by supporting your lads, what are their names and what are their numbers?.....I will cheer loudly for them when they come on and you will hear me shout "Barrow!" over the TV.
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    Thinking about bringing my lad to this, a small bouldering place opened last year just round the corner but it only has a couple of longer top ropes, True North looks much bigger and diverse. doesn't hurt being in the old DeHavilland plant either for this airplane nerd. hope it all goes well for you!
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    Conspiracy? You’re really clutching at straws now. I’ll leave you to it
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    He is caught in your web like a fly in the ointment Webslinger.
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    Now that is just being pedantic! Excuse me if I continue to call Batley's stadium Mount Pleasant rather than The Fox's Biscuits Stadium.
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    its happened twice that a couple of players have been stopped from going, unless we know exactly why we are only speculating but possibly because they were naughty and didnt own up to it, possibly because they wouldnt have got into the country if the full facts were known etc.. neither of which problems would be solved by any of the measures you would like to see put in place. Everyone else on every other team has got in an there have been no issues that werent able to be dealt with in house. you are blowing this issue way out of proportion to be fair.
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    A Gary Lo profile some might say ;) I'll get my coat
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    If anyone is coming over early to watch the England game, our home pub ( before and after games ) is the Old Post Office and will be showing the game. It is a 10 minute walk to The Shay from there.
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    It was mentioned on TalkSport 2 last night during the Leeds v Cats game by both Mark Wilson and Gavin Willacy.
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    I really appreciate the followers of other clubs coming to the defence of West Wales Raiders - much as I quite enjoy your predictions of doom.( Your naked run should point you in the way of safety when it comes to predictions.) Our team selection varies - but I saw enough last week,particularly from our young half backs,and as pointed out above,to be a bit more confident. This will be a double-header with Llanelli Knights kicking off at 11.30 v Rhondda Outlaws @ Stebonheath Park All optimistic at the moment.Tiredness gone.Onwards and upwards.
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    Thats a good shout Kman. I think you would be pretty useful playing on the wing. You can certainly move fast as I saw when you disappeared out of the door when someone mentioned it was your round. Must be all the practise you get dodging bears?
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    Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers by 4 Toronto Wolfpack v Barrow Raiders by 56 Dewsbury Rams v Leigh Centurions by 38 Halifax v Batley Bulldogs by 10 London Broncos v Swinton Lions by 36 Rochdale Hornets v Toulouse Olympique by 20
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    Terrible 2nd half performance, derservrd everything they got but my word catalans are a niggly side, players feigning injury all over the place
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    It won’t be happening at the Rio Tinto stadium. Not at that altitude.
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    The General Medical Council found Dr Barton guilty of “serious professional misconduct” in 2010 after a fitness to practise panel review into the deaths of 12 of the patients in her care. It said her prescribing had been “excessive, inappropriate and potentially hazardous,” but she was allowed to keep her medical licence and she retired shortly afterwards. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/gosport-war-memorial-hospital-deaths-scandal-jane-barton-shipman-a8406456.html Again and again and again, people in the NHS, police, local authorities etc are allowed to retire to avoid the consequencies of thier actions. This has got to stop and indeed retrospective action, pension confiscation, prosecution should follow.

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