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  1. Success in North America

    He rarely changes his underwear.
  2. SL announce new commercial partner

    Part yes. There is nothing wrong from taking money from different sponsors. It is managing what the game as a whole represents. Many would not agree with gambling companies sponsoring the elite two competitions in this country. If SL said they want to move away from that as an organisation then it should not preclude Hull KR doing a deal with Foxy Bingo.
  3. SL announce new commercial partner

    Because individual clubs make their own decisions. SL is representing the whole sport in the UK.
  4. Player welfare.

    Good points and we won't really know the effects of needles and wear and tear until these guys are in their 40s/50s and struggle physically in daily life. We probably need a partner where players can make a claim against a club's medical staff if they feel they are neglecting player welfare. We could remind them about it every time their team scores a disputed try perhaps?
  5. It would be good of course. However, we are scratching around for 2-3 good prospects to name which shows we simply don't produce enough halfbacks. Really hope a couple of these guys kick on.
  6. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Sober as a judge
  7. SL announce new commercial partner

    Are Bachelors encouraging you to sue the NHS? Knowing RL's luck, this season we will probably see a high profile player suing a SL club's medical staff for neglect
  8. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    Official attendance 1294. Fantastic effort all round - brilliant night! For others, it is a friendly FFS put a lid on it.
  9. SL announce new commercial partner

    Where's the Colonel where you need him?
  10. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    I would love the opportunity of Cornwall to be in the mix for the 2021 WC. However, to go down there for anything less than a guaranteed five-figure crowd is a complete waste of time - no matter how much ££s is proposed. That is exactly the mistakes made by the 2017 RLWC team. What is the point? We got money from the government. The 2021 competition is about making a statement, smashing through attendance barriers, putting RL on the map as a major player in the UK and changing perceptions of it as an international sport.
  11. Thanks for providing that information. I just saw who it was used by now. It was a long time ago. I loved the trains creeping through mid-match. It was always a nice touch.
  12. I have a fuzzy memory that they knocked Castleford out of the Regal Trophy or Challenge Cup in the early 1990s which was a big shock at the time.
  13. thank you richard lewis

    The one person who was advocating bringing GB back has just ridden into the sunset. In true RL style he failed to secure any tangible agreement or schedule for the GB tour in 2019. So IMO GB not even happen at all if the new person isn't in favour.