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  1. Ahh, I have really missed the Leigh threads And some people question what they bring to SL? This gem of a thread even tops the (38-0 defeat) ref was bent one.
  2. I think the consensus is that if this was a non-Leigh fixture "some people" would get it.
  3. This crossed the line does no one understand? This wasn't just thuggery, it was cowardice. It crossed the line you don't cross on a RL field.
  4. Sadly as you demonstrate there is so much water under the bridge now. Thinking of it in a purely objective way. There is so much land between Wakefield and Castleford (from Heath Common/Normanton direction). A three way split between Cas/Wakey/WMDC 5m each. Wakefield and Cas could even be offered a mortgage-type loan from the council for their shares. You would have a Doncaster/Warrington type ground that could hold semi-finals and tests even. Wakefield offices on one side. Castleford offices on the other. Central ticketing and shared matchday income (food/drink etc.) It makes so much sense. Shame some heads couldn't have been knocked together at the appropriate time. WMDC is RL through and through.
  5. Yes but they may be told very soon that BV cannot be used for Super League full stop. So their options are limited all round.
  6. Perth may be a better option?
  7. I think Dewsbury is not suitable unless they move temp stands in. Featherstone is fine. Capacity is 7-8k and I think that would be okay for a few years. Shame Castleford and Wakefield couldn't have got their heads together and created a 15k super stadium for the city. Story of RL really. I think it is called cutting your nose off to spite your face.
  8. Great show guys. Really enjoyed the update on the Ironmen/West Wales Raiders! This is a hidden gem.
  9. If he gets in the Samoa squad for the RLWC that would nail it I would imagine. It worked for Solomona (very shifty travel all the way to Samoa for a one-off test just before he moved to Sale).
  10. It was a clash of heads. This thread sums everything up really
  11. Wilkin secretly loved being a half back. It was everyone else who hated it.
  12. Wakefield's situation reminds me very much of Brighton and HA football club. The football league were very patient with them - they were basically playing on a community athletics park with temporary stands for years. In the end, they got the stadium they deserved but it was a long long road. Wakefield should not take short cuts on this.
  13. Rodney Walker = Trouble Stay away. Even if it means passing on this stadium.