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  1. I might be a bit cynical here but I would guess that the RFL has sod all money to fund any GB get togethers. The England performance squad is part of the Sport England funding so it is "as you were" pretend GB doesn't exist for a while. Even though England has 0 fixtures in 2019. Just one of the nuances that the 'bring back GB" cause overlooks.
  2. Why aren't Halifax still called Blue Sox?
  3. It was just for you oldies mate! Padge will get it when he finds his glasses.
  4. Ottawa! Amazing! "Hands Up" lets all have a "D.I.S.C.O"!
  5. Scubby

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    Is there a possibility of a joint venture between the likes of Perth/Wests or whoever? That the club is just named the Tigers or Sharks, home games are split in half, both arms work together to grow the brand. Sydney has less games but the community keeps the club and its heritage?
  6. Scubby

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    Yes I was lol
  7. Scubby

    NRL to clubs: relocate or fold

    I am not sure we are talking about a club suddenly becoming Perth Sharks. More that a club would relocate the licence and be called Perth Whatever, and Cronulla would play in the NSW cup or something.
  8. Scubby

    The 6 Nations hype...

    I don't care what people on here say, the 6 nations delivers on all the hype. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is stable, fixed times each year, huge crowds, breathes on rivalry and has massive commercial strength. We can have a dig at this or just respect its long term thinking and get our own asses into gear. England haven't played a home game outside of the month of October or November for a decade. This year it won't play any home games at all. Pretty shameful and small time. The game is not creating international moments for our highest profile stars and no event experience for international loving fans. It is losing interest from the likes of me who has lived and breathed the sport my whole life.
  9. Scubby

    Are Leeds in crisis?

    Leeds should have broken the bank to get Daryl Powell back and then signed a marquee number 7. Those two things alone would have seen them turn the corner. Powell would have found more productive players than Lolehia and Hurrell at a fraction of the cost. Myler, if he was to stay, could have gone to a running 6 or fill in as utility.
  10. Always nice to see RL conversation whatever the setting. I don't follow it closely, but at a guess I would say that is the same first floor room that they film the 40/20 podcast (Scratching Shed office/40/20)? So I presume the same people are involved. I think it could be more ambitious, find a club with a lounge overlooking the pitch or a bigger venue as an upgrade. These are constructive points from a visual perspective. Good RL podcasts are built of great debate ultimately and Back Chat is one of the better ones.
  11. Exactly, many people on here are talking about France like it was Carlisle or Kent Invicta. Young French men and women are naturally suited to the game and many achieve an excellent standard considering the player pool. Going to watch an International game in France as a kid absolutely blew my mind. We need to help to build the strength of a genuine RL heartland not judge and undermine it. It will produce fruit.
  12. A Toronto versus Toulouse Championship Grand Final is literally a dream scenario. Knowing the RFL they will play the final at Salford 😕