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  1. Scubby

    Haribo to invest in Super League?

    Kieron Dixon plays like he's had a bag of Haribo during the warm up
  2. Not if they lose 7 on the bounce.
  3. Scubby

    Tom Johnstone

    Johnstone is ready for a start and he is such an exciting player. In decades past he would have been thrown in as a 19 year-old and helped to develop. England should be looking to 2021 and his name should be one of the first on the team sheet for that if he keeps progressing. The defence thing is a bit of a red herring. He is not playing outside top class players week in week out and that sometimes leads to over thinking and over playing. Get him in there!
  4. It's not a dig at you mate, just exasperation looking at my social media feeds whenever they play a game. I'd really like to know what crime they have committed wanting to spread RL to new markets?
  5. Where have RL invested money here? This is a private enterprise, no different from when heritage clubs applied to join the Northern Union. Some stick and some fail. Few, if any, of those heritage clubs had so many people willing a club to fail however. It is pretty bizarre when the game is crying out for new markets to try and maintain TV income streams.
  6. Scubby

    South Sydney in strife

    Hopefully just a flash in the pan.
  7. Why would Toronto's owner (a billionaire RL nut) spend 3 years building up Toronto to then join a domestic RU competition? The sense of paranoia in RL never fails to surprise me.
  8. Don't underestimate Franny's half time team talks!
  9. Scott Murrell gives hope to us all that we've still got it.
  10. Scubby

    New league structure revealed

    I have scrolled through pages of this thread and haven't seen anything at all from Parksider. Have I done something wrong or clicked a couple of buttons by mistake? 😉
  11. They cannot play at Manchester Uni though and need control over which players play where and when I suppose. They might have also had the cold shoulder from other clubs in the region or want to think more London-centrist for corporate links etc..
  12. The investment in the Skolars makes sense for providing a base for both clubs - including Toronto early season games etc. The Philadelphia thing feels a bit Rocky
  13. Scubby

    “Not good enough for Super League”

    And so they should. Anyone who has had to employ people to work in inner city London will fully understand we are dealing with completely different beasts here. You have to pay a premium to sell this sort of gig to an elite player. In the AFL the game actually bends over backwards to weight towards expansion clubs with all sorts of concessions. Amazing how that code has actually grown beyond recognition. Meanwhile in RL....
  14. Scubby

    France beating Australia in 1978

    Amazing, never seen footage of that series before.