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  1. What I don't get is folk wishing doom on an organisation that is using no central resources to create a club, which has in turn created a massive buzz locally and in RL circles (and media presence through the game). From afar it just smacks of fear and envy. Until 1908 no RL existed in Australia - I'm sure plenty in the Northern Union were spouting at the time 'what will they bring to the game?'
  2. Exactly! Bickering at how well attended a well attended RL match was, is the least of our worries.
  3. Agree with those points but my point about the opponent is Toronto have made it insignificant whether it is Swinton or Brisbane Broncos through creating a buzz. In England, clubs moan when they play Catalans or London at home as there is no atmosphere or no away fans.
  4. Also, why post pictures 5 minutes after kick off when it is obvious from watching Toronto that the fans pour in during the first 20 minutes? I watched the game from about 50 minutes in and it looked packed. As people said previously, if all the people walking around (and were at the ends) were in the bleachers it would be pretty much at capacity. If there we 500 people there I can understand this petty ####. We had a SL game yesterday with a 3 figure crowd FFS and Salford have had a few sub 2k crowds over the last 2-3 years. Finally, they were playing Swinton at home FFS! Swinton! (no disrespect to Lions fans but you get my point). That crowd is amazing considering.
  5. Well I hope you take a photo of your empty sofa next weekend.
  6. Yes when people ask what they bring to the Championship, for some die hard L1 and Championship fans it is an experience of a lifetime watching their team! Good on the travelling Lions fans.
  7. It looks as busy as it has ever done tonight. Clubs can create an atmosphere without away fans. Travelling support should be a welcome bonus not a lifeline.
  8. Wonderful atmosphere! Crowd seem to be loving it. Swinton will hopefully keep plugging away.
  9. Then it is even more impressive. They are punching well above this year. Would be great if they can be challenging in the play-offs come the end of the summer.
  10. Perhaps some decent player payments are now in place meaning more players will regularly commit to both home and away fixtures?
  11. WTF are we waiting for? Honestly! Let's just start building and expanding. New markets open up opportunities for commercial growth. The fact this hasn't been done yet is a reflection on RL and its insular thinking first (ambition second). The NRL is no better ignoring expansion for years. Toulouse and Toronto in SL is an absolute no brainer.
  12. 10 championship clubs will be able to showcase live TV coverage to its sponsors. Fans who cannot attend games can see their Championship side live on TV an extra 2 times a year. Championship RL fans will be able to enjoy 30 games of live Championship Rugby on TV in 2019 compared with 6 in previous years. I repeat - Sky had the rights and wanted to showcase 0 games outside the Bash. In previous years the Championship has tried to sell the rights to TV companies and had 0 takers.
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