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  1. What you are basically saying is that you sit smack bang in someone else's catchment. The story of the potential new M62 SL.
  2. I counted 7 Frenchmen today. Casty would have been in that starting line up too as would Gigot.
  3. And the UK has a credible second division? Half the teams play to just 100s of spectators and are financial basket cases.
  4. Imagine how the Warriors would go being dumped to the NSW cup. How would that go? That is how nuts this potentially is.
  5. It took them 10 years to get from a non SL club to £8m turnover. It doesn't just happen overnight.
  6. They turn over in the region of £8m and have a SL TV deal and get huge grants from the local authority. Their income could go down by 60% next year. How is that going to do anyone any good? There is also no guaratee that funding and deal will ever be back on the table.
  7. Wolfpacks new signings

    Ashton Sims has a porn star moustache
  8. I did I don't like any relegation. I also lamented Widnes going #### up trying to get back a year later. It just wastes millions the game doesn't have. If Leigh lose next week they have basically ###### a couple of million up the wall to get nowhere when that more could have been spent on infrastructure and youth development.
  9. Then search back to September 2016 on this forum. You will find plenty. France is different and you know it. Catalans will lose a million pounds in funding and still be required to make 14 trips to the UK each year. They will lose their TV deal (which took years to secure) and probably funding from the local government. But ###### that it is jeopardy. Enjoy!
  10. You said they finished bottom. I was just pointing out they did not. They finished 10th and won 4 from 7 in the 8th and may still be relegated. I'd call that artificial.
  11. They finished 10th in the SL, two worse clubs were given 7 weeks to potentially save their bacon. So perhaps rather than artificially keeping them up we have artificially put them down?
  12. Widnes, Leigh and Catalans have certainly not be hung up on quality for a while now. Three very poor sides.
  13. That is harsh. He has been disappointing this season but has been with Catalans for more than a decade and more than held his own. TBH I can't believe Salford are thinking of signing Luke Walsh and Leeds signing Richie Myler is beyond comprehension. Krisnan Inu is the biggest disgrace because the guy can actually play but doesn't give a flying fig.
  14. That's good news. What this whole mess shows us is that decisions on 2019 need to be taken NOW. Don't force clubs to spend millions chasing something that turns out to be an illusion for 2019.
  15. Still going ahead even if you lose next week?