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  1. Not entirely true. Kear said that Flower and Rhys Evans had to prove they wanted to wear the Wales jersey. Kear is not daft he doesn't have tonnes of options.
  2. What a p****r! Chance for Ratchford at 6 or reprieve for Kevin Brown?
  3. 81-14 over the home and away Wigan-Cas fixtures. Pretty amazing really.
  4. Depending on other results 3 wins out of 7 could possibly give them a home MPG
  5. It is inevitable. Australia and NZ will name a 24-man squad then Samoa, Tonga and Fiji will name their squads. Then Auz/NZ will have a couple of injuries and pull in a couple of players from Samoa and Tonga etc.
  6. Nope don't go there. Anthony Milford and Josh McGuire theoretically could play for Australia on the Friday and back up for Samoa on the Saturday - then back to Australia (if they had a game the week after............ chorus to fade).
  7. I meant answering why Ratchford wasn't in the squad as well. Of course Widdop should have started in the test.
  8. probably because Widdop was a taxi ride from Cambelltown and the RFL are tight wads.
  9. I would imagine the fact that Ratchford can cover any of the backline places was a key reason.
  10. Widdop missing will be fine - it is a shame as he was in form. Gale and Percival can kick goals. I hope Clark is the next one to be called up. Williams and Gale in the hb slots with Clark on the bench is a nice combination.
  11. Agree with this and it is partly a reason why so many fans get forensic about selection. If we had 3-4 internationals this year before the World Cup then Bennett could say something like Williams, Hall, O'Loughlin will play two and we will use the France/Wales/Ireland fixture to look at a couple of emerging players before finalising it down. As it stands, he has selected 20 when probably 30-34 are in the running and brought in 2 NRL players to wind some up further. Those who have missed out haven't even got the benefit of a joint extended camp. We have to accept now for the medium term England's players are going to be split between hemispheres and try and work a plan accordingly.
  12. Agree. You could almost put an alternative squad for a second game where the likes of Clark, Farrell, Joe Burgess, Bateman, Shenton came in for the likes of McQueen, Hall, Watkins, O'Loughlin etc. without disrupting too much.
  13. Wilkin is still available to weave his magic.