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  1. Scubby

    It's Ralph

    Noboby wanted to be the head of a UK national sporting body at £300k+ pa? Perhaps the way the job was pitched actively discouraged strong outside candidates. The RFL have a handy habit of discouraging outside candidates. Let's just have a look. Wood leaves RFL and becomes CEO of RLIF (despite being chairman of the RLIF), John Dutton becomes CEO of RLWC 2021 straight from events manager at RFL (appointed by Wood). Rimmer moves from COO to CEO at RFL. Danny K moves from RLEF to RLIF (appointed by Wood). If the organisation was tearing up trees this would be just about palatable. But it is doing the opposite and it is extremely worrying.
  2. Scubby

    It's Ralph

    I've been posting less and less recently and stuff like this makes me consider giving it away for a while. Absolutely speechless and exasperated. This on the back of a £2m loss because we played no home internationals WTF?
  3. Scubby

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    They could follow the Championship trend and just name 14 or 15 players 😕
  4. Scubby

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. Leigh will get the wins it is up to the other teams to play out the scenario from there. They are right in the mix and I wouldn't be too surprised if they crept in and made a decent fist of the middle 8s.
  5. Scubby

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    I wouldn't have a problem with St James' Park but all 3 venues have to be over 50k+ or what is the point in celebrating the Ashes?
  6. Scubby

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    If we went for it with Wembley/Spurs, Old Trafford and The Etihad we could aim for 180k+ across a 3-game Ashes series. Would have to be England v Australia for me though - especially when trying to sell a home world cup 2 years later.
  7. Scubby

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    Maybe so but if the Aussies are begrudgingly forced to honour a GB tour they obviously have no interest in hosting then what kind of spectacle are we likely to see. GB v Australia with 15k in at Melbourne on a Friday morning?
  8. Scubby

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    What it tells us right, front and centre is that the NRL has no appetite whatsoever to host this nostalgic Great Britain tour of Australia in 2019. When the country that is supposedly organising this throwback to 1992 suggests "why don't we go to you instead" you know this idea is in deep ####. Someone needs to clarify on this first and foremost. It beggars belief why fans part with money for trips of a lifetime when the sport treats its customers like ####. As I suspected, sod all has been agreed for next year's landmark GB tour and who would want to go to a place when the hosts would prefer to kick you into the long grass anyway? Disaster written all over it sadly.
  9. Scubby

    NRL Proposes International Shake Up

    The NRL are proposing ways to protect the NRL by ensuring no high profile international series are played at home. Also, let's find somewhere to chuck NZ in June so we don't have any of this nonsense disrupting Origin 2. Has Nigel Wood said a single thing in defence of the RLIF since his appointment?
  10. When you have a team with very few organisers and then you lose Danny McGuire, you do not replace him with Richie Myler. Anyone who has watched a game of RL will tell you he is a decent player but has no clue how to control a game. Compound that with Joel Moon in the half back role and it is grade A headless chickens. The money should be spent on an organising half and a couple of enforcers. Leeds have traded loyalty on their club for far too long. They were very fortunate with a very close knit clutch of Leeds juniors who loved the club. It needs a whole different model now.
  11. The NRL have it in their power to stagger the draw days before and after the Representative weekend in 2019. It is not hard to work out that 7 England test stars (almost a shoe in for the 17) play for just 3 NRL clubs or that NZ Warriors etc. often provide a large contingent of the Kiwi national side. FFS RL would have an argument in a broom cupboard if it could.
  12. Nice kit, nice occasion, nice crowd, nice performance. International RL is just too good to hide away for 11 months of the year. Great showing from England.
  13. I do not know that much about Danny K and his work TBH. What was pretty damn obvious was that Wood would make an appointment within his network. It is often a practice within parts of the civil service to avoid dynamic trouble makers coming up with ambitious plans that may question the status quo. Whatever you want I suppose.
  14. Scubby

    2018 Kits

    Don't go there! FFS lol