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  1. Dont forget about Fiji

    Wow, he sounded like he was busting a gut to play.
  2. England v France

    Me too but it looks like that wasn't an option. Rolling up to LSV in another half-arsed effort apparently is an option.
  3. England v France

    Far too logical and sensible. Can this excellent post be reviewed by the mods please?
  4. If Whitehaven drew Wigan or Saints away you would be looking at 4-5k max - such is the reluctance of home fans to turn out for all pay games. Catalans will probably draw 3-4k for this game.
  5. England v France

    England v France is the sort of game that should be taken to new areas to promote the game. Newcastle Thunder's ground would be a great shout as would somewhere like Bristol.
  6. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    I knew this banter was all a facade, you two-faced beggar! Agree about Kiyan BTW
  7. The game in the UK is the game in the UK. It has hit the buffers at the moment for a number of reasons, the niggly play and antics is only part of that. It feels a very fractured operation at the moment and that is what is needed first and foremost - a bit of strength and unity. We have no plans confirmed for next season, we have clubs like Wigan and Hull doing their own thing and going to Australia. Toronto and Bradford doing their own thing in terms of covering the game. SL clubs have punted the RFL off the SL board yet they have no direction themselves. We have unsubstantiated rumours flying around about League 1 and North America and what the future holds. On the pitch, we have to decide what we are as a sport. It is the entertainment business. Are those covering the game firstly looking to promote the game as entertainment? Is it played and officiated to create the best possible product to sell to fans and commercial partners. Stop start games with cheap penalties seemingly endless VR calls and then old refs hypothesing on their former colleagues' calls - not sure if that is helping or hindering the product we have. Some of the games are still fantastic to watch. Let's just find a way to have more of those. It is a reasonably easy fix - it is usually helped by all parties working together to improve the sport here. I am envious of how the NRL product is now being churned out. SL can be great again I think. Uncertainty helps no one.
  8. Absolutely, it is only needed for a referee sending a try upstairs or reprimanding a playing IMO. Oops sorry I thought you meant the ref mic. VR are deffo needed!
  9. Google maps will probably be your friend there JHF.
  10. Westerman leaving TWP

    Well looks like he is back at Hull - lucky boy. I would imagine the Wolfpack have taken a hit on this transfer fee. May have got £50k back.

    That's too bad. I'm back on the booze and not a member anymore sadly. Annoying thing is, I've just switched from the AA to the RAC too - dammit!! Oh dear thread title corrected, fun over lol. Good luck to Swinton - hope they get a fantastic crowd!
  12. Was it Robert Hicks? Didn't look like him on the screen. Also, take some time and watch it back. Decisions weren't far off for both sides. Gigot was very unlucky with the second half try and a soft obstruction penalty against York on attack but I didn't see too much else. York produced an amazing performance full of fight. They should be very proud.
  13. It’s All the World Cup’s Fault

    It is also down to the player if they want to represent their country. That didn't stop them putting their nose in.
  14. Doncaster put up a great show at home to Featherstone too. 16-26.
  15. Exactly, tried a number of very ambitious kick plays, quite a few of them came off. They didn't want to die wondering.