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  1. Scubby

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    Anyone remember how the historic All Golds anniversary game was celebrated? We try and do everything on the cheap and it goes #### up. This tour should never have even been in the thought process of an organisation which has spent 10 years trying to build up an England brand. It was of its time (largely due to a large number of Welsh RU converts being in our game). Move forward and grow FFS!!
  2. Scubby

    Season ticket sales

    I contacted the club directly and managed to push it up to a tenner.
  3. Scubby

    A year and a day

    Seems that way
  4. Scubby

    RFL petition

    Pretty much sums up the RFL and its CEO in one pic
  5. If Bye gets to the final then we are all #####d!
  6. Scubby

    RFL petition

    Stop trying to preach to the converted and actually go out and try and find some new customers!
  7. Scubby

    RFL petition

    Sorry John, the RFL's inability to create a buzz for neutrals for what is a 120-year old even is the problem. There are 7 million people within 20 miles of the stadium. Expecting the go to the same well year-in, year-out is absolute folly (as was the decision to stage 3 England games across the M62).
  8. Scubby

    RFL petition

    The board is not coming across as progressive (or in any way pro active) to developing the sport and increasing its commercial reach. It is coming across almost parish council like in its thinking. They dragged out the CEO situation for the best part of 9 months and then chose the incumbent. That either told us that they were not willing to procure and reward a progressive outsider or that Rimmer presented the kind of leader they wanted to move RL in the UK onto greater things. If it is the latter, they are not fit to be running a massive spectator sport in a very competitive market place.
  9. When Catalans got to the final, the RFL could have called a joint press conference with the FFRXIII (both here and in France) and pronounced this as the biggest day in the history of club RL in Europe. They did nothing, they said nothing. When caught on the hoof Rimmer talked about bringing in plan B for Wembley - WTF?? The GB tour, the RFL are doing nothing and saying nothing. How is the "commercial hardware" going in relation to that 2 months on? When is the next England game? The Cup has no sponsor. Guess what? In August your market suddenly opened itself up to European brands too didn't it?? Possibly even North American brands? Unless you have a brainfart and slam the door shut on that. This leadership is so far out of its depth it is destroying itself, without the need of anyone with a grudge against our game lifting a finger.
  10. Scubby

    Widdop and price

    Anyone who thinks Widdop couldn't command A$1m to 1.3m in the NRL even at 31/32 is deluded. Top half backs are like rocking horse #### at the moment.
  11. Scubby

    Widdop and price

    Taking a pay cut (e.g. 100-200k) and halving your pay are two different things.
  12. Scubby

    Widdop and price

    Widdop will be 500k minimum at Wire. Whether people agree or not that is what he will get. He can earn anything up to 700k in Aus as they are so short of top class half backs.
  13. Scubby

    2019 Squads

    Stop putting the onus on a club that has to fight to survive to stay in the division each season. It is ridiculous. They came 80 minutes away from blowing the whole thing 12 months ago. A better question would be how many full time professional French Rugby League players have played SL in the last 10 years? And how many full time professional French SL players played in SL in the decade before that (2008-1999). I would hazard that the first one is 100-150 and the second one will be around 1-10.
  14. I have thought that a Perth-based NRL team owned 50% by SL clubs (or SL) would make a lot of sense. You could send young kids over there to develop and use the club as an opportunity for top SL stars to earn top dollars for a couple of years before returning to their clubs. The ex-pat thing is a real bonus too.
  15. Scubby

    War of the Roses coming back?

    Perhaps the Yorkshire v Lancashire concept didn't go down too well. So the genius behind hit adopted Plan B 😕