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  1. What does a mug even look like?
  2. I get what you are saying but the North Leeds and South Leeds thing is probably long gone I would imagine.
  3. Apparently she would have been there for the Quarter Final but she'd gotta go to work
  4. Shirts due for release within 5 days according to the official England shop. Let's hope we are still in the thing[2]=72
  5. Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony flying in from the States to sing the Tongan national anthem. I'm not too sure who she is lol but she has over 3m instagram followers. King of Tonga coming in as well. Almost newsworthy for someone like the BBC??
  6. Another great article about Tonga. Daniel Tupou
  7. Yes but as I said earlier in the thread, we could have had 25k+ neutral or NZ-based tickets sold by mid-October. This is the norm for other World Cup events. In fact many of the SFs and Finals are sold out in advance in other sports. The Tongan take up should be a welcome bonus not saving the bloody day.
  8. Everyone in Toronto gets in without paying and now you want a bloody toque! The cheek
  9. It would with 25k pre sales before the tournament started like most other World Cups do.
  10. It is more a relief than anything. In hindsight this could have nailed 50k at Eden Park. But that is another story and probably another organising committee.
  11. Rangi Chase

    Sky Sports news choose to completely ignore the World Cup yet do a report on Rangi Chase today. You couldn't make it up.
  12. It should be the best International RL occasion ever staged in NZ. Can't wait.
  13. 2018 Kits

    Are Shearings sponsoring the whole squad or just the coaching staff?