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  1. Didn't drop in my inbox despite being on their list but I've decided to go for some Cat 2 tickets with a 25% discount So I'm happy I've got the seats I wanted and I've got them a bit cheaper
  2. Indeed...
  3. Hi CR I've just built a new pavilion for my cricket club. All we play there is cricket! We received £220k in various grants. I'm sure you've done plenty already looking for funding but feel free to PM me. Happy to help an RL club!
  4. looks good!is that the "Wow" option?
  5. Right gang Going to see the chap who sponsors my cricket team next week. He only drinks Whisky. I'm pretty sure its Speyside as a rule. Do you have a good recommendation for a bottle to say thank you (and please give us some money for next year) Budget £40-50 Thanks in advance!
  6. I realise this has started now. I did this for my village cricket team and we raised £16500 towards our new pavilion. If anyone wants any help/advice I'd be happy to give it
  7. Do i have the official Italy team or the unofficial Italy team? The players seem to have been born in Italy rather than Sydney so i'm guessing its the unofficial team
  8. Has anyone tried the Aldi range of Whiskys? Some very old whiskys whose age almost outstrips their price! I'm tempted to invest
  9. Sycophants The worst of all are those who add comments to the chief executives blog on the intranet "Fantastic blog Ian! It's great to have someone share this with us. I look forward to hearing more about how we can take the company forward"
  10. As Alan Partridge once memorably said "I just don't like the general public" Seems to sum up mine and everyone elses thoughts on this thread!