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  1. They have two on the Loire. Both reasonably small so the kids can run around but with enough going on to keep them occupied Can't beat Holland though for those kind of holidays in my eyes!
  2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers I'm going to say Foo Fighters have had more misses than hits and rely on the Dave Grohl thing
  3. We've been going to Yelloh village ones for a few years now. Great for the kids and decent value. The lodges, if they're the ones I'm thinking of are basically static caravans. so everything is a bit tight but hopefully you'll be spending most of the time outside!
  4. if it hits you outside the line of off stump and you are playing a shot its not out, even if hitting the stumps if you don't play a shot it just needs to be hitting the stumps on the leg side if it pitches outside the line of leg stump you cannot be given out LBW
  5. They have a Captain America one. Perfect! But no option to ship to the UK I'll message them Thanks for your help guys and girls!
  6. Does anybody know of any club shops who may have Marvel shirts still for sale? My boy doesn't really have a club and has only just started playing. I think he'd love a Marvel shirt and wouldn't be bothered which one. Google sadly doesn't bring any up for 6 year old boys, neither does e bay so I guess this is my last chance! Ta
  7. It may seem harsh but we were advised to evict after a few missed payments. We live around 200 miles from our reluctant property empire! We do everything we can to keep tenants. We don't always put the rent up when we could as, as you say, its better to have a tenant. In the end the stress of worrying about payments and the associated hassle became too much so we let the management company earn their money and evicted them. it was unoccupied for a month so in the meantime we had it painted etc The management company said the tenants appeared like it was as much a blessing for them as it was for us as they clearly couldn't afford it. They lost their deposit (came to us for missed payments) and left the house in a reasonable state so perhaps we were lucky in that regard.
  8. Cheers both. I'm becoming more convinced that a nearly new approved used car with a loan is most economical. Plus keeping it for 5 years!
  9. I've never had a new car and now I'd quite like one. I've been a heavy saver all my life and have a number of investments which are doing ok at the moment. So after a bit of research I'd like the new Land Rover Discovery Sport. When I say new I'd buy a nearly new to save on the immediate depreciation so I reckon I'm looking at £32k for the one I want. Does anyone have any recommendations on the most efficient way of paying for this? I'm currently leaning towards taking a bank loan which are as low as 2.9% atm. I have a good credit score so it shouldn't be a problem getting this rate. I'm not so keen on PCPs as I won't own the car at the end after paying a significant amount and that doesn't feel right to me. I could cash in some investments but it seems that 2.9% is a very good rate to be borrowing at. Anyone have any advice? Is there anything I'm missing? Thanks in advance p.s I know there are many other possibly better ways I could spend my money but I'm not asking for advice on that
  10. Late evening game of golf. Taken on my phone
  11. I think that one depends upon League positions of the opponents. If both those team are in the bottom two you'd probably get the same home attendance with the variable being the number of fans Hunslet bring.
  12. Sorry but I don't know. Whitehaven is a world away from here!
  13. I am a lapsed Barrow fan. I want to take my 7 year old Daughter to watch the event that is Toronto coming to town. I'd pay for two seats in the main stand. she'd probably want a scarf and something to eat. It has reawoken my interest in the club so I'm a bit disappointed to see they are not coming. Sad to say none of the other fixtures excite me and that's as an RL fan first (expansionist) and Barrow fan second. I would probably also have dragged some others along for Toronto (the friends I drag along to the Grand Final) and personally if the club made enough of a fuss I think they would have received a much improved gate We laugh at RU's event crowd but it happens for us too.
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