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  1. They have two on the Loire. Both reasonably small so the kids can run around but with enough going on to keep them occupied Can't beat Holland though for those kind of holidays in my eyes!
  2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers I'm going to say Foo Fighters have had more misses than hits and rely on the Dave Grohl thing
  3. We've been going to Yelloh village ones for a few years now. Great for the kids and decent value. The lodges, if they're the ones I'm thinking of are basically static caravans. so everything is a bit tight but hopefully you'll be spending most of the time outside!
  4. if it hits you outside the line of off stump and you are playing a shot its not out, even if hitting the stumps if you don't play a shot it just needs to be hitting the stumps on the leg side if it pitches outside the line of leg stump you cannot be given out LBW
  5. They have a Captain America one. Perfect! But no option to ship to the UK I'll message them Thanks for your help guys and girls!
  6. Does anybody know of any club shops who may have Marvel shirts still for sale? My boy doesn't really have a club and has only just started playing. I think he'd love a Marvel shirt and wouldn't be bothered which one. Google sadly doesn't bring any up for 6 year old boys, neither does e bay so I guess this is my last chance! Ta
  7. Late evening game of golf. Taken on my phone
  8. The new version of Roots is on BBC4 atm. Cheery family viewing
  9. Amazingly... That is Barrow in Furness That's not the town itself of course...
  10. taken on a phone. the phone did any fancy stuff. just scrolling through my gallery and thought it looked quite snazzy
  11. looks good!is that the "Wow" option?
  12. Right gang Going to see the chap who sponsors my cricket team next week. He only drinks Whisky. I'm pretty sure its Speyside as a rule. Do you have a good recommendation for a bottle to say thank you (and please give us some money for next year) Budget £40-50 Thanks in advance!
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