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  1. Denis Jackson

    Sad news for Askam, Barrow and Rugby League.
  2. EGM

    Maybe the Italian is a full back - I wouldn't say no to James Tedesco. Sydney Roosters v Barrow Raiders - it's a no brainer
  3. Pop Concert

    Richie's one of the loyal supporters who lives and breathes Barrow Rugby, if his tone came across as a little blunt then sorry. All in all a fair question with a good answer and I'm pleased if the club did well out of it especially with all the rumours flying around about money. Fair question, good answer - now lets get on with putting out the posters and getting behind the club

    Whatever's going on - I think it's excellent news that David Sharpe is back.
  5. Supporters Player of the Season

    I think I would add Jarred Stack to my list
  6. Barrow v Town

    Think we were the better team today but we also got the rub of the green in the first half. Workington's game plan was pretty straightforward but you've got to give their fans some credit
  7. Barrow v Town

    Don't take anything for granted lads, this lovely summer weather will be a leveler. Isn't summer rugby a great step forward - no more marches in mud and rain, don't forget your sun tan lotion today
  8. Away Day Blues

    Two Ralph McConnell tries stick in my memory. Ian Ball's magnificent run, drop the shoulder, beat the defence and then off you go, draw the fullback and there's Ralph to say thank you and under the posts. Andy Whittle's magnificent run, quick short pass, beat the defence by pure pace and then off you go, draw the fullback and there's Ralph to say thank you and under the posts. Bit of a pattern there - happy days
  9. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Is there no one on this forum who remembers going to watch some cracking games at Cavendish Park or Little Park Roose?
  10. Promotion?

    A big cheer for Keighley
  11. Wigan v Hull

    Why would Australians who can watch high quality NRL watch a Sky Super league match with a couple of teams who couldn't hold their own in the NRL, have to rely on a few Australians who are past NRL standard and a few English guys who couldn't make it in the NRL? You couldn't make this one up but I suppose Hull Sharks and The Pies will make some more money
  12. New Raiders

    Hull KR in Super League, no problem, but my worry is that the experts at RL would think we mere fans would be confused if Featherstone were in Super League at same time as KR. Rover v Rovers - how would we tell the difference? Featherstone refused to pick a silly nickname, refused to merge with Wakefield and Castleford to form Calderdale. Well done Fev!
  13. New Raiders

    Featherstone Rovers and Hull Kingston Rovers seem to manage, there again if they both got into Super League Sky might order a change. Hull manage without a silly nickname but there again they have merged with Gateshead so are no longer Sharks
  14. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    We mustn't forget The Boulevard in Hull - that was in the old days when Super Dooper league clubs owned their own grounds before becoming rent boys. Also - did we ever play Bradford at Valley Parade? Not sure if we ever played at Southend when Kent Invicta went walkabouts
  15. Grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play

    Remember seeing Barrow play at Craven Cottage and the football must have played there when they were flying high in the old 3rd Division. The wall now demolished near Asda had the words "Putney Boots Boys" near to "Barrow rule the third". Also let's not forget the rugby and football playing against Town a Borough Park