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  1. Swinton

    I see Andy Braceck is still putting a shift in for Swinton 2 points would have been nice today but Swinton outscored us on tries so I suppose we have to be glad of that single point
  2. Wigan

    Good old Pies, one rule for Sky's puppets, another rule for the rest. That said they might get a slap on the wrist because Sky has a soft spot for the Catalans as well.
  3. Paper rumors

    Absolutely agree - no criticism of Joe who's given his all for the club from the moment he arrived. Last season and this season he's stepped up a gear and given some really standout performances and I'm sure we all wish him well in his career whether it's at Barrow or somewhere else. Just a little gripe at the way the Superleague clubs have the power to dictate anything ( as long as they don't upset Sky) Good luck Joe, it's been a privelige to watch you play
  4. Paper rumors

    Ah but Wigan work for Sky so rules don't apply to them
  5. Paper rumors

    Good old Sky. If you'd wanted Joe Bullock on your screens just televise some championship games. Instead you just get one of your puppet clubs and give them the money to go and take all the good rugby players with the offer of a fat pay check. It's not just the Pies, Leeds must do it to all the lower league teams in West Yorkshire as well as parading Brad Singleton as one of their own juniors. Well done RFL, well done Sky and well done the puppets, only loser is the sport ofRugby League
  6. York result

    I'm all for expansion, moving outside the M62 corridor is great thing but it appears that try as we might - South wales is a no go area. Does the RFL really check if these teams are up to it because today's result makes a mockery of the sport. No disrespect to York - you can only play against who the opposition is but even York supporters must have felt bored
  7. Leigh away

    So Mickey Higham was playing - I'm sure he was a much bigger danger than at Craven park when was on the pitch with his water bottle trying to tell the lads in red and white what to do. Disappointing result but didn't really expect a result against the milionaires home ground ( it is their ground isn't it?) Let's hope there aren't too many injuries, those lad have a shift in the shipyard tomorrow
  8. fevnut's blog: Barrow v Fev

    I pay my £15, I buy my raffle tickets and programme and keep paying my lottery money. What I ask in return is 80 mins of effort and commitment - thanks lads, today I got my money's worth and I'm proud of you. Fev have a bit more experience in this division, a bit more pace but effort, I think we may have edged them today ( accept I've got my rose tinted specs on ). A couple of refereeing decisions going the other way, a touch of luck and maybe the goalposts being neutral and we may have got a result. I'm sure Fev knew they had played a game of rugby league today. Keep it up lads
  9. Come On Fev

    I know we shouldn't be shouting for other championship teams but had a look at the table yesterday after the win against Sheffield. Four clubs have pulled away on 12 or 11 points from the rest of the pack, three names will please the RFL, London, Toulouse and Toronto - the favoured three but above Toronto on 12 points with only one defeat are Featherstone Rovers - a proper rugby team ( you know - the sort that the RFL is trying to make extinct ). I hope Feathersone go the season unbeaten ( except for their visit to Craven Park ) and get promoted at the expense of one of the Sky favourites. I'm all for expansion and would love to see the game expand but at the same time we should have a care for our traditional clubs, a resurgent Bramley would cheer me up more than New York winning league 1
  10. Challenge Cup results.

    Good news - we need Joe up front
  11. Rochdale

    A disappointing result. Why was Stack sent off?
  12. Rugby League Programmes

    John You can tell we're having a good sort out! Rugby programmes found in cupboards - now it's the loft and I've found about 9 or 10 Rothmans Rugby League year books from the 80's. Are they any use or should they go to the charity shop? Carl.
  13. Rugby League Programmes

    Glad to help John, like to stand on the popular side usually but might pop over to the main turnstile area next season to check the pies. Carl.
  14. Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Isn't summer rugby great !!!
  15. Challenge Cup Draw

    Keep on dreaming, it'll be just our luck we face each other in the semis! Sheffield - can't complain about a home draw, we just need to be strong at Craven Park and cope with the inevitable injuries.