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  1. Hull KR in Super League, no problem, but my worry is that the experts at RL would think we mere fans would be confused if Featherstone were in Super League at same time as KR. Rover v Rovers - how would we tell the difference? Featherstone refused to pick a silly nickname, refused to merge with Wakefield and Castleford to form Calderdale. Well done Fev!
  2. Featherstone Rovers and Hull Kingston Rovers seem to manage, there again if they both got into Super League Sky might order a change. Hull manage without a silly nickname but there again they have merged with Gateshead so are no longer Sharks
  3. We mustn't forget The Boulevard in Hull - that was in the old days when Super Dooper league clubs owned their own grounds before becoming rent boys. Also - did we ever play Bradford at Valley Parade? Not sure if we ever played at Southend when Kent Invicta went walkabouts
  4. Remember seeing Barrow play at Craven Cottage and the football must have played there when they were flying high in the old 3rd Division. The wall now demolished near Asda had the words "Putney Boots Boys" near to "Barrow rule the third". Also let's not forget the rugby and football playing against Town a Borough Park
  5. I'm slightly ashamed to say I've no idea who the league's top scorer is, on the other hand maybe that shows the position we are in. Also one of the things I like in a programme is a bit of opinion, if this is what Paddy thinks ( and this is a man who is Rugby League through and though ) fair enough
  6. Good win boys - London are a one of the better new teams and last year they won at Craven Park. It will be a blow if Declan Hume has a long term injury
  7. Much better defence on saturday, the whole team defended well but our two second rows were like tackling machines. No problem with Jarred Stack getting m.o.m. but I think the choice must have been made just before Dan Toal finished off the lovely move down the left. I couldn't decide which of them should be m.o.m. Most pleasing move in the game was when Dally made a nice chip on the final tackle, we tackled the Crusaders defender and so six more tackles to Barrow. Too often we try and score a try every time we have the ball, part of a game plan should be pressure your opponents.
  8. Surprised there is no comment one the well fought point at Donny, sounds like the lads put the effort in and Donny got a point with a last minute penalty. Still fair play sounds like both sides deserved a point. A long trek to Donny so well done lads.
  9. Hunslet lost it near the end, Referee lost it in the first five minutes
  10. Well done boys, the town is proud of you.
  11. I thought the lads and the supporters did the town proud. I didn't see any lack of effort from any of the players. Leeds had that extra bit of pace and power but I can't imagine Ryan Hall turning up at the Shipyard at 7:00 to do his shift in The NAS. For part time players I have no complaints - with a bit of luck we could have had another try. Well done Barrow
  12. Can't really complain about the performance as the lads scored 58 points. Credit to South Wales, they are not the greatest side I've seen but they put the effort in for a full 80 mins and I heard a lot of Welsh accents on the pitch, at least we've got a team in South Wales that seems mostly Welsh. I think we've got to view Barrow's performance in the context of last night, the tough midweek match against Keighley and then Leeds next week. Cresta is clearly rotating his squad keeping people match fit but not too tired to play. If we get two victories in Yorkshire over the next few days we may look at last night's match differently.
  13. Can't take anything away from the lads - it was a fine performance overall. I think the game of two halves comes from the strength in the forwards. After a time the battering of Joe bullock and Brad Brennan starts to take its tole on the opposition defence. Bad points - we were missing a spark from stand off and after scoring a try in the first half with one minute to go why did we throw the ball around in our own 25 and let them capitalise on a handling error. Good points - who can argue with 60 points and we're through to a final. Also Jarrod Stack continues to impress - a good second row who runs and tackles but also has real ball skills. Well done Barrow
  14. Can't fault the logic Mash - The Loiners are looking a bit shaky
  15. Main thing to concentrate on is getting a home draw next round. Leeds aren't a bad side but I'm sure Cresta has a cunning plan.