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    Real Rugby league - not this Rupert Murdoch circus.<br /><br />Watching my lad play for Hindpool Tigers - the next John Joyner ? - in my dreams!
  1. Still don't really like all the nicknames - I'd still prefer Wire and Classy Cas to Wolves and Tigers, and Wigan will always just be Pies. Raiders is better than Braves and we've go used to it but you can see by my name I prefer straightforward Barrow or Shipbuilders. A few have died out now - remember Oldham Bears, Halifax Blue Sox and Hull Sharks
  2. No chance the RFL would relegate Bradford - a slap on the wrist and carry on chaps. To be fair to Leigh they were getting relegated, Newcastle went down instead but it was Newcastle's decision.
  3. Would be good to have a professional club in East Manchester. I always thought there was a chance of genuine expansion in the days of Trafford Borough. Can't help thinking that expansion to East and South Manchester, maybe even North Cheshire and North Wales - good luck North Wales Crusaders - will benefit the game more than Kent Invicta. Not just Manchester - we need to maintain a real presence in Sheffield and Newcastle and bring back Blackpool and who knows we might also reach out to The Potteries
  4. David You have carried the club through a difficult time and have made the club stronger and more stable. A few "sexy" signings can excite fans, settling an lopsided balance sheet doesn't inspire the same buzz but I can assure you - it's far more important. Thanks for all you have done for Barrow Rugby - you will be missed.
  5. Well done lads - the most important thing for me each season is that I feel proud of my team. Don't feel let down this season
  6. Well done lads - excellent stuff
  7. Good result for London, give them credit, but not good for Barrow - in fact very bad
  8. A bit of good news for a change
  9. Yes all the best for the season and hope things get sorted. North Wales is the key area for Rugby league expansion along with the amateur team in Chester
  10. Can't ask for much more - sounds like a good performance. Now for a bit of consistency.
  11. sc um just about sums them up. Like was said above - this is a small town
  12. It certainly has got the forum going! I feel very sorry for Liam - a great club servant and a great lad but while the club made an error of judgement we can't hold them guilty of controlling the weather and as the club is not exactly awash with money I think greedy is a bit strong - no one is pocketing the money. To compare it to the days of DJ is actually insulting. With hindsight, one of the friendlies should have been cancelled but with the weather as it is the game could still have been cancelled and the weather would have also brought down the crowd numbers. I wasn't going to go to see Warrington, I was going to say thank you to Liam for years of service and some great memories of him breaking the line, outpacing the centre, drawing the winger and then a nice pass to Jamie Nixon to touches down between the posts. Maybe a nice sunny night in June against another team will bring in a bigger crowd. Not sure about the Fujians but a Cumbria select from Workington and Haven plus a couple of special guests such as Ben Harrison, Brad Singleton and maybe even Andy Ellis.
  13. Great news for Liam - lets hope for a good crowd
  14. Good point - my wife has her own email she uses for Strictly so at least kevin will get 4 votes
  15. Don't forget to vote on Sunday for Kevin Sinfield in the Sports Personality of The Year. I know the chances are people will vote for Andy Murray after he beat an unknown Belgian tennis player or Lewis Hamilton for having the best engine but the achievements of Leeds Rhinos and their leader Kevin Sinfield showcase all that is good about Rugby League. Even if you are a Pie man, a Hulll FC or a Saint I think we should all vote for Kevin, I feel this is one of the few times that a Rugby league player is on the short list on genuine merit as opposed to a token gesture by BBC. Don't Forget - A Vote For Kevin is a vote for our great game !!!!!