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  1. Mariano Released

    Doncaster bound apparently
  2. Rochdale match thread

    It’s an app called Flash Scores, one of the most update sites I use, miles better than BBC.Great for all kind of sports
  3. Ref for Sunday

    He's doing both ends ! ?
  4. Team news? V London

    Another scoreless half ! Camped on their line for no return.
  5. Batley Game "Good Friday"

    Paul Sykes banned for 2 games
  6. Toulouse Info

    The guy you want to find is Willy_bsa on periscope. Great band too
  7. Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    Are the players not delayed and still in Toulouse ?
  8. BISSA needs YOU !

    Use easyfundraising for your Christmas purchases and get donations for Bissa
  9. BISSA needs YOU !

  10. First up Toulouse away!

    Flights booked ! Friday -Monday, Manchester ➡️Carcasonne £160 return for all four of us ! To go from Manchester ➡️Toulouse was £560 Friday to Sunday
  11. 2017 squad and rumour mill thread

    Bostock is injury prone now due to his age, there's got to be better, younger players out there.
  12. Batley v Featherstone.

    1.Day 2.Leak 3.Brambani
  13. Sheffield club statement

    Here here, they gambled for the promised land and blew it. Not a penny from me.
  14. London up next

    "je ne sais quoi"
  15. Players in SL

    McNally ???