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  1. The General Pat

    Tickets for Bradford

    I’d like to think between 1500-2000 at least. Bradford have a good following when they come to Batley,
  2. The General Pat

    Tickets for Bradford

    Just registered for online tickets for tomorrow’s game, only took 2 mins, with no issues.
  3. The General Pat

    York’s cup match thread

  4. The General Pat

    Boxing Day

    He’s paid !!! 🤣🤣🤣 Give over
  5. The General Pat

    Fev announce Harrison

    Why is he wearing an old Fev shirt and not a current one ?
  6. The General Pat

    Diskin out!

    Yes, but still above you ! (Only just)
  7. The General Pat

    Mariano Released

    Doncaster bound apparently
  8. The General Pat

    Rochdale match thread

    It’s an app called Flash Scores, one of the most update sites I use, miles better than BBC.Great for all kind of sports
  9. The General Pat

    Ref for Sunday

    He's doing both ends ! ?
  10. The General Pat

    Team news? V London

    Another scoreless half ! Camped on their line for no return.
  11. The General Pat

    Batley Game "Good Friday"

    Paul Sykes banned for 2 games
  12. The General Pat

    Toulouse Info

    The guy you want to find is Willy_bsa on periscope. Great band too
  13. The General Pat

    Toulouse v Batley Challenge cup

    Are the players not delayed and still in Toulouse ?
  14. The General Pat

    BISSA needs YOU !

    Use easyfundraising for your Christmas purchases and get donations for Bissa
  15. The General Pat

    BISSA needs YOU !