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  1. Dpends how long you want to go for and if you want to visit other places in Canada or America at the same time. I went on the official one, we did the 4 night pacakge, whilst others went on independent trips and made holidays of it visiting New York etc, Which ever you do, I would highly reccomend going, its a fantastic experience.
  2. The club have agreed to put up Kayakmans write up on our clubs visit to Toronto on the wall in the Phoenix Bar. 👍
  3. Hope i did it justice mate!
  4. No I didn't, was too busy singing it as loud as I could! Was a fantastic night, we won so many friends at home and in Canda, the positive PR we have had off the back of the teams performance and also the support of the traveling fans has gone off the scale! Our social media stats are unbelieveble for the last week, we've never been as popular! Massive thank you to the people of Toronto and the Wolfpack for your hospitality and friendlyness, it was one of the best trips I've ever had and certainly in my top 3 games ever watching Hunslet! Hope we get the chance to return again one day!
  5. Could i use this please to share on the clubs website? Brilliant sumamry of a truly grat night.
  6. Majority of our fans going to the Brazen Head, we have booked 30 tables.
  7. Looks like a few going over, talk of around 60+ making the trip.
  8. They all look over weight and unfit.
  9. Problem is Steve, we were in dual reg with Leeds 3 years, and people find other things to do on a Sunday. Once you stop it’s hard to get back. I just think we’ve made terrible decisions on and off the field over the last 12 months and we are suffering for it. This group of players finished 7th last year, so why were they ever going to do any better this year. The club needs major changes on and off the field, new direction off it and complete overhaul of the playing staff.
  10. We tried it Steve and it didnt work, we got relegated with Dual Reg and lost half our support in the process.
  11. Yet Flanagan is sat on his ###### for over half the match, we are like a different team when hes on the pitch, give him game time and please start with him, he puts us on the front foot, by the time he came on yesterday the game was lost. When players are on thier haunches bent over breathing out of thier pipes after 15-20 minutes something is fundemntally wrong with our training and conditioning.
  12. You dont need dual reg to get players fit and prepared to play. Half of our team look miles over weight and not fit enough, god knows what they do in training. The minimum expecations is for us to field 17 players who are in peak physical condition and fit. If they are not good enough after that, then you say fair does, it is what it is, but we arent even giving ourselves a chance to compete with half the team running around with beer bellies.
  13. We were a disgrace, majority of fans had gone to the bar before half time and didnt return. The club don't deserve our support. Congratulations on your win, you were faster, fitter and had pride in your performance. Dont know where we go from here. Oh yes i do, Toronto for a 100 nil hammering, thats a weekend and 2 grand i wont get back.
  14. There was no video evidence because there was no racist chanting! Again, the noises were aimed at the white bloke in the vest, suggesting he was mumbling and no one could understand him! Why would anyone chant racism to white middle aged man? It's ridiculous!
  15. Is this for real? "Monkey chants" ?? Why would someone be making monkey chants towards a white, middle aged man? They were taking the ###### out of his accent and the fact no one could undertsand what he was saying hence the mumbling noises. You also heard someone shout "black c*unt" who was that aimed at? There was no one non white in that stand in either group of supporters? and you say this got shouted and then the monkey chants started? We have already established there was no monkey chants. Ridiculous. Theres no truth to any of this, yes there was banter from both sides (especially the lad with the black hair who carries on everytime you come down) but nothing remotley racist said or done, and to suggest there was is scandalous.