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  1. 2018 Kits

    Hunslet 2018 home and away shirts.
  2. 2018 Fixtures...

  3. 2018 Fixtures...

  4. 2018 Fixtures

  5. Grimmer is back

    That’s why he was released before the league 1 Shield 8s!
  6. Grimmer is back

    You can have him, terrible last season, refusing to train, upsetting the squad, over weight and unfit!
  7. Grimmer is back

    Might make top 6 now Pudsey?
  8. Grimmer is back

    He looks in the best shape of his life, looking forward to seeing them darting runs and big hits in defence. Will make a big difference out wide for us.
  9. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Grimmer confirmed as Hunslet player.
  10. Marcus Webb

    Hes a decent young player, small and quick over 30 yards, got a good kick return and knows where the line is, wont let you down thats for sure. Hope he goes well at Swinton. Hope to see you in the Championship next season.
  11. Bristol RLFC

    I prefered going to Toronto rather than Oxford.
  12. 2018 Squad and signings.

    We have just signed Tom Ashton, any thought's on him?
  13. Bristol RLFC

    Wow, what a truly inspriational innovating idea to play each other twice home and away, big shout out to the RFL!
  14. Danny Ansell

    A good attacking kicking game, and can throw a decent ball, hes not a running halfback and his defence isnt great to say the least. Hes had some good games for us, and had some shockers, but i really dont think he is a Championship standard half back, i fear for him with a championship standard second rower / centre running at him. But i wish him all the best, hes a been a good servant for the club over the last few years, hope it works out for him and he makes the step up.
  15. Exits.