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  1. After agree mate, you shouldnt see a dog taking a sh*&te at the side of the pitch at a semi-professional game. And why cant they sort the paths out? Twice i have been, and twice i have been blathered in mud getting from the stand to the clubhouse. Its a joke.
  2. Great performace yesterday at Hemel, especially second half. Great to see us playing some expansive rugby with a bit of flare and support play. Nice to see the lads enjoying their rugby playing with a smile on thier faces, Gibson was superb again, big shout to Jimmy too and good to have our captain back. Some great tries especiall Ince going 80 meters, and Jimmys 60 meter break and step around the fullback was superb. Something for us to build on.
  3. Yes dropped im told.
  4. Website down until tomorrow, its having an upgrade to fix all the issues we have had recently.
  5. Wholesale changes this Sunday!!
  6. Booked the 4 night trip with several others ! Looking forward to it!
  7. All positive stuff at the minute, the club has just announced a new 3 year kit deal this morning too. Just need the supporters to get behind the club next season and who knows what may happen.
  8. Still cant believe we lost! Gutted
  9. I voted for Mufaro, improved vastly over the season, has been consistent and has worked his socks off. Cant argue with Flanagan or Jake though.
  10. Brilliant performance and a crackin day out. Big respect to James Ford for his complimentry comments about our support in his after match speach. We dont have many numbers but we dont half make up for it in noise.
  11. Its nobodies job mate, becuase no one gets paid to do it. The club has volunteers, working in thier own spare time to try and get sponsorship in. Not an easy task.
  12. New name, new club crest, new kits, new merhchandise! Just need some sponsors now!
  13. Good point mate, will have to change my name on all the dating websites im on too
  14. Yes, the vote in underway online and there will be voting slips at tonights game.
  15. Totally agree with everything you say, we had enough field position and possession to have won that game, but when you have two halfbacks who are the basically same player and only one set move (Jimmy on the run around to the left to feed Muv and Barnett) then you’re going to struggle, we just have got no idea with ball in hand. Our defence and one on one tackling was as poor as I’ve seen, yes Toulouse had some great attacking players but far too often we are trying grab at people and missing basic one on one tackles. Very frustrating, a game we could and should have got something out of, bus as you say when your only flair player can’t make the 17 then we are going to struggle. A crowd of 328 (with 30+ parents from Hunslet Club Parkside) is a worry, how long can we carry on with them crowds, my guessing is not very long. It’s the lowest league crowd in 6 years, im afraid the Leeds partnership affect on the clubs supporter base is coming back to bite us on the bottom. Hemel got beat by 70 at Keighley so puts last weeks win into perspective also. Tough times ahead!