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  1. Released at the end of last season
  2. New signings to be announced at the fans forum according to Twitter
  3. Chicken and egg situation, we need more people to attend to justify the new stadium. The only way that will happen is staying in the championship
  4. Heard good reports about him, He'll be up against some tough opposition for a place in the team with Rhodri Lloyd, Connor Dwyer and Andy Thornley currently signed on
  5. Doesn't seem to be much action yet, although after the last car crash of a board, this one isn't making any false promises on time or spending money we haven't got. They are still aiming for 2019 I think
  6. Swinton looking at own academy and not one with Salford
  7. Swinton have announced 5 signings tonight Jack Murphy from Workington Grant Gore from Whitehaven Matt Sarsfield from Salford Chris Hankinson from Barrow Oliver Davies from St Helens
  8. Ex Swinton player for half a season before we screwed him over, that worked out well!!!!
  9. Was talking to Hallet at Swintons presentation night and he said he had signed for you, cracking signing in my opinion
  10. Impressed if we have signed Murphy, thought he was your best player against us at Sale
  11. It is Moorside, both beaten the odds
  12. Did Gore used to play for Widnes? Any good?
  13. Nicholson signed for 2 years originally
  14. Swinton won again, 5 out of 5 for us now. Bradford and Leigh are up next so it might stay at 5 though!
  15. I only come in here about once a week which is why I hadn't relied, if you watch Aussie RL every week how can you say it's robotic? That's a tired saying from the 80's