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  1. Andy Mazey Chairman

    Thanks, he seems a good bloke with plenty of passion so lets hope it works out well, especially on Sunday ha ha
  2. Superb win Hornets

    Well played yesterday, thought you out enthused us and was surprised that it took to the second half for you to score as you looked way more dangerous. Your half backs were the difference, they looked lively where as ours stood and passed (not very well)
  3. Hunslet/Swinton supporters games

    Unfortunately I have asked and no one seems to have any pictures from any of the Hunslet games for some reason. We seem to have pictures from games against London and Gateshead but none against your lads. Sorry
  4. Best place to park for the Dewsbury game?

    The metro station or on the estate opposite the ground are best
  5. Swinton in trouble...?

    They don't produce it anymore, thin it stopped at the end of last season. It is a local supplier they use though, hopefully they have paid them!
  6. Swinton in trouble...?

    Thank you everyone, I hope in future Swinton fans will show their gratitude if anyone else finds themselves in such a position
  7. Swinton in trouble...?

    Hi Kenny, I thought we had produced a programme for all games, which are you missing? Unless we havent paid the programme maker there will be some this weekend. Thank you everyone that has donated or purchased an item. It shows the RL family does come together when a club needs help. Adam Hills from last leg has just made a substantial donation
  8. Squad and signings for 2017

    Released at the end of last season
  9. Anymore new signings?

    New signings to be announced at the fans forum according to Twitter
  10. Chicken and egg situation, we need more people to attend to justify the new stadium. The only way that will happen is staying in the championship
  11. Heard good reports about him, He'll be up against some tough opposition for a place in the team with Rhodri Lloyd, Connor Dwyer and Andy Thornley currently signed on
  12. Doesn't seem to be much action yet, although after the last car crash of a board, this one isn't making any false promises on time or spending money we haven't got. They are still aiming for 2019 I think
  13. Salford abandon Academy

    Swinton looking at own academy and not one with Salford
  14. Swinton have announced 5 signings tonight Jack Murphy from Workington Grant Gore from Whitehaven Matt Sarsfield from Salford Chris Hankinson from Barrow Oliver Davies from St Helens
  15. Ex Swinton player for half a season before we screwed him over, that worked out well!!!!