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  1. Mark

    2019 Squad and signings

    Thanks for your replies on Adam Jones. Was disappointed when he left us but hopefully will come back a stronger player. Youre much more helpful then the rochdale lot were๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Mark

    2019 Squad and signings

    Adam Jones signed for Swinton again, how did he go for you guys last year?
  3. Mark

    Lewis Hatton

    He has signed for Swinton alongside Billy Brickhill, are they any good?
  4. Mark

    Swinton tomorrow

    We have a full coach of 65 leaving a local pub at 10.30 (opens at 9.30๐Ÿ‘) a couple of hours drinking in Ulverston then onto the game. Looking forward to meeting up with your fans at the game, always some of the most knowledgable and good hearted in the league. See you tomorrow
  5. Massively impacts on our squad for the rest of the season, although it does show the talent is there at the championship levels. Lets hope he is as big a success as Chris Atkin has been
  6. Mark


    Credit to your fans yesterday, fair all the way through the game even when some of our more intellectually challenged fans were shouting abuse and stayed behind to clap off both teams. Always enjoyed my day outs in Dewsbury and long may it continue
  7. Mark

    Toulouse game

    It was quoted as 2155 although it looked about 1200 to me
  8. Mark

    Toulouse game

    The game is free, not seen the issue with the website before. Parking isnt great but its our only Saturday game of the season
  9. Toulouse bring no fans and most of our fans are season ticket holders so nothing to lose really
  10. Mark

    Swinton sunday

    Pitch inspection at 10
  11. Mark

    Swinton sunday

    We at Swinton have a sold out coach coming along plus the usual people in the cars
  12. Mark

    fevnut's blog: Fev v Swinton

    Howโ€™s Robbo going for you? Massive loss for us
  13. Mark


    Been emailing and teeeting your club but to no avail, I wanted to know when I could buy tickets for the Swinton game as me, my family and friends are all coming over. Can anyone on this forum or uk help me more then your club does? Thanks in advance
  14. Mark

    Marcus Webb

    Hi Guys Swinton have signed him from yourselves, any good? Miss my trips to South Leeds, hopefully catch up with your lot the season after this one in the Championship
  15. Mark

    Andy Mazey Chairman

    Thanks, he seems a good bloke with plenty of passion so lets hope it works out well, especially on Sunday ha ha