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  1. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    Being the premier club in the Heavy Woollen district both on and off the field since 2000.!!
  2. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    £21000 pounds raised for charity by supporters. Massive achievement.
  3. 120 people needed Sat 26/8

    Kevin, ive sent iro a message but can you put me down for 4. (2 adults 2kids)
  4. FREE Admission v Eagles

    Excellent idea hope its a great success
  5. Is it time for Kear to go?

    No but I heared it from the Chairmans mouth when Kevin introduced Matt in pre season. I have no reason to believe Kevin lied. We also heared all the other applicants, all of whom were deemed less suitable than Diskin.
  6. Is it time for Kear to go?

    Kear Interviewed and recommended Diskin. Did he know what he was doing then?
  7. Is it time for Kear to go?

    Good job we didnt get rid of him when the so called 'non happy clappers' knew what was best for the club or we may not have got to enjoy last season.
  8. Taxi for Diskin

    Dont blame Diskin at all, the players need to man up for the current performances. Im a landscaper, if I smash every third flag I try to lay its not my gaffas fault. These players have the ability to be competative in this league they are just low on confidence (See Rhinos 2016 and Warrington 2017, Smith isnt suddenly a ###### coach the players have just not performed. I hope Diskin is given 2 seasons at least to get things right. Lets also not be too rose tinted about Kear. We avoided relegation on a technicality season before last and put in a fair few dreadfull performances last season.
  9. Batley Bulldogs v Roche Hornets.

    If yours and our players hadn't held Smith back from attacking Straw at the end he'd be on a life ban now. strange how teams with bad discipline hate the refs. Thought the Hornets played some excellent rugby today. Looked good all over the park. Sort the discipline and youll be top 6 contenders.
  10. Batley v Rochdale Match thread

    Im remaining glass half full this season. Disco clearly has faith in his squad and is happy to use them. We were poor for large parts today against a good side yet we still won whilst resting 6 or 7 for the busy Easter period. If we win against Dews and London then the 'tinkerman' is justified in his approach to squad rotation.
  11. Good Friday kick off

    Because its usually Friday evening and Kev doesn't want to put the lights on?
  12. Bulldogs Vs Swinton Lions - Predictions?

    I dont know why you put yourself through it Phildog. Rugby League seems to get you down. Every post is negative. We have just beaten a very good side in the worst possible conditions. And with regard your outrage at Browny going out on DR. Kevin said he came to them and said he was unhappy with his performances and fitness levels and asked to go out on loan. The club are very happy with his attitude.
  13. Will maher

    Not an issue for me. Im guessing he ll be the 19th man unused and I have confidence in Rowe Brown Lillycrop Gledhill Hill Harrison to do a job if played.
  14. Scoreboard

    Get Danny to visit HSS hire and get a scissor lift on a trailer on long term hire. They would have free advertising from it then mount the screen to it. It could then be wheeled a little further along and raised up above the terracing. It can still be moved around for other uses etc
  15. Live streaming of Toulouse v Bulldogs game.

    We were poor but they are very good accfoss the park. Will take some stopping this year.