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  1. Maybe because he has big competative squad and has a starting lineup in mind. The Cas lads are here to add competition for places not to be guaranteed starters.
  2. Maybe a counter didnt work but Kevin will count up the money and split it 50:50? Hard to believe but not everyone is on the con. As you Rams are into conspiracies ive heard Justin Beiber is behind the 2016 mass murder of talented recoring artists to further his career.
  3. Ask your Chairman if he thinks the Bulldogs are fiddling him. Id guess he trusts KN and vice versa.
  4. Sod this cautiously optomistic approach we all seem to be taking. We will stuff Dewsbury and this coming season will make 2016 look like a complete faliure. We will finish top 2 and beat a SL club in the cup and 8's, you heard it here first. Never been so confident in an off season. Merry Christmas Bulldogs see you next week!!!!
  5. The article has been very badly written. Id guess its a typo.
  6. The whole club from chairman down is on a high at the moment, the place is buzzing. Last seasons cash injection is being used to build a new gym/wrestle room, upgrading toilets and the bar/function room. A new astroturf area inside the ground for training and kids to play on on match days. We have kept hold of all last seasons excellent squad bar Hirst and Ulugia but have replaced them both with better players. We have 3 season long loans from Cas rather than Dual reg to add competition for places. Diskin has come across very well in the 2 functions held at the club so far this season. He has an excellent philosophy for how he intends us to play. Its our Chairmans 20th aniversary in charge of the club and who would have thought 20 years ago that the Batley club would be in a much better state than the Bulls and Fax. Its a case of slow and steady wins the race and im very confident We will be top 4 and i think we might sneak 2nd.
  7. I like Batleys away shirt with a photo of our 1897 Challenge cup winners worked into the design. Unusual for us to go for this sort of thing but it works. Very exciting 2017 in prospect for the Gallant Youths.
  8. When Matt Diskin was introduced to the Bulldogs fans a couple of weeks ago he spoke of his disillusionment with the direction the game is going in in SL. He says we are trying to emulate the Aussies and failing. Attacking rugby is over structured and games are predictable. he wants Batleys halfbacks to play heads up, eyes open and play whats in front of them. He couldnt care less if they dont stick to set attacking patterns if theres a 3 on 2 available blindside.He wants them playing off the cuff. There really are no 1st grade halfbacks around who play like that anymore and it could take years to produce some. I know its over simplistic but we need our junior halfbacks to be able to make mistakes, try stuff and not be criticised. I went on a course for U7's coaching and was told the kids were to play Touch n pass only to allow skills to develop particularly in the smaller kids without them being clattered by the big lump that every team has at that age group. All the other coaches were refusing and said they would play contact. Whilst we have this obsession with the NRL and trying to emulate them we will never beat them. We need to find our flair and scare them. Our backs and forwards arent far away but the Half backs are nowhere near.
  9. Were not in 2013 now though?
  10. He was given a chance but turned it down. You cant throw big money at a player returning from that injury. Think Manning will be a suitable replacement.
  11. Matt said the lad from Coventry is an absolute beast but very Raw ( Walmsley anyone?) hes very coachable and could shoot straight to the top or sink they dont know yet. The prop from Cas has a frame like Keegan but is much more agile. And the Half back is very skilled in attack but also strong in defence. There will be reall competition for places which should see us fitter should we make the 8s again.
  12. The club are hoping to DR with Coogars to keep the squad match fit.
  13. It was all positive stuff from Matt and Kevin. You could tell when questioned about coaching technique etc that Matt had been in the most professional of environments for his whole career. He said the players have a very special bond had he just needs a few tweaks here and there to take us to the next level.
  14. They didnt know where they are going, Sam was offered something but turned it down but it was hard for Matt as hes never seen him play. Blake was wanted by the club but it didnt work out. No mention of Alex
  15. ‚ÄčA few points from tonights meeting for those who couldn't make it. Matt came across very well, he was one of 5 applicants for the job and showed great ambition to Kevin and the board. He and Kevin have agreed a 3 year term in principle. Lee St Hillaire will join as his right hand man with Mauny and Moxon making up the backroom staff. Mauny is taking on more coaching and spoke very highly of Matt. Matt had a say in all the resignings and new signings and has the squad he wants. He said we have replaced the outgoing Uluggia and Hirst with better players. Of Farrell he said he expects big things and feels he was misused over the past few years and was almost expected to ruffle feathers, He sees him as a wide running second row and recons with Him Hallet and Reittie on one side we will score bucket loads. Farrell turned down 2 full time contracts to sign with us. Everyone was delighted with Mannings signing, Kevin saw it as a real statement of how far the club has come that Dane chose us over Fax, Matt described him as the best second row in the comp. Matt is confident we have the best pack in the comp bar none Matt highlighted the need for wrestle training and saw the fatigue the players suffered in the 8s as a result of not working on this skill. The club have sponsors in place to build a wrestle gym under the longstand. Matt spoke of his disillusionment with superleague and the over structured attacking plays. He feels we are copying NRL and failing and wants to see a return to off the cuff attacking play. Half backs playing with their heads up and eyes open. He will work hard on the basics of creating overlaps and drawing your man. The lads from Cas are season long loans, and are training with the squad now. He is not looking to disrupt the camp by using Duel Reg and priority will go to our squad if they are performing but if the likes of Minikin was offered he would be daft not to consider it. Ill try and think what else was said and edit at a later date but in all very positive stuff