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  1. I would honestly send the reserves even if we win there points aggregate is far superior to ours.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much Michael after todays showing I'm sure we will get promotion to the Championship simply awesome display, Whitehaven in the final at CP would be nice and surely would get the crowds flooding in.
  3. I've been to every home match this season and a few away from home and I've got to say that joe's try was the try of the season so far. As for the crowd 976 as I think it was is a bloody disgrace to he people of Barrow and district what do the public expect in what was the game of the season against an excellent opposition in York City Knights. What pees me off the most is people that don't attend the matches and then ask you how they got on, i'm sorry pay your £15 pounds and find out for yourself. Rant over
  4. Spanishknight he doesn't need glasses if it was only 5 players not 6 it is still a bloody joke as most intelligent York fans must realise.
  5. Whitehaven Away- Sun 30th July 3.00pm Doncaster Home-Sun 6th Aug 3.00pm Newcastle Thunder- Away Sat 12th Aug. 7.00pm York City Knights -Home Sun 20th Aug 3.00pm Workington Town -Home Sun 3rd Sept 3.00pm Toronto Woolpack - Away Sat 9th Sept- 4.30pm Keighley Cougars-Home Sun 17th Sept -3.00pm
  6. I really hope you're right boat builder, the performance on Sunday was so poor it's going to take a real turn around to reverse the scoreline. I came away from the ground so disappointed Toronto aside it really was the worst display I have seen for ages.
  7. It's no wonder no body posts on here anymore, a decent thread is started and is just getting interesting, then it is removed from the forum, please can we have the thread reinstated.
  8. In that case we would be better off finishing 4th to avoid another trip to Toronto. However it would mean another away trip to Haven.
  9. Oh dear half time score TW 40 Barrow 2
  10. I've heard off a good source that 3 or 4 players are struggling to get visas, and with Andy Litherland missing the trip through injury we could be travelling with 14 players.
  11. Andy Litherland has failed a fitness and will not travel.
  12. Yes your right just spoke to one of the players
  13. Dally's got one more match, he's available for Blackpool
  14. Just over 5 thousand a bit disappointing on there behalf
  15. Fantastic day out at Leeds the result doesn't matter against a much more powerful and faster full time outfit where I think only Watkins was rested. Highlight of the day was seeing all the players in the long room after the game. Just hope we haven't picked up too many injuries before our biggest game of the season against Toronto.