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  1. Barrow v Whitehaven

    Really enjoyed todays game what a battle by 2 great teams mom Shane Toal for his 2 outstanding tries.
  2. It's Newcastle

    Dally was outstanding today head and shoulders above anyone on the pitch.
  3. Catalans v Widnes

    Well I was chearing for the French team for the first time ever tonight, if Barrow gain promotion the obvious implications are more expense for our club due to a 3rd expensive away match.
  4. Presentations

    Yes we did finish 3rd behind Whitehaven but never had the chance to play neither them nor TWP at home the league is a joke
  5. Pop Concert

    Sorry if I appear to be fishing Pete I started the thread in all innocence and was curious to know if the rugby made any cash out of the event, I now know from good sources that our own food/drink outlet's weren't open, just wondering why not as surely this was a missed opportunity when the club are pleading poverty again. Ps the reason I didn't go was I had more important things to do like defleeing the cat. Lol.
  6. Pop Concert

    I don't think much has been made of this but I have been wondering how much did the rugby actually make on the day of the atomic kitten etc pop concert. We're the bars and refreshments kiosks actually open, if they weren't why not? Maybe Mr Murphy can tell us.
  7. It's Newcastle

    So we've got Newcastle in the playoff semi final what are your thoughts on this?
  8. Toronto take2

    Can someone post the 17 players then which Toal Brother?

    Over the moon about this I did know this was happening a few weeks ago but didn't want to put anything on here. Lol
  10. Barrow Game .

    Must have missed that bit too busy having a verbal slanging match with no20' s girlfriend and family fair play to the lad for shaking his hand.
  11. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Max Wiper to play his 1st game of the season unless he's 18th man
  12. What a feisty encounter at the true craven park yesterday, town came to barrow for one thing and that was to play dirty they had a man red carded no 20 for a clothes line tackle on our hooker and was rightly given his marching orders for what was the worst tackle I have seen in many a year, he will get at least 6 matches for it and rightly so, fantastic turnout from town which resulted in a pulsating atmosphere even though there was only just over 1000 species there ###### poor turn out from barrow again I really don't know what the locals expect, according to the town forum there was a bit of trouble between rival fans which is such a shame.
  13. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Don't know if barrow will have any fans at all at the game I don't know ant that are going especially after the last debacle and it being our 2nd visit to your fine country
  14. Barrow Game .

    Reallying enjoyed the banter from your fantastic away support today in the Ambrose before the game in the Raiders bar and on the popular side, the only thing that spoiled it for me was the abuse I received from no 20 girlfriend and family at the back of the grandstand, I shouted off, off off, give him a red only to be succumbed by a barrage of abuse from said fans, it was that bad I moved before I said something I would regret, it was the worst high tackle I have seen for many a year.
  15. Supporters Player of the Season

    Who would you pick from the following Dalli Bullock S Toal L Cresswell N Mossop D Toal O Wilkes M Appinwall J Stack My pick is j dallimore