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  1. How many more?

    Pretty sure he’s been training with the squad
  2. How many more?

    Seeing the photos of training, Jamie was inside joe, I know it’s only training but obviously there’s some thinking behind that.
  3. How many more?

    Hopefully we bring in another hooker which frees howarth up for loose
  4. How many more?

    I think perry might have to play loose looking at the squad, can’t see many others playing there.
  5. Don’t you be going off topic on here sir, they’ll have you for it.
  6. Not being pedantic at all, but graeme Horne is a long way from a ‘great’ signing for anyone. I agree they’ll be strong, and should be top 5.
  7. It’s a solid signing, wouldn’t say it’s a great signing. Graeme has always been dependable without being spectacular.
  8. 2018 Squad

    From what I’ve heard he isn’t
  9. Town website

    People are a bit tetchy on here lately. The club is looking in fine health on and off the field and we have something to look forward to at long last. So can we all just calm down, stop jumping down each other’s throats and chill.
  10. How many more?

    In the past, not under this regime
  11. How many more?

    We’ve done it for years
  12. I’m not sure Bradford will be massively stronger than ourselves, donny, Oldham etc. Got a couple of good players in but nothing like the standard of Toronto last season.
  13. New kit?

    Thanks Scott, if you here anything keep us posted.
  14. New kit?

    Does anyone know if they’ll be a pop shop this year for the track jackets etc?