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  1. Reevaluate Havens Form

    We couldn’t care less.
  2. Sunday

    I don’t understand why anyone cares what haven are doing about gates. Fantastic win for them yesterday. I think the top 5-6 sides in our league would beat Rochdale at home but to nil them is very good indeed
  3. Frankie Mariano

    If it’s true he’s a workhorse and played at the top level. Would rather try to keep larne up as much as possible though. That lad is a Trojan
  4. Squad for NWC

    His father was ill I believe
  5. Squad for NWC

    Dawson come down with a sickness bug
  6. Sunday

    And with our 2 centres crocked, I think we need Jamie and Jordan back ASAP to plug the gaps
  7. Sunday

    We won. That’s all that matters at the end of the day
  8. Sunday

    He won’t have been at the game, and won’t know that the travellers were the leigh lads(3 of whom put a real shift in) and cain who is always superb
  9. Sunday

    He said he was up to watch
  10. Sunday

    Was penky there David or just leatherbarrow, foster and tansey?
  11. Sunday

    Which are the travellers your meaning? As most never played today in one of our worst performances of the season
  12. Sunday

    Cheers mate. Probably never heard it because of the noise
  13. Sunday

    Larne Patrick was outstanding, Karl tackled everyting that moved and both putting 80 minute shifts in. I know it was his first game for us but young Cunningham was pretty awful. Dull game really but you have to win ugly now and again and today was one of those days. Why was there no man of the match announced? I can’t remenber there being one in the Bradford game either
  14. Squad for NWC

    Foster back next week so that puts the rumours to bed
  15. Squad for NWC

    I don’t think there’s much to worry about at home, we’ve looked really impressive in the games there so far this season. If it was away then in might be a different story, but at home I can’t see us being anything other than comfortable