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  1. Bet it wasn't from making a tackle
  2. Jamie quite possibly, callum off past performances. Brett has been quiet for 2 seasons now imo.
  3. Honestly which of our key players would they be desperate to take? I only see tee out of this seasons squad who could make an impact on the championship. Jamie, perry and hambley all had good years but not sure if they'd get starting roles at haven
  4. Got to think the only good thing to come from this season is that the 3 bigger crowd games we could have gotten, were haven, barrow and the Canadians. We got 2 from 3 so cant complain too much. Only winnable games in all honesty are donny and keighley. Haven is a maybe as the lads can get up for it more than others.
  5. Dosent matter Andy, you have as much chance as us for going up, zero.
  6. Got to say over the games Ive seen fell, id pick him over lister, rooke and mewse, don't care if he's from Wigan or wigton he's the best option we have there.
  7. To be fair that haven result is a belter for them. Put them in pole position now for 2nd place and promotion
  8. No dan decided he wanted to play in the pack. I dont think theres anyone can argue, even pv, that dan was a considerably better centre than he was anywhere else. Shame bridges couldnt have been mended there as he would have went well for us this year.
  9. Yeah i totally agree, always thought callum was a scrum half, but to be fair i dont think you can drop forber. And jamie has been our best player all year so im not sure what the solution is with him. The way callum plays its pointless him being on for 20 minute spells, he needs to be supporting the runner and getting at defenses, both are very hard to do from 9. I dont think clarke knows how to get the best out of him sadly and its certainly not 15-20 minute spells if hes lucky, which has resulted in him not being as influential as he should be at this level.
  10. Im missing something what everyone has seen in callum this year. His distribution isnt a patch on howarths im afraid. Hes a runner who rarely runs, not sure if thats because hes told not to but if you compare his dummy half runs to what matty used to do i would say its about 50%. Im not convinced hes a hooker over a half back.
  11. Cant compare phil to that waste of space. Joseph at least seems to want to play. Latu couldnt have cared less
  12. Cant have what? Karl wont be returning to town, not my opinion at all as i agree he would walk into our 17 but it simply wont happen, and to be really honest jason hasnt really done much all season, a couple of our older experienced players havent really stood up for me. Mossop, brett, alex and even callum to some extent just havent showed the passion of previous years. If everyone showed the commitment to the cause like perry and doran show we would be laughing.
  13. Not sure what the crack is with jp, totally off the radar, dont think hes injured, but if fit hes considerably better than the 2 centres playing today. No idea what the lad from warrington brings, get mccauley into centre inside hambley
  14. I can guarantee you mate that there is no truth in that. If olstrum came with thurston and cronk tied to his ankles town still wouldnt have him back. Sad but he has burned all his bridges here. On his last warning at haven anyhow, cant see him getting through until the end of the season without picking another one up. The reason hes not playing isnt that haven arent picking him either
  15. Totally agree, we miss some aggresion in our squad, an olstrum or ryan mcdonald would certainly not have backed down from them today.