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  1. New signing

    He’ll be back in blue and white next year if Leon will have him
  2. Predictions

    2 from 2 on goal kicks now as well. 100% record from the big fella
  3. New signing

    Good signing. And for the 1st time probably since the matty/peds pairing we have 2 specialist hookers in the squad. Howarth, callum etc were good there but not out and out hookers.
  4. BARA

    To be fair Jamie scored the a more or less identical try last season. He was a class above today though and 100% looks fitter, as does the whole squad. Not a bum bag in sight.
  5. BARA

    Elliot for most of the game, Sam had about 20 mins there when ell got binned and a little afterwards.
  6. Predictions

    Yeah and causing trouble as usual lol
  7. BARA

    Good burn out for the boys. Hard to gauge much but some really good attacking play. Gordon, newts and Doran the standouts for me. Great to see Scott Akehurst and Sam getting good run outs and impressing as well
  8. Predictions

    Yeah that’s bad. Errrr we’ve signed these 2 players, but can’t afford to get them over so can everyone chip in to fund a jolly to Brisbane then fly them over
  9. Predictions

    Both would be great additions
  10. Predictions

    If we get another 2 or 3 in I think we’re more than strong enough. A hooker, a 2nd row and mcnally would push us on to 2nd favourites in my eyes.
  11. Predictions

    Town 3rd behind Bradford and york. That may change after tonight’s signing though
  12. 2018 Season Launch this Friday at 7.15

    Hopefully a new signing at the launch as well
  13. Match off

    You would expect town to have plenty of practice in attack
  14. Season launch 19th Jan

    Be interesting to see who Leon picks as captain. I’d go Jamie Doran with stevie scholey as vice
  15. Hock

    So that’s the hock rumours put to bed. Didn’t want him anyhow hahaha