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  1. 2018 Season Launch this Friday at 7.15

    Hopefully a new signing at the launch as well
  2. Match off

    You would expect town to have plenty of practice in attack
  3. Season launch 19th Jan

    Be interesting to see who Leon picks as captain. I’d go Jamie Doran with stevie scholey as vice
  4. Hock

    So that’s the hock rumours put to bed. Didn’t want him anyhow hahaha
  5. Hock

    Joe Ryan is a big unit as well
  6. Signings / Potential Signings

    Yeah, playing in the USA 13s
  7. Hock

    Yeah I think at our level he would be better off at scrum half freeing up Doran for hooker with newton. Possibly need squad players as forwards rather than starters, with Dawson, Wilkes, curwen and stevie you have 4 very good props who can do long minutes

    Id be worried if I was a haven fan, not for the result but the quality on that squad is pretty poor. I know they had a few missing but it just shows what a few inevitable injuries will reduce them to. On a plus note, there kicking off will be top notch with all the practice
  9. Hock

    There talking to a good few players at present
  10. Hock

    To be honest though, if mcnally is available I think he would be a better signing than hock.
  11. Hock

    Come on how can you compare Forster, who yes was really good in league 1 last year, to a player who’s played nearly his entire Career at super league. If Forster had ever performed well at a higher level then fair do’s but he hasn’t. And there certainly isn’t 5 better than him. Some utter rubbish posted by some on here sometimes
  12. Signings / Potential Signings

    Dave was playing for Boston last time I heard, had a couple of failed loan moves to Sheffield and I think oxford whilst signed on for the bulls. His game must have dropped after a great loan spell with us. Chris annakin still gets plenty of game time, when fit, at wakey
  13. Hock

    I never liked him but he’s exactly what we need, and he’s certainly calmed himself down lately. Gareth hock in league 1 would be by a mile the best forward down there
  14. Signings / Potential Signings

    Heard weve spoken to a fair few players recently. McNally is the one I’m hearing a lot but no idea if there’s any truth in it
  15. Squad Numbers

    Sarcasm marra