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  1. I agree that mews should be starting games but probably at the expense of rooke who looked overwhelmed vs haven and dropped quite a few balls. Jp for me should be moved to centre over chamberlain who has been the biggest let down. I dont think fell done much wrong at all and we need a proper full back there until tee returns rather than putting the young lads in at the deep end and expecting them to perform in an unfamiliar position. Its a shame about the 3 lads weve had on loan from wigan as all of them really gave us everything and were a cut above imo. As for people slagging joseph off, the lad was injured, he had and op, hes now trying to get back fit, he will be back soon, end of, no conspiracies, no lack of enthusiasm, just the nature of the game.
  2. Got to say the club has been left short on players yet again. Alex shouldnt have to be playing but theres no one else, agree on mews, looked the better out of him and rooke
  3. Million times better 2nd half. If that was there 1st half it wouldnt have been close. When we realised we could attack calvert and mcavoy at will we opened them up time and again. Gutted for doran as he was our best player on the day. You cant perform like that 1st half and win games against anyone
  4. Embarrasing simple as that. No fire at all
  5. I know its in the wrong shirt but it will great to see ell back at derwent park. Hopefully hell be in the correct shirt next time we see him
  6. Ideal replacement
  7. Hasnt spongebob binned them off?
  8. Is macauley out them mate? If so is it likely that well get someone else up from wigan?
  9. I predict an equally awful following from haven like what was at the ike game and town to win by 13.
  10. The last thing we need is to go up this year. Let barrow and toronto go up then build again next year and win it.
  11. Should he get back in? Not in my opinion. Keep jamie in who people consider him out of shape but hes considerably faster than howarth. And his short kicking game is the best we have
  12. Possibly and rightfully dropped for jamie who has shown far more will, desire and skill than howarth this season.
  13. Will be a massive plus having a replacement for tee as chamberlain just isnt right back there.
  14. Wait till hulme has to defend properly and they will see the real him. Cant tackle or catch a bomb. Probably wont be genuinely tested until toronto or promoted next season. Stacks a legend.
  15. A good hiding for our boys im afraid. Hopefully no injuries before a much more winnable game vs that heap from down the road.