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  1. Great signing, his experience will replace what weve lost in matty, and more importantly will free callum up to be our star half back.
  2. Yeah
  3. Looks like weve missed out on one of the experienced players we were after. Sounds like haven heard he was set to sign and offered him more to stay put
  4. Is towns? If people arent going through the gate then any club, regardless of budget are going to struggle big time.
  5. Thats not good reading at all. Geography cant be used as an excuse when haven and barrow have plenty more than us.
  6. I think what bear is saying is bang on. Its been possibly the biggest let down as far as our recruitment is concerned in many years. Lost loads, not signed many. Interest in the club is possibly at an all time low for myself and lots of others ive spoken to
  7. Well the worst thing thet could happen to us is to be reinstated as it would be 70 plus every game. Although surely haven would be the 1st option to go up
  8. I thought last years shirts and gear were miles ahead of this years. I hope kappa gave us a good deal as the quality is rather poor. I cant remember a worse home shirt than this years
  9. A country mile better than the dreadful home shirt
  10. along with everyone on here im afraid
  11. totally agree
  12. dom is training with town but just as a trialist with the other local amateurs
  13. hes one of the lads invited to train
  14. Has brocklebank left haven?
  15. brett was good against the kiwis and has been great for us but last season was his worst by quite a distance. A 20 minute spell cant change that, hopefully the old brett is back next season.