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  1. Are you defending the Beeb, John...?
  2. No need to take your bat and ball home. Comment away. Just don't be surprised if Bulls fans get narked by being told to move on.
  3. Here's the reply from who monitor the site for us: I was not able to replicate the issue regarding the Kaspersky warning at the moment. I've checked that the page is not blacklisted anywhere: And I also tried openning this page on the computer with Kaspersky Total Security installed - and I got no reaction on this page. Can you please provide more details regarding this issue so we can try to replicate it and find the reason?
  4. Can I just say, as a Bradford fan, I'd prefer it if the club got no favours from any quarter. They are always begrudged. If it sinks, it sinks. If it succeeds, I want it to be Bradford's success, that no one, anywhere can claim they don't deserve because blah blah special favours blah blah blaaaaah. Hope that's clear.
  5. I responded because as a Bradfordian I have enough of being told to 'move on'. I felt your post was patronising. I can accept that wasn't your intention, but that's how it read to me. Believe me, 100+ pages in, with no more than a couple of press releases to go on with regard to this new club we're being asked to support, when you read yet another comment telling you to 'move on' and basically suspend your critical faculties because others regard it as 'moaning', it can be quite annoying. Yes, we all hope the new Bradford club will finally be the one to put all the past troubles behind it, and that it will still be around in twelve months, twenty four months, maybe even three damn years, but like the new owners themselves admit, they are going to have to earn people's trust this time, it won't be given blindly or freely as it has in the past. If they can get their heads round that, it shouldn't be too hard for everyone else to get their heads round it, and who knows, maybe if they know the fans are reserving judgement this time, watching their every move like hawks, maybe they'll make a bit more of an effort not to screw things up.
  6. There is a huge difference between moaning about something and being justifiably concerned about the way things have been or are being done. How many more times does it have to be pointed out, this isn't the first time we've all been through this experience? Is it not wiser to learn from our experiences to avoid repeating mistakes? Please stop asking Bradford fans to blindly accept everything they are being told, bury their heads in the sand and carry on as if nothing has happened.
  7. Ok thanks for letting me know, I will flag it up to our security monitoring folk to have a look into.
  8. No one in Bradford will want it to fail, but asking people to rejoice at a press release is pushing it a bit. We've been here before, remember. Actions not words are what's needed now. This is the key passage for me in that press release: “We are under no illusion of the enormity of the task that is ahead of us and that it is our job to win the trust of supporters and deliver a club that they are proud of." If they do that, then we rejoice.
  9. Can't cope with three Brexit threads on the go, so can everyone er, migrate, to the latest thread linked below from now on, ta.
  10. Can't cope with three Brexit threads on the go, so can everyone er, migrate, to the latest thread linked below from now on, ta.
  11. Blimey, a name check! Am I Rag, Tag or Bobtail...? I may be a member of the Labour Party but I'm not sure I'm preaching to anyone on behalf of it. More bemoaning the abject state of it these days. As for the Beeb, everyone thinks they're biased against them. Ask any Corbynite and they'd be as convinced as you are, John, that the Beeb is out to get them and only them by peddling a relentless right wing agenda. I genuinely think we'd all be worse off without the Beeb in terms of being well informed, and that's even though they keep inviting Nigel Farage on Question Time more than anyone else... People will always moan about the government, whoever is running it.
  12. The leader appoints his team. The responsibility is his. Leadership is about taking responsibility. Corbyn never does that. His disasters are always someone else's fault, it seems.
  13. RFL approval is essentially meaningless, then. I agree.
  14. It's not negativity, it's realism borne of bitter experience.
  15. If the new owners don't have any money to spend, then the project is doomed from the get go, let's be realistic about that. You can't run a Rugby League team on thin air. Fans won't suddenly start turning up in their droves to watch a losing team. That goes against all sporting logic. The RFL rejected a bid that was heavily reliant on supporter involvement, which suggests they recognise that much at least. If the new owners cannot fund the club, they shouldn't really be in charge of it.