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  1. That famous old shout from the amateur days once the game had gone - 'It's knuckle time !!'
  2. Just talking to a Knights fan about this very subject this morning - only Russ Spiers for me. Chris Siddons has done a remarkable job in filling Jack Aldous's boots and I wouldnt swop Tim Spears and Joe Batchelor for Emmo and Josh. Still rate Benn Hardcastle highly, mindst.
  3. Don't think it was losing to the Knights that did for Mantelli - six losses on the bounce maybe did !
  4. Ref was on wrong side for first try, his assistant needs an eye test !
  5. ... and a certain type of ill discipline, allegedly - you were pretty close, weighman.
  6. Ahem ! Certain players !
  7. Really sad to hear that. Wasn't just down to losing a few matches - let's say there's a duck in the hedge there !
  8. Thanks Ref.
  9. The facility is always there, every week, to text or tweet us, 81333 start your message with the word 'york' or @bbcyorksport. The only time we might struggle to do anything with it is if the game has overrun for injury or such. I do prepare some questions for Fordy beforehand and busk it from there.. As long as the question was in keeping with sensible guidelines, I don't see why not ?
  10. Looks like Barrow may be without their half back Jamie Dallimore - that's a bonus !
  11. Think part of the attraction is in the 'goal kicking' part of the description, John. Played against us in the pre-season game and had a game or two for Donny last year, I think.
  12. The right side defence was certainly a point of focus for NWC, particularly after the break and both Smith and Hansen, their halves, exploited the opportunities out there..
  13. Stole the game out from under us, trig. Just think we're a bit fragile and lack some killer instinct, some consistency... and maybe one or two other attributes Work in progress, you would call it. Thanks for listening, bud.
  14. Ah, top discussion on the game, lads - nice one !
  15. If you cant make the game but want to keep up with how the Cru's are going BBC Radio York have the whole match live from 2.45pm at - just follow the commentaries link. Be good to have you along........