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  1. andyacko

    New challenge cup format

    I reckon it will be the traditional Challenge Cup First Round - featuring the amateur sides only at that early stage..
  2. andyacko

    2018 Player Stats - Updated R16

    Thanks Peter.
  3. andyacko

    Danny Nicklas

    Played at West Hull this season.
  4. andyacko

    2018 Player Stats - Updated R16

    Peter. Did you update your stats to the end of the season ?
  5. andyacko

    Favourite player?

    Steadman, head and shoulders for me.
  6. andyacko

    So it’s Bradford v Worky !

    Well done Worky. Really thought that Donny would win that that but, like Oldham, they had too many players out there who didnt have enough desire. Both Oldham and Donny have some cracking players rather let down by their team-mates. When you watch a game like that you realise just how good the Knights have been as a 17 this season.
  7. andyacko


    Ahem, depends what you call 'favouring'. I suppose it is 'Bulls TV' so....
  8. andyacko

    Shopping List

    I know he's not a favourite with Knights fans but Jack Sanderson has a lot of flair and a real turn of pace..
  9. andyacko

    Shopping List

    Yeah, Ben Johnston might be on the radar and, losing Andy Ellis, Kriss Brining may well be. Matty Welham ? Think Forster is a done deal at Rochdale. Never been a Rennie fan.
  10. andyacko

    Shopping List

    I have no insider information whatsoever so please dont read anything into my guesses but would have thought Brining might be a possibility. James Donaldson ? Luke Hooley ? Lewis Reed ? Blake Broadbent ?
  11. andyacko

    Shopping List

    OK, next season is a long way off. Who might be on the shopping list ? Many would hope Matty Marsh, Colton Roche but who else ? Who do you reckon ?
  12. andyacko


    Always had a soft spot for Oldham since the four Grand Final defeats and will never forget the look on Tony Benson's face at the end of the defeat to York as I shook his hand. I'll only be watching the stream... but I'll be shouting for Oldham. All the best, guys.
  13. andyacko

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Ah, yes, the Brad Davis game, remember it well. Used to work with Damien Blanch and Brad would pop in now and again - what a player....
  14. andyacko

    Hemel Away

    I'll have a wager with a sharp shining coin that we get Rossleigh in the middle next Sunday 😏
  15. andyacko

    Today’s/tomorrow’s vote

    Cant see that Deano. Which clubs would put their entire future at risk for the sake of a D/R player or two - some of whom we, in previous seasons, and other clubs too, have seen to be not giving of their best ? I dont see any C1 or L1 clubs voting for the proposal - even Swinton have said they wont and they would probably stay up if it went through. Dont think Rhinos will go for it either but it may well be decided by the seven 'community' votes.