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  1. Agree 100% and been saying it for last two seasons !! Would be brilliant to see Joe get a chance at the Knights.
  2. Suit me, best stadium in RL, bar none..
  3. .. tonight 6.15pm BBC Radio Leeds. I reckon about a 30% chance of a longish journey 18 possibilities, 3 in Cumbria, then Newcastle and North Wales. Is that 30% - ish ?
  4. Cant see us getting him, Deano He's an Aussie and not a forward - good try scoring record though, 17 from 11 starts
  5. And to you and yours, John. Cant see I'll get much rugby league in before the Knights get under way. Can't stand pre-season friendlies, BARLA moved the Yorkshire Cup Final to the end of January ( and too many decent teams don't enter it now ) so I might get a Selby Warriors game in and that'll be it.
  6. Liam Thompson is a second row who played out in Oz before joining Coventry. Joe Batchelor is a utility back who, I think, comes from Ossett.
  7. Possibly a couple of lads who were at Coventry last season too....
  8. Led to believe there will be commentary, gents. Was talking to Garry from BBC RC last night who was asking about the stadium and facilities etc. Anyway, from a York man, all the very best - here's one who's rooting for a Raiders win !!
  9. Game being played at Stade Minimes this Saturday, which, strictly speaking is not Toulouse's 'home' ground this season. Having looked at the two in the past, I reckon it's smaller than Blagnac pitch-wise.. And, as I understand it, if Toulouse win, they will be at home for the final, if Knights win they will be at Barrow or Donny.
  10. Correct ! You boys will be pleased to see that kickoff next Saturday is not early evening when it's cooled off a bit - according to the weeklies its at 3.30pm !!
  11. Please be aware that Toulouse havent beaten Rochdale in the Promotion Final yet, though once more our friends over the Channel have things their way - kickoff is at 3.30pm CET !! Hottest part of the day !!
  12. If the worst happens, you never know, Paul, I might become a Toulouse fan !
  13. Desperate news. I met Col through supporting the Knights and loved his passion for his team and the sport. Shockingly frightening that we lost him so quickly. Sincere condolences to all the family particularly Pauline and Beryl. RIP mate. Can someone post funeral arrangements/dates etc.
  14. I've requested some James Brown this time so I can sing along !!