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  1. Bradford?

    Last time we beat Bradford, I was there - Stevie Dobson drop goal won it, I think. Gary H would know for sure..
  2. Bradford ?

    Looks a useful asset to me...
  3. Dipped out again

    Not the winger (s) I've heard mentioned...
  4. haven v york

    Were you listening to BBC RY, David ? We had real equipment problems in there which accounted for the strange noises when I got a bit excitable.. Apparently after a couple of early DG attempts off a deteriorating surface ( it never stopped drizzling ) the Knights players decided to go for the try unless they got very close for the drop goal. Few fans in the stand realised that the deciding scrum for Haven came about because the Crook drop goal attempt, which was woeful, struck the ref. Cruel ! And, by the way. Coxy was sat immediately behind me..
  5. Worky on Sunday

    More inclined to agree with your summing up, Shadow. I thought defensively it was a good effort for the most part. Their first try was down to a Jordan Cox error and a convenient bounce for Lister. The second try came off the back of a couple of really questionable reffing decisions which kept Worky camped on our line. The third was a defensive error when someone missed Doran upfield and Worky spun the ball effectively and used the overlap out wide. Worky made a couple of other good line breaks through Cal Phillips but Liam Harris did enough in both cases. Best team on the day won last week and that was the case today but credit to Worky, they gave it a good dig and didnt resort to anything less than trying to win by playing RL - a point acknowledged by Fordy who went across to shake their hands at the hooter. The tackle on Haynsie was an unfortunate exception but the 'on report' will sort that out.

    I once saw No an on the bridge at Beck Hole !
  7. Knights v Wolfpack full match

    I did !
  8. Keighley away

    That famous old shout from the amateur days once the game had gone - 'It's knuckle time !!'
  9. I have been looking a some stats

    Just talking to a Knights fan about this very subject this morning - only Russ Spiers for me. Chris Siddons has done a remarkable job in filling Jack Aldous's boots and I wouldnt swop Tim Spears and Joe Batchelor for Emmo and Josh. Still rate Benn Hardcastle highly, mindst.
  10. Great win tonight

    Don't think it was losing to the Knights that did for Mantelli - six losses on the bounce maybe did !
  11. Great win tonight

    Ref was on wrong side for first try, his assistant needs an eye test !
  12. Today's game

    Thanks Ref.
  13. hunger

    The facility is always there, every week, to text or tweet us, 81333 start your message with the word 'york' or @bbcyorksport. The only time we might struggle to do anything with it is if the game has overrun for injury or such. I do prepare some questions for Fordy beforehand and busk it from there.. As long as the question was in keeping with sensible guidelines, I don't see why not ?
  14. hunger

    Looks like Barrow may be without their half back Jamie Dallimore - that's a bonus !
  15. 2017 Squad

    Think part of the attraction is in the 'goal kicking' part of the description, John. Played against us in the pre-season game and had a game or two for Donny last year, I think.