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  1. If we allow people to come onto this forum and begin threads advertising a wide range of products I'm quite certain most forum posters would complain, quite justifiably. And this is just one thread out of many, many of which have humorous elements, so I don't think you need worry.
  2. A nice article for a national newspaper that doesn't normally cover Rugby League. But the fact that there's only one comment under the article illustrates the general lack of interest from readers and shows how far Rugby League has to go before being widely accepted.
  3. I've changed the title of this thread and removed some postings. The original title, whether intended or not, was effectively advertising the products of a particular manufacturer, which is against the rules of this forum. When one of my employees, who isn't a moderator, pointed this out, some posters were abusive towards her, some extremely patronising and some responding with what I assume was misplaced attempts at humour. I find that unacceptable and I've deleted all those posts and the responses.
  4. I seem to recall that what I said was that, because of his love of Tweeting, Trump's lies are out in the open, whereas a more secretive President would ensure that his lies would be covered up.
  5. I assume you mean me, but if you do I would be grateful if you would quote me rather than making a hearsay comment.
  6. To all of you who have lots of time on your hands here is the Mueller Report, all 400 pages of the redacted version. We should offer a prize to anyone who can read it all.
  7. Only those of us who want to leave the EU are stupid (or unintelligent). Those who want to stay are obviously enlightened, highly educated and intellectual. In other words they are clearly superior and are clearly fully justified in denigrating the rest of us. But there are no notions so ridiculous, or institutions so absurd, that you can't find superior people who will embrace them and glory in feeling superior to the rest of us who can't see what they imagine they can see. I'm just slightly surprised, but also rather gratified, to find so many of them on a Rugby League website.
  8. Most BBC presenters don't try to disguise their contempt for Trump and what he stands for. I'm not sure that's wise.
  9. The really interesting thing about the European elections is what the parties will put in their manifestos. For the Brexit Party it's easy, but not for the traditional parties.
  10. You were obviously intended for a career as a spin doctor.
  11. I once sat next to him at a Manly game at Brookvale. He couldn't have been nicer or more interesting. I can't imagine many better places in the world to live than Sydney's northern beaches.
  12. The combined votes of the parties wanting to leave the EU (including Labour & Tories) comes to 71% on that YouGov poll. Those people wanting another referendum seem to have it right there. Of course things could change by the time of the vote, but I'm not sure they will. The ChangeUK party doesn't seem to be generating much support.
  13. I'm not sure about category 1, but the best Rugby League biography in my view is 'Born on the Wrong Side' by Cec Thompson. It's a remarkable piece of social history, as well as the story of a man's rise against the odds. For category 3, the best read is surely 'The Forbidden Game' by Mike Rylance, which is a brilliantly researched and superbly written book about the early history of Rugby League across the Channel.
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