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  1. What much of the media doesn't seem to understand (and the same applies to some members of this forum) is that the voters, especially in the rust belt states, looked beyond Trump's personality to his economic message and they liked what they heard. Clinton offered them nothing and didn't even campaign there. The news since the election seems to confirm that some of those jobs will start to return. Trump will have a lot in his political bank if that trend continues. Meanwhile the MSM seems obsessed with Vladimir Putin, almost suggesting that he has magical powers, but again I think the American people on the whole like Trump's approach towards Russia.
  2. A report from The Hill. "The memos were drafted by a former British intelligence operative who now leads a private intelligence gathering firm, CNN reported. "According to CNN, the memos originated as opposition research that was commissioned by anti-Trump Republican donors and later by Democratic donors who backed Hillary Clinton." In that case I wonder why the information didn't come out before the election.
  3. And what do you mean by that?
  4. I said earlier that he was mocking the reporter. And if he picked him out because of his disability that is deeply offensive. But, just to spell it out, what I also said was that Trump's style is to mock all his opponents, which he tends to do in an indiscriminate manner.
  5. What I'm saying is that Trump mocks lots of people, including members of the media. In his post above JohnM said the following: "Trump has always denied that he was mocking the journalist’s ( he's not not a reporter) disability and there is video evidence of many other instances where he has been equally offensive ( for Trump really is offensive), making the exact same gesture to fully able-bodied people when attacking them." Is that true or not? I would be very happy if you were to do some research and get back to us to confirm or deny what JohnM claims, that Trump has been equally offensive to other people, making the same gestures and so on. If he mocks other people in that way, then not to mock this particular reporter would surely have suggested discrimination against disabled reporters, given the logic that I would imagine you would follow. We all agree that Trump is offensive, but it seems he is equally offensive to everyone. I assumed you were all in favour of equality.
  6. Jeff Sessions gets a strong endorsement from Condi Rice.
  7. The trouble with self-righteousness is that all too often your high morals can be shown to be selective. I don't think anyone would disagree about it being wrong to mock disabled people if the mockery is because they are disabled. On the other hand, don't we also have a responsibility not to show our support for someone who has been found guilty of raping a child? Meryl Streep didn't seem to think so, when Roman Polanski won an Oscar as best director a few years ago. She wasn't the only one.
  8. It's actually fairly normal. Not many American Presidents would pass your test.
  9. It's a nice expression that must have been invented for Hollywood actors at award ceremonies. Perhaps the bloke who created it should be given a Nobel Prize for literature.
  10. I'm sure he did. But then again he tends to mock everyone, so I don't suppose he would discriminate against a disabled reporter.
  11. I too saw some of the speeches from the Golden Globes. They are tedious beyond belief with each award winner virtue signalling in the most phony manner imaginable. I don't agree with Trump's estimate of Meryl Streep's talent, but I do think that someone needs to burst their bubble before they all disappear up their own backsides. So it may as well be the President-Elect.
  12. Thanks for letting me know. I wouldn't have guessed. Are you angling to be my legal adviser? I was actually pointing out how stupid Podesta was to have a password that could so easily be cracked.
  13. I have absolutely no reason to love Marc Green, given that Bradford Bulls Northern Limited owes our company a considerable amount of money. But I thought he had a right to respond to some of the strong criticism that has been aimed at him, whether or not it has been justified. Ultimately the reason for the Bulls' demise is the crazy competition structure that has been imposed on the clubs over the last three years. Whichever clubs were relegated in. 2014 were going to struggle financially, and when the 2-12s, 3-8s system was introduced a couple of years ago, it was fairly obvious that the Bulls would be tempted to go all out to gain immediate promotion, and that if it didn't work they would be in danger. They nearly pulled it off, and if they had, Green would have been lauded as a hero by the Bulls supporters. It will be interesting to see whether Hull KR can bounce straight back, and what will happen to them if they don't. Their strong season ticket sales for 2017 would be well down in 2018, I would predict. But if you were trying to create a competitive structure that will kill clubs, you couldn't do much worse that invent the structure we now have.
  14. There's a lot of disagreement about that. The Washington Post said it wasn't, while the New York Times said it was. And the Post hedged its bet: Clinton “used her personal email extensively while outside of the United States,” FBI Director James B. Comey said, including “in the territory of sophisticated adversaries.” It was “possible” that they accessed her account, he said. But “given the nature of the system and the actors potentially involved, we assess we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence.” I don't think you can be so certain. that it wasn't.
  15. Has there been a detailed intelligence report telling us how and when her emails were hacked and what the consequences were?