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  1. I think Corbyn will be a much better campaigner than many people believe. He has already shown that he can appeal to Labour members in the leadership contests, and he is a far more natural performer than Ed Miliband ever was. Miliband was stiff and too cerebral, whereas Corbyn does have some of the qualities of the bloke who might live next door to you. That doesn't mean he'll win, but I think his appeal will be wider than what some people think.
  2. I think what happens in Scotland will be one of the most interesting elements of this election. Ruth Davidson is a good campaigner and she has a clear message. The SNP for the first time might be making a case that isn't popular with a majority of the Scottish people. For the Tories to begin picking up seats in Scotland would be a spectacular success from their point of view.
  3. It all depends on the Chinese, who at last seem ready to detach themselves from their client state, although precisely how they will do that, if at all, is a dilemma for them, and for the rest of the world.
  4. By hook or by crook Trump seems to be slowly getting China onside in relation to North Korea. The North Koreans are almost certainly the key threat to world peace right now.
  5. He also has the Iranians in his corner, and Hezbollah.
  6. Andrea Cristea, the 31 year old Romanian tourist who fell into the Thames after being hit by Khalid Massood's car on Westminster Bridge. Doctors turned off her life support system on Thursday. Desperately sad news.
  7. I struggle to understand what Assad could stand to gain from using chemical weapons in this horrific way, and yet this report in the Guardian seems to refute the Russian spin that the tragedy resulted from a chemical weapons dump being hit by an air strike. Surely Assad must have understood that there would be serious consequences and a renewed move to overthrow him if he used such horrific weapons. I'm reluctant to support any intervention like this, but if the intelligence is correct I think someone had to do something to prevent it happening again.
  8. That's very sad. I enjoyed his Saturday morning 'Sounds of the Sixties' show, which he presented until a few weeks ago and sounded as though he was in good health. In the sixties he presented a TV show called 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', which was very popular at the time. RIP!
  9. One of my hobbies is country walking and one of my pet hates is coming across the mess left behind by fly tippers. There isn't much that makes me feel angrier, and I suspect that the vast majority of fly tipping isn't done by the traveller community. I would support greater punishment and enforcement of the law against anyone who discards their rubbish in public places or the countryside, regardless of who is doing it.
  10. But don't give up. I think it's very useful for this forum to have many different points of view. I don't always agree with your views but I would never make silly personal comments of the sort that occasionally crop up on this forum.
  11. It's splitting hairs, perhaps, but I don't think you should confuse a nation with a state. The Scots do form a nation, as do the English and the Welsh, but together they form part of the British state. The Irish are one nation split into two separate states. The Kurds are a nation without a state of their own. On the other hand, it's arguable that the Arabs are one nation split into several states.
  12. It would be if they were being suppressed by the jackboot. The Scots are a free people who are part of the UK. They have had a vote and decided that they would like to remain so. That is the essence of being a free people. Of course they may hold another referendum and vote differently. I don't think they would be wise to do so, but they would have the choice. To suggest that the Scots are not a free people is ridiculous.
  13. That certainly looks plausible for 2020 as things stand now, with three years to go. But then again, in 2013 did you predict Brexit, Trump and Leicester City for 2016? If you had done so I suspect you would have been widely mocked. I still think we can't be sure what will happen by 2020. Events have a nasty habit of intervening in the best laid plans.
  14. If there's one thing we should have learned in the last few years it's not to predict political events too far ahead. If you know what's likely to happen between now and 2025 (or even 2020) then you have remarkable powers.
  15. I wouldn't argue with that. Many political developments that have long term benefits often have shabby beginnings. But the fact is the Scots as a whole recognised what the Union could offer them and took advantage of it brilliantly in the years that followed.