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  1. President of USA (Merged threads)

    In that case there may not be a clear difference, but there is a difference, unfortunately for you if you're a remainer.
  2. President of USA (Merged threads)

    There isn't a "clear" difference between 6ft 2 and 6ft 3, bearing in mind that 6ft 2.5 inches could be one or the other.
  3. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I don't want to labour the point, given that I don't care how tall Trump is, but Rutherford didn't claim that Trump was 6ft 2in. He said that he was "clearly not that tall and much heavier" than the doctor had reported. That seems to be questioning his professionalism.
  4. President of USA (Merged threads)

    The reputation of the doctor who examined him is apparently very high. He has been in the White House since GW Bush's time. To allege that he misrepresented his findings is libellous.
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    He seems to be suggesting that the Doctor who examined Trump has 'doctored' his findings. That is libellous, I would have thought.
  6. President of USA (Merged threads)

    That seems to be a libellous comment on the part of Dr Rutherford. For those interested in Trump's health, here is the press conference presented by his doctor, with everything revealed and the doctor answering questions with no limits.
  7. President of USA (Merged threads)

    I can tell you I didn't and never would do. The United States has a terrible history of racism that was institutional, highly politicised and murderous. But so often these days the accusations target trivialities.
  8. President of USA (Merged threads)

    And that's probably a good thing.
  9. President of USA (Merged threads)

    A dog whistle, by its nature, isn't audible to humans. Some people, however, insist on hearing them when they're not there.
  10. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Anyone who says that racism is a thing of the past in the US would be very naive, which I hope I'm not. But it's how you define racism that's really important. To combine really serious examples with imaginary or far-fetched examples detracts from our ability to counter genuine racism.
  11. President of USA (Merged threads)

    But they've all fallen into the trap.
  12. President of USA (Merged threads)

    What I'm saying is that Trump's opponents jump on every comment he makes that can conceivably be interpreted as having racist undertones and they amplify it with a loudspeaker. They seem to love it. It gets very tedious and, as with CNN the other night, it makes them look ridiculous.
  13. President of USA (Merged threads)

    One of the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome is that it persuades people to make overtly racist statements while claiming they are attributing them to Trump. You've illustrated that perfectly. And I'm sure you're not a racist yourself. When Trump allegedly made the s***hole comment recently, CNN apparently repeated the word 36 times on its programmes that day, while also having guests who seemed to glory in using the 'n' word while suggesting they were saying what Trump would say. If anyone is promoting racism, I'm afraid they are. They really need to look at themselves.
  14. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Absolutely true, but it doesn't contradict my basic point that the loss of its most enterprising people doesn't benefit the country they leave behind.
  15. President of USA (Merged threads)

    The Haitians haven't yet fully recovered from the 2010 earthquake, which devastated the country. One of the things that strikes me about countries like Haiti is that some of the most enterprising and professionally qualified members of their population must have a great incentive to leave and pursue their future life elsewhere, especially in the USA. No one can blame them, but it would surely be better in the long term if they were to stay and rebuild their own country.