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  1. Actually you've got a strong turn of phrase and you'd be quite a good copy writer for advertising products. I don't know whether that's your profession.
  2. That's a very interesting point about the impact of Chaplin on Hitler. I certainly don't think it stopped or deterred Hitler or the Nazis. But I do think that Chaplin's film, by poking fun at Hitler, will have considerably reduced any potential support for him in the USA.
  3. I'm sure it does misrepresent your views, but the point I was making was that your language was very strong in describing what these people are capable of doing. You ended it by saying "This is just the beginning", which actually sounded rather ominous. I wouldn't suggest for a second that you have the slightest sympathy for that point of view. I still think, however, that we shouldn't exaggerate their importance.
  4. It seems to me that we are all quite good at making assertions, but less good at answering questions on this thread.
  5. I appreciate your concern, sincerely, but if I'm not making myself clear, as you suggest, I need to see some examples of where I'm not making myself clear. Otherwise, it simply looks as though I've made some points that you just happen to disagree with.
  6. And I'm simply asking both you and Shadow to give me examples to support what you are saying. How many times do I need to ask?
  7. I should hope it's rather more than "fairly clear". And I'm slightly put out by the suggestion that I haven't explained myself well. I sometimes pick up on the assumptions that others bring to this forum and ask for more clarity. And I'm deliberately provocative when I see posts that I don't think have been fully thought through. Most people can understand this without resorting to making baseless and silly accusations. On the other hand, if you can identify any post of mine that isn't explained with sufficient clarity, please draw it to my attention.
  8. If you think that, then you are incapable of understanding written English. And if you are going to make that ridiculous claim, give me some examples to support what you are saying.
  9. Absolutely, they want to sow the seeds of fear and make themselves out to be more powerful than they are. What I find frustrating is that all too often those who stand in opposition to extremist groups go along with this deception.
  10. In that case would you be kind enough to tell me?
  11. Yes, I'm suggesting that white supremacists should be mocked rather than taken seriously with their power and influence exaggerated. So what's your point?
  12. Well, I bow to your knowledge. That sounds like a manifesto for the white supremacists. I don't know whether they have a website, but if they have I'm sure that if they have they will adopt your statement in full. In fact who needs white supremacists when people like you can write that stuff?
  13. You certainly don't give up. An admirable trait! "White supremacists" is certainly a more accurate description of some of the people who marched through Charlottesville, although I don't think the object of the march was to support the president. If I understand it correctly, it was to object to the removal of a statue of the confederate general Robert E Lee from the town. And the demonstration had been granted a permit. I'd be quite interested to know why it was granted.
  14. I'm not complacent, but the truth is that the extremists crave publicity and labels, and when they receive both they are only strengthened.
  15. Do you really misunderstand a point as comprehensively as you appear to do so here? I made the point that the so-called "nazis" in Charlottesville are no more nazi than the members of the Sealed Knot Society are really Roundheads or Cavaliers. That doesn't mean that those people are not nasty and perhaps evil characters. But, like the Roundheads and Cavaliers, the nazis were creatures of their time and thankfully that time has been over for a long time. Try to be a little more discerning in future.