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  1. AlanE

    2019 signings

    If they settle the two players' contracts, they will have as much funding as other mid-table Championship, and League one clubs. They haven't gone into administration. (yet!) Penky is a Leigh lad and may just prefer not to travel up to the Cumbrian coast three or four times a week. Let's see how it pans out.
  2. AlanE

    Duffy = Judas

    I know how you guys feel and do sympathise with you - even though we will 'benefit' (?) from having John at Leigh. (not that owt has been said over this side of the hill - presumably because of the RF 'special measures' and our club's even more special measures in non-communication!) I know it's a 'fact of life' that RL contracts don't seem to be worth the paper they are written on, but I absolutely hate it when any of our players renege on a contract. Mind you, the other side of that argument shows in our players who were bullied into accepting reduced terms, which certainly weren't on offer when they signed up for this season! Anyway, if Duffy does get the job and probably brings Riddy with him, it will add some spice to our already tasty games, next season!
  3. AlanE

    2019 signings

    There's talk of Penky coming back to Leigh. Contracts don't seem to be worth the paper they are written on, if that's the case. Also talk of Ridyard coming back (another year of his contract to run at Fev, although they've been told to take a pay cut) and Hock. (who is supposed to be contracted to Barrow!)
  4. AlanE

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    I believe Duffy was the major influence in getting Martyn Ridyard to go to Fev. There must be a chance he will follow him again. Like I've previously mentioned, he lives about 200 yards from the LSV. As he is still on contract, presumably there will be a fee due to Fev? (although I haven't a clue how contracts are affected by players being asked to take a pay cut)
  5. AlanE

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Nice one Phil! Personally, I don't like the guy, but he was a better coach than anyone we have had since. He also built a competitive team out of absolutely nothing, when we were in a parlous situation a few seasons ago. Right now, I'd take him back - rather the most hated team than the most pitied one! Anyway, our current owner hasn't exactly turned us into the most liked club, has he?!
  6. AlanE

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    The 'Duffy for Leigh' rumour is kicking off, over our side of the hill (the right side that is!) again. I've always found him a great guy, but never had him down as being so philanthropic, to do a job for nowt, with no players! Still, I hope he comes back 'home'!
  7. AlanE

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Because he has form for doing something stupid sooner rather than later!
  8. AlanE

    2019 Squad

    The round trip to Fev, from Leigh, is about 120 miles. When you are not car-sharing, I think that would become very tedious, about 3-4 times a week. If I were Martyn, I'd go back to Leigh - he lives beside the LSV!
  9. AlanE

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Classic case of exaggeration, to emphasise my point! Of course, I meant 75. Mind you, some of our recent games seem to have dragged on for ever!
  10. AlanE

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Interesting solution that one! However, whilst it might sort him out, would we want England to be playing for 85 minutes with 12 men? At least his cynical foul on Sunday, was in the last ten minutes, unlike the awful one at Batley - in the first five! Hey, perhaps he's learning, after all?!
  11. AlanE

    Disciplinary from Sunday

    Graham, He doesn't learn, and that's a colossal problem. If he could learn to behave, he has other attributes to make him a good player. But, there appears to be a serious flaw, whereby he just can't resist 'challenging' a player, off the ball. He's dangerous - I don't think poor Tom Hemingway has played since he was fouled by Jamie, at Batley, several weeks ago. We will be well rid of him and good luck to Salford!
  12. Point understood 'Aunty' Granted, Leigh's problem is much of our own making - although the ridiculous injury glut of late, has been an additional blow. Fev seem to have been feeling the pain as well. I feel, in this case that the RFL has applied commonsense - and both clubs can take advantage of it. (for example, if I were John Duffy, I'd leave out old Martyn Ridyard, and replace him with a 19 year-old from Leeds academy!!) At least we'll have a game to witness. Three more of us will now be venturing over to the Dark Side on Sunday - and we certainly wouldn't have, had we fielded nine men. Last Sunday was torture, watching a patched up thirteen being embarrassed by Dewsbury! (no offence intended to the Rams - I have a lot of time for that club.)
  13. AlanE

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    They could always be offered a pay cut Johnny. That's gone down a bomb at ours (Leigh) recently!
  14. Leigh have got seven - 4 from Wigan, 2 from Saints and 1 from Castleford. The statement says Fev can also have some - Leeds maybe?
  15. Hi gingdong! Sounds that may be the level we could be playing at, next year! The main reason we were praising the 13, was that, despite some not being paid, they were still loyal enough to turn up and wear the shirt - although I admit they probably didn't have to pay a fiver for the privilege!