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  1. Hock

    Another good signing for you guys - well done. Hock was good for us, at Leigh, especially when he sorted out an element of indiscipline. During the second and third years of his spell, he was much more focused and was a force to be reckoned with. In my opinion he was, indirectly, a symptom of our problem in SL, because of his age. He, along with a number of our 'more experienced' forwards, struggled to back up an awesome performance with another one - although, to be fair, he showed far more passion for the cause, than some of his colleagues. Providing he maintains his discipline, and steers clear of injury, he will be an excellent signing for you.
  2. 2018 Squad.

    As a Leyther, I'd be delighted! Where did you get this from, please?
  3. 2018 Squad.

    Has always worked well with Ridyard too, NLS.
  4. 2018 Squad.

    McNally had a late start for Leigh after a bad pre-season injury. He recovered from that, ousted Mitch Brown (now signed by Warrington) from the full back spot and settled down to play very well in Super League. His attacking play is excellent, he's generally sound under the high ball, and his defence was no worse than anyone else's who played full back last season. I don't believe there is a single Leigh supporter who can understand why he was replaced by Ryan Hampshire, (who had been in dispute, and refusing to play!) for the final two games of the 'Middle 8's' - especially as he had been in outstanding form in those Middle 8's! Perhaps his discipline might have let him down, as he was suspended for three matches, after pleading guilty to having been backed into by ref. Jack Smith at Salford!
  5. Les Tonks R.I.P

    Very sad to hear this news of one of Rugby league's big, tough guys. We at Leigh have just lost three of our former players Derek Watts, Geoff Fletcher, and Stan Walmsley - all forwards, and heroes of mine from days gone by. I well remember Les as a feared and respected opponent. Sad days, and condolences to his family and friends.
  6. 2018 Squad.

    Reportedly told by Leigh that he is no longer wanted. Yet another baffling one. For the second successive season, he battled back from a bad pre-season injury, to play very well in the latter stages of the season. Then he was mysteriously dropped for the last game of the '8's' and the MPG - when playing well! Even more bizarrely, he was replaced by Ryan Hampshire, who had been suspended from the club for a long spell. We didn't have anyone else who could time his incursions into the line, as well as Gregg, who set up a number of tries for our wingers. He was also very safe under the high ball. Oh, and he's a big mate of Ridyard's.
  7. 2018 Squad.

    Would have upset the Leigh owner even more!
  8. 2018 Squad.

    Our owner is in the Maldives - perhaps communications to/from there aren't all that good? Our guy also says Riddy is on holiday, yet the photo on Total RL, and in the Pontefract newspaper suggest otherwise. I think you will find that most Leythers are very disappointed that we couldn't come up with a deal to keep such an outstanding playmaker at Leigh. We didn't have anyone as good as him last season, and we still haven't for 2018. It speaks volumes that he is/was (?) due a testimonial in 2018, after nine years at Leigh, and he has chosen to leave, presumably for a better deal, and a coach who knows, and will appreciate, him. In my book, you have made a superb signing. Congratulations. P.S. Don't suppose there is a clause in his contract, forbidding him to play against us?
  9. 2018 Squad.

    Congratulations on signing Riddy. You have got an absolute gem of a player, and a cracking guy there, and I am gutted to see him leave Leigh. He may not be the quickest on his feet, but he more than makes up for that with his brilliant football brain, excellent kicking game and superb goal kicking . I simply cannot understand why we have let him go. The lad wasn't given a chance at Leigh last season and proved his worth when he moved to Huddersfield on loan - another astonishing decision, in my view. The Giants were languishing in the bottom four with us, when he left, to play a significant part in their revival. Providing your pack has some go-forward, and you have the runners outside him, you are in for a treat!
  10. I don't think any of us at Leigh are under any illusions as to the scale of the task awaiting us on Saturday. Talk on fans' forums of a 30+ point victory for Leigh, are way off the mark! Those of us who have witnessed Fev v Leigh games, over the years, always view a visit to POR (apologies for lapsing into the past) with trepidation. That said, I hope our owner doesn't see this game as our only threat from the Championship! HKR have already won comfortably at ours, this season; a visit to London must be high risk; and our games with Fax have always been like those with Fev - tight and unpredictable. Should be a good, close game, and I hope we bring our form that we showed against Salford, and not the previous four games!
  11. Actually, I remember a fair few tonkings at yours (and ours in the four (?) years you were top dogs in the Championship!
  12. Nowt for us to be big headed about on many of this season's performances.
  13. Leigh v Batley

    Just to clarify that point, there was a private function in the Legends Bar, booked before the Qualifier fixtures were announced. Nobody was allowed into the bar. However, I understand that your players and officials were in the Banqueting Suite after the game, with ours. Incidentally, Leigh made a presentation to the excellent John Kear, before the game, for his services to rugby.
  14. Free entry for the leigh game

    Thanks Riggy. The feeling is mutual. Our games have always been tight and unpredictable - it's no fluke that you were the only team in the league to beat us this season. (very nearly twice!) I will miss our trips to the Mount, and Featherstone, and Halifax - real RL towns, where you can uniquely savour the hostility towards your team, and experience a really friendly chat, all at the same time. Good luck next season - we may well see you in the Qualifiers. Meanwhile, a safe journey to all Bulldogs' fans on Saturday, and an enjoyable, FREE occasion!
  15. Free entry for the leigh game

    Pasties in Leigh , 'Riggy'. It's that other place down the road that does pies!