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  1. AlanE

    Leigh v Batley

    I'm absolutely appalled to hear that about Tom Hemingway. If what you say is true (not doubting you) then I - as a Leigh fan - agree with you 100%. I'm hearing rumours that he's off to SL next year!
  2. AlanE

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    You may well be right there 'kayakman'. I think he said that he couldn't sustain the club at their current level of funding, and that he would step aside if the right person/people came in. Other than that, he hasn't said he was leaving. Maybe the re-distribution of Sky 'wealth' has convinced him to stay. If so, I hope he has learned from the errors made in the last couple of seasons!
  3. AlanE

    Leigh v Batley

    Leigh results in the Championship Shield, to date:- HOME - Sheffield (W) 68-6; Barrow (W) 38-0; Swinton (W) 54-10 - P3 W3 F160 A 16 AWAY - Featherstone (L) 4-22; Rochdale (W) 24-16 - P2 W1 L1 F28 A 38 If we were playing at yours, I would be backing you, but this motley bunch seem to be able to play at home. Away, however is another matter, so I reckon your Dewsbury 'friends' will be rubbing their hands! I see that Jamie Acton is available again, after his deserved ban. How is Tom Hemingway these days - has he been able to play again?
  4. AlanE

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    Thank you sc. I try to please!
  5. AlanE

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    And Martyn has never been one to complain publicly about any 'treatment' he has received
  6. AlanE

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    If I did, I was wrong - especially having watched it again, since Riddy talked about it! I seem to remember, at the time, that my initial opinion was that he was committed to a tackle. (I think you expressed the same view?) Then you stated that you had seen the challenge from another angle, and that it was a bad one? Did I not then bow to your opinion?
  7. AlanE

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    Rumoured on the Leigh message board on RL fans!
  8. AlanE

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    He was lucky to get away with it - and I'm a Leigh supporter! Ridyard is class, and I guess that makes him a target for those who don't possess that quality!
  9. AlanE

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    As a Leigh fan, I would say 'definitely not'! Seriously though, it would give me great pleasure to see him play again, and I would hope that none of our present squad would treat him like a (now) former player did, at POR, when he got his injury.
  10. AlanE


    Having watched the recording of that little fracas, on the half time hooter, 'no charge' was absolutely the right outcome for Hardcastle and Bergal. Remarkably, not a single punch is seen to be thrown by anyone, in the whole incident, which resulted from a Leigh player 'colliding' with the perimeter wall, after knocking the ball dead. The Fev player who appeared to push him, actually looks as though he is trying to stop the impact with the wall. Correct outcome, for once! Mind you, if Hock and Acton had been on the pitch...…………………!
  11. Yes, we seemed terrible, but our previous three games were won, with an aggregate score of 140-16. The most pleasing aspect of those three games was a rock-solid defence, based on superb team spirit - sound familiar? The difference for us yesterday was that we came up against a team, whose spirit and, therefore, defence, were top-notch, and we became frustrated and demoralised. It was two teams, shorn of a number of 'stars', but, you worked for, and fully deserved your convincing victory. Till the next time!
  12. Agreed. We did play badly, but there is a saying that "you play as well as you are allowed to." Fev were simply better than us for about 75 of the 80 minutes. A fully deserved win for you guys. The way the injuries and 'on reports' are going, we'll probably be playing you at 7 a-side in the final!
  13. I don't think I've ever visited Featherstone, expecting to win. Tomorrow will be no different!
  14. AlanE

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    As a Leigh fan, I would prefer Purtill, given what he's achieved since those first six/seven games, and so far since he lost a big part of his first team squad. I can understand Duffy, wanting a job on the 'right' side of the Pennines, but I would have thought he would have to prove himself first, where he is?