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  1. AlanE

    Widnes problems

    Can somebody please explain to me the logic of a 12 point deduction? Did Bradford suffer the same punishment? And, if so, wasn't that in the era of 3 points for a win, in the Championship? If so, shouldn't the Widnes deduction be 8 points? Sorry, loads of questions there, but they do follow a logical path!
  2. AlanE

    Widnes problems

    I don't agree with the way Leigh dealt with their playing staff, coaches etc, but I would point out that Derek Beaumont still owns the club, which would probably be in a similar plight to Widnes, had he not taken the drastic measures that he did. Yes, some of the players were shafted, (whilst others were perhaps undeservedly 'promoted' to SL) but there is still a Leigh Centurions club, operating on a much more sensible footing.
  3. Smith was my MOM, and Douglas was very good, as he has been in all three games.
  4. He looked very 'rusty' in the first half - understandable, as it was his first game of the season - but was looking much sharper in the second half. All 17 players, did well. Smith was my MOM, and Douglas was very good, as he has been in all three games
  5. Nowt wrong with his attitude yesterday - along with all the other Saints D/R's and loanees we've had. All have shown commendable commitment.
  6. It happened right in front of us and I struggled to believe what I saw. I must admit it seemed a clear 'red' but thought it best to see it again. (which I've not done yet) My instant reaction was that it would be a straight red, but perhaps the ref and t/j couldn't believe what they saw, either! I don't know what sort of reputation Day has, if indeed any, but I'm willing to bet that someone like say Jamie Acton would have picked up a red for that one.
  7. True, but remember, your first two tries came from back-to-back penalties, in the first half, when the penalty count was 6-7/1 up to just before half time. I'm not disputing the penalties you were awarded, more the fact that we had so few in the first half. Equally, I'm baffled as to why we started the second half with 4/5 successive penalties, and we could suddenly do no wrong, in the eyes of the ref! Not sure how accurate the figures are, but Leigh reported a penalty count of 11-8 in your favour, with most of yours coming in the first half and most of ours in the second half! Weird!!
  8. Difficult to predict this one. We were outstanding for 80 minutes against Toulouse, but 'Fax made us look very ordinary last week. The team (of mainly local lads) certainly responded to the crowd in the home game, and should do that again tomorrow. A few weeks ago, I would have had us down to beat you, (despite our disrupted pre-season) but you seem to have recruited very well recently. Should be another good game. I hope you are coming over in numbers.
  9. Good morning Sir Kevin. If you read through the, admittedly terribly written, piece from the club, you should see that they are sticking to what we hope is a sustainable budget. They are asking fans and businesses to stump up the extra £15k (i.e. above what they have budgeted to sign a player) to sign Gregg. I don't believe it is that uncommon for RL clubs to seek help from fans and sponsors, to complete a signing - isn't that how Salford signed Hastings, for example? As for others' comments about the size of the squad, they are valid. However, maybe, just maybe, the club has funds in place to sign others, and that's why the don't want to dip into them to settle the rest of Gregg's salary?
  10. AlanE

    Catalans refuse to pay Challenge Cup deposit

    That would make us a laughing stock again - the reigning cup holders not taking part! Whilst I am not in favour of our expansion projects overseas, I am a firm believer in fair play. We invite these teams into our competition, and should do so, without any strings attached!
  11. AlanE

    Leigh team next season

    My understanding was, that he already had a contract at Leigh, that extended into this season and beyond.
  12. AlanE

    Leigh team next season

    We haven't been told what Acton is doing. Maybe he will go to another club on a full time contract? The difficulty being, whoever he signs for, he has a five match ban to serve, before he can step onto the pitch, wherever he goes.
  13. AlanE

    Leigh team next season

    Whichever one he's at when the season starts. Basically, he can't play for anyone for the first five games of the season. I presume he's currently a Leigh player, although he doesn't appear on any of our pre-season training photos.
  14. AlanE

    Leigh team next season

    His suspension is as a result of an off the ball foul in the final game of last season. His five match ban starts at the beginning of the 2019 season.