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  1. Just to clarify that point, there was a private function in the Legends Bar, booked before the Qualifier fixtures were announced. Nobody was allowed into the bar. However, I understand that your players and officials were in the Banqueting Suite after the game, with ours. Incidentally, Leigh made a presentation to the excellent John Kear, before the game, for his services to rugby.
  2. Thanks Riggy. The feeling is mutual. Our games have always been tight and unpredictable - it's no fluke that you were the only team in the league to beat us this season. (very nearly twice!) I will miss our trips to the Mount, and Featherstone, and Halifax - real RL towns, where you can uniquely savour the hostility towards your team, and experience a really friendly chat, all at the same time. Good luck next season - we may well see you in the Qualifiers. Meanwhile, a safe journey to all Bulldogs' fans on Saturday, and an enjoyable, FREE occasion!
  3. Pasties in Leigh , 'Riggy'. It's that other place down the road that does pies!
  4. I believe Leigh have forwarded some tickets to Batley. (although I'm surprised you wanted 10,000!) I hope you realise that it will now only be polite to roll over and let us win the game. No more of this nasty habit you have of ruining our parties at LSV! Have a safe journey if you are coming - at least your lads won't be intimidated by the crowd, after the attendance at Headingley last week. That was very impressive!
  5. Many thanks for all the complimentary messages about my team. Exciting as the prospect is of seeing the likes of Wigan, Saints, Warrington, etc. next season, I will really miss our games with, and visits to, Featherstone and Halifax, who have been such close rivals for many years. We have had some great banter with your fans and met some outstanding people, who are all 'genuine' RL supporters. As for SL being virtually impossible to break into, well I guess there is at least a slim chance these days. Yes, we have topped the Championship these last three seasons, but I can't help thinking that maybe you guys could have made it when you were 'top dogs' for the previous four years, if this system had been 'live' then? All the best for next season - but not if we meet in the Qualifiers!
  6. Probably little consolation, but your team played the game in an excellent spirit, and were busting a gut to try and score until the final hooter. Also credit to your players who stayed on the pitch to watch and applaud the trophy presentation. I hope we won't be playing you next season ( ) but wouldn't be disappointed to have to make the journey to yours. All the best for the rest of this season.
  7. Leigh squad for Sunday. Thought it might be a strong one!
  8. Should be back after his seven match 'rest'. I hope he has learned his lesson, during his ban - but I may just have said that before!!
  9. Thanks Andy. If we play like we did against an 'in form' Halifax, then you could be in for a hard afternoon. However, if we play like we did at Sheffield, then it could be close!
  10. Hi Andy, I expect all the rested players to be back - that's Higson, Worthington, Drinkwater, Higham, Weston, and Patterson. A couple of others could make way for Acton, (returning after seven weeks banned) and new signing Danny Tickle. Otherwise, I think Neil Jukes will want a strong team on the pitch, to try and re-discover the form we were showing prior to the close shave at Sheffield. There is a record at stake too - we haven't been beaten at home in the league, these past three seasons. Mind you, weren't Dewsbury the last team to beat us in the Championship at LSV, in the last game of 2013? And didn't you only have 17 to pick from, that day?!
  11. Have to say that your guys didn't look a bottom of the table side. You kept going well, despite suffering a number of injuries, played some lovely football at times, and put in some monster hits. You also played the game in an exemplary fashion - no time wasting, or dubious tactics at any stage. (which ironically probably contributed to the margin of defeat!) Also a big well done to your supporters, who made the long trip and vociferously supported your lads throughout. Good luck for the rest of the season - hope you stay up.
  12. Rod, I for one, certainly meant no disrespect to your club. I've always had a healthy respect for Rovers, probably as a result of the thrashings we got, just prior to the last couple of seasons. You were top dogs in this league for four years, were you not? As for today, you could have won that one, and we wouldn't have been able to complain. I did, however, think your support was small - but the few that were there, did your club/team proud.
  13. It could have gone either way Phil, but to be honest I thought it was a very poor game, refereed in an increasingly eccentric way by Mr. Ansell. Still, the onus should be on us, as a full time team. to up the ante, and you never allowed us to do that. As a Leigh supporter, I am increasingly worried about the number of new faces in our team - little surprise that we don't seem to have any cohesion these days. Still, well played to your guys and to the seemingly small, but vociferous band of supporters.
  14. Ridyard is in the squad of 19. However, it could be that we have nobody else to put in. Having trawled through our admittedly large squad, the following numbers are not available:- 1,4,7 9,12,14,15,17,18,19,21,22,23,29,33. We have three loan players - Fash, Evans and Burns in that 19. That said, it is puzzling why we have just let Pownall, Foster and Harper join Spencer, out on loan!
  15. Cheers for that. My mistake - thanks for the info.