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  1. No, they were definitely in use elsewhere, that afternoon!
  2. Plus, if we wanted to be pedantic, there is offside at every ptb, holding down in the tackle is also rife, and the markers are hardly ever square! Still, if refs penalised every offence, the game would never get going! All we ask is that they penalise 'technical' offences evenly.
  3. That's my bug with refs. Two of Leigh's only four penalties, were for Batley players incorrectly playing the ball. You can't get more random than that - the ball is hardly ever played correctly!
  4. How did ref Liam Moore perform in that game?
  5. Absolutely brilliant try - worth the admission money alone. Your third one was pretty good too! As always, I enjoyed my visit to Mount Pleasant yesterday. Each time I visit, the stadium seems to have been improved in some way, and the superb beer garden is something you just won't see at the more modern stadia. I had the pleasure of sitting in front of some more 'senior' (like myself) Bulldogs' supporters, and we were agreed on most things, about the game, ref, etc. The better team, on the day, won. Next time, who knows? Incidentally, one of the guys sitting behind me, was Jim Etty, your prop from the 1950's/60's. It was a real honour to meet him - I'm still in awe of players from that generation. Just one thing to take issue on. Your 'official' match report states that Leigh are 'full time' They most definitely aren't. All the players have full time jobs, outside rugby league. Many are on apprenticeships, (something else from the 50's/60's I think!) as plumbers, electricians etc - looking to the time when they have to finish the game. I think the exceptions are Higham, who is on the coaching staff, and the full time Saints players (Douglas and Eaves yesterday) whose contracts are paid by their 'parent' clubs. When we lost narrowly at HKR, in the cup, ALL our squad had put in a day's work before travelling over the hill. And, to finish on a positive - just £3 for my 14 year-old grandson, yesterday. Just how good is that?!
  6. We weren't badly hit by injuries prior to the game. (although we more than made up for it during the game!) I think we 'rested' players from Friday. In his post-match comments, John Duffy was scathing about how part-time teams have to double-up over Easter, with no opportunity for rest and recovery. He says that injuries always ensue, from the second game, and pointed out that players from both teams had to receive treatment from doctors. It looks like our three will be out for a long time, unfortunately - although we have been incredibly lucky with injuries, up to now.The missed goal kicks were down to Ridyard nursing an injury throughout the game. I honestly don't think that yesterday proved much, either way. There were two very tired, part-time teams out there, with the inevitable high mistake count, by both teams. Some of your goal line defence was awesome though, when we finally started to put pressure on. As for Brown's try, it came from a training ground move, with a typical, beautifully weighted, short kick from Finn, superbly anticipated by Brown. A lovely try. Here's looking forward to coming over to yours again, for the return. Hopefully we can raise more players than last time!
  7. AlanE

    Leigh away

    Blimey - we're not that good!!
  8. AlanE

    Leigh away

    He's obviously being punished for something. Can't see him having any problems from a good, hard game of Rugby League, Hopefully, he won't need the penalty fest that some of the Championships use, to 'control' the game. Will many of you be travelling on Sunday? Leigh have been playing far better than we dared to hope at the beginning of the season, with a great determination and pride in the shirt. All the home games, with the exception of the Rochdale one, have been pretty close, and very enjoyable to watch. Saints have taken Danny Richardson back, so you won't have him to contend with. Travel safely, and enjoy the game - but not too much!
  9. Got me there. They are full time with their 'parent' clubs, but actually train less with us than our part-time players do.
  10. It's also been interesting to note that our fitness levels have been very good, especially against Toulouse and Toronto, of the full time clubs. Toronto, in particular, looked pretty distressed in the last 20 minutes, but we just weren't good enough to exploit that. Last season, we regularly remarked on how our 'full time' players looked less fit than our part-time opponents!
  11. None, this season. After last season's disaster, we are strictly 100% part-time. It's interesting that quite a few of the squad, have taken up apprenticeships, in a variety of trades, with a view to their lives after RL.
  12. Full marks to your guys for keeping at it to the end - and to your vociferous group of fans. The game was out of reach at half time - although that was partly to do with the ref preventing you from getting your hands on the ball, for any length of time. I hate it when that happens to us - but of course it's good on the rare occasions when we benefit from it! Looking forward to coming over to Spotland (lovely stadium) for the return, which I suspect could be a bit closer!
  13. A good win for you yesterday - it sounded close! Looking forward to welcoming you to ours, for the return fixture - hope you travel in good numbers?
  14. Leigh squad:- https://leighrl.co.uk/wp/blog/2019/03/01/centurions-announce-squad-for-york-game-on-sunday/ Looks like we will be playing all five of our loan/DR's - Woods, Richardson, Bentley, Douglas and Smith. Sad that I can't make it, as I've always enjoyed my trips to York - a superb city , and usually a close game. Here's hoping that the game is as good as our three home games have been!
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