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  1. Hock

    Good signing for Fev...Gaz Hock has a lot of haters but IMHO he did us proud in a Leyth shirt.Just watch out for how many times he gets penalised and the majority are unjust,past reputation perhaps.Good luck to both Hock and Riddy apart from when we play you
  2. 2018 Squad.

    If he can stay clear from picking up niggling injuries then he`s an excellent acquisition.Just get use to him getting penalised for 4ck all though,his name must proceed him with the officials!
  3. Hock

    Some players have all the talent to become a great but sometimes they have other issues to contend with.When Leyth signed him I wasn`t particularly pleased,however I can`t fault his commitment and ability everyone time he pulled the jersey on.He certainly was on the wrong side of some officiating decisions but that`s probably down to past demeanour .Good signing for Fev if it comes off and both Hock and Riddy will get an excellent reception. Ryan Bailey could have also have been from the same mould!
  4. He`s allowed his opinion,although I`d go for mid-table
  5. Liam Hood is the better player out of him and Pellisier IMHO.
  6. RLFans/Leigh Centurions

    TotalRL is going the same way Robin IMHO.Too many schoolground bullies who jump onto certain threads and then bore the shiiittte out of the rest of us.The Leigh FB site is generally used by most Leythers who post on here and RLFans.Good luck in the coming season,apart when you play us
  7. M.O.M. Rovers V Castleford (friendly)

    Did Riddy play?

    A great player RIP.
  9. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Wow surprised it took you that long to respond with your pal liking the post as well.Some things never change,sadly!
  10. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Take it up with the RFL waterboy.
  11. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    I`m presuming there is, seeing as that the majority of clubs provide this service and surely must have been sanctioned by the RFL.
  12. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Keep off the Absinthe!
  13. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    Similarly do other clubs do what you are asking.I`m sure you can trawl onto other clubs official sites and quantify this.Barring that you`re just repeating nonsense!
  14. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    You`re Mr Morals and Integrity aka Paul Rowley and I claim my £5
  15. Leigh threaten to bar Premier Sports

    This game won`t be shown live on LCTV but will be available a few days later.The same could be said for all clubs who provide a similar service for their fans,couldn`t it!