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  1. DR

    Not asking you to have a nosey for it.What name do you post under on RLFans and I`ll have a nosey myself.
  2. Surely that should be for those folks from Wiggin!
  3. Don`t those parasites charge £200@ Hr or above for their usually pathetic services.!
  4. DR

    When did you post this on the Leigh forum and which forum?
  5. Aren`t the Seagulls playing at Wakey this year?
  6. I doubt it Roger.
  7. Not forgetting Sam Hopkins sweaty.
  8. Didn`t Toulouse start off in the Championship about 5 yrs ago with a relegation exemption for two yrs? From memory they were pants and finished in the bottom two before going back to the French Elite.So your point is what exactly?
  9. I remember my sister having a black doll in the `70s.
  10. Oh dear The Cynical Lemon goes back to norm.
  11. We didn`t have an Academy side last year but we did have a reserve in 2015 but due to spasmodic fixtures,it became untenable but you probably knew that!
  12. He`s just using the signage which is used to adorn the LSV College site but I knew what you mean`t.The Crust munchers like claiming anything and everything!
  13. Nothing like hedging your prediction.
  14. Soward saying that the Championship is 20 years behind.He didn`t exactly set the comp on fire,might have been better off in the NCL.
  15. Neither have our fans.In Jukes we trust