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  1. Houston gets a NG for contesting the offence,which was far worse than Smith(Ref) backing into McNally.WTF were the club thinking about.Lesson to be learnt,contest every future decision.Consistency from the Judiciary is all fans ask for!
  2. Think the squad changes might have had something to do with saturdays CC game at Leigh.IMHO of course.
  3. Salford by plenty but hopefully the Leigh defence which was good v Wire,Saints and Giants will be back.
  4. Salford win for me.
  5. He`s been excellent for us,although he`s prone to the odd brain fart.If he could control the latter he`s the potential to go to the very top.
  6. Rumour is that he was last seen with a Platt Waz female in the last few weeks!
  7. You say you lived in Atherton,so you`ll be aware that there is a Rail link!
  8. RIP Mick a cracking player.
  9. Can`t see past a Pie win and then Wire visiting the LSV a week on Thursday.
  10. I`ve taken Bradford +12,Batley -16 and Fev -18. So that`s all 3 jinxed.
  11. Then Leigh away the following week,could be interesting.
  12. That may be(as it is for every Home side) but I wasn`t complaining about the crowd at the Pie Dome but it`s good when the opposition can turn up in numbers and that way,every club benefits and the atmosphere is assisted greatly.
  13. I hope so,never expected to get a result at the Pie Dome,so I would`ve taken that result when the fixtures came out.Just need to put a winning performance v Huddersfield next Friday.
  14. I don`t think it was one-sided but what would I know being there.
  15. What relevance is the crowd,try discussing the game!