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  1. Maybe,maybe not.I`ve enjoyed the season come what may.
  2. Any other predictions?
  3. Full strength to me but I`ll let a Salford fan confirm.
  4. Cracking performance from Leigh.I thought we`d get mullered by Salford but on tonights performance Salford could be on the end of a heavy defeat next week.
  5. My Leigh team from my memories of watching them. FB Mick Hogan W Des Drummond C Steve Donlan C Terry Bilsbury W Joe Walsh SO John Woods SH Shane Varley P Derek Pyke H Paul Rowley P Tim Street SR Tommy Martyn snr SR Jeff Clarke LF Adam Bristow Subs Chris Hill Peter Ropati Mickey Higham Alan Rathbone
  6. Aww never got over the fact that he moved on from the back waters of Worky.
  7. He didn`t get Sine Die Humblekins!!!!!
  8. Strike breakers to be leaving early from this one!!
  9. Did Ben Flowers play munchkin!!!!
  10. Are you sure because it looks like he had both feet in play?
  11. I`m fairly sure Leigh will be bricking it having to play the Wobins and Larndern in the Middle 8s.As for justice,the Hopkins Try was certainly a No Try but maybe the Tickle Try redresses the balance.Anyway game over and onto the Dire Wire next week.
  12. Was that the game involving Leigh Miners Rangers u16s ?
  13. He probably asked Diane Abbott to do the figures.