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  1. Glad he got to kick the last goal ,well done the Leyth Marra.
  2. Jean/Steph Curry............How do you know that Sheffield performed so poorly from your armchair in Chorley?
  3. Why am I being disrespectful to last years squad? ......Last years squad which was hastily formed played valiantly throughout the year.I`m just making a judgement on todays game that IMO that was as clinical a performance across the park that a Leyth side have done in the last 2 seasons!
  4. As I stated the windy conditions IMO were`nt conducive to an expansive game,overall I thought that was our best performance for 2 seasons but each to their own.
  5. Harry I think the conditions as the game went on had an impact on an expansive game.Very strong performance from Leigh and IMO Nil pts would`ve flattered the Eagles.
  6. Thanks for the above,wondered where the link for the TOv York game was because I couldn`t find it on the OurLeague app!!
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