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  1. Are you another incarnation of the pseudo Frenchman from Chorley?
  2. Good move by us,looking a bit light in the halves with a few Inuries.
  3. Back in the `80s a RL handicap coupon was available thursday/friday for the weekends game ,which were all on a sunday. Jump forward nearly 40 yrs and Championship and League 1 fixtures for the sunday games are only available on the actual day. But you can bet on Bolivian or some other obscure soccer comp weeks in advance!
  4. He looks a good prospect, big lad with a fair turn of pace.
  5. Keep the faith I thought you played well. Who`s the big lad who scored your first try?
  6. What`s the NRL got to do with our domestic competitions?
  7. I`m surprised that you`ve NOT already posted a new post about this subject. Time yet though Daddy
  8. Have a day off from being a tool will you!
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