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  1. Jeez ..North Wales bring more to away grounds than your teams pathetic following. Fart own.
  2. Are you taking the proverbial or just over indulged on spice?
  3. Are you glad that you returned to Leigh and finished your career?
  4. How have York won 11? Not a criticism just an observation.Plus surely winning a Trophy irrespective of being in the top flight of a domestic League is still a Trophy!
  5. Not forgetting York who had a fantastic season.
  6. No I didn`t ,they were already there prior to my post. Oldham or Newcastle aren`t.
  7. Looking like the Championship 2020 season could be the best with either Oldham or Newcastle joining the party.Roll on next season and another ST in the bag.
  8. Good luck later today, was impressed with you guys when you beat us at the LSV. Plus I`ve got you in an Accumulator ...Sydney Roosters -4,Newcastle scr and Fev +12.
  9. I remember playing against St Bedes and St Michaels as a junior for my local school in Leigh,then in later years against Fairfield High ( I think that`s correct) sad to see if the decline in school RL is true.
  10. Are you another incarnation of the pseudo Frenchman from Chorley?
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