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  1. weighman

    Craig Miles

    It was against Doncaster .
  2. weighman

    14/9/18 - D Day

    That is right , what about the players who have booked a holiday after the C1 play offs.
  3. Doncaster could have dual reg players depends who is required by Hull , I think we may get Miloudi at least.
  4. weighman

    Where does this restructure leave League One?

    Doncaster still have a good chance of 3rd spot & home games in the play offs . Doncaster v Workington on the last day of the regular season . COYD
  5. Thanks for that deluded pom . Well done today Workington. COYD
  6. Doncaster had a good win today , we seem to be going under the radar and must have a good chance of finishing 3rd,
  7. weighman


    What does the 1st part of the statement mean ?
  8. weighman

    REACTION | Howden looking for improvement

    Yes we know !
  9. weighman

    league one

    I agree TMF , just correcting an incorrect statement.
  10. weighman

    league one

    I think clubs can only play 5 dr/loan players.
  11. weighman


    On BBC results now showing final score as NW 18_ Hunslet 14.
  12. Doncaster came from 0-14 down to beat Keighley 29-20 .
  13. Could come back to bite us next week ! We will not have Miloudi that is for sure .