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  1. Doncaster won the 2nd half 24-20 shame we were loosing 44-4 .
  2. Well that didn't go to plan ! From a very embarrassed Doncaster fan .
  3. Cannot see it happening as discussed elsewhere some amateur teams do not want to go part time .
  4. I think L Welham was a bit miffed after being head butted in the 1st half.
  5. He played against Doncaster but not for.
  6. After the super 8s top club will be promoted automatically in 2017 . 2/3/4&5 playoff for 2nd spot. Hopefully the format for 2018 will change for the better !
  7. Hunslet v Whitehaven postponed
  8. York game is much more important .
  9. Rachel Burden actually .
  10. 280 but I thought it was more like 400.
  11. Old Golds looked a useful side before the Dons got their act together in the 2nd half .
  12. GM played for Doncaster last season , good player . See you all Good Friday COYD
  13. Good of them, I think it was the Keighley lad who took it on the chin !!!
  14. Gloucester v Doncaster now to be played at Doncaster Sunday 19/3/17 3pm on pitch 2 at the Keepmoat !
  15. According to the Barrow site you were poor .