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  1. Haven game

    Hard luck , see you next season, hopefully with home & away fixtures ! COYD
  2. DUGOUT | Chief executive's weekly update

    We did not deserve to be in the play offs . The performance in Toronto was encouraging , hope R Horne recruits well for 2018. COYD
  3. DUGOUT | Chief executive's weekly update

    We did beat Haven & drew with Barrow.
  4. DUGOUT | Chief executive's weekly update

    Me too , things getting ugly , bit like Workington .
  5. DUGOUT | Chief executive's weekly update

    That is true , we have been so inconsistent this season it has been unreal . Trying to put 2017 behind me . Try reading or posting on RL fans if you want the full diverse views .
  6. DUGOUT | Chief executive's weekly update

    I beg to differ , I do not think anyone thinks CH does not care passionately for the club , that is clear for all to see ! The problem is we have gone backwards in the last couple of years , due to varying reasons which have discussed else where . Fans are voting with their feet ! We face another season in C1 that sums things up .
  7. 2018

    A What about Bradford do you know something we do not know ?
  8. Statement from the Chairman....

    He must be the only person in RL who thinks the C1 cup is a positive .
  9. KP League 1 Project of the Year

    Well done York .
  10. 2018

    C1 for us again .
  11. 2018

    Not a lot to be honest , although we may not have a 17 out without the help of Hull !
  12. 2018

    Don't we know it . One good performance doesn't make a summer, we have been woefully inconsistent. RH needs to have sole responsibility for recruitment ! No more signing injured players for a start.
  13. PREVIEW | Toronto trip excites Horne

    Hope they are tired . At least we(Doncaster) will have 17 players . coyd
  14. Do not know , remember most of our players have part time jobs . Mark Castle is a baker & works Friday nights , not sure about the others .