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  1. As a Doncaster fan I would say no, we are desperate to get out of C1. Its just short notice the fixtures are out . Let the Championship run 1 short & cancel the magic weekend .
  2. The RFL may have contributed BUT not as much as successive administrations at Bradford.
  3. Wealthy owners does not mean success .
  4. Why did they have ..... Probably cos its too close to the start of the season to alter fixtures. Championship chairman want the Bradford travelling support.
  5. The RFL are not ding Bradford any favours .
  6. Bought a R L Express today to get some info on the Bradford situation , thought the article was a bit tame .
  7. Thank you , 2 strong South Yorkshire sides in the Championship in 2018 . Are you reverting back to Part Time in 2017. Happy New Year COYD
  8. Is everything rosy in the Eagles garden ?
  9. All up in the air the moment, 1 bid rejected by the Administrator . Talks ongoing with another bidder . If talks fail Liquidation likely , but a new club could be formed & start in C1 debt free !
  10. No such league as Championship 2
  11. You would be welcome in Donny !
  12. The RFL have to be more pro active in making sure clubs pay their way . Docking points & fines isn't working !
  13. What of the creditors , screw them ?
  14. David F-J was a popular player with the Dons fans . Will be missed .
  15. The RFL no doubt had to wait for the York situation to be resolved !