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  1. weighman

    Great win

    Played well today .
  2. Excellent win AGAIN from Doncaster away from home v Swinton .
  3. No need for the snide comment DavidM, no doubt they were gutted . I saw the Doncaster players congratulating the town players on the pitch. Well done Town , we came back hard early in the 2nd half , but not to be 2 weeks in a row.
  4. Doncaster v Keighley should be hell of a match . Dons owe them one for the opening day defeat & both clubs need to win . Also several players who have played for both clubs . COYD
  5. I would start with Liam Johnson in the 2nd row along side Yorke , Aaron has been 1 of our best signings of 2021.
  6. With the exception of Zac Braham number30 , Town's forwards were much bigger .
  7. Best Doncaster have played for weeks. Forwards took the fight to Barrow. PS what a mardy a**e Dallimore is .
  8. Yes well done Raiders . Hope for a big Barrow win today & big loss for Workington .
  9. As a Doncaster fan I do not know what has happened to us. If you find out please let us know .
  10. Sorry but I am more concerned with The form of Doncaster 2 points from 4 games.
  11. Who have Doncaster layed out big money for. Thought the big spenders were Barrow & Keighley , most of Doncaster's squad were last seasons !
  12. I sure other players/clubs have done the same thing .
  13. PC Reg I was commenting on Doncaster . No offence to Hunslet who played well.
  14. How do you see Dons v Hunslet going tomorrow Rob .We will need to be strong in the forwards.
  15. Hunslet have pulled in loan players so they might be in the same position .
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