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  1. bigjohn

    Well done Eagles

    Well done Sheffield best team for the past 2 seasons IMO
  2. bigjohn

    Alive and Kicking

    That is a good attendance well done to everyone good for the game and good for Fev
  3. bigjohn

    Date for Final

    I thought the final v Oldham was Saturday 18th if so someone needs to change the main page to the web page from the 8th
  4. bigjohn

    Kick off!

    I think the point is to pin them in the 20 and make it hard for them to get into our half of the field which is fine unless we are chasing a game.
  5. bigjohn

    Sunday Evening!

    :laugh: :laugh:
  6. bigjohn

    Love This

    I love this it should have been a TV add
  7. bigjohn

  8. bigjohn

    Rovers team news in the YEP

    Nice to see that Tommy and Tonka are in contention we have missed them.
  9. bigjohn


    DP is the best coach we have had for a long time. Gets it wrong now and again but puts things right straight away. To go to Barrow with far from his best 17 and play like they did took some pulling off. Long may it continue
  10. bigjohn

    RL Podcast

    Anyone with iTunes may like to do a search for this podcast loverugbyleague, I found it quite a good listed and they don
  11. bigjohn

    Champions 2010

  12. bigjohn

    Champions 2010

    Hit it on the head mate passionate and long may it continue, we are all the same in this sport that
  13. bigjohn

    Champions 2010

    The only sport a team can get beat in a semi final and win the final, but we knew the rule before we started, as Fev fans we know we have been the best team all year as we have seen the quality of Rugby most week in the season. If we had won it from six place last year like we looked like doing for a long time I think we would have been well happy. Having said that Halifax have been the most consistent side for the past two year. I wonder if the Fax fans that were calling for the coach to quit earlier in the season still think the same way.
  14. bigjohn

    Warrington Ground

    Thought I had put some weight on when I tried to squeeze into the seats, It was OK but enjoyed myself more at Batley than Warrington it dose not have the Rugby ground feel that we all know and love give me POR any day.
  15. bigjohn


    All the discussion over Sunday