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  1. I'd like to know what is in the contract, are they on a bonus payment for convictions, if they are then that is totally morally wrong.
  2. At my wife's University there are Nursing Courses not running this year because they can't recruit people onto the courses. Mental Health has a real problem with lack of students coming through.
  3. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Some players did play for teams other than their own during the Maori tour, they were playing a ridiculous number of games, so mid-week games sometimes required players from another local team to help out to make up the numbers.
  4. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    yes, sorry for the typo.
  5. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Caught out by the sweary filter
  6. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Here is a list of fixtures from October 1875
  7. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    I have found a match report for the Walkden game and it names a few players, unfortunately it doesn't list the teams as per the Leigh and Salford ones.
  8. The Paradise Papers

    Point 1, Yes Point 2, Yes
  9. The Paradise Papers

    The point he was making was that it shouldn't be a choice of conscience but that is what we have, and that even works backwards to how you would want it to work.
  10. The Paradise Papers

    Sorry, but I think you completely missed his point.
  11. Thanks for insulting my wife who is a senior lecturer at UCLAN.
  12. Barm, you uncivilised Tyke (Kiwi) , barm, barm, barm, effin barm.
  13. Would not be allowed today if no call had been made, but the ref insists you make a clear decision. .
  14. All the officials have to be aware, they all have to be in position, invariably as the referee gives a penalty his back is to the defence and the other officials don't know yet what is happening. A quick tap without the ref being able to see play may benefit either side, however it shouldn't advantage any side because the officials could be caught blind. .