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  1. Seems a small number of complaints for such high profile headlines. Smacks of desperatism. However if any turn out to be true the participants should get the severist penalty available. I predict no case to answer.
  2. Oh give over i have not got a a lot of time for Paris, but rabid remainer that is your paranoia.
  3. If you are involved in the voting procedure making such a claim is probably a criminal offence.
  4. Seriously though politicians, ministers especially are supposed to have civil servents, not advisors, who explain this stuff to them. Now the civil service has either been negligent or ignored. My money is on the latter.
  5. It think it shows how much panic is setting in that the whole thing is heading belly up for the brexit clan. Everyone an inch from my position is a rabid extremist, but my rabid extremism is no such thing. String em up.
  6. I only read the first few pages and had to go for stiff drink as the oh what the fek sunk in.
  7. Look up Arnold Rimmer polymorph "give quiche a chance"
  8. A flick pass is a pass and must obey the rules of a pass. If you attempt a flick pass but just fumble the ball to ground it is a knock on as you had not controlled the ball. The difference is not really going to change the outcome, scrum or turnover.
  9. Knock on is when you lose control or fail to gain control of the ball propelling the ball in a forwards direction relative to the ground and it makes contact with the ground or opposition player. forward pass is when you have control of tha ball or attempt to control the direction of the ball but it travels forward relative to the.motion of the players. Simples.
  10. I can't comment on that incident. I only had radio commentary from a somewhat biased radio Leeds.
  11. Define backwards, backwards relative to what? All these things were thought out years ago with good reason. Accept the ref knows best, accept his decisions believe me you will enjoy the game a lot more.
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