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  1. RIP Roy Haggerty

    Great player and character, 58 is no age. Condolences to all his family and friends.
  2. I can't believe that Dave Woods twice fell for reading out tweets from Dixon Cox

    Porn being a picture of a woman's nipple.

    Having my picture taken by a stranger without my mother shouting and screaming pervert at the photographer. Don't know why she does it now as I'm nearly sixty.
  5. Ah, the Swiss, those paragons of virtue when it comes to dodgy dealings and not caring where stuff (especially money) comes from that crosses their border. I would take anything the Swiss say with an extremely large wagon load of salt.
  6. Expect the wrath of the Yorkie, York is a city.
  7. They have done the hard yards getting them in, they now have to do the really, really hard yards and get them back in.
  8. Replays have not been scrapped merely suspended until the next round.
  9. How can decisions in a knockout competition even themselves out over a season?
  10. Well done York, good effort on the pitch and a great effort off it. The trick now is to get those people back through the turnstiles.
  11. If players want to train surely there is nothing to stop them, the RLPA can't stop players going to the gym or going out for a run, surely it is down to the individual players to decide if they want to take the allowed break.
  12. He seems to me to be having a dig at the decision of Aussie players to take a break when they would be better off going into pre-season.
  13. The Photography Thread

    Smugmug have acquired Flickr Interesting to see how this pans out
  14. They don't need to do anything, they have no reason to, if our economy tanks because there is no agreement then that is not the EU's problem, but it certainly is ours. They know it, the people who voted to stay in know it, it's just brexi-tears who are blind to it.