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  1. Simple answer is yes, this has been going on for over 100 years.
  2. Happy Birthday AM Shame he is more remembered for his cheating skills than rugby skills.
  3. No, it didn't. The record Super League attendance is Wigan v Saints 25,004. You are talking rolex.
  4. Nope, they decide what they decide and it has no impact on my life. They have a lot more information than I have so accepting their opinion/verdict makes for a far simpler life. All I pointed out was that the refs decision removed an option.
  5. I wasn't passing opinion I was stating fact, what the disciplinary panel decide is up to them.
  6. Cute move by ref, a red at that stage means nothing, yellow had same affect. Disciplinary cannot use sending off sufficient as he wasn't red carded.
  7. They (The RFL) haven't bought Red Hall.
  8. The tribute is repeated after the Cas v Wakey game if people missed it.
  9. If you think it wasn't then, in the words (style) of Bob8 "Only an idiot would believe it wasn't". Can you not remember the Farage poster, immigration was the target, and it worked. The bile posted out on facebook and twitter during the campaign was ridiculous.
  10. One of the good guys. Fitting that he bows out on Rugby League's biggest Derby. If you are reading, enjoy your retirement Eddie.
  11. Available at the time to all who wanted to move into coaching and had already achieved a certain level. I suppose if you were allowed to apply for a grant for being a student in your chosen career path you would turn it down. He applied for what was available was granted it, used it to enhance his coaching skills and then nobody would give him a job in a coaching capacity in RL (compounded by him wanting to be close to his family). Union saw the possibilities, offered him a job. He decided to pay the money back. He didn't have to give the money back, he did it on the principle that he hadn't used it for its intended ending purpose and it had helped him though not in his initial chosen career path. My point here is nothing really to do with what has gone on recently between him and Wigan but with the fact that people who dismissing him and saying he has given nothing back.
  12. It was Osami Binladin that pushed the US into deciding the IRA were no longer supportable from America and needed prescribing. Once they got hit by a a very real terrorist atrocity they decided enough was enough, without that push they would have continued to ignore Ireland as a bit of a British problem and tout for the Irish vote.
  13. Wigan and St.helens blur into one at Billinge, Ashton Haydock, Garswood Downall Green. Half of Haydock has Wigan phone numbers other St.Helens. Billinge cut in two by the Wigan St.Helens boundry. I don't think people realise how close the two towns are.
  14. Yes, that's way he payed back the bursery for his coaching training that he got from the RFL to allow them to pass it on to another up and coming coach. What sort of 8@st@rd does that.
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