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  1. Padge

    Grand Final media watch 2018

    Despite what the likes of Just Browny say, Shaun is a decent bloke and a bloody good coach.
  2. This has taken a bizarre turn, oh hum Wigan won, live with it. 😁
  3. Wire have a top class coach and if he can just get some better players in a few key positions, next year will be Wire's year.
  4. What do you think scrapping it will achieve?
  5. Padge

    Grand Final Crowd

    Is getting across to Glasgow and head down from there not an option?
  6. Padge

    Zak's Back

    They can hold whatever view they want, they will still have to pay up. IEC don't strike me as an organisation who are looking to turn money away.
  7. Padge

    Zak's Back

    It will cost a lot of money to get them out, they have a very secure lease, a change of ownership cannot change that and why the hell would new owners want to. They have a stadium being used 11 months of the year. In fact they may want to be more interested in making sure they don't leave (which would also cost Wigan a lot of money).
  8. Did you listen to it, I thought not.
  9. I agree, it was well conducted by "Chappers", good insight into Wane and coaching philosophy.
  10. So you don't believe in the doctrine, as I do, of may the best team win. If Warrington are utterly dire and Wigan superb but some very dodgy decisions, unfortunate injuries affect the result or pure uncanny luck, you believe it is better that the worst team wins. I like to see the best team on the day win, regardless of who it is.
  11. Padge

    Grand Final Crowd

    No, hospitality is paid for by someone else, no such thing as a free lunch, it may be free to the receiver but someone pays. The payer also expects that it is he who collects the 'tips'.
  12. Padge

    children and religion

    Religion is evil in all its forms. The sole purpose of religion is to control the masses and ensure they stay controlled by ensuring they stay poor and make the 'church' and therefore their leaders very rich and the poor dependant on them. It has always been so (for the poor), and will always be so (for the poor) until this outmoded nonsense is consigned to the unicorn bin. The only way they, religions, can keep control is to nail them young.