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  1. That goes without saying, Corbyn has no chance of winning an election, he could go and ask Murdoch what policies he would want introduced under a Corbyn government, get the backing of the press and he would still lose.
  2. I accused David Cameron of being the most incompetent PM this country has ever had, it didn't take long for another Tory numbskull to take his crown.
  3. Oh give over... ...FFS
  4. There is also the merchandising and auxiliary in stadium sales, its not just the gate money you lose.
  5. What are you on about Geof!!!
  6. Maybe Caisley was "cutting his cloth..."
  7. I think we have a couple of "reap what you sow" comments in there somewhere.
  8. Sorry Adey mis-interpreted your reply (t'internet eh)
  9. Its not a matter of upsetting you, I am not bothered about individuals other than Bulls employees (all roles), its the wider repercussions for the game as a whole.
  10. I'm sorry if this upsets a few but the demise of the Bulls is an utter disaster for RL in this country, to be in danger of losing what has become an iconic brand in rugby league, even if if a new club is formed will have massive repercussions for the game. Apart from the obvious ownership issues, the finger of blame for what is turning into a financial, PR and emotional wreck points directly at Woods and Rimmer.
  11. Take that up with the RFL, I'm just highlighting the rules and where they come from.
  12. Leigh almost totally paid for out of owners pocket to buy an SL place, interesting to see what happens in the future when DB has to still keep pumping millions in. Sheffield, not a good example. London, since SL funding been removed have gone enormously backwards and only existing because Hughes didn't throw the towel in completely. Not good examples really
  13. Under Woods the only thing the RFL promote is the RFL, at least before they didn't even try to promote themselves as the most terrific organisation in the world.
  14. Couple of tasty derbies in Hull and Wigan