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    Rugby league, obviously, I support Wigan and St.Judes.<br />Photography, keen amateur.<br />Rugby league's social history.<br />Local history.<br />Travel.

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  1. I thought you had gone to bed. Great response.
  2. I responded to your post in which you claimed Leeds were a good team, a claim which as a nonsense to any reasonable observer.
  3. I am not on a high, I couldn't give a toss about what Leeds are doing. I am reporting what I have seen with my own eyes. Sorry but a more dispassionate RL watcher you will find it hard to find.
  4. Oh dear. If you think you are watching a good Leeds team then you have a serious perspective problem Maybe you should go to Perspecitvesavers.
  5. And the banner was so quick and makeshift it was obviously from the heart and good of the players to do the team shot with it.
  6. No, that is removing brains not putting them in.