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  1. If you are 64cm short of the line, you are short of the line. Players don't turn out with tape measures, they look at the lines. FFS 🙄
  2. More importantly, do we care?
  3. It doesn't work. They just get slapped on their arriss. He can take it all day and loves it.
  4. Why does anyone target Tommy as the soft option to run to.
  5. Steve Mac, the strategist. Throw last weeks game, tempt Warrington to go for second place because if Warrington lose they probably have no chance of second and may struggle for a top four. Cats sit pretty, give all their big guns a run out against Wigan, in a game they are not arrissed about, bit of a heavy training session. Smart cookie.
  6. Lord Thomson of Fleet said commercial television was 'a licence to print money' when he launched a successful bid for a Scottish TV franchise in 1957. That was based on that they had exclusivity. Sky relied on the same thing. ITV is now pressurised by other commercial broadcasters, one being Sky. What we now see is that Sky who managed to get exclusive rights to a lot of sports for a long time are under the same pressure as ITV where at the start of satellite broadcasting. Sky have got to the point where the cash cow can be milked no more, something will have to give.
  7. That is the same fans, no matter how you phrase what you said was not new fans, it is the same fans.
  8. 3. What is this different market which you have suddenly invented that didn't exist when you said, to paraphrase, "more of the same fans".
  9. 1. You said attract fans from all over the game, that isn't new fans. 2. You can honestly see Hemel giving Saints a competitive game on a pitch with acres of space, your delusioned. 18 mins is enough time for a 40 or 50 nil blowout. 3. So is Magic and Bash, lets concentrate on making these must attend events before adding any nines nonsense.
  10. Same fans, same income problem The way to make it easier for expansion clubs to compete is to have more players on the field not less. The bit in red make no sense.
  11. Anything absolutely anything but a 9s or Lancashire v Yorkshire. More 'events' for the same people are limited by disposable income. It's internationals that we really need, high profile ones at that, on a regular fixture list with long term promotion.
  12. Padge

    Dear Diary

    Last bit of the new kitchen jigsaw puzzle put in place today, we can now cook again. Just a bit of plastering a lick of paint and all done and dusted.
  13. Padge

    Have you ever won anything big?

    I won £360 on the pools in 1979, that would be £1731.54 today. Since April 1st this year I have won on the lottery 13 times totaling£148.80 and 6 free draws.
  14. When Bo Derek says, that the parachute payment could only be spent on players wages, was that to stop him trousering it to cut his losses. Can this statement be confirmed from a second source. "You see we were given £750k central funding and a parachute payment of £500k which was strictly on the terms that we spent the full £1.25M of central funding on players' contracts to remain strong and have a squad to challenge to return to Super League." I would have thought that stipulation would have been the payment can only be used for players wages, and any not spent on wages would have to be paid back. The statement on this from DB just doesn't stack up and sounds like one of his extrapolations that when put under scrutiny just isn't quite true.