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  1. RIP Geoff Pimblett

    I feel that our own shouldn't be shunted off to AOB to be honest.
  2. A great player, great servant to Saints. R.I.P. Geoff, condolences to family, friends and those that knew him. (Apologies if this has been posted previous but I haven't spotted it.)
  3. So why do some private schools choose voluntarily to follow it. Seems bizarre, they don't have to, but they do.
  4. Stadium's.

    The only good thing about so called "traditional" grounds is that they are becoming less in number. Some people may think standing under a leaky rusting piece of corrugated iron is atmospheric I would see it is downright dangerous and shows the game in a terrible light. Rust bucket grounds have no place in the modern game, bulldoze the lot of them.
  5. I actually predicted this before the game elsewhere.
  6. I wouldn't consider myself a "student" of British history, as you do, but I know the difference. I don't know what you consider yourself as a student of but it is certainly not British history. If you can't get the basic fact of what geographical or political entity it is you are talking about why should any one take anything you say about it with anything other than a very large pinch of salt. Britain, UK and Ireland, geographically and politically are fundamental to your argument but you haven't a clue which is which. You are just making it up, badly, as you go along.
  7. Powell has had one above average season in SL, his next season has started of mildly. Sinfield is the person recommending him who's experience outside of playing is somewhat limited.
  8. If that fraction of time didn't make a difference in attack then the attacking team wouldn't risk a penalty by not getting to their feet and playing the ball properly. Its a a risk assessment that is going on, if the risk is low and advantage high you take the risk, if the risk is high and advantage high then you are more likely not to take the risk, if the risk is high and advantage low then you are unlikely to take the option at all.
  9. So we have a thread about a rumour about a rumour.
  10. Did you actually note the Wigan team was for a very large part of that game. The Wigan starting line-up had no motivation for this game since the soft @rsed Aussies decided they wanted the cash but not a contest, on the other hand Souths team had a lot of motivation, playing for places and to impress the new boss. Wigan also played the game with a very large number of reserve grade players, in fact since they had a similar motivation to the young Souths players the second half was extremely tight. If Souths didn't want a competitive game they shouldn't have taken up the challenge. They screwed this up big style as a sporting spectacle. If they had put out a proper team the whole game would have been completely different.
  11. The problem is that coaches want the ball played before the opposition's defence is set. The quick play the ball gives the attacking team the opportunity to make easy yards. A slower play the ball means that coaches will have to think of ways of getting around an organised defence, something coaches don't like because it involves taking risks. Enforcing proper PTBs will slow the game down, player having to get to his feet, having to concentrate on actually playing the ball with the foot. It will only be slowed fractionally, but we play a game of inches not yards. It is that fraction that the attacking team is trying to gain so they can take the easy yards option.
  12. That's what happened, its true, Saintslass told me.
  13. Blackpool's better.
  14. The reason you didn't phrase it correctly is because you didn't know until you just looked it up what it was you were talking about (again).