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  1. It sounded a noisy ground on the radio, but pulling off a very unexpected win, and not just snatching it at the end, is certainly going to rally the troops.
  2. Listening on the radio it seems Wigan were lacking in attack against a stiff defence and poor in defence against a team giving it more.
  3. Game over HKR in 22 - 8 Kick to come
  4. He wasn't high tackled in the act of scoring, he could have had a penalty for a high tackle before he scored or be allowed to carry on and score. If as he scored he was fouled then its different, subtle but different. They seem to have more bite
  5. So Hill should have been sent off for a BLATANT violent attack to the head.
  6. Are you allowed to stick your elbow and forearm into a players face and mouth.