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  1. The bit you edited in my quote is the bit that was the problem, Leeds should have been building on that success and off-loading a player per season to bring younger blood through. Leeds stuck to an ageing successful squad for too long, that is what dropped them in the mire. We don't know how much of that was Heatherington's doing or McDermott's. I also hope McDermott is successful as the Toronto project is very important for the game.
  2. No it doesn't. You haven't factored in all the variables., you only looked at the one that suited your argument. Variables include the state of the economy, the teams playing and the logistics of their support along with the amount of support. You have transport issues, this has been a massive problem for the last few years and has put off a lot of casual attenders I know. You can add in who is the head if the organisation, do they have the vision and personality to promote the game. You can... You can... need I go on.
  3. Should have played them all in 50,000 seater stadium, you could then have posted it was always 100% attendance. Your logic is seriously flawed, admirable but flawed. The only thing that counts is paying bums on seats, percentages don't mean a jot.
  4. He stuck with the same players for far to long, he didn't ditch key ageing players and promote new blood. That was his undoing. A lot of the players he had Leeds should have been sent packing while they still had a good value (£££s) to other clubs, he should have had replacements lined up and ready to step in. Leeds collapsed under his stewardship, he can't hide, and you can't hide from that fact. He spent years running on a core set of personnel who were bringing success but never seemed to be looking at what happens next.
  5. The answer to that is prize money worth going for, that is then another problem though, where does that money come from?
  6. Surely it should be the 1897 cup, that is when the first Challenge Cup Final was. 😉
  7. I am thinking more of further down the line rather than the upcoming season. If they get to SL he'll have to build an SL squad.
  8. Padge

    Rugby History Thread

    Big Jim didn't say he was innocent, it was just his mates left and right.
  9. Padge

    We Will Remember Them

    I thought the pre-match tribute today showed RL at its best, we somehow always get this stuff right.
  10. This will prove if he can build or only inherit.
  11. Padge

    was rugby league ever patented?

    We used "Rugby Legue World Cup" and the oficial title of the first one was "Rugby League World Championship", this followed what soccer had called their world cup. You play in the World Championship to be awarded the World Cup. It's semantics, but if you went to a court/tribunal these things would be taken into account.
  12. The tour next year, he came across as clueless as to what was happening. Tried to fob it off with some corporate bull$!t, bloke's a complete waste of space.
  13. There is running and wasting energy and time and running with effective precision, go figure.
  14. Rimmer coming across as an @r$3 hole.
  15. Looked like he did his shoulder in the tackle.