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  1. It was only ever a political bribe, there was no financial logic behind it.
  2. This thread is comical to those that have seen real winter rugby.
  3. I am sure he is a great back office man, but coach, he is 50 seats short.
  4. Nobody in the world other than a few folk in the North is aware of it, get a grip.
  5. Some people just can't wait for something to moan about, FFS $h!t happems live with you soft twohats
  6. How about a bit of credit to Salford, I listened on the radio and they seemed to play well. I could of course have listened to a totally biased Manchester Radio commentary that saw the whole game different to you.
  7. I got short shrift when I said Saints hadn't played a top team yet, well they have and they got put in their place.
  8. Which will be first Barber to NRL or Grace to WRU
  9. Was it not a combination of not getting up correctly and then not playing it with the foot, you seem to be allowed to get away with one but not both.
  10. Sorry but Saints fans were booing before anyone got on the field. At this rate we will have players falling over clutching their heads just to stop play. Get over yourself.
  11. Sky Sports

    So fans of F1 could pull the same argument.
  12. What are the soft arrissed Saints supporters booing about.
  13. You are right, it started in football because the idiots who follow that game cannot show respect. Its not just our greats, if it was someone in the backroom staff they would be given the same respect.
  14. I still prefer a minutes silence, but applause or silence that guy deserves it. An absolute great player.
  15. Sky Sports

    You have obviously never bothered to try to stay awake through golf.