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  1. Sad to here, the principle mover behind Ken's involvement in RL and in particularly Huddersfield. Condolences to Ken and all of Jennifer's family, friends and Huddersfield supporters who knew and loved her..
  2. You still need people to produce the ideas, design the products and "write" the software. As software gets more sophisticated it is also more prone to errors and crashes which require people to sort out.and trouble shoot what went wrong and recover data and files. Every automation brings about its own set of problems.
  3. It doesn't matter where supporters come from, all that matters is the number of them.
  4. How very socialist of you.
  5. You can expect a lot more of this if the Tories get a large majority.
  6. FIX!!!
  7. Swinton have got Wigan Salford Hull KR
  8. Its been acceptable at Hull FC for decades.
  9. Well don't keep these things a secret, tell us what they are and how to do these things that will improve the games image and increase crowds.
  10. On the subject of those famed songwriters from the Beatles you get "I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am the walrus, koo koo ka choo"
  11. Can't agree with the concentration, especially in the first half. The rest I'll go with.
  12. We understand the English language, its book not buk and bath not barth.
  13. Once you say you are kicking at goal you can't change your mind, but you can at any point decide to kick. Ref cocked that one up