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  1. I got confused with Mo being in the coaches box.
  2. He should be off the field. Not rules for Wigan, clever use of the rules and officials lack of observance.
  3. It doesn't change the law, he could be doing a Maurice dance, it would still be a penalty.
  4. He had a choice, get out of the way are be a penalty offer.
  5. Nah, the original was Jack Walker.
  6. They are taking the p!$$ probably still beat Wigan though.
  7. Checked the 2017 version and it doesn't seem to be there anymore, though it could be in the Memorandum of Association.
  8. but you were quoting the 7k figure as away support, show me which team regularly takes 7k to away games. It only happens in a couple of local derbies. besides it is the home clubs job to fill its ground not the away club.
  9. sounds to me that what he is saying is Degsey said it therefore they ignored it as he's always coming out with bull manure and they know it
  10. Its in the operational rules.
  11. I have no idea, and neither care, Leigh bought success, just as many other teams have bought success. Once Degsey realised that what he was spending wasn't working he demanded to be allowed to spend more. Spending more than was allowed by the other clubs around him was the foundation for success. It is only because of money, cash, readies, call it what you will that Leigh got into SL. If they didn't spend the cash then they would not have got anywhere near. I am not knocking Leigh for doing it, I am pointing out the reality of how you succeed in pro sport.
  12. Leigh's place was bought, pure and simple. It was the cash that won it. I do not have a problem with it, but people have to accept that the reality of pro sport is cash wins prizes.
  13. Leigh earned their way by a rich owner throwing money at players and threatening to bust the salary cap to get the rules changed to allow the rich owner to buy a place in SL. It was done by money, not by ability of a team playing on an equal footing with the rest. In principle I have nothing against a rich bloke buying an SL place. Get them to put up a big bond and come and join the party.