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  1. Wigan and Saints also hold the record for a regular season league game 47,474 at Central Park, beating that would be a real achievement.
  2. Apparently 10 of the 48 letters are from the DUP
  3. You have been offered Brexit, you don't like the type of Brexit on offer. You can't complain because they type of Brexit was not on the ballot paper.
  4. Padge

    Dear Diary

    They were filming at The Old Courts in Wigan last week.
  5. Transfer fees are a form of slavery, you cannot hold a person to ransom. What you can do is give them a lifetime contract and then if they want to move the contract has to be bought out. That then has it problems when you have to pay a player for the life of the contract when they turn to $h!t. It's a catch twenty two.
  6. Padge


    Religion was thought up by a very clever ruler who needed to control the masses, you are being watched when I am not here, you will be punished when you die (don't think you got away with it because you are not punished now), be good, pay me money and you will be treated nice when you die. I tip my hat to the person who thought of it first, it was a bloody cracker.
  7. Isn't there something in the bible about coveting your neighbours cas?
  8. Religious nutters sticking their nose into Christmas again. I would sooner not be forced to use up 4 days leave in the middle of WInter to indulge in this nonsense, but if I am then I am going to make the most of it. I would sooner have my leave in Summer thank you.
  9. Oh goody, can you deliver it, post is a bit busy this time of year so can you get the almighty to pull some strings to get it here quick.
  10. Can you provide the evidence that this the date of birth of Jesus, like a copy of his birth certificate?