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  1. A waste of breath, if we can stop the immigrants I don't care is the mantra, the whole country can go to the dogs as long as we stop the wogs and polish from doing the jobs we won't do.
  2. Its totally relying on it that is the problem, clubs get an mount from TV that enables them to pay SL full cap, Clubs spend all that money on wages, they think that is what it is for. NO IT IS NOT TO PAY PLAYERS WAGES. Sky know exactly how stupid a lot of clubs are and they know they will still be skint and can dangle them on the same string.
  3. Yep there is, I can't post it at the moment, but believe me it truly exists.
  4. P&R between Pro and Semi Pro leagues is pointless without a time protection for the promoted club. Leigh (sorry Leigh fans but you are the example and I am not picking on you), of a club that have tried going up from part time, straight back down, and then coming up full time from a part time league and going straight back down. Leigh fans hate me ( I don't know why), but I would like them to succeed by being given a three year shot at SL when they get in, I have said that all along but for some reason Starbug and his mates seem to think this notion means I hate Leigh.
  5. Tom Purlsglove age 27????
  6. I'll ask Bowes and all the others the same question as CKN asked.
  7. Well that's a bloody first.
  8. Privatisation, bail outs, call it what you will. Labour do it to save working class people their jobs, Tories do it to protect their millionaire backers gambling investments, both sides do it. One side to protect the rich the other to protect the poor. The stock market is just gambling for the rich, the local bookies is gambling for the poor. Both have to accept their losses. You gambled, you lost.
  9. The Mafia, sorry Tories, will bail them out, claiming, it is because we are concerned about British jobs, when really they are concerned that their mates (donors) will loose millions of pounds.
  10. I really don't know what to say, apart from UNFEKINBELIEVABLE.
  11. Don't bring up the difficult stuff to deal with, you know like erm, reality.
  12. And for my next trick the Tories invented the NHS.
  13. New name/ number font

    Well its either that or the knowledge of all fonts.
  14. New name/ number font

    This thread will become the Font of all knowledge.
  15. None, for the majority, that's my bloody point.