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  1. Have you looked at it in detail, I have, and it does. Forget other sports.
  2. Forget soccer, just do the numbers. It always follows the same path. What will change those numbers is a bigger national media presence.
  3. I think all sides want the best for all, the problem is that both sides don't see merit in the oppositions proposals.
  4. Padge

    Where to stay in Wigan

    who was your surgeon?
  5. Check population and averages for RU, it works out similar. A small sport with only 10 watchers can very soon have a massive percentage increase.
  6. Crowd want to ref game, shock horror. Crowd fail 😮
  7. Soccer (we play football), has become the supreme dominant sport. media organisations actively enforce it in to the countries Psyche, to try and compare ANY sport in this country to soccer is just silly. You need a large amount of momentum and luck to attract supporters from a very wide area beyond your natural constituency.
  8. Football has nothing to do with it. It has its own dynamics which are nothing to do with RL. If you look at the stats, they all point to what I am saying. Leeds may have 3 million people, but there is a point where on the exponential curve you are going not much further for a lot of effort.
  9. The Cas catchment area isn't Castleford. I also said that as the population gets bigger there is a drop off, that also applies as the population gets smaller in reverse. There does seem to be an exponential curve involved in how many people you can attract
  10. But also are based in the same dense populations. The North West is the highest population density outside of London and is just about supporting 3 clubs that can get over 10k crowds and a couple of clubs on good days that can get 5k - 7k. West of St.Helens you will struggle to have an SL 'big' club, East of Manchester you have a chance. In Yorkshire Leeds and Bradford have sucked in most of the support available, OK Bradford at the moment are out of SL running but they are still the big sell.
  11. Like I said Kelly should have been seen to early doors to make him think a bit slower and run a bit slower.
  12. If we had some proper forwards we would have killed Kelly early doors and had 3 more tries. 😉