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    Rugby league, obviously, I support Wigan and St.Judes.<br />Photography, keen amateur.<br />Rugby league's social history.<br />Local history.<br />Travel.

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  1. Forget it, we are at totally cross purposes here.
  2. I am now confused, WTF you on about?
  3. 2 matches, he should pull the other one.
  4. But that is reverse marketing to appeal to the local market with a product you know is better than the local one. i.e. We can do better than you at this but hey ho we'll sell more if we pretend its your $h!te
  5. But the better bars won't touch English beer.
  6. I (nearly) always do that, but if they don't take the hint then they get a long drawn argument, as long as I have nothing better do, and them staying on the phone trying to tell me I am wrong means they can't be on the phone to a mug who will fall for the bull.
  7. Good timing catching the wheels in the air and great use of DoF.
  8. Simple numbers don't tell the whole story, typically changes in structure of leagues make massive variations. If only someone had produced barcharts to show all this graphically.
  9. But only one fifth of the size, the yanks will laugh all the way to the bank following Mrs Weak n Feeble clutching in desperation for a deal.
  10. A voluntary tackle is only an offence if the ref tells the player to play on and he doesn't.
  11. Cas have sailed close to the wind this season, got away with it, they got caught tonight, but again got away with it. That is usually a sign of a good team. They may have pushed their luck tonight and may have to reign in some of their excessive aggressiveness as they go into the more competitive end of the season.
  12. I got confused with Mo being in the coaches box.
  13. He should be off the field. Not rules for Wigan, clever use of the rules and officials lack of observance.
  14. It doesn't change the law, he could be doing a Maurice dance, it would still be a penalty.
  15. He had a choice, get out of the way are be a penalty offer.