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  1. i have had no problems one slight stutter all game,really enjoyed it, i think some folk need to get better internet.
  2. my missus

    Malcolm Andrews

    so sad was always my favourite part of the express.
  3. my missus

    Man of Steel 2018

    those 297 players didn't vote for the man of steel they picked the three nominees, whoever picked the MoS seems to be a top secret.
  4. my missus

    Man of Steel 2018

    anybody know?
  5. their crowds will go up next season because the away fans will outnumber the home fans at most games.
  6. my missus

    Man of Steel 2018

    so are these the votes from which the three nominees were selected? if so who chose the man of steel?
  7. my missus

    Man of Steel 2018

    wigan voted 13 times for roby and only 8 for mcllorum in their first choice.
  8. game over, london in super league we can look forward to some massive blowouts next year.
  9. well that has to be the result of the year.
  10. one try to either side is going to win this.
  11. you'd have to go for london with the extra guile in pellisier and sammut toronto are a bit one dimensional.