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  1. all will become clear as the season unfolds, i will say i am quietly optimistic
  2. i think i'll keep my ammunition dry.
  3. this is a thread to save gonna be some red faces at the end of the season.
  4. Anthony Gelling's new Blog

    yep he will be missed, but after a couple of years in the wilderness he will be welcomed back as is our wont.
  5. England vs Tonga - what it tells us

    during that last 6 or 7 minutes tonga got away with all sorts of things forward passes offsides the ref was carried away on their sudden big effort, if they had won it would have been robbery, watch that last 10 mins again.
  6. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    cheers after the final they are gone
  7. Can England beat the Aussies?

    if we can flatten smith early on we might have a chance or at least stop him from throwing his usual 10 forward passes a game.
  8. NRL coming back to Sky Sports

    whats the phone number to cancel please.
  9. Women's WC - Match Thread^tfw& bit of video here, if it works. oh just saw the other video.
  10. how was it screwed up mine was ok?
  11. premier sports infected

    i suggest all those thinking of leaving go on their facebook site and let them know they seem to listen to what subscribers say on there.