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  1. More problems for Big Sam?

    being pushed out he will end up at wigan, i seem to remember the same persecution of morley.
  2. The last rugby league game I ever watch

    still the greatest game for me and i watch all levels and very rarely come away with any doubts, i say good riddance to all the moaners we can do without you. i look forward to the future of our great game which is only bright.
  3. leeds used that tactic, kicking the ball out last week and look what happened
  4. you can see hull starting to wilt, my money is on leeds now.
  5. leeds get pulled for a forward pass shock horror!
  6. so that was a dumb kick from sneyd if they are going to let leeds run 80mtrs whats the point.
  7. Video Games

    been playing trackmania united for nearly 15 years now and consider myself pretty good at it currently standing about 140th in the country, i am over 60!
  8. apparently nothing to do with sky but as you say it is rubbish bateman was mom by a country mile myler was probably responsible for leeds losing the game and somehow won mom easily.
  9. just watching this and oulton have just had a sub sent off for running on an hitting someone so apparently they have also had to lose one player as well, is this a first i can't say i have ever seen this before!
  10. they were both pretty poor but wigan not quite as poor as leeds
  11. Favourite commentary

    alex murphy on john ferguson "if he's got a bad knee i want one"
  12. Just a bit sad

    behave, you will not win.
  13. fantastic game loved every second of it 70 people nearly took the roof off the pub when super sam knocked that drop over, funny how a one point win is miles better than thrashing a poor leeds side.
  14. griffin settles it and its 33-20 to hull final score good effort from an injury hit widnes side.and just to rub it in shaul gets a last minute try and sneyd kicks the goal 39-20
  15. widnes won't lie down olbiston goes in and we have a game 20-27