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  1. my missus

    World Club Challenge

    jeez who rattled your cage? its a fact wigan haven't promoted the game at all and as things stand will be lucky to get 20 thou, hopefully things will pick up as we get nearer.
  2. my missus

    World Club Challenge

    struggling for a crowd like that there is no promotion of the game whatsoever if anyone is treating it as a warm up its wigan.
  3. my missus

    Widdop - Wire

    coming over here because he has a dodgy shoulder that may last a bit longer in our namby pamby league.
  4. my missus

    super league website

    most of the language coming out of france is unprintable at the moment.
  5. anyone else having trouble getting on it?
  6. my missus

    RFL petition

    no its probably because the other sports manage to get 20 thousand neutrals to turn out and the rugby league are lucky if they can muster 2000.
  7. my missus

    RFL petition

    exactly, every other event that is on there seems to sellout so why not the cc.
  8. my missus

    RFL petition

    348 signed now.
  9. and do you think rimmer even knows that the fan base is up in arms? i don't he probably has never even glanced at these pages and so will drift along with his plans to ruin the game whilst being paid a massive sum to do it.
  10. rimmer and his cronies should quit over this, as someone else said i feel embarrassed to be a fan.
  11. rugby league seriously needs to step up with either sevens or nines formats as it is pretty obvious that is what tv wants.
  12. what was your injury? and do you feel a 100% now.
  13. my missus

    Golden Point

    great to see the shot clock its been taking far to long for goal kicks and scrums.
  14. i have had no problems one slight stutter all game,really enjoyed it, i think some folk need to get better internet.
  15. my missus

    Malcolm Andrews

    so sad was always my favourite part of the express.