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  1. snow just arrived in wigan coming down thick and fast on top of a layer of hail.
  2. some tasty looking games thrown up.
  3. hardly once a year, his show has been on since 1992 and has seen some great acts come and go although i agree the new year shows are not what they where. also the beeb should be indebted to him as his show is one of their biggest earners.
  4. we had a big fat wasp trying to come in through the kitchen door just the other day, "i dealt with it"
  5. i think the new rule changes for the coming season can only make for a better game especially the 10mtr at the the scrum rather than 5 should open the game up more.
  6. 1. Wigan 2. Warrington 3. Hull 4. saints 5.leeds 6.cas 7salford 8catalan 9. leigh 10 Widnes 11. huddersfield 12Wakefield.
  7. err how many saints players are in that squad?
  8. i know they are a better team than us i was pointing out that their coaching method is after all thats been said about bennett quite the opposite of ours.
  9. a great article here which gives away a lot of why they were up for this series. The secret to the success of the Kangaroos on tour to this point has been a clever mix of competitiveness and caring with Mal Meninga setting the tone. No one on tour is keen to say too much about what is keeping the team focused, but it's clear that the squad has been divided into four groups – teams within the team – the echidnas, platypuses, koalas and wombats. And everything they do is measured and scored for their team. And when we say everything, we mean everything. Even things such as a player's hydration counts towards their team's points tally – measured by a urine test every morning. Their social engagement is scored by team leaders, their performances in training sessions are assessed, as are their efforts in games they compete in during training. Even their interaction with the media earns points for their group. The winning team spins a wheel to decide their prize, with half-a-dozen choices on offer. It keeps the players focused and intense. And it's fun. more below