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  1. this team is bad but if it was the world cup it would be a completely different team
  2. you could combine all 26 of these players against australia and aus would still win.
  3. i was recommended to watch Almas not normal a great comedy on iplayer they said i watched the first episode and five mins of the second before switching off. the language was ridiculous effing and blinding constantly and any humour was of the crude variety, i won't be watching again.
  4. i watched Dune the other day and thought this version was very good also surprised to find there is a part two.
  5. anyone know where i can find a match report, its like this game never happened.
  6. swings and roundabouts latics enjoying some success right now it was only 5mins ago they were completely broke and about to disappear that could happen again quite easily.
  7. wigans decline!! bloody hell you would think they had been relegated, 4th in the league and probably second highest attendances every club in the league would be happy with that.
  8. i'll be watching the greatest players playing the greatest game.
  9. https://www.fitasaphysio.com/uploads/4/3/3/4/43345381/irb_hia_1_en.pdf came across this i have often wondered what exactly the HIA test is and this explains a lot as to why players fail it so often.
  10. all this shenanagins leading to more free substitutions leading to more fresh players causing more injuries.
  11. well blow me down teams are faking HIAs whoda thout. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2021-paul-kent-nrl-concussion-hia-penrith-panthers-v-melbourne-storm-jarome-luai-christian-welch-brandon-smith/news-story/eba11312da5fc0bf1bc2ad8b7e42691e
  12. Haven't read through this thread so forgive me if this has been mentioned, the biggest error in the storm v penrith match was the conversion kick being allowed nearly 10mtrs in from the side line imagine if it had been a crucial kick.
  13. it is very poor but ther was about 300 leeds fans hardly a decent support
  14. one reason for wigans lack of trys, harry smith, i feel for him he had looked so good last season but has cost wigan so many games this season it's ridiculous.
  15. surely this match will get 10,000 fans at 20 euros a pop would this money not pay for it?
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