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  1. nowt in it wigan need to sharpen up they are looking heavy legged catalan look the better side but don't have a clue close in/
  2. not the biggest saints fan me but that was a knock on all day long twice.
  3. they may have some sort of plan on the early tackles and then it all goes out the window in a blind panic, no building of pressure no repeat sets.
  4. very little structure from both sides its all willy nilly hit and hope stuff.
  5. poor saints defending that moon waltzes over.
  6. poor leeds defending that swift in the corner
  7. i couldn't look at that
  8. ooh that looks painful.
  9. and how would all this affect pub viewing? in my local they can barely afford the £700 a month they pay but can't cancel because nobody would come in at all, perhaps if they only had to pay for a rugby channel they would be better off, but then when a big football match happens they could pay a one off fee per game.
  10. twin peaks just gets better, checkout nine inch nails with an absolute banger of a tune.
  11. err didn't farrell get a one game ban only two weeks ago for less than Mcguire did.
  12. of?
  13. how the heck did this rabble put 50 on wigan.