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  1. shame that wakey deserved the win
  2. i here leigh miners have sacked their coach this weekend
  3. pet ref my ###### he hammered both sides with some strange decisions today.
  4. gonna miss that one off on my jollies to a place where no internet yet exists
  5. just got back and have to say wigan were abysmal george williams has had an absolute stinker and we are again reminded what we are without lockers, got to say hudds seemed to have raised there game after last weeks shocker but were still pretty poor.
  6. westwood and hill can't stop hock!! 6-0
  7. The king earl boogie band, trouble at mill, a spin off from mungo jerry and every track a cracker.
  8. anyone watching in canada must be amazed at these conditions.
  9. 14 baht halftime
  10. i find it incredible that we are compared to arm wrestling and poker, also you would think their would be some mention of rugby league on a site like that but when you do a search rugby league can't be found anywhere?
  11. 6-0 to toronto
  12. no score after 10 mins
  13. has it's own tab on my bbc sport?