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  1. How on earth have you come to that conclusion? And what's this list? They already have something to aim for - winning the SL. The rest will contribute towards winning it. Has the fact that we returned to a P&R system stopped theirs or Castleford's pursuit of a new stadium? Or from Leeds upgrading theirs? You say "give someone else that opportunity", yet we do not and probably never will have a governing body strong enough to make the decision. As for those talking about quality of matches: the quality of matches at the bottom end of SL during the licensing era were dreadful throughout. I don't see how licensing is supposed to change this? All it did was make game between the lower teams of that year not only low quality affairs but also low excitement. Truly awful.
  2. I honestly do not see how this is an argument for licensing vs P&R? Of course clubs would prefer to be challenging at the top than fighting relegation. How does licensing affect that? What fans of lower clubs are appearing to say on this thread (including an expansion club like London) is that they'd rather be playing for something than nothing if they have an off year. Nobody wants to be involved in 10-15 dead rubber games a year. And that's when we had a ridiculously large play off system that gave poor teams an easier chance to win the Grand Final (in a desperate attempt to give teams something to play for). For someone who seeks quality, you've got to admit that an 8-team play off wouldn't be the answer.
  3. Really? How come Hull, Cas and Wakey have had far better success under P&R than the licensing era? Opportunities are what you make of them. To say they have a better chance of winning the GF under a licensing system is just tosh.
  4. Because so many rugby league fans have this paranoia about the RFL protecting and favouring different clubs over others so they think they're going to change all the rules to keep them up mid-season, despite the fact that has NEVER happened before.
  5. Do you want protection or not?! 🤣
  6. It was a joke, but it is what I think would make everyone happy enough. Protected expansion clubs in one conference, heartlands clubs split into another two.
  7. I heard that if Catalans go down, they'll create a 4 team conference alongside SL without relegation with Catalans, Toulouse, Toronto and London...
  8. Won the league last year and got you to a Cup final this year. I doubt he'll be getting sacked any time soon!
  9. Just think what could have been had Grix not bombed that clearance.
  10. Has anyone mentioned how this result knocks Wigan out of the playoffs? I feel like it's been overlooked...
  11. RLWC Scheduling

    Friday morning at 10am for the kick off?! Which idiot picked that? I'll never be able to get time off work.
  12. If we can't win this, then we don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Simple as really. Hull need to win the next 2 games to improve on last season. They need to win one to equal it. Lose and, unless there's a shock at Saints and Wigan, it will be a worse season than last. Not a bad position for us for a change to be able to say that we've had a worse season than previous despite winning a trophy!
  13. What the bloody hell is everyone going on about?!
  14. The 'Beer Garden Concept'

    I always liked the tailgate idea that American sports have. One thing I'd love to see an attempt at emulating one day is some kind of fan camping festival event. Every year in the early years of the Magic Weekend and at the Challenge Cup final, we used to go camping nearby and it was great. Loads of fans having a party and a good laugh. Not sure how they'd do it for SL games, mind. KCOM is on a park. Cas has a playing field adjacent to it. About all I can think of unless they let you pitch up on the cricket ground at Headingley!