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  1. Wellsy4HullFC

    Would any other buisness.............

    As I've said a few times, I s the merits in both and would like to have made adjustments for both. A Grand Final is very important for the Championship. It began attracting huge crowds. The MPG and the Qualifiers were getting lots of media interest and neutral interest. An earlier finish to the Championship season would give time for a Grand Final (and give the promoted team more time to recruit). Once the GF AND SL seasons have finished, a 3-week Qualifier series between 11th and 12th in SL and next two in Championship. Top team qualifies. Other 3 go into Championship.
  2. Wellsy4HullFC

    MPG lineup Toronto v London

    Toronto could beat Leeds, who I'm sure will be relieved next week after being Halifax later today. Toronto are desperate. Leeds won't be.
  3. Wellsy4HullFC

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Next week is certainly a must-win for Rovers now though. Lose and it opens the door for not only an away game in the MPG (London could very realistically make up the 15 point difference at home to Halifax) but even straight relegation should Toulouse beat Salford as well. I'm sure most Widnes fans will have Rovers winning heavily though going by their team's form!
  4. Wellsy4HullFC

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    ... But in reality, unless Salford capitulate by 50+ points, which won't happen at home against Toulouse, they are safe from the MPG. Toulouse could win, but it'd be a very close affair if that were to happen, and Toulouse would just have to hope London don't stuff Halifax (or that Halifax get that elusive win... or that Widnes beat Rovers by a try). Wow. Every game has something riding on it next week in the Qualifiers. Shame they're not on all in tele.
  5. Wellsy4HullFC

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    If Toulouse win by 58+ points, they'll overtake Salford. London would need to stuff Halifax by 62 points to overtake Salford also. Rovers would need just a win. Toronto would have to win too but only by a point so Leeds still have a better points difference. All incredibly incredibly unlikely, but still a chance that Salford could go straight down. And in that scenario, Leeds/Toulouse/London would be tied up in the MPG!
  6. Wellsy4HullFC

    Toulouse robbed of promotion?

    Maybe robbed of a one off chance of promotion, but not of promotion.
  7. Wellsy4HullFC

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    You'd have thought they'd have kept an adapted version over a smaller period due to hour much attention it had been getting.
  8. Wellsy4HullFC

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Widnes could beat Rovers. Toronto could beat Leeds Toulouse could beat Salford. That happens... OMG!
  9. Wellsy4HullFC

    Widnes relegated

    They ain't coming straight back up. There will be two teams better than them in the league at least already. Next year should be a stabilising year. If they base it in promotion at all costs, it'll be a long year.
  10. Wellsy4HullFC

    Golden Point ?

    Interesting idea. Essentially, you're saying Golden Try or Silver Point. I don't like the concept of GP in league games, but in Cup games that could be a goer.
  11. Wellsy4HullFC

    Previous MPG's

    He did? Even though Toulouse are in the British league?
  12. Wellsy4HullFC

    New league structure revealed

    He did quantify that with more info, which was just as bad to be fair. 3 year cycle for relegation would be disastrous. What if the team are a shambles? You're stuck with them for 3 years. Their relegation could be confirmed before the end of the second season. They could also be relegated but win the GF.
  13. That's because Hill made a fool of himself by dropping his forearm into a prone player's mouth and wondered why he had teeth marks!
  14. Wellsy4HullFC

    New league structure revealed

    I think some of these targets are pretty unrealistic in the short term, and I'm sure we've had a discussion about it before so won't continue it here. But I agree with the need for at least x-amount of event fans of 20k-30k per month. The season should at least be planned out to allow for this. It allows build. We then need to look at what events we currently have that could even achieve that as a starting point. Looking at the fixtures in SL, we have a few that should always get it without much push: Hull FC vs Hull KR; Wigan vs Saints; Wigan vs Warrington And a few that could get it with a bigger than normal push: Leeds vs Castleford; Leeds vs Hull FC; Leeds vs Wigan; Leeds vs Saints; Wigan vs Leeds; Hull FC vs Leeds (yes, in aware they all involve Leeds by they don't have a big derby at the moment!) And maybe with a huge effort, even these could: Hull FC vs Castleford, Huddersfield vs Leeds (15k in the past), Catalans OTR in Barcelona, Toronto OTR at BMO Field. Maybe clubs could apply for loans or grants from the RFL to push for 20k event attendances. Fact is, we need to be doing more.