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  1. Wellsy4HullFC

    Where do Leeds go now?

    I didn't.
  2. Maybe the NRL should distribute money regionally and let the clubs decide how they'll share it between them. When the Sydney clubs realise they'll only get X amount if there's 9 clubs, they'll find away to cut down to 6 (merge, move or P&R in Sydney conference). Personally, I'd love to see a Sydney conference Premier and Division 1 with all the traditional clubs back (Easts, Souths, Wests Magpies, North Sydney Bears, Balmain, Manly, St George, Illawarra, Canterbury, Cronulla, Parramatta, Penrith). 6 in Premier take part in NRL (3 conferences of 6), 6 below play for promotion to Sydney conference. TV money distributed the same to NRL 6 but 50% to Div 1 to keep them full time. It'd never happen, but it's the only way you could keep all the traditional teams and expand at the same time without relocation and merger.
  3. Wellsy4HullFC

    Where do Leeds go now?

    All of this is irrelevant anyways. We all know that the RFL, SL and the clubs will hold an emergency meeting (because you know, they would never relegate Leeds or Wigan), decide that they're going to expand to 14 find next year and promote Toronto and Toulouse, allowing for the 2 new North American teams to skip the full time drubbings of part time League 1 teams. Actually, that makes too much sense.
  4. Wellsy4HullFC

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Briscoe was an England international at the time IIRC. He's been terrible since going to Leeds though. Looks like an average Joe at best.
  5. Wellsy4HullFC

    Hemel and New York

    Or even French and NA teams in a conference. I'd even consider London in there too. If these clubs are key to the expansion strategy, ring fence them in a separate conference. TW, TO, CD, LB +2
  6. Wellsy4HullFC

    Dennis Betts joins Newcastle

    Hopefully the start of something big at Newcastle. They're beginning to grow their crowds in League 1 and will only grow further in the Championship. With the Falcons one of the favourites to go down, could be a good time for a push for League in the North East.
  7. Wellsy4HullFC

    Odds for relegation

    Hull at 25/1 yet Leeds at 80/1? I know it's unlikely, but more than three times as unlikely as Hull after the start both have had? How do they come up with this stuff?
  8. -12 points for entering administration, but have only lost 1 in 6. Nearly back to level pegging, with a game in hand. Meanwhile, there is a strong battle going on around the playoffs, with many of the top teams on 8 points. Can Widnes close the gap over 22-23 more games? Will they? And if they do, will they go all the way?
  9. Wellsy4HullFC

    impressive Toulouse

    Most certainly. They pushed Toronto all the way at the beginning of the season. There's some potential at York, most certainly. Would love to see them build as a club. Would be a good rivalry against the Hull teams.
  10. They're only playing Barrow. They're supposed to be developing Super League quality players in the Championship without actually being able to play against Super League opposition... somehow.
  11. Wellsy4HullFC

    Change of rules

    Yeah, didn't people bang on about this when Bradford were in trouble?
  12. Wellsy4HullFC

    How long for France to do a Tonga?

    Do a Tonga? You mean get a load of heritage players or French-born English products to fill the team? Never.
  13. Wellsy4HullFC

    Can London win Super League?

    Told ya!
  14. Wellsy4HullFC

    a new rl 1st tonite?

    I'm guessing end in a vowel?