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  1. Wellsy4HullFC

    France, Wales, England all qualified, so...

    3 Match series between France and Wales sounds good. Let the remaining England players split off into Yorkshire v Lancashire. Might as well. If we bringing back GB we might as well bring back the Roses.
  2. England's attitude in defence has been poor from the 35th minute. They've been unlucky in attack at times, but should be creating far more. Curse of Elland Road strikes again.
  3. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits

    Another close match.
  4. Wellsy4HullFC

    Six Nations in Northern Hemisphere

    Bring back the Four Nations without the Aussies. If they wanna take part, they'll have to qualify. They can't just pick and choose and we can't just wait for them in order to plan the international game. Would have loved to have seen it expanded to 5 Nations with the Big3 + 1 NH and 1 SH qualifier every year, but because the Aussies are so flakey it just can't happen.
  5. Wellsy4HullFC

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    They do it in the league all the time! Clubs in all sports experiment with their teams in certain competitions. Most friendlies are played for a trophy these days too. Should they not play that game because the club aren't trying their hardest to win the trophy?
  6. Wellsy4HullFC

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Who said they weren't trying to win? They're just might be trying different selections as they go through.
  7. Wellsy4HullFC

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Isn't the idea that these replace those warm ups? It's a warm up tournament.
  8. Wellsy4HullFC

    European Superleague

    The world is getting smaller for those that have money. Popping to Europe isn't exactly an issue for those that can afford it these days. Clubs in smaller countries that have smaller leagues simply cannot compete with established leagues in the big countries. I'm surprised the smaller leagues at least haven't tried to combine with the others around them to create a more lucrative league worth selling. The Scottish League for example is tiny. Combined with the Welsh and Irish, you might have something even slightly more interesting (your Cardiff's and Swansea's would have a good chance of dethroning Celtic, and gives a chance to build clubs in Ireland). If that's not a big enough step, there's always combining areas of Europe into North/East/South/West.
  9. Wellsy4HullFC

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Why not throw Wigan in there too and make it 2 groups of 3? Have a group of Wire/Saints/Widnes and Workington/Whitehaven/Barrow and you've got a full preseason NW Cup going alongside a Yorkshire Cup.
  10. Wellsy4HullFC

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Good to see they're trying to make something out of the preseason, rather than just "we're playing this team for a bit of a run about". Obviously they need to make sure they all play at least three games otherwise they won't actually get the warm up they wanted. In an 8 team tournament, they could either go the 2-groups of 4 and a final route (3-4 games each), or straight knockout with plate comp for first round losers and play-off places for the rest like seen in international comps in the past. Give everyone 3 games then and a ranking for everyone. Be interesting to see how it pans out. There's 16 professional Yorkshire teams. Would be good to see it involve everyone one day.
  11. No, it's what international rugby league used to be about... about 20 years ago. There are more teams now. We don't need to be playing the same one in a 3 match series every few years. We've played the Aussies twice over here in 7 years (and only three times over there). Could be another 2 before we play then again. In the meantime, we'll have played the Kiwis 8 times over here in the same period (plus 3 times over there and once in Denver). It's completely imbalanced.
  12. All the more reason they need a second NRL team over there.
  13. Really? You don't think fans feel that playing the 2nd/3rd best team in the world 3 times in a row is less meaningful than playing in a competition featuring the best team in the world? Familiarity breeds contempt. I'm sick of seeing a test series against the Kiwis in all honesty. They're good games, but we often get the same thing. I want to see something new.