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  1. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Answering my own question. Needed doing. It was a very important one.
  2. Wellsy4HullFC

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    What do you think it didn't do? Because it didn't do nothing.
  3. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Just as I suspected. 9 white hoops on each set. Disgraceful copying. You'd think they'd have at least gone for 8 or 10 to be original.
  4. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    They're just trying to copy a winning team's strip. Need to count the hoops on the Falcons shirt to see if it's an exact rip off. Outrageous if so...
  5. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    I never said you said they were exact. Would you like some of that medication?
  6. Wellsy4HullFC

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Don't know what you're talking about. They're the exact opposite. The Hull shirt (from top to bottom) is black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops. The Toronto shirt is thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black, thin hoops, black. Exact opposite.
  7. Has anything been mentioned about stadium redevelopment?
  8. Wellsy4HullFC

    This Forums Members age

    I don't like being in the third bracket. I'm so used to being in the first 2 😭
  9. Wellsy4HullFC


    What an odd thread.
  10. Wellsy4HullFC

    Top class wingers this season

    To be honest, I've not even thought about it. It's usually a complete lottery with the form of a side and injuries. If Faraimo can go a season without getting injured or sent off, and the halves at Hull can be consistent, he'd be a good shout.
  11. Wellsy4HullFC

    Top class wingers this season

    With Gale out injured, can't see it happening. The structure will be completely different.
  12. Wellsy4HullFC

    Top class wingers this season

    They'll both win you the same amount though...
  13. Wellsy4HullFC

    Lee Radford determined to re-ignite Hull FC

    Didn't Matongo just make the England Knights? Bowden has made the first 13. Logan was number 4 before his injury. Briscoe was the last player to make the England side, not Yeaman. But then Houghton has won Man of Steel since then, so I'm including him too. Don't get me wrong, we want higher. But it's not as bad as you've made out. The academy was briefed on the times of Hetherington, and Pearson made that clear. He also said it would take a while to turn around because you can't just make products over night. I'm not sure what your solution is?
  14. Wellsy4HullFC

    Sky mix up the rugby’s again!

    It's funny because it says Toulouse 13 🤣
  15. Wellsy4HullFC

    Lee Radford determined to re-ignite Hull FC

    My point exactly. Because a youngster grant burst onto the scene for us and suddenly received a 1-17 shirt, it doesn't mean we're not producing any. Fash, Matongo, Logan (who did actually receive a #4 squad number) to name a few. We've had a successful team and few injuries that needed covering into last year's injury issue, so there hasn't been as much opportunity. Didn't hear many complaints then.