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  1. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    Would love to see you guys play Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France. I think England would be a bit too big a step this quickly and do nothing for either side. Wouldn't mind seeing England play Ireland mid season after their efforts in the World Cup. Any talk of this reserves vs full sides rubbish needs to stop though. Doesn't help anyone.
  2. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    It will help other nations see how far behind their domestic scene is because it won't attract their top players as it's not a proper international. It won't challenge England's reserves so they won't even be considered anyway. It won't attract crowds. It will highlight the problems with the international game. It will achieve nothing. I say this because this is EXACTLY what happened last time, and the fact that it's being considered again is ridiculous. If England want their reserves to have a test, why don't they play the Aussie reserves or Kiwi reserves? That would be a bigger sell and actually challenge them. Leave the other nations to actually have proper test matches that have purpose (maybe qualification to a larger tournament) to attract their major stars.
  3. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    I don't think you'd need to play England A though. You'd be better off just playing the rest and selling them as full internationals. I cannot see how getting stuffed by a reserve team can be good for anyone. It doesn't challenge England, it's too challenging for Canada and it puts a huge highlight on the size of the gulf between the top nations. Why would anyone want to highlight the main weakness of the game?
  4. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    No reserve side should play a full international side. It completely devalues those nations and international competition. Awful idea if true.
  5. Why should it? It's against the rules. Do you think the Hull players would have been positioned where they were if the laws of the game allowed you to do that? You can't just make it up as you go along.
  6. Wouldn't mind seeing Lebanon play New Zealand just to see if NZ would the the 5th or 6th best side in this year's competition! Lebanon played a lot better against Tonga than NZ did!
  7. On the plus side, to play so poorly and still win so convincingly shows that we must have some strengths in other areas. If we can cut out the errors, we'll be an amazing side. We just need more games together, not hope it'll all just click at the tournament stage!
  8. So how much work is this other body doing? Seem to be heading a lot about them now. What resources do they have?
  9. Did he actually make any illegal contact there? Yeah it was a cheap shot, but he attacked the ball in fairness.
  10. Some of the England link play has been superb so far. Really impressed by the PNG defence to keep us out. Enjoying this game so far.
  11. Awful call by James Child. He was being dragged into touch, so he had to pass. If he was held it would be a penalty to England surely?
  12. I laughed, but in the inside I cried because there's a lot of truth in that.
  13. That would have been a red card had it been Liam Watts...
  14. 2018 Kits

    Only spoilt by that blue badge. Can't they turn it red now they've ditched the blue home colours?