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  1. Wellsy4HullFC

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    You then need to factor in the possibility of Featherstone beating Toronto as well. Leigh need to win by big scores to guarantee that not being a factor.
  2. 8 years. 2006 season they played there too.
  3. Wellsy4HullFC

    Championship run-in : irony alert

    All these scenarios only consider Toronto beating Featherstone on the final week. They might rest a few, giving Fev the win and giving Leigh a difficult chance to get in.
  4. Toulouse, London, Toronto to win. 1. Toronto 23 - 43pts 2. Toulouse 23 - 35pts 3. London 23 - 33pts 4. Leigh 23 - 32pts 5. Halifax 23 - 31pts 6. Featherstone 23 - 30pts 
  5. For arguments sake, if you include the "likely" results of the next 2 fixtures, it gives you a clearer prediction. 1. Toronto 22 - 41pts 2. Toulouse 22 - 33pts 3. Leigh 23 - 32pts 4. London 22 - 31pts 5. Halifax 22 - 31pts 6. Featherstone 21 - 30pts Round 22: Halifax v Toulouse Featherstone v London Round 23: Toronto v Featherstone Predict those games and change the table accordingly!
  6. Or Leeds to slip up in one game, Huddersfield to lose both and Rovers to win both and sneak out the top 8... Nah, can't see that one happening...
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if the NRL were looking in on this and wondering how they could take advantage of the situation. They're testing games part way round the world next year (conveniently ignoring all player safety concerns of course). Would it be possible to see the 4-6 biggest clubs break away to the NRL in a few years in an expanded competition using the UK TV broadcast deals to fund the few?
  8. Wellsy4HullFC

    13 Jul: SL: Hull FC v St Helens KO 7:45pm

    What an unexpected comment...
  9. Is your aim to write the most nonsense possible in one thread? Because if it helps, you're doing well.
  10. Wellsy4HullFC

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    Weren't Villeneuve/Aquitaine Leopards talking about entering the British league too?
  11. Wellsy4HullFC

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    You couldn't just promote directly from Elite 1 I reckon. The logistics of organising the structure of the leagues (you would potentially have an extra team), prep for other clubs, prep for the French club itself would be too much to do in a couple of months. If it could be done, I'd agree. I think they'd be a year lead up though for it to work.
  12. Wellsy4HullFC

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    I agree. I'd consider a licensed entrance (I.e. You need to meet the criteria in order to enter, but once you're in you can be relegated). Cold have a League 1 champion vs Elite 1 champion play off. League 1 champs go up obviously, but if the Elite 1 champs win, they get promoted the following year (meaning there would be an extra relegation spot: something I newly promoted League 1 club wouldn't want so would be desperate to win this game!).
  13. One that could, in time, produce 5 figure crowds, have a strong local engagement in a large catchment area and begin to produce their own players from it and then challenge for trophies.
  14. They are, they've just always been asleep! Maybe not the best phrase to use. Potential giant then, if we want to quibble on semantics.