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  1. First team, ladies team, U16 girls, Guessing we can't include the City of Hull Academy U19s and U16s? Or our feeder team (Hull KR)?
  2. Well isn't that the other side of the problem... players play for penalties. Wouldn't it stop a lot more of that if the reward is less?
  3. Clubs strip club saga

    It's not illegal. They were given orders by their employees though and broke it. It's daft.
  4. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    So, he's admitted taking them. He must have had possession of them to do that. Possession is a crime, regardless of the amount held or for how long. It's not a serious crime, but it is a crime. Him likely not being punished for it even if he was caught is not exactly an argument for him not committing it in the first place. It doesn't theoretically exist. He admitted he took it. There's your proof he had possession. Give me just one instance he could have it in his system without having had possession (baring in mind he admitted taking it). You seem to be under the impression that just because you haven't been caught means you haven't committed a crime. You're literally saying that until the courts have determined it, no crime has been committed. Just because the courts haven't processed it, doesn't mean a crime hasn't happened. It's a lesser crime, so they are obviously going to prioritise. But just because the courts haven't caught someone shooting someone else in the head doesn't mean that there wasn't a crime committed.
  5. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Could you make your dislike for Hull FC a bit less obvious? People might actually bother with what you're saying then. Every mention is a negative.
  6. they would be given 6 more tackles because they've slowed momentum, not stopped it. A penalty stops the game. Wiping the tackle count down doesn't. It's effectively like the difference between playing on after a knock on or stopping for a scrum. The rule change I have suggested would not effect the situation you've said as those instances would be a penalty, as I've already said. Holding down after a break is different to the penalties we see holding down to just control the pace of the game. Different tactics, different consequences. I've said my piece on this anyhow. I no longer feel the need to go round in circles.
  7. In my example, the get 6 more tackles and to maintain momentum rather than break in play. If the line is broken and someone holds you down in order for the line to get back, then that's a professional foul.
  8. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    I never said doping laws were legal laws. And I never claimed the law worked in any way you're suggesting. I'm just saying that just because he wasn't caught doesn't mean he didn't do it. He admitted taking it. He had it. He broke the law. He didn't get caught, but he still broke the law by having it in possession. You seem to be of the impression that just because you haven't been caught, you haven't broken the law.
  9. First would be a professional foul if I'm following you're scenario correctly, so more than just holding down. When the opposition have a roll on, then wouldn't it be better to not stop the game for a penalty (like I said) and keep the flow going by just wiping down the tackle count? The momentum will have slowed, but not stopped completely like in a penalty situation. If they take the mick by holding down even longer after the call has been made, blow for a penalty. Persistence = yellow.
  10. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    He will have had possession in order to take it, unless you're arguing someone put it in him. Let's not pretend he hasn't committed a crime just because he hasn't been caught in possession of it before (and admitting to) taking it. In the process of putting it in his system, he broke the law. By putting it in his system, he broke doping laws.
  11. In which situations is conceding a penalty better than losing the ruck? Only breaking a tackle to delay for the defenders to get back, which would be a professional foul and a sin-binning, can I think of off the top of my head.
  12. Westerman leaving TWP

    I'm of the impression that we've gotten him on the cheap and on terms that favour us if he messes up. A bit like Kelly, and the turned out alright so far. But if he's anything like previously, I agree with your assessment. He wasn't signed by Radford on Radford's terms. He is now. Maybe that could make a difference?
  13. A lesser penalty, but used more often. It would improve the flow of the game to wipe the tackle count clean rather than stop every now and then for a penalty (which people usually deem harsh because similar incidents have already happened yet not had such a punishment). I've already explained that if it's an obvious strip, it would be penalised. It takes the lottery out of the decision when a ball pops out. The only reason a player strips the ball is to gain possession. If that is far less likely to occur, what's the point in doing it? Given the choice between risking a penalty and risking the tackle count being wiped, players would prefer the latter. Players will always try and push it. Refs are always worried about the affect of handing out penalties due to how much they can change the momentum. If you give them an option of a lesser punishment, they may be more inclined to use it. Little an often, without destroying the flow of the game.
  14. If there's repeat offenses, give a penalty, warnings, etc. They won't want to keep giving extra tackles away as it keeps the pressure on, and if it keeps happening within the same set then warnings and sin binnings will occur. I said if it's 100% obvious it's a ball steal, give the penalty. Players don't steal the ball to slow the game down, they do it to gain possession. If they aren't as likely to gain possession, they'll cut it out (and likely try other tactics obviously).
  15. Albert Kelly

    It doesn't look great but I've seen far worse, not least to say this isn't the entire story. Coincidence that the video starts rolling now? Or did something happen beforehand to provoke a reaction? Definitely needs a telling off though.