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  1. Without wanting to go OTT would any other team have won so comfortably if they had lost their captain; their number 4 bat and one of their openers mid game?
  2. Most of the rumours do appear to be on here
  3. Well that lasted. Will the 6 form the Re-Change Party
  4. It was so late the TV cameras struggled to show it clearly
  5. Interesting timing. Also should a relative successful coach go back to the club where he had that success?
  6. No it's not especially if you watch with a good knowledge of the laws of the game and aren't biased towards one team or another
  7. Correct the player chooses their own number provided it has not been used for the last 2 or 3 years Alec Stewart had the number 4 so that his shirt always said "Stewart 4 England"
  8. There isn't as such a totting up procedure as such for those types of offences so in real time without the benefit of hindsight then probably not. The "crusher" if it had been picked up (& they are exceptionally difficult to see in real time) should have been a sin bin imo although Hudgell disagrees My comments about a lack of bias and one view in real time still remain key to this discussion
  9. Yes it was However the restructure last year was only ever going to be phase 1 until the new TV deal & the SL re-restructure were sorted. There is some excellent work going in in League 1 this year and it is a very competitive division
  10. Warrington probably didn't want him banning as he is a penalty machine and therefore likely to be an asset for them this weekend
  11. Please re-read my post in full. The last paragraph in particular. Despite your 50 years of watching (I've only got 47 including over a dozen refereeing & touch judging) your comments are very one sided and expecting perfection from nobody except the referee when in reality they are the most accurate & unbiased of all the people involved
  12. What standard di you think you deserve that the current system isn't delivering? Which fouls were missed? If you mean that the ref's view of an incident differs from that shown on a TV replay then admit that was the case Clearly you think you can do better so get in touch with the RFL and I look forward to watching your first match
  13. I agree. It is a test for the RFL and whether they can stand up for the integrity of the sport
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