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  1. LeeF


    Has anyone tried the Glenfiddich IPA ? I like the "normal" Gelenfiddich but was wondering about the IPA version
  2. LeeF

    Pre-Season Yorkshire Cup

    Rimmer advised them to tweet about it
  3. So there isn't one which would mean that Corbynism dies out when Jeremy goes?
  4. We all know he won't go voluntarily but who is the heir to the Corbyn gang?
  5. A legacy that Rimmer is closely associated with. After all he was there
  6. LeeF

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Or is it a dig at Hardaker and his team/ agent?
  7. Only 5 matches for a player with his track record is a disgrace. He has been charged 12 times in the last 3 seasons. He has likely finished a player's career this season and was very lucky not to finish Greg Bird's last year. Will it actually take a death before the Dusciplinary committee sort him out & just ban him from this game
  8. Featherstone has never been a level playing field nor is Mount Pleasant. You can also add Thrum Hall, Crown Flatt and the legendary corners at Odsal to the list
  9. Good to see that you have got a full compliment and haven't had to obtain special dispensation from the RFL
  10. All those promises he made 12 months ago about no contracts being ripped up and all the promises 2 months ago about funding to the end of the season were clearly just lies. He is a disgrace
  11. No you were correctly called out for blaming WWR & Hemel for all the teams that haven't named 17 players on a match day this season. Stop rewriting history
  12. Unprecedented injuries or financial mismanagement? Anyway 9 plus 3 is only 12 so looks like not even a starting 13 this week unless DB pays the players who are in dispute what they are owed
  13. Looks like old DB really has created and left a mess