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  1. And still the faithful think he can do no wrong
  2. Only if Formby does something about it which is probably unlikely
  3. He is wearing last year's kit unlike the ones on the TV matches. I would guess that this year's kit either hasn't fully turned up yet or hasn't been distributed
  4. Nope. If the money is due then it is due. My point is that in this case the RFL cannot deduct the overdue debt from central funding distribution
  5. And Toronto don't get any central money
  6. This really isn't the home club's fault. There has to be a doctor present but there is no requirement for an ambulance to be parked up just in case. Any delay is solely down to the ambulance service. Also if things were so bad why did they not use a local hospital rather than travel for over an hour?
  7. So you exactly how much each player at Warrington is on. Do you fancy sharing this info & obviously for any other clubs where you also know how much players earn
  8. LeeF


    I'm sure that EBay and Paypal are linked. The seller must have had PayPal set up as a payment option for you to have paid that way The delay in the refund will probably be due to the way the seller is refunding the money i.e. by cancelling the transaction but I'm not 100% certain. He could have/ should have paid you your money by a direct payment using PayPal marking it as friends & family which would have zero fees
  9. Does anyone honk that this isn't a reasonable proposal & may lead to the unblocking of the current deadlock?
  10. Nice copies of both books by Trevor Delaney available if anyone is interested. The first one is hardback and the International one is paperback. Please message me for further details etc
  11. I've a full set of John Player & Rothmans (& the Shopacheck one for 1980-81) yearbooks available if anyone is interested Message me for details
  12. LeeF

    Catalans poised to defend challenge cup

    Do you mean when Ralph was appointed?
  13. LeeF

    Catalans poised to defend challenge cup

    Nothing announced yet but discussions with Recking Ralph's Motors are progressing well
  14. LeeF


    I see that Greetland have folded despite being in the semi final of the league cup