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  1. Probably a mile max. Either way nothing like the 2 miles claimed
  2. I know this was your first post but it is nowhere near 2 miles from the changing rooms to the pitch
  3. The player was not on the deck & was interfering with play so it was correctly called a penalty
  4. It's amazing isn't it that when a professional reporter who can undertake an interview does the role that it is better than when Powers has the role. Dainton has been a breath of fresh air the last couple of weeks
  5. I agree. It is obvious that the coaches are using it as part of their game plans. There is nothing wrong with the laws they just need enforcing but watch the melt down not just on thus forum but from all the coaches etc. During last night's game I took 2 back to back sets and applied the laws. There would have been 6 penalties minimum. I have no problem with this as within 2 weeks the penny will drop and the PTB will become a lot cleaner but I reckon that I'm in the minority
  6. Definitely a valid penalty. The defender was between Leeming and I think Gaskell. The defender could/ should have either rolled away or laid down not kneel in between the 2 Giants players
  7. I think that is one thing that Remainers & Leavers would agree on
  8. Corbyn whipped his own motion and still got heavily defeated
  9. Well that was a successful day in the HoC Once again all 650MPs have confirmed that they are not fit for purpose
  10. The above us a theory not a proven fact unless you have been tracking everybody who voted or didn't vote in the reference which was a secret vote
  11. A better way and one that would avoid second or third choices winning would be to have a proper challenge cup. May's plan would go up against say no deal with the winner going on to face the next option on the list until one "wins". All the votes could take place at the end of a day's debate and if it takes MPs past their bedtime then so much the better.
  12. Probably the only way to move on from this impasse is to have a series of indicative non whipped votes but I still don't think that you would get to a workable agreement on a proposal if you rule out fantasy unicorn type options. Mind you it would be good to see MPs actually having to think for themselves for once
  13. It's Corbyn and his immediate fan club that make up the 11%
  14. He is in charge of Wigan's salary cap management
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