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  1. If the 46 have received any payment no doubt that will leak in due course and of course the RFL accounts will have to show any payment if one has been made BTW love the way that this was issued just after 4.30pm on a Friday. Seems like the "normal" time for an RFL press release trying to bury news. And on the downside Rimmer will be able to claim it as his success in his application to be top man at the RFL
  2. VAR

    Well VAR worked well last night
  3. On the basis that Wood had to give more than 5 mins notice to quit his job then surely the RFL are very close to at least announcing a replacement otherwise the position could be vacant for the entire season if the successor has to give 3-6 months notice to their current employees
  4. Not the first time that the RFU have over claimed for a TV viewing figure!! 4 billion watched the RU World Cup apparently
  5. But would those clubs let the cameras in?
  6. So Channel 5 are a major station now? The BBC already overpays RU for it's product & will do until it stops paying for it 😀
  7. rfl block minga

    So at what state should he be allowed to sign? 74% 73% 72% or should we not have a rule? BTW why is he leaving Toulouse?
  8. referees

    All the WC officials are still on a break & don't start officiating until next week. The RFL tend to use pre season / trial games as both warm ups for the officials and to test the odd one out at a higher level
  9. Hock

    Didn't he say when he left Leigh that it was because he wanted to stay in SL?
  10. Giants

    First up it won't be the FA but the Premier League The rule, as far I can recall, is that the ground has to be available for a minimum of 24 hours before a PL game so that, amongst other things, the ground can be set up. This is a requirement for any club who plays in the PL. The above will be reflected in the lease signed by the 2 clubs and the owner's of the ground. If the ground staff require more than the 24 hours to get the ground ready and a Friday night game would leave it very tight then Thursday is the only option left.
  11. If a steward told Shawn or even Shaun Wane to get off the pitch then he would have to under Ground Regs!
  12. The bit in bold is what was posted on the first page of this lengthy topic. Is this enough "evidence " for the doubters?
  13. The TWP game will be Acton's competitive comeback won't It? Now that should provide a marketing angle. How long will Jamie last until he is unfairly penalised or just plain misunderstood again?
  14. New Years Honours

    And don't mention Nick Clegg! Apparently he is the 5th successive MP for his constituency to get knighted although I doubt that the current MP will get one
  15. New Years Honours

    If there weren't nominated then they should have been