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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but they have had sufficient numbers to start every match? It's 9 btw to start a game in the UK. Only starting with 12 is the anomaly How many times have Featherstone had less than 17 this season? Batley named 17 for a game but only 16 players were in the country where the match was being played and the 16 included a long retired assistant coach. How many matches has Town's conditioner been in the 17 this season? Im not picking on any of the named clubs but using them as examples of what is definitely a much bigger game wide issue below SL and it is not just West Wales that has a problem getting 17 players out
  2. So you haven't got any solutions and can't define what should be minimum standards.
  3. What would be your minimum standards? Naming 17 even if there aren't 17 available ? Is naming your conditioner allowed? Is it one strike & you are out or 2 or 3? The solution isn't easy
  4. On the basis that no decisions have been made no announcements can be made so all we can do is continue to speculate and discuss
  5. LeeF

    New league structure revealed

    Thanks for the replies Widnes would make sense for a few reasons
  6. Development Officers are key to the game's growth everywhere not just in London Unfirtunately it seems that some just don't understand that
  7. LeeF

    New league structure revealed

    Any rumours who the second SL club against the proposal is?
  8. LeeF


    Presumably they will lose their investments It will take a while for the final position to be reached as all the existing loans will have to run their terms
  9. LeeF


    I expected as much from him. Rants without any facts or substance
  10. LeeF


    So how does Rooney cheat? Specific examples required
  11. LeeF

    Bravo BBC

    These are the types of features that the BBC do really well when they put their mind to it It helps that the game has such a rich history It also helps that unlike Sky the BBC understand that the game existed before Super League
  12. What do you think of the pitch markings on the Toronto pitch?
  13. You've got to feel sorry for the Widnes fans if that is what they have had to put with thus season as that was a dreadful performance. Just about all of the senior players are stealing a salary. The number of errors by the likes of Houston was shocking i honestly can't see where they go from here other than into the Championship
  14. LeeF


    The Developer has been let off by any definition other than the one the council use Wasnt it the council who said that Sir Rodney would be the saviour?
  15. LeeF


    What he has done for Wakefield over the last few years is outstanding. You are blaming the wrong person for playing games. Try looking at the Council