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  1. If you take out the women's team bit, I agree. I was reading that FC, having scrapped their academy, are now scrapping their reserves. Can't be long before they scrap their first team.
  2. The man behind New York City Rugby League

    It does sound pretty stupid, but not in the way you intended.
  3. Brisbane for WC Opener

    I won't be but if I were you I would check out a brilliant bar called lefties (maybe mis spelt) round the corner from suncorp. There is a bar across the road from there which will be showing the football. I found myself there waiting for friends while the cowboys parra play off game started and the atmosphere was electric. Really informed and friendly. Then you can head to lefties which is fantastic. thh they are so league mad in Brisbane you will be fine wherever you end up...
  4. The other side of Wayne Bennett

    The keys are rhythm and patience. If anyone can instil those in England Bennett can. We have had some very competitive games against the aussies over the last few years. My god we need another one next Friday. I can't work out whether my fear of the worst outweighs my hope for a great performance...
  5. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    I have read that 3 times and still can't make sense of it. Does it mean anything?
  6. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    Is it me or do we have an outbreak of new "back in your box peasant" posters?
  7. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    You seem to be asserting that there is no interest in league in London. You can easily research the point that many 10s of thousands of southerners pay to watch internationals. Look at your northern international attendances - where are your 10s of thousands of heartland fans? You can't even fill the KC. So either following your tin hat logic all the northerners boycott northern internationals and flock to southern games, or else we demonstrate over and over again the level of interest in our game. You suggest London Broncos don't deserve a place in SL, and nor do I think they should take anyone's place in a 12 team league, but in expanded closed 2 tier set up, or an extended conference, we have earned that right. We have a thriving junior set up and produce SL and Championship standard players every year. We are a heartland club, however anyone looks at it. What is your team? So we can compare numbers of people interested in the game, juniors, players produced and have ourselves a little "heartland" test.
  8. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    I remember typibg while holding a toddler... 😀
  9. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    What pubkic? I am replying, conscious that I have no idea who you support if indeed you' do follow a league team at all, but on that basis, perhaps you could look into the hugest ever attendances for internationals anywhere in the world. Then come back and assert that there is no audience in London for our game.
  10. Sonny Bill Williams

    I would be astonished if there weren't Aussie businessmen behind these ventures, which might throw a different light on the "What have the aussies ever done for international development" line. It may make sense to consider the east coast and Canada as our target area and the west coast as the South Pacific target area. We spent a few weeks in California this summer (anything to get away from Wigan's worst run for a century) and I was surprised by and interested in the links there with the Pacific islands. I was told that Hawaiians in particular have very strong links with both samoas and the other island races. Difterent days but nearer time wise than to us if my maths is correct...
  11. Tyrone Roberts to The Wire.

    kevin Ellis was my favourite surprise success at Wire. Loved watching him play. Well, they have a coach who has recently left the NRL. And he looks like an excitement machine which is exactly the sort of player we love and often thrives over here, so it looks a great signing to me. Bit odd for an FC fan to be knocking signing someone who wasn't lighting up the NRL - Fonua was well down the pecking order there wasn't he? And as for player development, at least Wire has its own junior set up last time I looked...
  12. NYCRL - Implications for the salary cap

    Let's wait and see, given that a lot of other things need to be in place before we get this far - e.g. Franchising? Quotas? Broadcasting deals? - and I would expect that the cap will be just one of many new world issues to be worked through. I was wondering whether we should say to any non English side that they need to have a certain number of locals in return for any secure franchise place. I think we missed a trick with Catalans in not insisting they play a lot more French players in the years they were exempt from relegation... If we do grasp the nettle and go transatlantic it has to be additional at every level and not jeopardise what has always sustained us. And I think that can be done, if the pockets are deep enough...
  13. It is the (wilful?) ignorance that interests me, particularly in terms of the World Cup as we are clearly getting better and better each time. Plus, I don't get the club over country switch off till the new season perspective. Though admittedly I am in the much rather England than Wigan camp, and that might be an extreme view.
  14. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    My point about London remains a simple one. IF we move to an EXTENDED set of licensed clubs, justifiable on the grounds that we need BOTH expansion and to preserve what is strong, then if we move the line to, say 18 clubs, then London have earned their place on the pitch, and off the pitch as an area and as an expansion club. No one in the M62 need feel threatened.
  15. Restructuring Super League in 2018-19

    I am not suggesting London get promoted at someone else's expense, rather that there be space for them in an expanded top tier, which they have probably earned over the last 2 years on the pitch. Meanwhile I was suggesting that those people who blithely suggest London is not a league territory spend 2 minutes considering how much we give this game - junior set up, pro clubs, massive international crowds. London is a jewel in our crown.