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  1. I thought it was a terrific way to spend an afternoon. These are great events, unlike anything else on the camera, and a great meeting of some of the southern clans in mid winter. Some of the Wigan play was fantastic. Higginson and Woods (and Marshall of course) looked superb. Navarette seemed far better, and Davies looks like he could live comfortably at SL level. A more expansive style than we have seen for a while and all the better for it. All our players have great skills if they are allowed to show it.
  2. Bradford Bulls and RFL settle dispute

    This sounds like good news for the people involved, and for the game as the RFL can focus on other matters and other clubs. It must be a very gratifying way for the long suffering RFL to head off into the week end.
  3. Rookies to watch in 2018

    From our perspective, we have another title winning under 19s to choose from, and will bring through whoever is ready. There are some great prospects within that squad, and I am sure we will be talking about a couple of names at the end of the year who are unknown today. Not sure why Kirmond feels the need both to berate people for not posting and to slag off Wigan and Leeds. If he/she bothered to look, they would see plenty of schools and junior clubs churning out players both for the these clubs and the league. If he/she could be bothered to go off on one perhaps look at the clubs who have no academies of their own and no reserves.
  4. How will Wigan go this season?

    Wane is on thin ice - a repeat of the dull style and/or raft of injuries which have made the last 2 years hard work to watch for many and he will be toast. Particularly if Saints go well. One way or another I expect it to be resolved by Easter. Either we will be firing or someone else will be in place (Shaun Edwards has been in the Wigan news a fair bit recently). Iirc this is Wane's last year on his contract... I am very excited at the prospect of Tomkins and Williams in the halves, for Wigan and potentially for England.
  5. Super League predictions 2018

    Just me and bookies then.
  6. Super League predictions 2018

    On the assumption that everyone suffers equally from injuries, I can’t see beyond Wigan, FC and Leeds for the big prizes, with high hopes that Leeds turn Melbourne over next month. Between Cas, Saints and Wire for 4th. Cas’ players to revert to their norm, Saints to stay as they were and Wire to improve but still need another year to be transformed to their former glory. I think Cats, the Giants and Trinity will have an almighty scrap for 8th, while I think it could be a long hard summer for Widnes, HKR and Salford. But that as no one will lose their place in ‘19 they will use the opportunity to blood promising young players.
  7. Draper also leaving the RFL

    Why the "ffs" by Lenigan's name. IL has shown over and over again his vision for and love of our great game. If only he was still at the Broncos... We have a limited number of people with a track record of making money, with ambition and vision. And all of them are in charge of SL clubs. I understand that Draper has failed to impress the powers that be, so I doubt will be missed.
  8. It’s a shame you never got to see tony Myler or JD play. They were true greats.
  9. Super League predictions 2018

    Schofield lost a lot of games against Wigan, and he is stuck in an endless wish fulfilment cycle when writing us off.
  10. Times Ashton article attracts Troll

    He left in large part because we didn’t rate him as highly as he rated himself. He took the easy route for more money. He may have turned into a good rugby player but we will never know. As we see time and time again, no player improves by playing truffle hunting mud wrestling, and I doubt he would be an exception. We have 4 very good wingers, all with potential to become even better.
  11. Catalans signing?

    I think this will be good for Wigan, and for Catalans. He looked in the World Cup to be getting back some kind of form, McNamara knows him well, and he will stiffen their defence and resolve. For us, we get a chance to make a new signing (or 2 if FPN's rumoured exit is confirmed). Plus, with Escare at 1, Williams at 6, Sam at 7 and Leuluai at 9 (with Shorrocks, Sarginson, Powell and Ganson able to offer cover as necessary), we look far stronger. Good luck to McIllorum, he has shed blood for the cause. Wigan have not released their squad numbers for 2018 yet, so I think we can expect more comings and goings.
  12. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Happy Christmas one and all! May all your wishes come true and may 2018 see either all your teams win or be able to blame the man in the middle if they lose...
  13. Bradford to appoint new coach on Tues

    I can’t say I would miss your rebuttals, given that your stock response to a simple line of reasoning that the RFL are not the correct scapegoat seems to be that they are but not for everything. Which is in my most worlds an admission of the strength of the original argument. I have repeatedly in very many contexts demonstrated my affection for the Bulls and my wish that they can thrive. You continue to have a complete blind spot to a simple of argument - the bulls have now and have never had any problems that people with sufficient money backing them can’t solve. Red Hall = red herring. I would hope that this doesn’t prompt another hissy fit.
  14. It looks lovely and I will enjoy it my leisure, but one thing caught my eye - I really disagree with the assumption that the Aussies won’t watch international league. I agree that if we do zero marketing they won’t but I firmly believe a competent Sally Bolton type approach could have seen crowds doubled. And still nothing about my conspiracy theory about the lack of interest created by their own people suiting the NRL’s designs very well...