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  1. Exiled Wiganer

    Brits in the NRL

    I think Allora is in full on “Everything English is rubbish” mode for some reason. I think it is an interesting list, and don’t see why you can’t have all the English qualified players on a list of English qualified players. I thought the Morrises were born here, but may have that muddled. Certainly, there has been discussion from time to time about their availability (and the other “Aussies” on the list). I thought that Sutton was lined up to play in the Canberra first team, though that might have been in the Wigan papers. I will be interested to see whether how far he goes. I also read that Bateman needed an interpreter. The point though is well made. The more English qualified players we have in the NRL system, the better our strength in depth. Anything that deepens the pool.
  2. There is a tendency to assume that the most one eyed, NRL obsessed Aussie represents the whole country’s league loving fan base. It is worth bearing in mind the difference in scale and profile of the game over there. It is huge - their Premier League. With that comes challenges when it comes to the world outside Oz, and indeed many thousands won’t look beyond local games and SoO. That said, there are very many Aussies who love our game for its own sake, and would like nothing more than to see the game over here thrive. Even if it is only 1/4 of them, that would be a vast audience anywhere else in the world for our game. Showing that we are competitive, building on the World Cup successes and series win over the Kiwis, shows that we can be proud of our competition, and the standard of play that we enjoy every week. From Wigan’s perspective, we proudly put 4 golden stars on our shirts, as being world champions means a great deal to us. Whether the rest of the game feels the same way, Wigan sees itself as representing the game over here, and will do all we can to do the English game proud. Whether that will be enough remains to be seen. But one thing this Wigan team has shown is an ability to dig deep, and we will leave nothing out there.
  3. Exiled Wiganer

    Mikolaj Oledzki.

    I think the gouge suggestion is absurd. But the result looks fair. I hope Powell’s tetanus injections are up to date.
  4. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    Looking good for a sell out. Which will be another factor in our favour.
  5. Exiled Wiganer

    Mikolaj Oledzki.

    It depends on what the reason was for his being let off doesn’t it? Powell is a dirty grub, I’ll give you that, but he didn’t have anything to gain from something which was always ever going to be put on report. Though of course if they can show that Powell made it up, they should charge him with bringing the game into disrepute (assuming that is something he can be charged with).
  6. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    It's Easts, though Souths would be very hard. I don't see that we are weaker than when we played Cronulla. We are match fit, will give everything for the cause, SL players can compete with NRL players over here, especially with competitive matches under their belt. Plus, our coach knows Easts far better than anyone on their side knows us. Again, I can understand us not being favourites, but I simply can't see us being routed, based on recent and longer history. I am seemingly in a minority of one though.
  7. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    You do know how Test series work don't you? It isn't winner takes all in the last one.
  8. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    That is not so. There were 5, 5 and 4 NRL players out of the 17 of whom only Whitehead was indiscpensable.
  9. Exiled Wiganer

    R2 Attendances

    10,500 at Wire. Is that considered good, bad or par for the course?
  10. Thanks for the updates. I thought Trinity would win, as long as they got the ball to Johnstone (have now learnt to spell his name!). Sounded like they didn’t take their chances, but will be competitive again this year. It was the sort of game that Barba would have made much more comfortable last year. Looks like they are missing him already.
  11. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    I am swimming against the tide here, but Wigan beat Cronulla with arguably a weaker side than we will field next week. We know our team can defend, and will defend with their lives. This is very important for us - I suspect much more important for us than them. We are at home, and have 2 hard games in our legs. We saw in the Kiwi series that in English conditions the best of Super League can be very competitive against the best of the NRL. I can understand those backing against us, and can see that we would be very likely to lose if we played them in April in Sydney, but see no reason why the Roosters will rout us.
  12. Exiled Wiganer

    Super League Show on BBC

    That is fantastic. Though they will of course miss us when we are gone, and the Russians cut their gas off.
  13. Trinity to show their true colours. Last week was classic banana skin territory. Expecting to win, easing ahead early, ambushed by a v highly motivated team. Once things start to fall apart after putting the cue on the rack, it can be impossible to turn it round. They have the talent to break the line, and the speed to skip round Saints’ new Wellens speed full back. Get it to johnson (maybe mis spelt - he’s the really good one) and they will be fine.
  14. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    Why so angry?
  15. Exiled Wiganer

    2019 World Club Challenge predictions

    We can win. We know what is required to win big games, and are at home in February weather. We have, in the backs, a man of steel at 1, 2 more current England and an ex NZ international. If there is one thing we can be relied upon to show it is resilience. Can’t wait.