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  1. Exiled Wiganer

    Leuluai and Samkins at the RFL Disciplinary...

    If we play Catalans first (assuming no internationals count), we could bizarrely benefit from the ban... At the time, I thought the trip was appalling and the slide one of those things. Having seen them on the TV, I can see why he got away with the trip as his arms were in the vicinity (particularly when viewed from the referees angle). Having seen it up close and personal I have no doubt it was a deliberate trip, with the arms a token effort. As for the slides, Charnley and Sam’s were much of a muchness. (Williams had nowhere to go and didn’t touch Josh for the record).
  2. Exiled Wiganer

    Zak's Back

    I know nothing about Zak or what constitutes mental health issues, and am simply expressing an opinion, but he looks like an alcoholic/drug addict from where I am sitting (and like all of us I have met people - including relatives - who have been those). The only people I have met with “mental health issues” have not behaved like Zak. I suppose he might be an alcoholic/drug addict because he is bipolar. Any which way this is analysed, if he doesn’t choose to stop drinking/taking drugs then this thread could run to 10000 pages and nothing will change. I have seen people reach rock bottom with drink and drugs and clean themselves, and I have seen people who never manage it. I agree with the point above that this starts with a choice, though. Hopefully, wigan will at least help him with that choice. Or cut him loose if we reasonably conclude he will never make that decision himself.
  3. Exiled Wiganer

    Zak's Back

    From a selfish Wigan perspective, we cannot afford to get into the same position as Cas, whereby his own self destructive behaviour leaves us without a key player at a vital time in the season. Only the experts much closer to this can assess that risk. He and we would need advice from experts in addiction/alcoholism. We almost need our own 12 step plan. His agent suggested he needs to stay off the grog during the season. From the very little I know, it doesn’t work like that for some people - there is no such thing as stopping after 1. Unlike Andrew Johns, he clearly can’t function as a player while he is taking and drinking the wrong stuff, so the risk is much higher. I do not mind if we pass on being the next club at risk that he will not stop, but if we do I hope that we have taken the right advice and that we act on a zero tolerance basis. It seems ironic to me that we had a presentation by Tony Adams about addict sportsmen getting help. God forbid he went to that and went straight to his pub/dealer.
  4. Exiled Wiganer

    Zak's Back

    Heaven helps those who help themselves. Unless and until he realises he has to change anything and everything is a complete waste of time.
  5. Williams is worth a spot in a good team, as he will give you a try a game. Lam has already said that he is looking forward to working with him, and I have high hopes that he will kick on. We have played Wire most weeks this year, and the sense I have is that they are much better conditioned, more resilient and have better structure. What they haven’t yet got are the players to execute what they are trying to do. Last night, their defence was superb, and it looked to me that they knew the value of offloads and scoots around the ruck against us. Plus, throughout the second half they stacked their right edge attack, whereas Cas the week before had spent far too long running at Gildart and Bateman. Their passes did not stick, and Roberts lacked the pace to offer a running threat which would have put more doubt into our defensive line. Put Austin and Currie into that side and they could improve upon 2 runners up spots. Smith’s teams were less disciplined, less structured and less well conditioned, and so we could usually rely on them falling away or doing daft things. I would travel with a lot of optimism if I were a Wire fan. You have a superb coach and some classy players.
  6. Just back and the Pepsi has worked too well... First, on us, Manfredi and Gildart are wonderful players. They could both play for England one day. Plus, there was a reason I only had 16 reasons for neutrals supporting us. Happily, after tonight, there will be no need to defend the indefensible. Second, on Wire, I always thought with Smith they had the personnel but not the plan. With Price they very nearly have the personnel but they certainly have the plan. A couple of tweaks to that squad and they will be (well deserved) champions. I feel for the Wire fans - pretty much universally good men and women. Trust in Price.
  7. Exiled Wiganer

    Grand Final Crowd

    From my experience, the reason for lower crowds for the semis is simple. People get fixture lists and plan their lives around those. When the semis are settled, a week or so in advance, you are bound to lose a chunk of those who regularly attend because life intervenes. Wigan would have taken 4K anywhere else, of course, apart from Doncaster, which does not even appear on any maps.
  8. Exiled Wiganer

    Grand Final Crowd

    Shame we can’t both win.
  9. Exiled Wiganer

    Grand Final Crowd

    So, it has sold out? I looked on the RFL web site and it looked that way. That’s really impressive. A cause for celebration perhaps?
  10. Exiled Wiganer

    Zak's Back

    You haven’t bothered looking into his past, have you? Take a proper look.
  11. Exiled Wiganer

    Zak's Back

    I believe you were standing up for this year’s man of steel amid the widespread derision of his award earlier this week. You should take a look at his back story.
  12. Exiled Wiganer

    Malcolm Andrews

    Very sad. God rest his soul.
  13. I understand the point, I do, but there are 3 trophies, and 8 teams have won them in the last decade. I don’t know why the grand final has been so cliquey but would hope that the clubs who won other trophies treasure those.
  14. Exiled Wiganer

    What now for Toronto?

    My mistake. No excuse really. I think SL is devil take the hindmost though...
  15. In response to the point about predictability, I would argue that the GF winners list gives a distorted picture of how widely the trophies have been spread around. In addition to the 3 mentioned, cats, Cas, Wire, Huddersfield and Hull FC have all won major prizes in the last few years. Which makes us a more competitive sport than many.