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  1. I would have thought that Rochdale would welcome the chance to have a shorter trip to boo Toulouse?
  2. What I find bizarre is the same coterie of "whatever we try will fail" keeping going, presenting the same tired false premises that have been repeatedly been shown to be the product of their own jaundiced world view, without for a moment questioning whether wait and see might be a better stance than their patent nonsense.
  3. I am not sure they are the same person, as HS, while a one trick "know your place, peasants, it'll never happen" pony, writes more intelligibly. 2/3 of the time I can't even understand what PS is attempting to say - though as a rule of thumb I find assuming that there should one pro game every week, alternating between Odsal and Headingley and anything else is doomed to failure generally seems to work as a code... We had years of "Catalans will fail" which then turn into "Catalans were always heartland", then years of "Toronto will never happen" which has turned into "err, but they aren't entirely Canadian, so Bradford will fail as a result", and now we have "NYC will fail...", on the basis seemingly that everything being written by actual journalists in actual papers is made up. It's the millennium bug all over again.
  4. Super League restructure coming

    I would have 2 closed leagues of 10, with minimum levels of turnover/investment in money and people, and make people clubs bid for them. 28 game season, playing everyone in your own league home and away, and everyone in the other league once. P and R between the leagues, but no one dropping out of the bottom tier for 5 years. So, everyone who was in SL and the middle 8s, plus Toronto, Toulouse, Bradford (proud providers of England players galore) and Newcastle (picking names out of thin air). All your expansion teams of note, all of your potential big guns, everyone gets their big derbies, long enough time frame to invest, while still significant jeopardy. Ray French has put forward a 16 team licensed "conference" SL, which would work for me.
  5. There is an article on the Brisbane courier mail sports page about Cam Smith and Billy Slater being targets for NYC’s push into 2019 SL... which may be nonsense at a lot of levels, but it certainly does no harm to have wider awareness of the NA potential.
  6. Capital challenge ...anybody been??

    Mmm... I may have been guilty of over selling there. My favourite moment was Manfredi tearing through, being grabbed just before the line and then announcing that some b------ had grabbed him by the b----. The genteel and intimate setting formed a perfect back drop.
  7. Saints would be in the championship. I don't read ParkS any more but reading HS feels like a similar experience. And yet they are different posters entirely... One thing that was clear from the World Cup was the benefit that comes from playing full time and the hugely positive effects a pro environment has on players. We saw part time players stepping up in a very short period of time. There will be great benefits simply from increasing the full time player pool for our game regardless of who fills the jerseys. We know there are US players already playing our game who could make a step up for a team like NYC. In Canada they have CFL players and u----- players to draw upon, so I don't see that we would even need a decade to get reasonable numbers of local players in non spine positions. Apart from some predicatable defensive responses - what about Bradford - 20k EVERY WEEK! - I can't see there being any down side to allowing people to spend money on our game.
  8. Capital challenge ...anybody been??

    Always a great afternoon/start to the week end. They usually make sure the teams are reasonably matched and you get to spot some next big things from the Wigan school of RL excellence.
  9. As it happens, while the context of this thread was a typically hypocritical moral high ground from the glass on the pitch lot, we hardly use the residence qualification as a sport compared with, say, cricket. I prefer blood lines to extended working holidays determining nationality.
  10. It was a joke. See edit!
  11. For mine: - the correct links are residence (which we as a code seem very rarely to use), nationality or family ties, so I think we have the right rules: - on an individual basis, I am all in favour of the flexibility we have at this stage of our development as a sport; but - there has to be a recognition that we want local teams and local players, and thus we should revert to requiring a proper quota for locally produced players in squads; and - for Australia, any player eligible to play for Australia and any other team should be required to play for that other team. (This last is not a serious comment, by the way.)
  12. RLWC Final Viewing Figs

    Those are absolutely fabulous figures. Which makes me wonder whether someone could persuade to show more international league - they could separate 7 as the international league channel and Fox as the NRL broadcaster?
  13. World Cup 2021

    We will provide our usual 10s of thousands from down here - consider Wembley and OP pretty much filled... Cain is a ridiculous choice. I assume he was involved in last year's 4 Nations farce, which wasted 2 great fixtures in a city which won't even print articles about the Bears. But which lined the pockets of the v-----, so they can pay Eastmond. Great joined up thinking. lads. There is a clue in his name.