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  1. Cry me a river. . That’ll do nicely. Lots to build on, and now have plenty of time to do so. By the Saints game, we should have Lockers fit and well, Gildart back, Williams completely back in the swing, Tautai back from suspension (though I have lost count). That will give us plenty more threats across the board. Then 3 home games out of 4 (including post Wembley Wire), to push on for 2nd. It has been an excellent week for the club, the future is looking bright.
  2. Exiled Wiganer

    Barba going back to NRL

    I thought he had already been made Man of Steel? I an sure I heard Eddie saying so.
  3. Exiled Wiganer

    George Williams to NRL

    Good luck to George in the NRL. Wigan will be fine, as we have great juniors, 2 marquee spaces if we need new half backs and 2 legendary half backs to choose and coach our 6s and 7s.
  4. I think a draw is the likeliest outcome, given that we are at home, and Cas are slightly better than us. But should be another good game. I think knowing that Shaun will be watching and who is coming and going should give everyone a boost.
  5. Exiled Wiganer

    New Wigan Coach(es)

    I remember watching Edwards run past me repeatedly at schoolboy level, and realising that the gap between god loves a trier and the real thing is as wide as the Douggie. He will do for me. Legend.
  6. Exiled Wiganer

    Bateman to NRL for 3 years and then back to Wigan

    Bateman’s is a fascinating case. From our side we did not let him go. He had a clause in his contract which allowed him to leave if an NRL club paid a 6 figure transfer fee. So if Canberra paid that, we couldn’t keep him. As far as the option. Is concerned, it is worth hearing in mind that this is our web site and our spin for our fans, so should be seen through those filters. I expect that we agreed to accept a lower transfer fee from Canberra in return for an option with what sounds like a specified wage. If we have drafted it right it would be incumbent on John or Canberra or anithr club to buy out that option, which would be simple to enforce. As to how well he will go, if he was bigger and faster he would be a world beater, but I wonder where he will play. Let’s face it the NRL is filled with big lads with the same amount of talent. Good luck to him. He never gives less than his all. Finally, as regards re signing players, I trust we have something in the contract to do with his being in good physical condition at the time he would return. Sam was a very expensive spectator for much of his contracts.
  7. Saints boo hooed when Hock threw the ball into the stands in one of our victories at their gaff a few years ago.
  8. A few things occurred to me: - this year could be an exact mirror image of last year, with Saints taking Cas’ role, perhaps even down to the habits of their star full back; - I hope Eddie H has the support he needs to cope with this outlandish re writing of reality. The treble looks very difficult just now; - Cats and the Giants are the best teams in the competition just now. If only they hadn’t taken so long to hit their stride; and - Mcillorum’s performance was a throw back to years gone by when he gave Roby hell in big games on a regular basis. I never thought we would miss him, but he was colossal today.
  9. I can’t see beyond a Wire win, as they have shown they are better across the park. However semis are funny things - I recall our defeat to the Cats, where it just seemed nothing would go quite right. If it’s level after 75 minutes my money would be on Leeds, but I think Wire will be out of sight by then.
  10. 2 really good sides, and a cracking match. What puzzles me though is what Barba said to Lineham. He has only been in the country for a short time, how can he have perfected his sledging against someone he shouldn’t know from Adam. LMS is 100% pantomime villain. Can’t wait for him to go into commentating.
  11. Not pretty, but as Cats have achieved their goal, and have a semi final to look forward to, a repeat of the defensive resilience over the last few weeks should be enough for us.
  12. That was one hell of a strop but it was less of a strop than we would have been subjected to if they had lost.
  13. Exiled Wiganer

    BJ Leilua to Wigan

    I would be surprised if we signed him, unless we already have a new coach in place. However, it is possible that we are talking to Canberra about Bateman joining. His contract gives him an option to move to an NRL club willing to pay a transfer fee. If I recall correctly, any transfer fee counts on their salary cap, and so they may be trying to work out another way to reach agreement. Hence, there is some logic to this. As we took FPN off their hands, and so I imagine we will tread carefully before taking anyone from them.
  14. I could see Leeds winning this. If they can hit the peak of their performance against Saints in the recent past that should be enough. Which makes the race to avoid 9 th place fascinating,
  15. Maybe. I think Price will make a massive difference next year. After that win - which I think we just about deserved after the Hill milked penalty - we are well placed for 2nd, especially as Wire and Saints will have a least one more and probably 2 more cup games to cope with. Oh and shame on us booing Charnley - it serves us right that he scored.