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  1. Budgie - looks more like Manfredi these days.
  2. Challenge Cup 6th Round Draw (Merged Threads)

    Everything about that photo is hilarious. Great draw, interesting ties from wall to wall.
  3. I really like the new bulked up version. If he can break tackles like that every week, his game will go up to a whole new level.
  4. Who's next to join our ranks?

    St Helens is a stone's throw from Liverpool (10 minutes drive from Kirby?). If I was in charge I would ask them what they think would work in the city. As the sport will always be woollyback, and they have an iconic team so close to them if we wanted to spend any money within the city, it shouldn't be on another Huyton, unless Saints believe that a feeder club would work. Kids are far more likely to be inspired to play in Liverpool if they see Barba play than through a new club. I have always thought that Saints could take games to Anfield/Goodison now and again, and do pretty well, but I guess the economics don't make sense for them.
  5. RIP Roy Haggerty

    So sad. Too soon. Tough tough man who left his mark wherever he played. God rest his soul.
  6. Having looked back a few more pages, a pretty routine win caused a river of tears. 😢😖🙁 the main reason we are looking so good is that we have gone from having a dozen injuries to having a couple. With familiarity we will get better. Great to see so many home grown players at the heart of what we did well. Best Burgess has played in a long time.
  7. There have been other issues like Chase’s hilarious picture of Manfredi’s probable career ending tackle, inability to agree on dates for games, team pictures taken in front of us when Cas have won (though who can blame them, we are legends, it is an honour.). I have also heard that fans and players take exception to Gale’s antics in victory. Not sure they amount to much, but there you go. Might sell some tickets though, so it’s all good. Moving further back, my saintly gran hated them for Tyrer’s broken jaw at Wembley. From the other side, I cannot imagine that the breach of the spirit of the cap in one of Cas’ relegation years endeared us to them.
  8. Wigan to win by a dozen. We are very resilient and have a settled team, are at home and feel acutely the embarrassment of how our season ended last year. While Cas are good, they are not as good as last year.
  9. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Some drugs are not treated as recreational if taken in close proximity to games. Which makes perfect sense.
  10. John Bateman

    No, it's not. They were 2 names that seemed conspicuous by their absence from your list. Seu Seu, Vaealiki, Davico - now that was a glorious recruitment drive. Mentioning players like Sarginson, Flower and Tautai out of context is unfair. They weren't portrayed as world beaters, and I expect they were paid accordingly. It isn't the whole story by any means. We have a team with some superb players, many of whom we have developed ourselves. At a cost that other clubs have not bothered to attempt to match. There are teams that aspire to win things that have neither an Academy of their own or run a reserve team.
  11. I would like to see FC win, otherwise the gap to the top 4 is looking a bit daunting. They are certainly good enough. At home they should be able to do to Leeds what we did to them.
  12. There will be an edge. Should be fun.
  13. John Bateman

    Sorry, that was my point. People point to cheap squad members and always forget how good Escare and Bateman have been.
  14. John Bateman

    And Escare and Bateman.