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  1. It was close and had some drama, but it was mediocre fare. To go round yet again is such a snore. It is no wonder that they won’t even get 50k for the whole exercise.
  2. We will have to agree to disagree. The vast majority of this squad was good enough to win many games last year. It is fascinating in a ghoulish way to watch how poor performances he can extract from the team. I am happy to be proven wrong, but would be pleased to revisit this in a month’s time by which I suspect he won’t have been sacked but we will have lost 4 more away games. Which will make his win percentage around 30% - by a distance the worst in 40 years.
  3. I am not surprised to see that abject performance by us. I have been watching Wigan for 40 years, and would make a case that Lam is the worst coach we have had since I started watching (Fairburn being the first). While Eric Hughes, John Dorahy and Ian Millward could run him close, unlike 2 of those Lam has a very good squad indeed, with the pick of the best under 19s in the country to supplement a squad which was good enough to finish second and win the Grand Final last October. It is extraordinary to see such a good group of players with seemingly little motivation (they looked like they gave up in the second half) but with no plan, poor conditioning and no structure. It makes almost compelling viewing to see us coached so ineptly. Now, of course, the plan was never really for him to be head coach, and indeed he might have expected to be working with Edwards behind the scenes by now. We have 4 more away games before we next play at home, and I would be surprised if we win any of them if Lam stays in charge, which is a travesty given how good we could be. Belgium went about 2 years without a government, and did pretty well. It would be interesting to see, and I suspect unlikely but my money would be on us doing much better with no coach at all.
  4. I don’t understand the question. If you mean, wishing him well as a pro sportsman plying his trade, then I suppose I wish him as well as any other player. Beyond that, he is a player on the wing for a team I quite like but don’t support. I wish him as well as I wish Mark Sneyd (whom I have picked at random by the way).
  5. God rest his soul. A tough man, who brought a lot of joy into the world.
  6. Each to their own, but I watched the game and that was my view. Happy to re visit this in a few weeks, but having seen every Roosters game Sky has shown, he did nothing to suggest he was better than the other first team wingers. I wish him neither well nor ill, but would be surprised if he makes a success of it at the Roosters.
  7. I thought he was poor. He didn’t break the line or get involved enough to outweigh his errors. When they get their first choice wingers back, he will be back in the NSW Cup.
  8. It is not daft at all. He has a pretty much full side, and, according to some we played well in defeat (which is clearly not well enough) last week. I can’t sack him, but if we lose tomorrow that will be more than enough evidence for me that he can’t coach a winning side against teams we should be beating.
  9. Well, he has none of the excuses he has hidden behind tomorrow. Either he can win difficult games or he should go. We shall see tomorrow. He has won no hard games at all so far.
  10. This is a massive game for Lam. In 16 games, we have managed to beat Leeds, London, Catalans and a depleted Cas at home. Plus, against the odds, Salford away twice. We have managed to lose every other game, including the 4 do or die ones. Lose tomorrow and I for one will have seen more than enough to show that he isn’t up to it.
  11. Interesting how someone once universally and passionately despised (often in personally offensive terms) while our coach is now a respected and attractive proposition. Funny old world.
  12. Not to Coventry, we would be paying a competitor, not growing our game. Newcastle was perfect.
  13. Anfield is as pointless an idea as it is possible to come up with. It is neither a home of a heartland team, nor a realistic expansion area. Plus, of course, purely from our side, playing Wire for the 12th time in a month makes it a non event on the pitch.
  14. i might have got this muddled up, but if they are charging people prices for multiple games ($75 for 3 I saw above), and that is, say, twice what people would pay per game, then don’t the 135k watching end up producing twice the revenue? That’s good, isn’t it, especially when the Brisbane LA are seemingly paying a lot of money to underwrite the costs?? It is clearly different in one respect from our own - we have sometimes taken ours to a new market, whereas here they are getting the benefits of everyone together, and the festival concept without spreading their wings...
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