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  1. The BBC text commentary made the same point that he got it right. Well done to Leeds for getting him there.
  2. I am really enjoying the recent editions. Had a bit of a backlog because of other calls on my time and ended up reading the last 3 over a couple of days. I had forgotten how well written they are. The key ingredients are 1) in depth scoops, 2) incomes opinion pieces and 3) insights into players' lives. So many facts are instantly available these days that a mag can't get by on match reports any more. Keep doing what you're doing.
  3. And to think I was berated by a Leeds fan for disrespecting them. While I am on form, which is of course of the stopped clock variety, I was hugely impressed by Radford's post Cas tv interview. I would put one of my houses on FC winning something this year...
  4. I am sure that plenty of Wigan players would relish the opportunity to give Mr Chase some instagram moments of his own. 😀
  5. It is an opinion based on the limited time I have spent watching them. I suppose time will tell, but I wonder who they will look to in the tight, hard games, as I do not see any obvious replacements for Peacock and Sinfield.
  6. I was chatting to a friend yesterday who only occasionally watches league, and he was saying how impressed he was with Widnes last week. With the confidence of a win I think they will be dangerous opposition. Salford's aim to have a controversy free year lasted until Carney's alleged racist comment - they just seem to choose players intent on self destruction. Widnes to win in an absolute feast of attacking rugby from both sides.
  7. This could be a fabulous game between 2 of the best sides in the competition. An acid test of Wire's top 4 credentials (they have shown they will comfortably escape the bottom 4). I think Wire's greater hunger may see them prevail. If not, then they will be in a real struggle to make the 4 at the end of round 30.
  8. I genuinely think that the Giants are a decent side. Maybe last week will be their Cas - Leeds moment? I could see them winning as I don't think they are as bad, or Leeds as good, as the table suggests.
  9. Too close to call. I predict a draw.
  10. I think we will be more competitive this time than at the DW. Should be a great game. I will go for a draw.
  11. I think the 3 player rule is a red herring, as there is only one club affected, and it is hard to think of anyone at Cas who missed out. Not releasing Samoan players - and Powell was not slow to make it clear he wanted all his to stay home - stinks though. As for Widdop being the best English player, having seen his every international appearance either he has ben transformed or standards have slipped catastrophically elsewhere.
  12. Aren't FC one of 2 teams to have had a week off already? Tough draw that ssp if Bird is fit. I think Wigan's loan players can't play against us. Though it'd be good if they did.
  13. I love the frog picture but have no idea what it means... no widdop at least allows both George and Gale to get a game after travelling all that way. TBH I just can't see the Aussies struggling to keep widdop at bay - at least George and Gale would bring an element of surprise...
  14. As readers of my posts may have gleaned, I find it best to form and assert an opinion without having gone to the trouble of doing any research... after all you can prove anything with facts (and where is the fun in that?).
  15. As a coach Bennett is entitled to ask who is available for selection and to choose accordingly. The "fault", if any, in selecting Heighington and McQueen lies in the rules. i have some sympathy for Bennett as he has so little time and so few matches to put a team together. I can see the logic behind picking players whom he knows will understand exactly what he wants and how to do it without having to teach it. His mission is to make us as strong as possible for a tournament down under. Maybe he looks at what is available to him and concludes that mcqueen is certain to reach the requisite standard and instantly understand what he is trying to do, and so makes his life slightly easier. bennett has more runs on the coaching board than this entire forum put together. I am ignoring Heighington on the basis that he will never get near the team.