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  1. I'm willing to bet not one Sky pundit has said that a particular player is great because he knows how far to go in underhand tactics, stretching the ref's patience, winding the opposition up or whatever. That's what you said makes a great player, getting away with those sort of actions. Not their talent, skills, ability or anything else. Go back and read it for yourself.
  2. No we haven't. There's been plenty of discussion about Jake Connor and his tactics but never any suggestion that he's a great player because of it. You find a post from anyone that says that then put it on here. I wax lyrical about Connor's natural talent but I'm not too keen on the rest of it.
  3. Bit rich considering you put people on ignore.
  4. I suggested the WDL because the only defender of DS's post was another Wire fan. I'm not throwing stones from a glass house because I don't think my team's players are great because they know how far to push the boundaries. I wasn't even criticising Chris Hill, just DS's rather bizarre statement.
  5. Yes, but DS is suggesting that's what makes them great. That's what I said was tripe.
  6. Looks like the WDL (MKII) are out in force. And if you're inferring that I think Jake Connor is a great player because of what he "gets away with", and how he knows "how far to bend the rules", you're very much mistaken.
  7. WTF? I hope you're not serious, what a load of tripe.
  8. Hooter goes with Hull KR with the ball, they lose it, Cas swarm forward but lose the ball. Game over. Sounds like the game of the season, well done both sides.
  9. Atkin misses dg now, it sounds like bloody tennis.
  10. This has a Hull KR win at the death all over it.
  11. Rectum kicks through and Hitchcox kicks it dead. Drop out by Cas, they go short and Rervers have it 10m out. Atkin misses DG. Oh my word!
  12. Shaw nails it. Cas 24 Rervers 24. 5 mins left.
  13. Cas performing heroics on their own line by the sound of it. Rervers score from a kick through by Vaivai. Cas 24 Rervers 22. No pressure on Shaw.
  14. Shenton goes for intercept and knocks on, 6 more tackles for Rervers.