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  1. The same game that the Hull FC players presumably took a similar battering? The same Hull FC players that took the field, man for man, at Headingley last week and backed up against Huddersfield tonight?
  2. How much of a full strength side did Salford put out?
  3. Hull 14 Hudds 10. game over.
  4. Hull 14 Hudds 10. 4 mins left.
  5. 13 mins left, neither team look threatening.
  6. Hull players look like they've just realised they're in a SF next week.
  7. Magvilray over. Hull 12 Hudds 10.
  8. Macintosh? Over in the corner. Hull 12 Hudds 6.
  9. Terrific sleight of hand from Ellis sees Bowden in. Hull12 Hudds 0.
  10. Minichiello opens the scoring. Hull 6 Hudds 0.
  11. About 150 Hudds fans here, lovely evening for RL.
  12. Oh, why don't you both sod off!
  13. Too many rumours over here about this for there not to be something in it, I reckon.
  14. It's a good job we didn't get the dominoes out in the Whalebone then, that's all I can say.