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  1. Don't be bloody ridiculous. Shows the difference between the true derby and the plastic one.
  2. Old Frightful

    Feigning injuries

    A Toulouse player went down injured after tackling a Leeds player yesterday. The ref allowed play to go on until Leeds completed their set. Then Toulouse regained possession and after the second or third Toulouse play the ball, he eventually stopped play for him to receive treatment. Bizarre.
  3. The 2016 MPG was superb entertainment so you must have been euphoric when that reached it's climax.
  4. O'Brien converts. 0-14. 2 mins left.
  5. Dixon in for Toronto, game over methinks.
  6. At least Fax should get the man of the match award with Barber playing loose forward.
  7. Commentator suggesting that Chris Kendall is not having the best of games in the middle.
  8. Forward pass rules out another try for Toronto.
  9. Matty Russell drops a try scoring opportunity.
  10. Old Frightful

    Barba going back to NRL

    I think you're correct mate. He announced it in February if memory serves.
  11. masochism ˈmasəkɪz(ə)m/ noun (in general use) the enjoyment of an activity that appears to be painful or tedious.
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Holdsworth I don't like repeating myself but, whatever. When John Holdsworth started refereeing, he was like a breath of fresh air. He seemed to be a very competent referee which was great when this was the period of Stan Wall, Mick Naughton, Gerry Kershaw, Fred Lindop, etc, etc. Every time he refereed live on the BBC, they stated that he was from Leeds. After a while, he then suddenly started refereeing Leeds games and, guess what?, the BBC changed the place name after his name in brackets from Leeds to Kippax.
  13. Holdsworth used to be from Leeds but when he started reffing Leeds games the BBC eventually decided he was from Kippax.