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  1. I've always wondered why some people thought of him as a bit of a dick.
  2. Admittedly a question mark would have been nice.
  3. Nobody in the North stand and not many sat near Gary and Kath so there's a few missing for you.
  4. Old elephant memory strikes again. For the benefit of MyMrsWouldPreferSinfield : Statistics from last night's game : Danny Houghton : Tackles 46 Missed tackles 7 Albert "The Turnstile" Kelly : Tackles 24 Missed tackles 1 Those statistics now confirm to me what a liability Danny Houghton is in defence, however, a real bonus for Hull is that Kelly's defence is near watertight. If I was Lee Radford looking at those statistics, it makes sense to move Houghton out onto the wing when the opposition have possession and have Albert "the hitman" Kelly the middle of the park. The statistics also tell me we need a more reliable goalkicker. Oh, and if Jake Connor hadn't concentrated so much on being a grub and winding the opposition players up he might well have had a hat trick instead of the paltry brace. Recent statistics from Hull FC v Leeds show that in the last game between the two teams Hull FC have a 100% record in the SL while Leeds' record over the same period is 0%. (Sorry folks but I feel a bit giddy after seeing Hull beat Leeds in the league for a change.)
  5. 11,000 odd. Didn't hear the exact number but I heard the announcer start with eleven.
  6. Nice to see the Hetheringtons sat near me tonight, thought they might have brought a few friends with them though...
  7. Edited for decent grammar purposes. Well done sir!
  8. Has an RFL directive been issued to even the game up?
  9. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    You'll be back before too long. As for thinking this forum is full of bile spitters, try RLFans, I'll give you a couple of days on there.
  10. Thanks, although I'm still none the wiser. Looking forward to watching this game, think the Pies will just about prevail. The Goons 18 Classy Cas 16.
  11. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    The wealthy usually seem to manage to get away with things somehow.
  12. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Sorry JB but I stand by my earlier post. I saw the statement as an attempt to make a drug taker look like a victim complete with mitigating circumstances put out there early giving him the best chance of a more lenient punishment when his case is heard. There is no criticism of him in the Hull KR statement, the worst they say is that they are "disappointed". They make it clear he hasn't been suspended but is on leave. Just about everything in their statement reads that he's going to be looked after in spite of taking drugs. It would have helped if they'd included something along the lines of "He knows he's done wrong and has let the club and it's supporters down". That might have been a better and clearer message for any young, impressionable Hull KR fans reading.
  13. There must be a scrap trawler at our local council tip then. Not sure about the sardines but driving up, the ramp is admittedly a bit narrow and the place is nearly always packed.
  14. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Words fail me. It reads like they're talking about a primary school child who's been the victim of a tragedy and has no family left, not a professional RL player who has taken drugs. You would think he's a victim here.
  15. Thomas Minns Drug Test fail

    Somebody else's fault again?