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  1. Tom Johnstone scored three tries. All three were practically handed to him on a plate...by Hull FC players no less. And because TJ gets three walk in tries we "know nothing". I think you owe us an explanation.
  2. The streaming was great, especially for nuffink. The game obviously lacked competitiveness but was a run out at least. How you know my name?
  3. Old Frightful

    Australia vs Tonga

    It's 7am by the way, in case anyone is in doubt. Sky even seem to be in doubt over who is playing. Looks like Tonga are going to be busy on Saturday morning... Watch Sky Sports SAT 20TH OCTOBER New Zealand v Tonga NRL Test, Sky Sports Arena (07:00)
  4. Old Frightful

    Leuluai and Samkins at the RFL Disciplinary...

    If that's correct it's madness.
  5. As I've already indicated elsewhere on this thread, I'm not much of a techie but I was able to watch the entire game with it just freezing a couple of times. When it did that I shut it down and started it up again and it was fine. The picture quality was near perfect and very watchable. Had I paid for this service then I might have grumbled a little bit but it was free. Seeing as others have also indicated they were happy with it, does this not reflect local internet issues rather than problems with the streaming broadcast if others had problems streaming it? Feel free to shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong, I don't know enough about this stuff. Anyway, I watched it, it was great, so there.
  6. Train is the way to go so you can sample the delights of the Whalebone.
  7. Old Frightful

    KCOM Parking

    Make sure none of the working girls nick your wallet.
  8. Absolutely, hope he gets a chance against the Kiwis.
  9. The England players line up to celebrate winning the hubcap until Eamonn McManus screams out from the crowd "Oi, that's ours!".
  10. Looking forward to the MOM vote. Hooe we get another chance to vote for Hakim Miloudi. Oh ar$e.
  11. You had a similar swimming teacher to me then?
  12. Good first effort from Sutcliffe, taking that dummy.