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  1. It didn't look like he lost to me even though it was three to one, Connor still walked away head held high.
  2. I don't know about that mate, it shows they're within spitting distance of each other.
  3. Someone posted on Twitter that Connor had been bitten. A Cas fan then replied with : "It was the opposite and if true in my opinion worse than biting. Just when you think Jake can't sink any lower he does. Quite a few Cas players refused to shake hands with him which is unusual and says a lot" That's why I was trying to be careful, the Cas fan seemed adamant that Connor had spat at Milner, but if you look at the slow motion video of the biff afterwards, the two protagonists reactions would appear to tell a different story. After 71 mins and 57 seconds of the actual game time on here :
  4. Just read a disturbing accusation on social media (yes, I know!) about an alleged incident after Hull's last try last Thursday. I had another look at the slow motion handbags that Sky showed (it's on Youtube) and you can see Connor going mental trying to get at Milner while McMeekin and a couple of other Cas players try and drag Connor away from him. For his part, Milner looks somewhat crestfallen and wants no part in the biff. Hull fans have said one thing and a Cas fan has responded with the opposite so I hope it all comes out in the wash and whichever player is found guilty, if that occurs, then they deserve punishment. I'm pleased it's been put on report as, if the accusations are true, I'm hoping the RFL Disciplinary deal with it with a decent ban. I'm not accusing any player of anything by putting this up, if anyone is curious then have a look on social media, watch the video, and make your own mind up.
  5. I'd rather not think about some of our games over the last year or so when the result was far from in doubt, long before half bloody time.
  6. Hull FC have won their last two successive games whereas Saints and Wire have only one one of their last two, so it's obviously us that's in the best form and most likely to finish top, especially if you realise that Saints are only ten points clear at the moment. Leeds. Hull KR and London are all tied on 12 points at the bottom. After the London v Hull KR clash on Thursday, Leeds are at Saints on Sky the following night. I think you might struggle to find a bookie who'll give you any sort of odds on Leeds going second bottom by late Friday. So, which team will be bottom on Friday? Could it be Hull KR who then face the mighty Hull FC at home on Thursday 27th on Sky, or will it be London, who then play Cas away the following Sunday 30th, the same day that Leeds are at home to Catalans. The Wire v Saints game on 28th pales into insignificance...
  7. Well, it panned out the exact opposite of what you might have expected which makes it just as interesting, I reckon.
  8. Samkins looks to me like a bloke who walked into a tattoo artist's shop and asked "What's the cheapest tattoos you can do that will make me look like a reet tw@?"
  9. Think of it that Rervers have done us a favour by taking points off one of our top 3 rivals.
  10. I can see Leeds coming sniffing after Abdul, I reckon he'd do them the world of good.
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