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  1. What's with the 2:30 kick off time?
  2. Those of you predicting a Hull FC win...are you on some sort of illegal substance? I'm still unsure as to whether or not to make the trip over. Wigan by a fair few. 😟
  3. Rovers to continue their run of home victories...
  4. I'd stick my rubbed neck out and suggest Richardson.
  5. Old Frightful

    Wigan Today Article...

    Indeed. I might have to start the TotalRL HDL.
  6. ...reports that Jared Waerea-Hargreaves won't face a ban for his late hit on Sam Powell in last Sunday's WCC match. However, the more interesting part of the story for me is that no Hull FC players are to face any action either : "There were no incidents which were considered worthy of a charge or caution and no players from Hull FC, Wigan's next opponents, were cited either." https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/wigan-warriors/why-sydney-roosters-jared-waerea-hargeaves-won-t-face-ban-for-late-hit-against-wigan-warriors-1-9604131 Quite how their reporter Phil Wilkinson could consider that there was a possibility of any of Hull FC's players being cited when they didn't actually play last weekend is open to speculation.
  7. Not read through this match thread so I may well be repeating what others may have said. I thought Robert Hicks sucked up to the Aussies big style. It didn't matter to me who won, I would have liked a Wigan win but wasn't too fussed but Wigan seemed to get the rough end of the calls...for a change. Bet that doesn't happen next bloody Sunday.
  8. Every team seem to be capable of beating every other team. With one exception, obviously...
  9. 22-12, game over. All went horribly wrong for London in the 15 mins immediately after arf tarm.
  10. That comment would carry a bit more weight had you made a prediction yourself. Hindsight, etc, etc...
  11. Jay Pitts try, 22-12. 5 mins left.
  12. 7,210 is the official attendance.
  13. Leeds score two while Reds were down to 12. 14-30. Walker gets another. 14-34.
  14. Now 14-20, Reds down to 12 with a sin binning.