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  1. Gambling

    I must say, that's the most sensible post I've ever read on here, you must be a highly intelligent man. Oh, and I bet you're charming and very handsome, with a wonderful family. I'd keep doing lotto by the way, I think you have a talent for it,. In fact, I think you have a talent for everything.
  2. Batley 26 Sheffield 28, not sure how long is left, should have finished by now?
  3. Given the last two RL Cup Finals, I'm beginning to wonder if I've croaked it already.
  4. Just think, if Hull FC had managed to beat Saints 45-0 at Newcastle, instead of losing to them by that score, Wigan still wouldn't have qualified...
  5. Wire now pulled away to victory. Final score 46-26.
  6. Wire get a couple of tries back. 16-18.
  7. Wire getting mullered at the minute by Hull KR, two tries in a minute sees them lead 4-18.
  8. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    You are Paul Anderson and I claim my Sint Ellerns burger.
  9. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Anybody can kick goals, even Marc Sneyd manages to get the odd kick over. But if you're giving accolades out to the best goalkicker, surely it should be done on percentage rates? Someone is way out in front in that aspect.
  10. Indeed. I assume he keeps drifting across from RLFans.
  11. The 3 man of Steel contenders

    Laughable?, he's been immense for Hull this season, probably better in defence than I ever expected and scored a superb try at the DW despite the attentions of half the Wigan team. Oh, and no surprise to see who the first person is that "liked" your post. And he calls me obsessed.
  12. I was thinking along the lines of others who have replied to this by suggesting that it wasn't the ref's fault and Leigh were probably not good enough in that game. However, I then read Gary's post below... ...which reminded me of who you were playing on that fateful day. So, clearly, I now think the ref should be taken out and shot at dawn or sooner if possible. (This was another joke btw, for ckn's benefit.)