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  1. Really? I don't think so. I read countless contributions from posters on here, and after a while you can tell how reasonable or otherwise, individual people are. Thankfully, most on here are decent folk who I get on with fine. Like I've said before, your posts are more befitting of somebody on RL Fans. At the moment, your team Saints are doing very well, but rather than accepting that some other teams aren't quite as fortunate, you treat them with utter contempt. It's a long season and there's no guarantee of Saints winning anything yet.
  2. Nowhere in your original post did you allude to any of the above. You simply gloated instead of being gracious in victory.
  3. What a classy post. When we came to your place in the RL Cup quarter final and pasted you not long since, I didn't come on here gloating and ridiculing your team. Try and show a reply more becoming from an adult, which I assume you are, in spite of yet another RL Fans type contribution.
  4. I think you need to grow up. You clearly don't rate Sneyd or Connor very highly, in spite of the fact they are two of the most influential players in SL. I guess the half a million offer for Connor really hacked you off. Hull were ultimately well beaten today, in spite of the efforts of those two players. Your comment is simply pathetic.
  5. Well thought out input to the discussion, well done. Any chance you could respond to my post in the Man Of Steel thread? Thanks in advance.
  6. Think we'll get battered this half, team looks shot.
  7. Saints 30 Hull 10 half time. We shot into a 10 nil lead but Saints have gradually clawed their way back and are now looking very dominant.
  8. First point I was picking you up on spelling. Second point, it wasn't me that said "typical Leeds".
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