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  1. As my good self and Padge suggested earlier, Wigan can hardly play Williams next week if he pulls out of the England squad. Or can they? (Imagine the Twilight Zone theme in your head.)
  2. That's all folks, Wigan put out of their misery. 54-4 full time.
  3. Bit late for that. So, we beat Cas with 12 men last week, Leeds put 50 on us at our place not long since, Hudds beat Leeds the other night and Swinton kicked Hudds' backside last week. Swinton for the Grand Final then?
  4. Crowd 9,333 if I heard correctly.
  5. Wait until they have someone sent off, then you'll struggle.
  6. I imagine some cynics might start wondering. 46-4, Jake Webster in.
  7. Millington in after a charge down. 40-4.
  8. Wigan under enormous pressure and Cas score but it's disallowed. Cas get a penalty for a high tackle by Escare who's now in the bin. Cas in now through Minekin. 30-4.
  9. I know what you mean Dave. We were the better team at home against both Leeds and Salford yet they both managed to score over 50. I blame the refs.
  10. Good game, good game....
  11. You sure it's Liam Forsyth?, I don't think his name's been mentioned yet...
  12. Gale goal good, think the tryscorer was McMeeken but I wait to be corrected. 26-4.