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  1. Old Frightful

    Fans standing behind posts

    I thought his surname was Denee.
  2. Old Frightful

    Fans standing behind posts

    I don't much care for standing behind the posts but it's less hassle sometimes as at certain away grounds they seem to like all the away speccies in one place. Towards the end of the season Hull FC's players seem to do an awful lot of standing behind the posts.
  3. Old Frightful

    Hull kr v Hull fc

    Sadly, it's the usual suspects on here, always more intent on negativity about their rivals than positivity about their own club. Apart from the special, somewhat deluded poster, obviously.
  4. Old Frightful

    Hull kr v Hull fc

    I think you must mean "merbarl fern" John. http://www.greengates.karoo.net/hull/speak.html#soc
  5. Altogether now..."Ain't no body".... ...or perhaps there is... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46475631
  6. Old Frightful

    Tommy Makinson/Newcastle Knights

    Well, it is Christmas after all.
  7. Old Frightful


    Ahem...if I may be so bold... Admittedly, I waited a bit before my prediction.
  8. Well, with a carpet you can get different types of piles. You might even get a shag.
  9. Old Frightful

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Similar amount of brain activity.
  10. Old Frightful


  11. Old Frightful


    Getting a bit bored with the "God bless" stuff he keeps coming out with.
  12. Old Frightful


    Did he say the "F" word then?
  13. Old Frightful


    "With the two knockdowns I won the fight" says Wilder. In spite of being outboxed for the rest of the fight then.
  14. Old Frightful


    Jimmy Leonard Junior consulting with the referee. Split decision. 115 111 to Wilder 114 110 to Fury 113 113 even Split decision draw!
  15. Old Frightful


    Here we go... Scorecards handed back!