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  1. Oh, why don't you both sod off!
  2. Too many rumours over here about this for there not to be something in it, I reckon.
  3. It's a good job we didn't get the dominoes out in the Whalebone then, that's all I can say.
  4. It's fine, just a bit rattled.
  5. A bit like Hull FC last year then?!?!
  6. Unless this replaces the WCC, don't forget Hull FC were expected to play in it this year after winning the cup but there were only two NRL teams from the top 8 interested so only two SL clubs could be involved.and for some reason they chose Wire as hubcap winners and GF runners up. Perhaps it's a sweetener for Hull FC? If it's to be held at the Olympic venue in Sydney I'll probably not be able to go but I'd be perfectly happy to go if they held it in Melbourne instead...
  7. We'll woop 'em! *cough, cough...*
  8. Hull FC squad : 1. Jamie Shaul 2. Mahe Fonua 3. Carlos Tuimavave 4. Josh Griffin 5. Fetuli Talanoa 6. Albert Kelly 7. Marc Sneyd 8. Scott Taylor 9. Danny Houghton 10. Liam Watts 12. Mark Minichiello 13. Gareth Ellis 14. Jake Connor 15. Chris Green 17. Danny Washbrook 21. Sika Manu 22. Josh Bowden 28. Brad Fash 29. Masi Matongo
  9. Disappointing, not even the faintest hint of a nibble, given your recent moods I thought I might be in luck.
  10. Well, if you choose to rely on this transport then you only have yourself to blame...
  11. We need to win this by a few and hope Saints win at Wakey to finish 4th after the regular rounds and have 4 home games in the 8s. Having said that, our most embarrassing performances have been at home this season and we've lost as many at home as we have away so perhaps it doesn't matter where we finish apart from being in a better position to finish in the top 4 after the 8s. Hull FC 24 Hudds 20.
  12. That's nowt to brag about, it's probably your closest away SL fixture ain't it?, the quickest to get to at least, I imagine. Les Cats 16 The ever wonderful Cas 42.
  13. We need a Saints win here by a bare minimum number of points for my lot to be in with a shout of finishing 4th. So, with that in mind it obviously points to a home win. Wakey 22 Saints 20. (No "Up the Trin" this week, sorry folks.)