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  1. Thanks mate. Happy to be corrected and it could well have been a different game had that been allowed. Don't think you were too far off and the score was perhaps not an exact reflection of the game. Difficult to pinpoint what's gone wrong at the Wire but I can't help but wonder if it's all gone a bit stale with Tony Smith. He's been there a while now and I think the players could do with a new approach and direction. We suffered it for years but now you can see the players at Hull all look like they're enjoying themselves and the team spirit seems sky high. Hell, if we can make and keep Albert Kelly happy, somebody must be doing summat right.
  2. So Tongan Sika Manu flies out on Monday to captain his county in their forthcoming test v Fiji at Campbell Town Sports Stadium, NSW, Australia. I've no idea what time he arrives but he'll only have a few hours wait until the RFL disciplinary meet and decide on whether to ban him or not. As Lee Radford comments, it's a strange one: "It was a dead-set sin-bin. We are now left in a funny situation as he is due to fly out on Monday with Tonga but the disciplinary is on Tuesday," Radford added. "It might be the quickest landing and returning flight in rugby league so we'll have to wait and see what happens with that. He also picked up an ankle problem as well." I rather think Manu will be cheering his fellow countrymen from the stands, which is a shame but that moment of madness can't be overlooked.
  3. Let it go mate, let it go! Curious about Luke Gale's possible fitness. As I understand it, and I'm happy for any of the Cas lot on here to correct me if I'm wrong, he left the field last Sunday on around the 22nd minute mark, failed the head test and couldn't return. He now faces selection 6 days later. Is this not against RFL concussion rules that were brought in not too far back? I'm not knocking Cas in particular, just thinking about individual players' welfare. Onto the game and I'm really looking forward to listening to this one, promises to be a belter. Is there any chance we could have a Pies victory with minus 15 applied to their points difference? Might have a few bob on a draw, think it should be fairly tight. Classy Cas 22 Wigoon 22.
  4. Thrilled with that performance. Winced when Manu came up with his brainfart but putting that to one side, Motu Tony deserves a vast amount of credit for bringing him, Fonua and Tuimavave to the club. I've said it before and will do again no doubt, Mahe Fonua is an absolute beast and brings so much to getting Hull on the front foot. Felt a bit for Wire, they never seemed to click and I think I'm right in saying their only points came from when Hull were down to 12 men. Can anyone explain what happened when Kevin Brown lost the ball late on?, seemed to be a tough call on him from where I was sat but that was admittedly the other end of the stadium. After two horror home shows v Salford and Leeds, Hull FC look like they'll be there or thereabouts come the business end of the season. There is one player who has made more of an impact than any other signing since Jason Smith in my opinion and that is Albert Kelly. He is absolutely sensational. When you single out players who make a big impression in attack, there is almost always defensive weaknesses to their games which means they tend to get shifted out onto the fringes when the opposition get the ball. Kelly is the exact opposite. Fantastic with the ball in hand he always makes the attacking players know they've been tackled. Oh, and he can't half kick a ball as well. Our friends in the East must be gutted. Very pleased to be a Hull FC fan tonight....Oh, did I mention we're top of the league?
  5. Well, you can all stand tall and puff your chests out. A great effort!
  6. Well, that was some start to the 2nd half.
  7. Not sure what Manu was thinking but it got Wire back in the game. He's never usually a player that reports to cr ap like that and deserves a couple of matches. Sets the 2nd half up nicely for the neutrals, hope we can score first and go on to win. We've not looked great at times but to be still 14-10 up at HT isn't so bad.
  8. Just seen the resident Peregrine Falcon flying over us, would be fantastic if the Sky cameras could spot it.
  9. And our record season try scorer to boot. Massive respect to Jack Harrison, RIP.
  10. Around 250 Wire fans in the North East corner, credit to them for turning out.
  11. They were beatable because we beat them. I'd like to see how your shambles would have faired against Saints, Catalans, Wigan and Warrington, had you overcome the mighty Oldham from the division below your lot at home. As a kind of guide, Warrington put 70 on Oldham in the next round.
  12. Indeed. If I've worked it out correct, our home record is: P6 W3 L3 D0 F138 A162 Pts 6 Away record: P5 W4 L0 D1 F128 A68 Pts 9 The KCOM Stadium holds few fears for away teams.
  13. Naively, not having seen the interview, I thought you were serious. Now I'll have to watch it for more entertainment.
  14. Lovely touch to see the Huddersfield players with the fans' banner at the end.