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  1. Sorry I meant Arthur Romano who was in the Dragons 2018 squad but injury has kept him out for most of the year.
  2. Possibly a record of sorts at LSV on Sunday. 6 French players could feature in this one. For Leigh Bergal, Larroyer and Dezaria. For Barrow Bartes, Mende and Gambaro
  3. Think he was concussed in the Halifax game a few weeks back. See young Dragons centre Romaro is included for the first time.
  4. BBC Radio Merseyside commentators were impressed with Mourgue and Goudemand. Brochon struggled it seemed and had a try struck-off at the death. A difficult choice to pull them from Belgrade. The England side isn't the Academy one that will play Tests in October against France. McNamarra looked at the travel arrangements for Warrington. Leaving from Barcelona Thursday and not back till late on Saturday. Wasn't keen on that maybe after the efforts at Bolton week before.
  5. A third of the page in the" La Depeché du Midi " broad-sheet today. A first ever I've seen it in the Sports Section in all editions of the wider region. TO stuff hidden away in only the City edition where the real sports stories don't go. Club President Sarrazain bigging-up playing the present European Super League Champions at their mythical Headingley home. Strikes home. Only SL will do. Un-bolt the door.
  6. Thought it would be a while before we saw Mourgue-Albert partnership. Exciting prospect. Albert 20 yrs. Morgue 19 yrs. Not so young. The former debuted as a 17 yr old and already more than 30 games in the first team. Brochon maybe only 17 yrs a shooting star from St Martin de Crau on the Rhone estuary. Him and Mourgue decamped from Belgrade suddenly to make their debuts across the Channel. Fourteen French players listed too.McNamarra looking at using the Super 8s already as a platform for 2019.
  7. audois

    The inevitable??

    European Rugby Championship Cup Final 2017 Bilboa Leinster-Racing Club 52,282
  8. Saw first time in a decade maybe a small, yes very small resume of the game in L'Equipe yesterday. Inside back cover in it's Brief Notes. They did send a reporter to Wembley in 2007 so hopefully will see whether it's more prominent that last time. On home soil though something extraordinary this past week dominating "L'Independant's" newspapers Sports coverage like never before. Lead stories and double page spreads. Plus Congratulaions came from Carole Delga President of the Occitcanie Region based in Toulouse as well as the captain of the French rugby union side Guilhem Guirado who plays for RC Toulon. Cartoons .pdf
  9. oops - shown elsewhere
  10. audois

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    The 'title' was inappropriate though, wasn it.SL thing never mentioned at the press conference? Over the years all three Aude clubs have been roughly here before I think. Just hope it's the same way this time. Expectations always seem higher in Carcassonne as they and XIII Catalan are the most celebrated in the games history here. Not quite like St Gaudens or Palau. One thing here does stand out - brought up by a few posts. The relationship between the French Federation and the RFL. When Lewis was in charge across the Channel we saw the Catalans in SL and TO in the 2nd tier first time round. Other Elite 1clubs taking part in the CC simultaneously and French referees welcomed aboard. I think there's a need for Rimmer and Palanque to meet-up to see how they can work together. Within weeks of his appointment Elstone has already visited Perpignan.
  11. audois

    Toulouse Boss Interview

    His haulage operation pretty big I think - 100 articulated trucks. Zalduendo previously incharge a retired police chief. Maybe Sarrazzain can expand the clubs finances better, more contacts etc. What I dont get is how some of the local residents can create this impass - not once but twice. Hasn't the club been there longer (80 yrs) than any resident. The trouble is they've had a club there which for decades hasn't realised its potential. You would have thought they would have been pleased for them to see them rising at last.
  12. audois

    Hall of Fame

    Article here in the Guardian from Australian journalist
  13. audois

    Carcassonne plan for SL

    I usually go there to get my seasonticket (€50) ASC no more but Rugby à XIII Carcasssonais I've received some stuff about funding They talk about this SASP which is linked to professionalism/Raising Capital and are seeking sponsors (€1000). For individuals another form were people can make donations starting from 20€ up to 200€. What I cannot fathom is that Elite 2 Champions neighbours Villegailhenc-Aragon joint pop. 1,500 seem to employ 4 overseas players and seem to be prospering. This past season the local paper had ASC with a budget of €650,000 while then Champions Limoux €450,00 and St Gaudens €300,000.
  14. Bernard Sarrazain Interview here courtesy of "Treize Mondial" Bernard Sarrazain: "The experience of Middle 8 will be beneficial" While his team qualified for the Middle 8 which starts in a week Bernard Sarrazain, president of Toulouse Olympique talks about the current season, the future of the Super League and the development of the club. Mr. Sarrazain, you have obtained the qualification, the first objective is achieved? Finishing in the Top 4 was our first goal. It allows us to compete in Super League, the goal of the club for many years. So objective achieved, indeed. Despite everything, Sylvain Houles had talked about Top 2, we know the benefits so we imagine a little disappointment with this? Logically, both sporting and financial, playing 4 games at home rather than outside is not negligible. But we finished third and we can not backtrack, we must move forward and get on with it. What do you remember from your team's performances on this first phase? Our ranking speaks for itself. I think we were better than last season, we scored more tries. This year again, we have not been spared from injury, so it's a great satisfaction to have achieved our goal. There are some games where we could get another result, like in Batley or against London at home for example, but it's proof that we can still do better. Our performances have been good, especially at home, and the public is not mistaken: our average spectator increases season on season, and we played matches with great affluence, such as the first relocated game of the club, Albi against Leigh, mid-June, with nearly 5,500 people who came to cheer on our players. The goal now is the Super League, how many games will you have to win for this? Last year, the Dragons and Leigh, who played the Million Pound Game, finished with four wins out of seven, so I would say at least one more (laughs). More seriously, it's hard to set a goal. When we see how close the first phase of Championship has been, the level of the Qualifiers should be even higher. We want to take advantage of competing in the Qualifiers and to compete with these great teams, like Toronto, which has the level going up, and we are very excited to play in Canada. There are also 4 Super League clubs, starting with defending champions Leeds. It will be great to play the first Qualifiers match at Headingley live on TV. Each meeting of these final phases promises to be thrilling. If the team claims a promotion spot. Goal achieved? If it does not, what does it change for the TO? Whatever happens, the experience stored thanks to the very high level matches that we will be playing in the coming weeks can only be beneficial for the future. Afterwards, if we do not manage to climb, it's hard to say what will change because we do not yet know the new system that will be applied to British competitions next season. Many discussions around the new formula of the Super League, what is your opinion on the good to have? Like all Championship teams I think, I would say the best thing would be to keep the same system. Today, with potentially four places synonymous with promotion in Super League, this formula is the most open, which is the one that makes the upper level more accessible. If we go back to a more "classic" championship, with one or two teams promoted at the end of the season, as I heard it said, then it will be more complicated. But I also understand the position of the Super League clubs that need a more "stable" championship to work. A word about your other teams and the training center, are you satisfied with the different evolutions? Our Elite 1 team, of which our residents of the Training Center are part, had a good season. The lack of experience logically failed them, preventing them from finishing higher, but we will continue to work to make this training become more competitive in the French competitions and can even more take the role of "reservoir" of the team professional. In the other categories, each training continues its development. When I see young people like Joseph Thérond, Pierre Jean Lima and Justin Bouscayrol who have played a few matches with the pros this season, the Juniors who play in Elite 1, the National Juniors who win the Tarbouriech French Cup, the performances of the Toros, our armchair XIII section, I'm satisfied yes, and I wish we would do even better. As part of its development, will the TO participate in the creation or development of clubs in the outskirts of Toulouse? Beyond the outskirts of Toulouse, we want to give the TO a regional influence. We are already working with the clubs of the Toulouse crown and the committee of the Haute-Garonne in the framework of the partnership of "Friends Clubs" with which we put in place joint actions, which we want to continue to develop of course. But we want to reach clubs from other departments, as we did with young people from Cahors rugby schools or Ornaisons, who came to host our home games and officiate as ball catchers, or with the clubs of the committee. of the Tarn that we put to contribution for the promotion and the sale of the places of the match against Leigh in Albi. Finally about the renovation of the stadium, the project is still at a standstill? The works are stopped but the project continues to follow its course. We are currently working with Toulouse City Hall to solve the latest technical problems.