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  1. Masters a doyen of Australian sport since a long time. Hang on to his every word.Wisdom.
  2. Elsewhere Baho turned over Villegailhenc'all-stars' in the Elite 2 Cup semi-final (Challenge Allières) 23-16. With Pia winning the other tie against Villefranche setting-up an all-Catalan Final. The Barouders were previously the reserves of the SM Pia XIII who played in Elite 1 earlier. They play out of the same ground today Stade Daniel-Ambert (5,500). Baho and VARL are leaders presently in the league with Pia just behind. The top two gave both Limoux and Lezignan a run for their money in the Lord Derby Cup recently. But neither of them have a ground like Pia have. I don't know if thats a factor today as crowds are measured mostly in the hundreds. Carcassonne and Limoux though have pulled I think 2,,000 in the Aude derby-games. Would be good to see Elite 1 climb to 12 teams again.
  3. TOXIII Broncos 30- 32 Avignon St Gaudens 24-42 Palau Albi 54-24 Villeneuve/Lot Lezignan 18-14 Limoux Carcassonne XIII 30-22 St Esteve Played this last weekend in Carcassonne. Worth 4 competition points instead of 3. Format was 1 v 2, 3 v 4 et al. Carcassonne xiii were doubtful starters this year and now stand top of the pile. They're playing really well at the moment inspired by their three overseas lads the Papou Lo, Australian Anderson and Kiwi Tumusa.
  4. the Occitan Region covers most of south west France and has a population of over 5 million. Includes Toulouse, Perpignan, Carcassonne and Albi. Presume that the sponsorship here will possibly subsidise coach hire etc especially from further a field than Perpignan. The biggest crowds ever this side of the Channel for the game were way back. WC 1954 in Toulouse France/GB 37,471 and the Final in Paris France/GB 30,368. To get anywhere near those figures would be extraordinary. Yesterdays paper said 1,000 replica shirts now sold!
  5. Yesterday a press conference at Brutus. Bernard Guasch and the President of the Occitanie Region Carole Delga. An entente between the two which will see an aid package exceptional to support the mobilisation of fans for the Camp Nou event. The club want to see especially the schools of rugby in attendance in great numbers on the 18th May. Additionally the club have appointed Philippe Pidemunt as 'oganisations coordinator' for the historic event with around forty helpers involved. The club are pushing the boat out for this one like never before.
  6. Toulouse Olympique.40 unanswered points at home to Toronto. Yes on dry tracks not usually a problem. But now have they grown something significant. At Bradford earlier in the mud and cold they took nothing. Last Saturday at a very wet Blagnac - Featherstone tryless. Grinding out wins regardless of the conditions now a part of their game plan? Add a bonus too in the debut of Kiwi backrower James Bell outstanding for Scotland last autumn. A physical presence hoped for.
  7. Good to see Brian McDermott giving French lads a go. Miloudi now joining up with Gadwin Springer. A Canadian experience hopefully will suit them.both.Fingers crossed.
  8. Villegailhenc nearly caused a huge upset led going into the last quarter against one of the Elite 1 top sides Lezignan. True battle royal to the end. VARLA ten points up but younger and quicker visitors just did enough to reach the semi finals. Great turn-out - could have been bigger than the villages population (1,300). As expected the first four leading Elite 1 sides qualified. VARL 20-28 Lezignan Carpentras 14 - 50 St Esteve Palau 14- 40 Limoux Albi 20-45 Carcassonne
  9. Tomkins & Bird talk it Up http://www.catalansdragons.com/articles-45/180-6882-interview-tomkins-bird-magic-week-end-camp-nou/
  10. Peter - Whats happening with James Bell? A lot was expected of the Kiwi loose forward. Not playing in either Cup competitions could help their cause seasons end. If they finish in the top places come September returning to Ernest Wallon in a play-off game would be great.
  11. TO coach Sylvain Houles assesses where his team is presently after the first block of games. Weekend off now before receiving Featherstone on April 6th. What do you think about the start of your team’s season? It’s about the progression. We have had resourcing, some players have been shifted back and some changes have been made in our game, particularly in defence, which takes time to put in place. All this means that we were not necessarily well prepared at the time of the start of the season, which may explain the two defeats at the beginning, and then the rise in power, especially on the last 4 games. We’re learning, we’re learning, and we’re moving forward, and that’s my point. What do you think of the good streak in progress ? We prefer to take the games one by one. We are on a good show but beyond the victories, we mostly look at content and performance. There are victories but it is mostly the content that satisfies us, especially defensively: we have taken 60 points on the first 2 games and 66 on the last 6, with 2 games where we have not taken any points in the second half and 2 other 0 points on the whole game. It’s a huge satisfaction, something we never did in Championship. That’s what’s important to me after the defence work. Boys understand, assimilate and put it into practice by being thorough. They have confidence in this system and take pleasure in defending our line, not conceding a metre, and that is the philosophy we want to see in our team. Are there other aspects of the game you want to improve on? There are lots of them. We can and we want to do better on our tackling technique. That’s the next big job of the month. We also want to improve our options on the last set-plays, in defense or attack; and offensively, we want to progress in execution, speed etc… Any update on the recruits from the offseason? We brought in seven new players, which is a first. They have to adapt, integrate and assimilate the way we play, which is not easy at all. But there are already big satisfactions when we see the performances of Dean Parata or Brenden Santi. Ben Evans also showed good things about the last month. Joe Bretherton had arrived during the past season but it really explodes this year. Unfortunately, there are recruits we have not yet seen too much like Patty Vaivai, James Bell, Ilias Bergal or Jordan Dezaria who come back gradually from their respective injuries. There’s some mishaps but it’s all part of the rugby, and I can see that we’re doing very well in spite of the rotating of the players. We don’t lose quality, and that’s what’s interesting. We also have young people behind us. Mathieu Jussaume, who comes out of the rugby school and the TO training centre has just been integrated into the pro team following the 3 games he played with us and during which he showed a real potential. Now it has to adapt to our requirements, our culture and our values to become a professional. Next deadline: Featherstone now. We’re lucky to have two weeks to work at the Featherstone reception. This allows us to take the time to work on things we don’t have time to discuss in between games. And after Featherstone, we still have a weekend off, so I consider that we have 1 month to progress on the points I mentioned earlier. With Adam Innes, we also want to prepare the big Easter block with 3 games in 8 days. We want to increase intensity and workload before because we know that this period, between games, is dedicated to recovery. So we want to make sure that we negotiate this season well. April is important because once we have played the 4 games of the month, we will have finished the first phase and we will be able to assess ourselves and make an update on the 13 other teams. A final word on the level of the Championship in 2019? I think the championship has tightened up. The two promoted, York and Bradford, are two teams of quality, Sheffield has also strengthened. All the other clubs we were expecting are there. There are a lot more competitive teams. It’s interesting, it drives us to be consistent in our efforts and comforts us with the idea of taking game after game, not projecting ourselves, because you have to be ready for a big game every weekend, regardless of the opponent.
  12. Casty reaches 300 games for the Dragons last Saturday. Another milestone for Catalans reached. Clubs 14th campaign relative newcomer. Saw Remi make his debut at Stade Jean-Laffon near the railway station against Thornhill in the Challenge Cup in 2006. He's been with them from the off. Against Leeds Saturday an all Audois front row with Albert and fellow Lezignais Bousquet. Great stuff!
  13. Lucas Albert shown up well last two weeks with 2 vital winning tries for the Dragons. Started for the time at hooker. The week before scored four tries against St Gaudens playing at centre. Still only 20 yrs old and already forty SL games to his credit. Played at full back and in the halves too. His utility value growing.
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