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  1. Guasch was quoted," it s neceassary to be prudent and measured. But 35,000 to 40,000 would be extraordinary and historic for the club, competition and the sport." If they got half as much again than last time at Olympic Stadium that would be 27,000. In the history of the code here the top two - First WC 1954 30,368 Final in Paris, SF in Toulouse 37,471 GB-France.
  2. I was in that crowd at the Kop end. From what I remember the two teams were neck and neck dominating the comp that Easter. Unusual that the coach company in Widnes who usually took the Chemics fans to away games put on a bus especially for this fixture so great was the interest.
  3. audois

    Elite Results

    Just to add that there were six 18 yr olds in the team that played against Palau. Brochon, Carre, Chan, Cozza, Salabio and Zafra.Quite extraordinary that. A decade or so back unimaginable.
  4. audois

    Elite Results

    Additionally former players of the Dragons and U19s Academy are all over the place. Cologni coaches the French team, Guigue coaches Avignon, Elima coaches Palau, Rinaldi coaches Villeneuve and Bosc assistant to McNamara. Fakir, Stacul, Cardace, Baile, Sadaoui and others back playing in Elite 1 too.
  5. Dragons been invited to attend BBC's SPOTY in Birmingham.Guasch, McNamara, Casty and Gigot will represent the club. After the Federations initiative more banging the drum. Another first.
  6. audois

    Elite Results

    Former Wakefield man Pita Godinet has arrived at Villeneuve sur Lot I understand and the Australian half-back Stig debuted yesterday for Limoux. Pomeroy was the only none French player in the Catalan Derby. Seems clubs looking at 6 month contracts for overseas players now Jan-June? TO Broncos/Baby Dracs will look different come early February with re-enforcements from Championship/Superleague squads. Laguerre played on the wing outside Ambert against Limoux and was excellent under the high ball before picking up a hip injury.The other centre from last years Academy U19s Carre was on the bench at St Esteve Saturday. Wasn't Brochon just 17 yrs old when debutant for the Dragons against Wire.Him and fellow ex-St Martin de Cru youngster Salabio both wear head gear now.Latter looks the real deal - he struggled back end of last season with injury - filled out a bit too. No sign of another promising front rower Vailhen getting a run out.
  7. audois

    Elite Results

    Followed the match on Radio Marseillette and was sure the commentary indicated a Canari win. Is my hearing going! I've edited opening piece.
  8. Elite 1 St Esteve 36-24 Palau Albi 26-10 St Gaudens Avignon 26-22 Carcassonne Lezignan 48-28 Toulouse Villeneuve Sur Lot 12 -24 Limoux Elite 2 Salon 12-34 Entraigues Toulon 10-34 Villegailhenc Lescure 36-12 Villeneuve Minervois Ferrals 29-10 Villefranche Carpentras 34-33 Baho Avignon won in extra time. First loss for Baho. Humdinger in Perpignan Catalan Derby with the hosts taking it late on. Youngsters Franco with a hat-trick of tries and Brochon standouts. Crowd reported as 1700. TO need to sort out defence but found the white wash easier than last week. After 3 rounds only Toulouse without a win.
  9. Apparently the French XV Federation paid FC Barcelona €900,000 to rent Camp Nou for their Top 14 Final earlier. Guasch anticipates a crowd between 35,000 and 40,000 next May for the Wigan game. They got 18,000 crowd back in 2009 at the Olympic Stadium for Warrington's visit without a significant partner. Playing it at Camp Nou and having FCB backing it could be a game changer. Additionally Catalans as a club grown appreciably since 2009. Christophe Levvy their commercial manager accompanied Guasch at the Press Conference. Levvy has been the driving force behind the financial success viz business club, catering/bars and the boutique at Brutus.Will O'Neills produce a commemorative shirt especially for the occasion.
  10. audois

    Toulouse Stadium

    Blagnac XV doing OK in Federal 1 ahead of the famous Narbonne club now going through difficult times. A crowd of 500 for their home match Saturday I think so having TO there as a tenant a good deal? The pics I see of their training base could well be at the Lautrec facility as you indicate and not at Struxiano.
  11. audois

    Toulouse Stadium

    Haven't TO been at Minimes since their formation 80 yrs ago? Longer certainly than most nearby complaining residents I reckon.The municipal authorities want a range of different size sports facilities around the city. Stade Arnaune is an inner city prime location.They've leveled one main grandstand and the clubhouse which was a fairly recent addition. Presently there are several amateur clubs I understand using the facility. It's bizarre how the municipal authorities progressed the scheme so far and now have had their hands cut off leaving TO homeless.President Sarrazain wrote a terse response to a local La Depeche du Midi newspaper piece the other week when the City Council claimed that all the major sporting clubs were being well catered for - but not for his club. At the moment they play out at Blagnac where they've been I think since they've returned to the Championship.Their training base is at the Stade Struxiano where their Elite 1 side play. Some feel that may be a better longterm option and more space for development. Maybe something definite to report in the next two weeks.
  12. audois

    Elite 1 live streams

    Alan - I don't know. Only got there just before the first teams KO. How are your lads doing at FCL? Peter - saw that Lyon have raised the bar a bit up the Rhone Valley 18% increase in licenses this past year or so (nearly 3,000 signed up). They seem to have four or five community clubs there supporting the Elite 2 set-up. Encouraging.
  13. audois

    Elite 1 live streams

    Watched both reserve teams of TO/St Esteve this weekend. Toulouse played first quarter OK at Carcassonne( 4-4) but then fell a part dramatically. The hosts had two forwards who wrestled with the Englands NRL pack a few weeks back and far too good for the light weight visitors - behind too with Soubyras and Alberola to the fore. Kane Bentley leads the way as ever but he needs some support. There'll be new faces hopefully available when the Championship squad's pre-season terminates late January. This afternoon another story at Limoux with Dragons young group playing their first game. Cracking game with the former Elite 1 Champions sneaking it with 2 minutes to go.Chalk and cheese in comparison to TO as you would expect. Visitors fielded half a dozen from last years Dragons U19s with the real stand out for me in forward Salabio. Bartes who played at Barrow last year - and having a chance again at Brutus at 28 yrs - showed up too. Pomeroy on debut will carry some weight and experience for the youngest group they've ever had. Weekend results Carcassonne 50-4 Toulouse Palau 32-16 Avignon St Gaudens 26-24 Lezignan Limoux 22-20 St Esteve Albi 30-16 Villeneuve Sur Lot Unfortunately all 6 Elite 2 games called off with on-going demonstrations
  14. Bravo!
  15. audois

    Elite 1 live streams

    Yeah Radio Marseillette a real treasure here. Unpaid fans doing their bit I understand - on a shoestring budget. Been hit hard of late. Popular Bernard Roque passed away a few years back and recently Robert Roclave of Limoux fame too. They cover the Dragons matches at Brutus but they re based in the Aude area doing commentaries mainly at all six Elite clubs, Carcassonne, Lezignan, Limoux, Villegailhenc, Villeneuve Minervois and Ferrals as well as a weekly magazine programme.