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  1. audois

    Catalans Youth Policy

    At the beginning of the year Benoit Albert and Thomas Bosc were the coaches of Elite 1 St Esteve XIII Catalan. Today both are now full time assistants to Steve McNamara with Albert doubling-up now as the synergy between the Superleague group and their Elite 1 'reserves' comes together. The St Esteve-Limoux Lord Derby Cup Final was an impressive show case for the game here. With the U19s Academy now not retained they're looking at the existing St Esteve U19s as a replacement but only using U18s from now on. They want the group mentioned above to integrate either St Esteve Elite 1 or Baho Elite 2 from next season. The link with near neighbours Baho has been made official with the coaching staff working in tandem. Thats the plan anyway.
  2. audois

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    Martyn Sadler alluded too recently I think that Superleague clubs should be built around a local base of 10 feeder clubs. For the Dragons presently: St Esteve XIII Catalan Palau Baho Pia Salses Barcares Toulouges Ille-sur Tet These eight play from Elite 1 down to Federal. Elite 2 Baho have 200 licensed players.
  3. Another 3 hopefuls sign pro contracts (2 years). wing Robin Brochon , centre Louis Carré and forward Hugo Salabio. The three teenagers will aligne with St Esteve XIII Catalan next season in Elite 1. In total now 9 young players signed up along with Mourgue,Valhein, Laguerre Le Cam, Bled and Rouge signed earlier. Interestingly that all three newcomers come from the National 1 club St Martin de Cru. The Provence conveyer belts rolls-on 5 from that region here. All these players quoted will be part of the French U19s squad heading for Serbia in August for the European Championships.
  4. audois

    Elite 1 Play Offs

    National 1 Final Pia 34-21 Toulon National 2 Trentels (Aquitaine) 30-14 Barcares (Catalans)
  5. Quarter Finals Avignon 18-16 Carcassonne Lezignan 28-24 Albi So SFs now next weekend St Esteve – Avignon Limoux – Lezignan Again competitive to the end here. ASC after a chaotic year have shown up well in the end. Elsewhere some good ideas the Federation are coming up with here the ‘U16s Province’ thing set-u p the last two weekends. Extend it to U19s and beyond.
  6. Reported 5300 at Albi for TO/Leigh
  7. Pala (right) played 32 games for the Dragons 2011-15 and seems content to play out his career helping the youngsters coming through - good on him. Had a stint at Leigh too. Ambert (left) scored the winning try Sunday in extra time. At 28 yrs the veteran centre part-time professional as he's self employed I think. Competitions leading try scorer too.
  8. At the weekend - Saturday Dragons-Widnes 9239. Sunday Lord Derby Cup Final St Esteve XII-Limoux 5243
  9. audois

    French under 19's cup final

    Congratulations Alan. Onwards and upwards!
  10. audois

    Arthur Mourgue Update

    Maybe why p/r here mainly redundant. Aquitaine region everything should revolve around Villeneuve/Lot as the go to club thinking Pujols, Tonneins, Trentels, La Reole et al. Avignon even more potential linking with Carpentras, Entraigues, Cavaillon, Salon, St Martin de Cru and Toulon. In Perpignan it appears every single team from U6 upwards displays the Dragons 'badge/motif' on shorts/jumpers - ie 1,000 licensed players?
  11. audois

    Arthur Mourgue Update

    The Dragons effect has completely energised the code around the Roussillon region- just yesterday Ille sur Tet won the third tier Cup Final. My take on it is that this domination hopefully can be replicated elsewhere thinking particularly around Toulouse Olympique and Avignon - 3 major hubs of development and formation. Yesterday at St Esteve as well as Ille's success TOXIII U19's won the National Cup Final too. Toulouse's challenge to me is that their organisation off the field needs strengthening - certainly in comparison to the Dragons. Catalans remember saw the merger of three clubs and with that lots of volunteer helpers. Today they have around ten supporters groups too. On Saturday against Carcassonne TO's Elite 1 U19s forfeited because they couldn t raise a side as the bulk of the players were playing in the Cup Final or playing in the Elite 1 first team. Houles is quite rightly guarding his group for their Championship run-in.
  12. Toulouse Broncos 12-42 Carcassonne Avignon 58-14 Limoux Albi 24-14 St Esteve/XIII Catalan Palau 22-48 Lezignan St Gaudens 18-24 Villeneuve/Lot Thats it then Quarter finals : Avignon v Carcassonne Lezignan v Albi Semi finals : St Esteve v Avignon/Carcassonne Limoux v Lezignan/Albi Top two sides playing in the Lord Derby Cup Final in Perpignan next Sunday so had heads elsewhere this past weekend. The Saturday games already confirmed the qualifying teams if not the finishing positions. FCL were playing for their 3rd standing at Palau whereas Albi’s win meant St Gaudens couldn’t claim the last place. Good to see both Avignon and Albi qualifying for the play-offs. Means the Vaucluse/Tarn regions represents a challenge to the continuing Aude/Roussillon hegemony. Interestingly this pair pulled a few more in than the game has been attracting of late – 1000 possibly at Le Pontet including the Fed President Palanque (played for the club) as well as local Tony Gigot whilst up in the Tarn a reported 1500 for the vital qualifier. Bottom four sides this year too won in total more than 25 games – a big improvement on 2017. Let’s hope they continue the trend next season.
  13. audois

    Arthur Mourgue Update

    Just turned 19 yrs - so in his last year. Given the no. 30 jumper for Dragons. Unlikely to appear this year? Seems to be a rumour going round that the Dragons are considering putting a team in Elite 2 as well next season. So U23s and U20s!? With a few over age sprinkling between the two.
  14. Have a look at his efforts against the powerful Rhinos opposition last weekend - his side rolled-over heavily twice in a week. The 18 yr old came up with 2 tries and 3 goals plus made the opening for his centre's score too. The brace of tries stunning - first from 50 metres out as first receiver and the second direct from the scrum just like the late David Topliss used to do at Trinty. Takes the line-on with step and pace.
  15. not not go quiet into that goodnight but rage and rage against the dying of the light..... The skipper looks like he's re-found his mo-jo !?