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  1. The number of English players (& coachs) doing well in France Plus the return of Pia and the rise of Toulon to Elite football
  2. audois

    Dream team

    Great to see Casty recognised again. Some thought that war-horse had had his day. He's been insprational in this most dramatic year for the Dragons.So not only the first Frenchmen to make the Dream team but the first also to be selected twice. Bravo!
  3. Turning a page on this maybe. Front rowers Casty, Simon and Maria in their 30's now. Who will be lining-up hopefully come 2021. Sangare and Belmas 20/21 yrs old have size and potential. See Levy Nzoungou has joined Hull FC for 2019 too. Marion ( impressive last night against Salford) along with Da Costa for the hooking role?
  4. Season's finished for Garcia and Bousquet: both have had operations. Question mark too for Casty fitness. Simon finished with international game while Maria wants to sit this one out. Think Cologni has spoken to both Miloudi and Pelissier but feels maybe too early for them to return. The latter would offer a lot I think in the back line. TO centre partnership of Ader-Marguerite could be worth a punt at this stage. Lance Todd Trophy winner Gigot should have first call at full back? Escare has played on the wing for Wigan. In the halves Fages-Albert utilised in the WC but with Robin coming up on the rails. Other issue is availability for the Saints player and Wigan pair re- GF possibility four days before England game. Back row long term looks promising with a trio of Jullien, Garcia and Goudemand and not forgetting Baitieri too. The young former Avignon lad has lived up to all expectations. A Wembley Cup medal after half a dozen or so games. Navarette having an exceptional season at Wigan should earn a place upfront along with who. Young Belmas has caught McNamara's eye of late may get a look in too. Da Costa could share hooker rule with Marion outstanding for TO?
  5. 1 Lasvenes (Limoux) 2 Flovie J (St Esteve) 3 Romano (St Esteve/TO) 4 Puso (Limoux) 5 Gambaro (St Esteve/Barrow) 6 Jouffret (St Esteve/Batley) 7 Mourgue (St Esteve) 8 Sangare (TO) 9 Bouzinac (TO) 10 Yesa (Limoux) 11 Escamilla (Carcassonne) 12 Vergniol (Limoux) 13 Seguier (St Esteve/TO) 14 Pourret (SOA) 15 Mendy (SOA/Barrow) 16 Ousty (Albi) 17 Bissiere (SOA) 18 Salabio (St Esteve) 19 Mickalezyh (Limoux) Flovie and Gambaro fighting for a Dragons place maybe. The outstanding Mourgue also stepping up to senior football from now on. The half-back one of seven lads from Provence in the group.Teenager forward Salabio another from that part of the world caught already the eye of coach Cologni. The coach anticipates announcing a 40 plus group later with Dragons/TO/UK based players arriving. He will mix and match week on week during the 5 match autumn programme. 20 Albert (Dragons) 21 Baitieri (Dragons) 22 Da Costa (Dragons) 23 Gigot (Dragons) 24 Goudemand (Dragons) 25 Juillien (Dragons) 26 Belmas (Dragons) 27 Laguerre (St Esteve) 28 Margalet (St Esteve) 29 Puech (TO) 30 Robin (TO) 31 Ader (TO) 32 Barthau (TO) 33 Curran (TO) 34 Marcon (TO) 35 Marguerite (TO) 36 Marion (TO) 37 Maurel (TO) 38 Fages (St Helens) 39 Escare (Wigan) 40 Navarette (Wigan) 41 Bergal (Leigh)
  6. audois

    France Elite 2 Results?

    Pretty sure St Gaudens were promoted as a long standing elite club; may be Albi did the same without coming top. If any club like those wanted to move up the Fed would wave them through. They encouraged last years Elite 2 champions Villefranche to go for it but declined. The Aveyron club like Lyon too would be welcomed back. Fears about Minervois maybe but decent result here at Ferrals on opening weekend. Very promising too for Pia and Toulon on debut. Even at this level I count the number of names fielded per side hoping in expectation to reach 17.Early days even for Salon who struggled early on in 2017.
  7. 20 minutes from kick-off barely quarter full with the huge yellow Nike/FC Barcelona signature emblazoned on the seating clearly visible. By the time the Messi and Co had emerged though all the yellowness had disappeared like poppies falling at the Royal Albert Hall as the place filled up.
  8. I attended last night as for along time I've wanted to visit Camp Nou. Dragons being there convinced me.They came out on to the pitch at opposite end to me and looked miles away! Received a generous ovation too. It was an incredible sight. I saw UTC-Lezignan back in 2001 at Stade Laffon when it all started for them. I couldn't image then what I saw last night. What a journey! Vive la différence. Images of yesterday down in Catalonia here.
  9. After Belgrade and Dublin wanting an entry to next years Challenge Cup it seems Elite 2 Coupe/Championship winners Villegailhenc appear to want to give it a go. The club is based in the Cabardes area just north of Carcassonne and led on an off the field by the former Kiwi international Vincent Anderson. The former St Helens and Salford forward is player/coach and it seems he's put out the word to the RFL about their interest. One of the games recent success story's here.Beat St Gaudens from Elite 1in last years Lord Derby Cup and have a reserve side playing at Federal level too. I think they've got also a pretty good management set-up. They kick-off their season this weekend at home against Lyon playing out at Pennaultier. Their base includes several villages including Aragon. It's a good story.
  10. French have struggled generally regards to coach education and player development. Oliver Janzac's work for the Federation I gather a postive. Presume strong and aspiring clubs are active in this field. Benoit Albert is one of the Dragons assistant coaches with special responsibility for the their reserve team (St Esteve). This past week or so brought together at Brutus educators/coaches from 9 local feeder clubs involved at U14, U16 and U19 levels. Different aspects of the game to be explored - next meet-up is in November. This is one of the huge benfits of having a club like Catalans Dragons.
  11. audois

    French Scene

    Worth remembering that a fair number of players who excelled this year in the Academy came from none Elite 1clubs. Mourgue, Brochon, Salabio, Vailhen, Carre and Laguerre all came down from the Provence area from Federal/Elite 2 clubs. I think from now on the Dragons will cherry-pick the best youngsters and get them in a professional set-up as early as possible. Not all players though will follow that path and no better example than mercurial Tony Gigot who missed out as a teenager at both Catalans and Toulouse. Didn't shine at London Broncos either (?), went to play reserve grade at Cronulla before returning to Elite 1 with Avignon where we all thought it would end for him. Instead he became the first Frenchmen ever to win the prestigious Lance Todd Trophy at Wembley.
  12. Increasingly being convinced that only Superleague involvement will get 'La Depeche du Midi' on-side with TO. Since the Qualifiers kicked-off match reports and pre/reviews regularly appear in the main sports sections now available in all editions.
  13. audois

    French Scene

    Didn't the French U19s Academy of Mourgue, Le Cam et al beat England last year. More difficult in the future. Regularly playing teams across the Channel important. Is there a half-way house here. More respresentative games maybe at this level?
  14. audois

    French Scene

    I always look forward to seeing this team each year.Seeing the youngsters develop is fascinating.The club is light years away from where they were early on. How will this new structure work. A better approach than what they've had? Was it just about saving money or value for money.