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  1. audois

    Elite Results

    Round 8 St Esteve 24-20 St Gaudens Avignon 12-20 Villeneuve/Lot Carcassonne 20-0 Palau Lezignan 34-4 Limoux FCL turn-over undefeated Limoux after two loses back-to-back at home as the topsy-turvy saison progresses.Bad weather and heavy pitches not helping. Dragons reserves made to fight all the way - winning in over-time against the ever improving St Gaudens. No respite either for title holders SOA losing again at home this time to Villeneuve - the other big surprises - leaving the Vaucluse side still stuck one one off the bottom. Elite 2 starting to open out now with the heavy weights pushing on. Villegailhenc with their four overseas lads just too strong as their win today against Capentras (44-4) indicates. The Vaucluse side 3rd on the ladder out-classed. Seems to be now between the Catalans of Baho and the Aude side in 2019 with hopefully other recent title holders Villefranche and Lescure having a say too.
  2. audois

    Catalans Preview

    On the eve of the new season announced no less than in the sports daily 'L'Equipe' that the Dragons will carry the prestigious 'Altrad' logo on the jerseys for 2019.Mohad Altrad is a businessman of note - boss of a giant constructiion conglomerate and owner of Top 14 Montpellier rugby union. The company last year became the first ever shirt sponsor of the French XV. Quite a coup for the Dragons built on their Challenge Cup triumph. Their notoriety bit by bit emerging over here. This mornings' L'Equipe gave a third-of-a-page around the Catalans opener tonight against Cas.The last time I saw anything like that was when PSG played their first SL game against Sheffield. Is it starting to turn?
  3. This is their 14th season and follows on from their last two unforgettable campaigns. 2017 when they were 30 minutes away from oblivion and then last term taking the Challenge Cup out of the country for the first time in 117 years. Winning some silverware should be seen as something significant and gives them the drive to move forward onto another level. The Aussie rock-stars era of Ryles, Carney, Mason et al seems to be over. Pryce and Whitehead crossed the Channel five years back – the former was a GB/England international player and the latter who became an international player after his successful stay in Perpignan. This trend has expanded with six English players now in the 2019 squad including Tomkins who played just recently against the Kiwis. Of course the England connection hasn’t stopped there. Coach McNamara and other ancillary staff have also made their way over. The coach was quoted this week that last years 7th place on the competition ladder wouldn’t be acceptable this time round. Their two best finishes were under Australian coaches Potter in 2008 (3rd) and Robinson in 2012 (4th). In all so far they have been mid-table average. There is a feeling though that this present group of players could be the best they ever had. Not forgetting Gigot, Garcia, Bousquet, Baitieri, Jullien, Goudemand et al holding-up the French end too.Time to move on - and up.
  4. audois

    Elite Results

    Did the trick then. Albi winning at Lezignan 10-20 yesterday.Comp favourities FCL lost their last two home games. Improving Palau turned-over at home too against a rejuvenated St Gaudens (14-24). Promising St Esteve teenager Brochon a hat-trick of tries at title holders Avignon who are floundering one place off the bottom. Limoux and FCL only teams to get the better of Dragons reserves - Grizzlies maybe the most consistent performer. A number of teams are strengthening presently - overseas players arriving whilst St Esteve had Da Costa and Mourgue from the Dragons in their line-up at SOA.
  5. audois

    Rugby History Thread

    First French steps 1934 - Jean Galia & Jim Sullivan with Wigan Mayor.
  6. audois

    Lord Derby Cup

    LAST 16 VILLEGAILHENC / ENTRAIGUES ST GAUDENS / ST ESTEVE XIII CATALAN TRENTELS / CARCASSONNE ALBI / VILLENEUVE LOT LYON VILLEURBANNE / CARPENTRAS TOULOUSE BRONCOS / LIMOUX VILLEFRANCHE AVEYRON / LEZIGNAN CORBIERES PIA / PALAU Three Elite 1 clashes, Albi-Villeneuve/Lot the pick-out one. Everyone will be looking now at the Aquitaine side after their league result at Lezignan. The Canaris up in Aquitaine at the only remaining Federal side.Tasty Catalan derby too possibly. Think Villefranche up in the Aveyron against FCL could be interesting as they've just signed-up a couple of Australians.Elite 2 title holders Villegailhenc with the Anderson brothers could be rubbing their hands in glee with a big quarter-final in prospect if they see off Entraigues. Leaves Carpentras as the only Provence out-fit expected to reach the last 8. Ties 9-10th March.
  7. audois

    3 to watch in 2019

    An accomplished player Goudemand. Good all round game. Makes the tackles and comfortable ball in hand. Few mistakes.I think long term he may have an eye on Greg Bird's spot.
  8. audois

    3 to watch in 2019

    At Catalans this trio looking promising. 20 year olds Lucas Albert and Alirix Da Costa represented the Dragons first wave of Academy recruits now each with around 40 SL appearances already under their belt. Most recent though 19 yr old Arthur Mourgues (next to the Cup) has been turning heads here. Put on a few kilos this pre-season and will be hoping to add to his one debut match at Warrington in 2018.
  9. audois

    Lord Derby Cup

    Jim - think that Apt have just re-formed. Reached this round after accounting for Salon (E2) earlier. Dragons Wembley try scorer Benjamin Garcia hails from there too.
  10. Lord Derby Cup Toulouges (FD) 10-58 Carcassonne (E1) Tonneins (FD) 0-58 Albi (E1) Ferrals (E2) 12-54 St Esteve (E1) Apt (FD) 18-34 Lyon (E2) Baho (E2) 14-36 Limoux (E1) Barcares (FD) 18-42 Palau (E1) Val de Dagne (FD) 14-44 Villegailhenc (E2) Pia (E2) 40-28 Villeneuve Minervois (E2) St Martin de Crau (FD) 24-40 Entraigues (E2) Toulon (E2) 12-16 Carpentras (E2) Lezignan (E1) 16-9 Avignon (E1) Aspet (FD) 2-62 Toulouse (E1) Ramonville (FD) 8-56 St Gaudens (E1) Trentels (FD) 18-14 Lescure (E2) Pujols (FD)12-56 Villeneuve/Lot (E1) Cahors (FD) 4-66 Villefranche (E2) Leaders of Elite1 and Elite 2 Limoux and Catalans of Baho respectively was viewed with interest. The Catalans threatened an up-set level at 14-14 just after the break with back-to-back tries rocked the undefeated leaders.Championship title holders Avignon struggling started strongly against FCL in the only Elite 1 clash but FCL responded late on. Top honours this weekend though to Trentels who turned over Lescure from Elite 2. Promoted Toulon took 80 points against Baho other week but today took 3rd place Carpentras to extra-time. Gallant Val de Dagne effort against Elite 2 heavy weights Villegailhenc with the Anderson brothers on board. Aquitaine derby saw a clash USV against minnow neighbours Pujols nothing into it up to the oranges then fell away. Tonneins who played Elite1 several decades back with Gael Tallac but now 3rd tier at least kept Albi to three converted scores before falling away, The Corbieres side Ferrals had only to cherish the brace of tries after the break against a youthful Dragons'reserves' who ran away with it with five tries from flying wing Flovie. Radio Marseillette's coverage excelling itself had people commentating from Baho, Val de Dagne and Lezignan as well as up-dates from Aspet-Toulouse with other scores relayed from their studio.Great stuff.
  11. audois

    Elite Results

    Don’t think it was the surprise of the weekend – more like the season. Rinaldi’s side down 16-0 ten minutes before the break. Villeneuve two decades back ruled the roost. With the likes of Rinaldi, Frayssinous and Fakir et al. They reached the CC quarter finals losing to the Wire. They were the first club who wanted to play in England full time. They’re a bit isolated out towards Bordeaux but having them back in the Elite 1 mix crucial long term. They have junior partners too nearby in La Reole,Tonniens, Trentals, and Pujols playing at Federal level. Rinaldi here front row centre, to his left I think Laurent Carrasco who must be near 40 yrs old who played in that great side earlier. The two new names I keep hearing about are youngsters Goffin and Carrasco (presume a relation) - both scored 2 tries each at the Stade Moulin yesterday.
  12. audois

    Elite Results

    Elite 1/2 Carcassonne 22-8 Albi Toulouse 10-50 St Esteve Palau 16-20 Limoux Lezignan 20-44 Villeneuve/Lot St Gaudens 38-14 Avignon Salon 0-56 Villegailhenc Ferrals 6-42 Baho Lyon 26-26 Villefranche Pia 30-22 Entraigues Carpentras 26-22 Lescure Toulon 38-49 V/Minervois
  13. audois

    Dragons v Presidents X111

    Dragons training this week out at Ille-sur-Tet birth and resting place of Jean Galia - founder of the game in France. Canigou in all it’s glory snow-capped. Thierry Henry’s Monaco Ligue 1 outfit will be doing Cup battle with local minnows Canet Roussillon Sunday at Brutus.
  14. At Brutus two weeks time. Catalans first pre-season game – they play Toulouse Olympique the following Friday too - also in Perpignan. This Elite 1 selection picked by the Tricolores coach Aurelien Cologni. Only three clubs not represented – TO/Palau and Albi. 6 of the nineteen are/have been involved with the Dragons at some stage. Carcassonne second row pair Canet-Escamilla well merited. The young lad at Villeneuve Goffin showing up presently there too. Three overseas players included Gregorius, Tanginoa and Godinet.The selection will have two training sessions in preparation.
  15. Just quick glance. Excited. Formidable and meticulous. In my lifetime the game so poorly served by such works. ‘Forbidden Game’ 200 pages. Here 338 pages. Nearly two decades since the earlier book. The former covered a much shorter period - here more than seventy years. Wonderful illustrations – liked particularly the pic of a young dashing Bernard Guasch alongside the late Jacques Fouroux who was involved the Paris St Germaine Super League club. The author quoted the 19th century novelist Stendhal,” Cultive ta difference” at the conclusion of the ‘Forbidden Game’, and followed with,” …and daring, like heretics, to play their own game their own way.” This time he starts off quoting the famous American poet Walt Whitman too. I like that.