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  1. I'm not sure. It appears that costs come in to it. Several Elite 2 sides seem to have already pulled out including Ferrals who finished mid-table. They expanded last year to 12 but some have found it difficult especiallly trying to compete with clubs like Baho and VARL. These two sides gave Limoux and Lezignan a run for their money in the Lord Derby Cup.
  2. Yes, great to see the game in the Tarn on the move, Albi came into this undefeated in their last 8 games. And just fell short at Limoux. Villeneuve/Lot not bad too giving FCL a run for their money. Think it's been one of the best competitions in years. All ten sides have contributed something. Lets keep hoping it continues.
  3. VARL put out this statement on Jun e 11th. Saturday, June 8 was the gala evening of the XIII of OR where one of our players was nominated. On this occasion, during the presentation of the trophies, a close friend and not family of our player made discriminating and offensive remarks. This is totally unacceptable and it does not correspond to the values we defend. We strongly disagree with these insults. Although this person does not belong to our association, the fact remains that he was sitting at the same table as ours. We want you to know that we do not endorse his words. We are offended and even ashamed because neither in a meeting of athletes nor elsewhere such slippages can not be accepted. We would like to present to Anas, Djibril, the clubs of Carpentras and Baho, as well as the families who have been touched by his words, our apologies and assure you that we have the deep desire to erase the harm caused by such conduct. . The co-chairs of VARL XIII
  4. Elite 1 Qualifying Semi Finals Lezignan 35–20 Villeneuve/Lot Limoux 26-24 Albi Elite 2 Semi Finals VARL 18-10 Carpentras * Baho 44- 16 Pia *Elite 2 semi final between holders Villegailhenc -Carpentras wasn’t concluded yesterday. A rolling brawl after the hosts scored early in the second half turned toxic. The gangling Carpentras back rower - who was their stand-out in the first half - lost all control fighting everybody and then tried to climb the pitch perimeter fence to take on spectatlors. Nobody seemed able to control him, None whether captain, coach or team official of his team could do anything. In the end the visitors just gave up - and walked off. A week before in the qualifying game against neighbours Entraigues was also hectic with red/yellow cards a plenty. There is also some back ground possibly- to this story. During the Federations’ end of season Presentations at Barcares last week some racist comments were heard coming from the Villegailhenc table targetting one of the Carpentras players. VARL put out a statement saying that they dont condone such behaviour. The Federation appear to take this seriously and intend to involve the civil authorities.
  5. Navarrete started for Wigan last night and won a SL ring last October while Bousquet now being pushed to start at the Dragons. Both in their 20's and could be Tricolours front row come the 2021 WC. Fages having an outstanding season at Saints. Romaro promising on the wing at Warrinton last weekend too. It's tough competing with the NRL led Pacific nations now but hoping France can slowly make an impression 2021. Catalans winning at Wembley and Gigot Lance Todd winner is helping. More players experiencing 'big game's more often Camp Nou including - all add up.
  6. Salabio has been included in Aurelien Coligni's 25 player French group to take part in a joint training session next Tuesday with the Dragons at Stade Brutus. A second session will take place in August with Toulouse Olympique ahead of the Tricolors autumn programme. Dates and opposition yet to be announced.
  7. 18 yr old Hugo Salabio scored St Esteves' only try in the Lord Derby Cup Final last Sunday. First year out of the Academy. Wouldn't be surprised if he appears in the Dragons SL group in 2020. The other forward who looked decent to me Sunday was Matthieu Cozza. Casty, Simon and Maria in their 30s' now so opportunities will open-up further down the line. Lambert Belmas (21 yrs) featured at Warrington last weekend may be next to come through. Thought he did OK against England at Leigh up against Graham and Burgess twins. Salabio Top - Cozza Below
  8. Reported 4,000 at Brutus. Looked like organisers got it right with three games featured. Dragons losing all three will still have been pleased with turn-out/presentation. Toulouse Olympique U19s impressive win against the Catalans. St Esteve coach Benoit Albert would have taken something from his teams Lord Derby Cup loss 22-6 fielding more than half a dozen teenagers.18 yr old prop Salabio continues to turn peoples' heads here along with partner prop Cozza. Great to see re-birth of Carcassonne XIII. Under pressure from USC XV since ten years. Even with them in the Pro 2 the Canari fighting their corner. As shown from yesterdays' front page of the local paper. Big following from the town down to Perpignan.'L'Independant circulation area covers the Aude and Catalan areas (pop.700,00) and leads the treize profile by some distance.
  9. 1935 Stade Buffalo in Paris. Winners respectively of English and French Cups play-off. Castleford v Lyon Villurbanne. RFL delegate Walter Smith presents the Lord Derby Coupe to the Lyon captain Bob Samatan. The week earlier Lyon had beaten XIII Catalan 22-7 in the first ever French Cup Final. Cas had beaten Huddersfield earlier at Wembley 11-8.
  10. Sorted. Top 2 on the ladder Carcassonne and St Esteve play for the Lord Derby Cup next Sunday in Perpignan whilst the barrage fixtures will see : 1 Lezignan v Villeneuve/Lot 2 Limoux v Albi the following week 15/16 th June St Esteve v winner 1 Carcassonne v winner 2 (I think!) Carcassonne 44-22 St Gaudens St Esteve 34-22 Villeneuve/Lot Toulouse Olympique 12-56 Limoux Lezignan 52-43 Palau Avignon 22-34 Albi St Gaudens looked in demob mode at Stade Domec Saturday . Couldn’t hold onto the ball and tackling an option it seemed. Only their no4 and no13 showed-up first half. The locals left out lots conserving for next week. The visitors improved a lot after the break winning the second half. Their coach the emblematic Gilles Dumas announced his retirement post match but will stay involved at the Pyrenean club. Elsewhere Olivier Elima’s Palau side scored 83 points in their last two games but didn’t win either. Maybe a competition record.
  11. Alex Chan arrived at the Dragons in 2006. Thirteen years ago.
  12. 2 Full pages in yesterdays broadsheet 'LIndependant' on the treize. Dragons away in camp across the Channel so nothing from them. My take on it is the Dragons profile makes the rest of the game here a lot bigger - well in our region it does. The story Tuesday was high lighting the Elite game and it's big presentation night at Port Barcares next month - international players of the year, Elite 1/2 ditto, U19's, Coaches and Referees et al. These youngsters catching the eye. Alex Chan's eldest lad and Villeneuve's exciting back-.rower Jayson Goffin
  13. The link-up with Carcassonne didn't seem to work with Minervois. Exciting seeing Anderson brothers and Ah Van turning out for VARL but downside making the comp less competitive. Holding on to Toulon would be positive. Tonneins played Elite 1 some years back but getting them moving up could strengthen the game in the area around Villeneuve /Lot. Similarly with Realmont in the Tarn with them and Lescure operating behind Albi as the focus.
  14. Toulouse Olympique's CEO Cedric Garcia interviewed on 'Treize Mondial' earlier La Dépeche article about playing at Ernest-Wallon from 2020, What was it about? There was a denial in the La Dépeche the next day because the article contained false information on the one hand and premature on the other hand. There are discussions between the City Council, Stade Toulousain and Toulouse Olympique to find a base for our club but nothing is finalised yet. What I can say is that things are progressing well, there are people around the table who want to work together, but there are still steps to take before we can make announcements on this point. The stadium is one thing, but we can imagine going further in the near future in terms of collaboration with Stade Toulousain? It’s not about us becoming ‘red and black’. But it is true that the administration of the two clubs have come closer together. The people who compose them are young and dynamic and are not afraid to go elsewhere to find working methods, tools or assets to enable them to be better. The joint training has been beneficial for everyone and it should bring others in the future. Off the field, Stade Toulousain is a huge machine in terms of partnership, organization and budget and the TO has everything to gain by watching what happens there and take what it finds interesting. So we are likely to have more and more interaction and collaboration in the future.
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