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  1. Maybe getting Robin back could do the trick. Yes they've missed Ford big time since beginning of May but after they still won four on the bounce without him including wins away at Batley and Halifax. Robin was injured against Rochdale I think and they've lost the two following games against London and Dewsbury. Minga a heavy weight presence in the threequarters has also missed these two encounters. The lack of depth was always going to be the challenge and their worst fear has been realised losing their lynchpin Ford.Jouffret apparently was OK at Dewsbury in the half-backs. No news on Robin but if he could return quickly and link up with him that may steady the boat. Kane Bentley is missed too - his experience and toughness vital in the run-in.
  2. Strange when the Dragons are struggling presently on the field the club stronger then ever. Their youngish U19s Academy side third on the ladder after winning at Wire Saturday - their 5th on the run undefeated and this coming weekend their U16s oufit host Leigh. After a terrible 12 month run of results - what half a dozen or so wins in 30 plus games they could still draw 9,000 for their last home game.
  3. Well the re-mit for the Aude départment is the area which serves a 300,000 population - thats their role. The three local clubs I think get some money from them but not as much as the relevant town councils. It seems the best approach is having a peg to hang your project on - like the Dragons have done in Perpignan. Sport/Tourism an expanding industry?
  4. Albert debuted in SL at 17 years back in 2015. Played 2 games that year. Last seaon 12 appearances possibily more than expected. This term so far just 3 run outs. Tomorrow he will be in the U19s side along with Seguire at Warrington. Both these lads have full-time contracts I understand and train with the SL squad. Allbert will turn 19 next week. He's certainly filling out a bit - could be loose-forward in time (if they still exist). Albert is aiding maybe a young Academy side which are well placed in 2017 - 3rd place on the ladder. He played at Headingley in the Academy game and with key games coming up next month in this competition against both Wigan and Castleford maybe will leave him there for the time being. Of course that could change if injuries occur. I thought earlier a WC place was beckoning - after all Fages was I think the same age as the Carcassonne youngster back at the time of the last World Cup. Interesting to see how it all unfolds for Albert - will he start fulfilling his potential in 2018?
  5. Dragons budget reported here as €11M. Elite 1 may be what €2M in total across the ten clubs? Toulouse Olympique could if they secure a top 4 Championship place this year see a budget rising to €3M in 2018.Those two clubs are exceptional for lots of raisons. I think if any follow they would look to being regional entities.
  6. When the Dragons entered SL in 2006 the then President Larrat demanded that Catalans keep a presence in Elite 1 - which they did. Toulouse on the other hand when in the Championship 2009-11 didn't but instead linked up with St Gaudens. This time round they've changed and have a presence in Elite 1 with the Toulouse Olympique Broncos. Although they were uncompetitive last season I think (hope !) they will raise the bar in 2018. Carcassonne won the Cup last season with an all-French line-up. They reached their goals. If they became dominant in the Aude you could imagine them going alone but what could be the key is the possible finanancial support by the wider départment (county council). They put in resources for the Cathars project when the Aude played the Dragons. They link it up to tourism opportunities for the wider area.
  7. The driving force I think was the former Carcassonne Chairman. When he left all the momentum went.Shame really when you think what was built up in such a short and the support it generated. Lezignan the least keen maybe with more to lose.Champions Limoux seemed up for to it. On Leagure 1 interest would the FFRX111 request, what both TO and Catalans have done, having a team playing in Elite 1 simultaneously?
  8. Anybody can give an up-date on the RFL meeting held yesterday at Hemel to discuss the way forward for the Community game in London and SE?
  9. With those 6 missing just wasn't possible. Writing on the wall early on with several repeat sets on the London line bringing nothing. Fords ingenuity sadly missing. Second rower Curran finished up on the wing after Whites departure then they failed to find touch on a free kick and London brought the ball back up field to score again. Saying all that I thought they didn't let their heads drop and finished the game well with three good tries - missed a fourth too right on the bell. Was impressed with London and Barthau looked chuffed at the end. Some talk that Ford could return a bit earlier than anticipated - hope so.
  10. The year they cut Fakir and Pryce they went onto the Semis and 80 mins from Old Trafford. Greenshields and Henderson longest stays of any o/s players 5 terms and had done their bit with honours. Interestingly Frayssinous and Walters where the only coaches to get them that far - the latter took them incredibly to semi-finals in both years SL in 2009 and the Cup in 2010. Unfortunately also for Walters wooden spoon in year two, I think that Guasch had a good relationship with Walters. Robinson was excellent of course but still didn't do anything in-the play offs. I think they've struggled with recruitment of late. NRL more problematic now. Mogg arrived the year after playing Origin. Carlaw and McGuire from Brisbane - quality. I wonder whether they undertake medicals when they sign some of these players like they do in soccer. Tonga never appeared fit enough and when Carney left I read that his knees weren't in a healthy condition. Was Taylor struggling with personal off the field stuff too?
  11. Weren't there three lads from Toulon in the East selection? West five from Toulouse? Is it confirmed TO will have 2 sides in U20s comp in 2018. Houles released both Marguerite and Sangare to play here.
  12. I think the boats departed for the treize and really big places. In recent times Bordeaux, Montpellier, Grenoble and Lyons have moved up into Top 14 with the likes of USAP and Biarritz giving way. Champions Limoux (pop11,000) and one of the smallest budgets €400,000 maybe the treize model to follow. Places with similar size could be considered like Elite 2 Champions Villefranche, plus the likes of Carpentras, Tonneins and Pia (think they re-started again) who has played at the top level in the not too distant past. The fact that the XV monopolises the cities can create openings for much smaller communities in the South to find a new focus and identity as has happened up in the Aveyron. Albi and St Gaudens have returned to the Elite 1 recently. With the new emphasis now on local players its like a return to a game pre-1980. The French competition today is 3rd tier behind the Dragons and Toulouse Olympique and needs to find its raison d etre. Villefranche celebrate!
  13. The Miloudi lads have never stayed anywhere for any length of time. Alberola and Janzac respective coaches at ASC and Limoux are I think decent operators and judges of players.Will be interesting to see what transpires in 2018 and beyond. Even if these lads just stay around in the local comp - it will be better for their presence.
  14. What next for the Miloudi's? They've turned winners in 2017 with Hakim at ASC in the Cup and yesterday Amine for the Grizzlies in the CHampionship Final. Both played significant roles in their respective sides victories. The younger Amine has great sleight of hand. His distribution along side Torreilles at half back was impressive and made the difference behind a dominant pack formation where Palavi got the better of the imposing Papalii. Super effort there too from Villefranche 13-10 over Catalan favourites Baho in Elite 2 Final. Isolated community up further north from Albi but with a long treize tradition. Be great to see them back up in Elite 1 soon.
  15. Two turned out for leaders Castleford this past extended weekend Springer and Larroyer. Add on Fages, Julien, Navarette, Maria and Pelissier. Barthau too a full-time professional at London and a MOTM performance against ‘Fev at Blackpool where also Toulouse continued their upward trajectory with a dominant performance against ‘Fax. Like the Dragons against Hull FC with a dozen Frenchmen involved and many of them youngsters. Catalans fielded half a dozen from their Academy over the weekend too. Reckon with a bit of luck around 30 full-time players could be competing at the top end of the game Super 8s/Qualifiers come August time.