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  1. May be the reporter just plucked it out of the air. With Montpellier and Lyon holding up the rest of Elite 2. It's about trying to re-engage big centres of population where the game in the past had some leverage.Elite 2 today has a fair view villages in it - 3 sides act as reserves for Elite 1 clubs too. I think they need first to resolve in total the English game link-up. Then how the rest of the rump can sort itself out. I can remember when the xv championship consisted of 8 groups based regionally. With end of season play-offs. Could that be a solution for the treize?
  2. Federation web site shows 40 names. Including the 9 playing in England, 7 from Toulouse, 6 from Lezignan and 3 from Avignon. Be interesting to see how many Elite 1 lads make the Australian trip.Cologni as Tricolours boss as well as FCL will be well versed.Cardace, Marginet, Goudemand and Herold of Limoux only ones in the pipeline?
  3. Dayan was involved with RC Lens Ligue 2 when France played Wales up at Lens a few years back. The talk then was involving other soccer clubs running Elite 1 teams. Nothing happened back then but it appears that Palanque has talked recently with Dayan. Talk now is that the East-West game is timetabled for 10th June - Dragons at home to Giants that day so maybe curtain-raiser. Local paper talks about Lyon replacing Palau in Elite 1 next season which could commence after the World Cup. One good thing is that both the Presidents of the Dragons and Toulouse - Guasch and Sarrazain will be present at tomorrows press conference in Carcassonne.
  4. No. It's really what they're doing this year with 6 or so Finals to be played throughout the day on the main pitch and surrounds. I witnessed the same thing in Narbonne twenty years back. A great jamboree.
  5. Avignon will be a challenge for the Lord Derby Cup Final next Sunday. They certainly do well with attractive international games.Think the local SOA club have qualified for the U20s Cup Final which should help. Surprising that the ASC-FCL is the first time the Aude sides have met in the Cup Final since 1961.Are these clubs the best supported at Elite 1 level? The big one though will be a month later at Narbonne with the new Federation going for broke. Re-enacting the Super Treize of two decades back at the same venue. Think they'll be hoping for the first 10,000 plus crowd since some time.Fingers crossed.
  6. On the podium in this weeks edition. Lead stories with tennis diva Sharpapova and NBA icon Stephen Curry. Image says it all.
  7. For me really impressed with the BBC streaming of the early rounds - great innovation. Like a lot the style of commentary of Dave Woods and JJB. If theres dead time they always have sometime interesting to say. Lively and enthusiastic. Like being at a game with friends you just chat away about lots of things. Love that.
  8. When Seb Planas played centre for Toulouse 2009-11 never really rated him. But how that lad has matured! He's a great leader and captain today at 32 years - now doing his stuff in the forwards. Both Houles and Anselme partnered Planas back then and they learnt a lot in that adversity. Now coaches they are raising the bar in both Toulouse and the Tarn. Albi has Elite 2 club Lescure as her feeder and could well profit if Albi's Pro 2 fall from grace into Federal next year. You get a feel that support wise TO are on the move from a low base. Somethings building there and they're light years from were they where when in the Championship previously. As its been said Toulouse is a challenging market with alls its major sports clubs engaged in national and international competitions. What turned it for me was the turn-out in 2013 at Stade Ernest Wallon for Dragons-Hull KR (14000 plus) with half of that figure coming from the city and its environs.
  9. The other weekend I went out to Limoux to watch there game against Dragons U23s. Passed the recreation ground going out of town and on the round about there were cars parked everywhere. A record number for a kids tournament (1400) participants and with onlookers around two thousand present. The problem here is between that participation figure and what the Dragons - and what Toulouse hopefully down the line - provide. The Elite competitions have struggled to come to terms with the changes. But changes are slowly happening with the disappearance of overseas players in the local competitions. It will take time I think to work its way through. After seeing Albi give the ASC a run for their money last night I'm hopeful that Elite 1 will improve. With Avignon it makes half a dozen decent sides. Villeneuve are better than last year and the promoted St Gaudens showing promise. As I've said before Toulouse Broncos i'm sure will improve season on season as TO XIII continue to evolve. The XV too have there problems - two clubs who have played top level in years gone by Auch and Tarbes are in free fall. Large debts and having to return to an amateur status. I sometimes wonder with the game below Elite should be more localised. Too many sides are just forfeiting games or travelling without replacements.
  10. Picked one up this morning but haven't had time to read it yet. Impressed with the presentation and pics. Can't take it all in today with L'Independants two full pages on the game with a big spread on Escares arrival at Wigan. It's never been better in this part of the world. Well not better since the year 2000.
  11. Fabien Galthié former French union international scrum half is a big fan of the NRL. TV pundit and has taken over from Mike Ford at Toulon starting from next season. The boss at Clermont Auvergne, Frank Azema has also spent time at the Dragons - think he's Catalan and got an idea he turned out for UTC in his later playing days.
  12. Had a reporter down with Catalans from last Friday and covering the Monday game against Salford. Six page colour piece in this coming Saturday’s L’Equipe Magazine edition. This exposure is great for the Dragons and the code. This weekly glossy publication a quality in-depth read. The daily sports paper is an institution in France and found in nearly every bar in the country. The paper itself hardly ever gives the game a look in, not even the results. Hope the piece does the game and the Dragons justice. Only time I’ve bought it was four years ago when they did that decent piece on, “La Sale (dirty) Histoire” – the Vichy Story.
  13. England 38-6 France
  14. Well that’s more or less sorted. Places on the Elite 1 ladder for this season. Only Carcassonne/ Dragons U23s can swop places come the Magic Weekend at Domec in two weeks when they meet up on the last game of the weekend. Limoux won handsomely yesterday up in Avignon (16-33) and have already secured 2nd place. Seb Martins back after his suspension will be a bonus for the Grizzlies. They’ll be smarting after last weeks no-show against FCL and will want to put down a marker when the two meet up again in Lezignan next week in the Cup semi-final. Not sure how they’ll approach their third hit-up in April back at Domec with nothing on the table. ASC clobbered unravelling Palau (12-72) the Catalan minnows without a win since December Sunday. Rumours that they may take a back step for next season. Would fellow Catalan neighbours Elite 2 leaders Baho be a suitable replacement. Better structured set-up – ASC U20s went down there yesterday. Sure Toulouse Broncos would want to give it a go for next term when their young side will be that bit older and more experienced. Disappointing that a couple of clubs have had to cancel games at U20 level. Be good if they could get that sorted. Still looking forward to the run-in. FCL are full of them selves with players/team delivering near Super League level performances according to their Chairmen. Still it raises the bar and others to follow. Looking forward to the next two weekends now before the business end unfolds when all roads lead to Avignon and Narbonne.
  15. Hope the two French lads (Fages & Escare) enjoy it! They'll learn a lot from it I'm sure.