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  1. The big thing for me with Toulouse is that they are team built-up over three or four years with just the odd change here and there. Ford at stand off is the lynch pin and everything evolves around him. Think last time out (2009-11) never higher than 8th - but I think the team and club light years ahead from last time. Coach Houles and captain Planas learnt a lot from earlier episode. Is the Championship today so much stronger?
  2. The city council are fortunate in that they have the capacity to spend seriously on sporting facilities. The Stadium was completely upgraded for European soccer Championships last year. Stade Minimes waited years to get things done - really antiquated. Its great though that after the Dragons with Brutus that TOs home will be completely up-graded. The key for both was playing across the Channel. Their anticipated budget this year will be €1.8M - far exceeding what they had back in 2009.
  3. When he was touted for the coaching role Cologni was keen to get a French U23s set-up. I reckon its about building a solid national team structure. Palanques view is that they really are looking long term for the Tricolours more like the 2021 WC. The problem would be who they could get to play on a regular basis. Are they playing this at Hull KRs ground? Will the local formation include some fringe players from both FCL SL/ HKR Championship squads. The Dragons on Humberside two days later. Would playing 'A's from SL clubs later be worth it.
  4. Both Miloudi brothers there according to the Federations web site.
  5. Local residents never really been inconvenienced viz crowds biggest crowd I can remember by far was the Challenge Cup quarter final against Widnes in 2005 - 4500 maybe and shown live by the BBC. To me its a great location and just a short walk from city centre. Who knows if they get the crowds and its managed well ie supporters encouraged to use metro/public transport the local populations concerns will recede - further expanion possible but not by much at the opposite end to the club house. Of course the Dragons used Stade Ernest Wallon for their game with Hull KR (cap19000) and then there's the The Stadium home of TFC the Ligue 1 football club (cap 33,000) as well which hosted a Lancashire Lynx-Villeneuve game back in the 1990s. Colomiers (cap 7,500) has been used by the FFR for Championship Finals and with apparently people there sympathetic to TO could be available further down the line if needs be.
  6. Isn't the group 19 strong with both Miloudi brothers there? Is the Escamilla listed not the Carcassonne captain and second rower - his brother plays on the wing for ASC? Wouldn't have included Toulouse players as their Championship campaign underway.
  7. Looks they're ready to move at last on the refurbishment of the municipally owned Stade Minimes-Arnaune. Tendering process under way I think with start date in April. Project to be completed by October 2018 – costing €10.6M. The two existing grandstands to be completely replaced with capacity increase of 80 % to 3469 (presently 1870). The existing club house to be replaced by a three level structure with sponsors lounges seating 150. At the opposite end a standing covered area of 700. Much needed new turnstiles and changing rooms included as well new floodlight installations. Giving a very compact central location facility of around 5,000.
  8. Was a dreary day Sunday with snow on the Pic de Nore. Where rock bottom Toulouse Broncos going to be worth a look at Domec was the question. They’d taken on average 30 plus points in their first ten games. Before I’d taken my seat they were already a try down. Miloudi in his element again just fly swatting his markers with ease. It was a point a minute up to half an hour with just bit of light relief for the visitors with a nicely worked try from half back Bouscayrol.. TO’s reserves are having a hard time of it. Would it be worthwhile seeing the game out I thought. That old Australian war horse Aaron Woods is their coach and his have time talk woke them up fortunately. They’re a young out fit and were brushed a side far too easily by a bigger more experienced ASC but responded well eventually in this one. Ok it finished 46-22 but they drew the second half showing they’ve got some improvement in them I reckon as the second phase unfolds. They’ve picked up a few overseas lads via the chaotic Montpellier set-up. Backrower Murphy has arrived from the Queensland Cup and he was directing players around the park. Half back Nay showed up well and got their second try while their big no8 Pelesasa also showed up well too – maybe Championship contenders coach Houles might look to draft in one or two of these come springtime. Interesting too that there were four lads there involved- Bouscayrol and Quemener for Toulouse plus Albert and Tovena for ASC who last year were in the Dragons U19s Academy set-up. Super League club hasn’t retained them but they've gone straight to playing senior Elite 1 football at the local level. Encouraging.
  9. Poster boy Lucas Albert on home territory at Verzeille Saturday night for the annual meeting of the Dragons Lauquet Supporters club. From nearby Carcassonne a coach load takes supporters to their home games in Perpignan. Albert’s home village is just a drop kick away from Verzeille – the first railway stop out of Carca on the way up the scenic Aude valley. A returning Mickael Simon also local to this area having played at Limoux earlier. Great to see emblematic Alex Chan back too as Football manager at Brutus in 2017.
  10. Remember Rodney Howe back in 2006. To wake them-up got them in the sea at Canet before day break. They turned-over Wire the week after too.
  11. Catalans spent last three days and two nights learning to be firemen in Perpignan. Seemed to be put through the mill too. Sam Moa and Jason Baitieri appear to lead them home.
  12. Catalans have certainly pushed the boat out. Can’t knock their ambition either from day one when Stacey Jones arrived. At least ten Kangaroos have worn the sang-et-or and nearly all their Kwi signings had played for NZ. Too many of the former lasted only one season Ryles, Johnson, Taylor and Stewart. Two of the oldest Croker and Menzies were great. Uncapped Greenshields, Mogg, McGuire and Henderson great servants too.
  13. Catalans U19s Academy 2017 squad announced Yann Belmaaziz (Baho) Kevin Benet (Ille) Sébastien Bled (Baho) Tom Bonillo (XIII Catalan) Cameron Chamorin (ESR) Grith Dauliac (USAP) Luc Delor (Entraigues) David Demacedo (Entraigues) Thibaud Franck (XIII Catalan) Luc Franco (ESR) Georgy Gambaro (MJC Carcassonne) Maxime Garcia (XIII Catalan) Thomas Gibert (ESR) Guillaume Gorka (Paris Charenton) Mathieu Laguerre (Marseille) Théo Lardot (Marseille) Corentin Le Cam (XIII Catalan) Ugo Martin (ESR) Clément Meunier (XIII Catalan) Arthur Mourgues (Avignon) Romain Pallares (USAP) Thomas Pelletier (XIII Catalan) Brice Pena (ESR) Thomas Perez (ESR) Barthelemy Rouge (Limoux) Maxence Sabathier (ESR) Bastien Scimone (ESR) Alric Sibieude (Ille) Florian Vailhen (Entraigues) Lucas Vergniol (Villeneuve sur Lot) Samirdine Youssouf (Marseille) Half a dozen from Provence there and first time a lad from Paris. Famous name too in Chamorin - wonder if related to the wonderfully gifted Pierre Chamorin who regaled us all at PSG.
  14. To me a key issue in the game today ( or any day). The Top 14 over here reveals the same scenario. In Barcelona this year full house at Nou Camp 90,000 plus. Toulon may be brought 9000 and Racing club Paris what 4000. It happens I think every year; participating clubs never bring the numbers that say Leeds-Wigan did in 2015 to OT even recognising the proximity. Thousands from all over rhe rugby loving south-west poured over the Spanish border last June. Real challenge for rugby league in general.