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  1. Listened in to the excellent BBC Radio Humberside commentary. Very complimentry to the French side with Kheirallah and Robin signaled out. Was it Chris Charles doing the summarising ? - he mentioned his time playing at Villeneuve.They said Robin was really annoyed with the Planas and Minga attempts at tackling in that last play. Sometimes the French lack a bit of savvy - the wing Macron for instance after fielding a kick re-start cleanly found himself bundled into touch too easily. Houles must have been pulling his hair out!
  2. Its possible that Cafe de la Poste could have been closed this year when the Chemics came in early March. Looking back on earlier Widnes visits to Perpignan March and April feature including one I think was on Easter Monday when the Catalans often get their best turn-out. Dragons obviously like getting the better supported teams coming over in the warmer months but lots of considerations I imagine come into play. I understand that on a few occasions they would have shown preferences viz the games in Barcelona and Montpellier plus last year when the French club celebrated its 10th year in the competition.
  3. Decent quarter-page piece too in todays broad sheet 'La Depeche de Midi' with headline- "Héroïques Toulousains !" This appeared in the main Sports Section covering all editions. A rearity for TO to appear here.They only have extended coverage in the City Edition unlike the Dragons who have a major presence in Perpignans 'L'Independant.' covering both Roussillon and the Aude. Appears that Robins return to form was key in this success. Ford to return maybe for the second phase wherever that will be. A French derby at Brutus would be good.........!
  4. Ian Lenagan attends post-match function with 1300 present. Dragons get somethings right. Wigan got the nod from the off at Aime Giral and later invited to Montpellier twice. They always seem to get the summer bookings too except the opener at Brutus in 2007 when it poured down.
  5. The scene Saturday in Perpignan besides the Castillet. Fans gather at the symbolic Cafe de la Poste where XIII Catalan was formed in 1934
  6. Wigan in France the Tops from Day 1 2017 - 9810 2016 - 11856 2015 - 10423 2014 - 9505 2013 - 8969 2012 - 13858 (Montpellier) 2011 - 9327 (Montpellier) 2010 - 7612 2009 - 9490 2008 - 9125 2008 - 9535 2008 - 9985 2007 - 7052 2006 - 11122 (Aime-Giral)
  7. Robin, Kane Bentley and Minga expected to return. Fingers crossed.
  8. No sign of him (Piri Weepu) in our part of the world. He's been at Narbonne in unions Pro 2 for a few years now. Maybe he's been moonlighting at FCL !
  9. Forest of Dean win the Gloucestershire derby! Allez les Bulldogs
  10. Maybe getting Robin back could do the trick. Yes they've missed Ford big time since beginning of May but after they still won four on the bounce without him including wins away at Batley and Halifax. Robin was injured against Rochdale I think and they've lost the two following games against London and Dewsbury. Minga a heavy weight presence in the threequarters has also missed these two encounters. The lack of depth was always going to be the challenge and their worst fear has been realised losing their lynchpin Ford.Jouffret apparently was OK at Dewsbury in the half-backs. No news on Robin but if he could return quickly and link up with him that may steady the boat. Kane Bentley is missed too - his experience and toughness vital in the run-in.
  11. Strange when the Dragons are struggling presently on the field the club stronger then ever. Their youngish U19s Academy side third on the ladder after winning at Wire Saturday - their 5th on the run undefeated and this coming weekend their U16s oufit host Leigh. After a terrible 12 month run of results - what half a dozen or so wins in 30 plus games they could still draw 9,000 for their last home game.
  12. Well the re-mit for the Aude départment is the area which serves a 300,000 population - thats their role. The three local clubs I think get some money from them but not as much as the relevant town councils. It seems the best approach is having a peg to hang your project on - like the Dragons have done in Perpignan. Sport/Tourism an expanding industry?
  13. Albert debuted in SL at 17 years back in 2015. Played 2 games that year. Last seaon 12 appearances possibily more than expected. This term so far just 3 run outs. Tomorrow he will be in the U19s side along with Seguire at Warrington. Both these lads have full-time contracts I understand and train with the SL squad. Allbert will turn 19 next week. He's certainly filling out a bit - could be loose-forward in time (if they still exist). Albert is aiding maybe a young Academy side which are well placed in 2017 - 3rd place on the ladder. He played at Headingley in the Academy game and with key games coming up next month in this competition against both Wigan and Castleford maybe will leave him there for the time being. Of course that could change if injuries occur. I thought earlier a WC place was beckoning - after all Fages was I think the same age as the Carcassonne youngster back at the time of the last World Cup. Interesting to see how it all unfolds for Albert - will he start fulfilling his potential in 2018?