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  1. Security light
  2. Got tickets to see Dead Can Dance in October at the Royal Albert Hall - excited doesn't even begin to describe it
  3. Seen Jackson Browne a couple of times, highly recommended
  4. paley

    Obituary Corner

    NIce comment from BP Fallon on his blog
  5. Took the dogs up to Queensbury for a walk in the snow earlier - tons of it up there - abandoned cars and huge snowdrifts
  6. Wouldn't Stevie Nicks be more appropriate?
  7. It didn't come from Ohio either
  8. It took the long way round then. This is from russia, apparently
  9. Dear Photograph
  10. Now this is an iteresting direction Dubstep -> Deathstep Some of the best contempary dub was done by folk from Napalm Death under the guise of Scorn
  11. Saw Thin Lizzy on the Renegades tour at the Queens Hall in Leeds and Phil is way up there in the best front men ever